Collection of Wedding Ideas - Ideas for a Dream Wedding

Collection of Wedding Ideas – Ideas for a Dream Wedding


The big day – a moment you have been waiting for all your life – has finally arrived. Your wedding day is a milestone, it’s something you will never forget. To make your big day perfect, you want everything else to be perfect. This includes the wedding decor, the wedding cake, the thank-you gifts for the guests, the bouquets as well as the save the date cards! So perhaps you are in search of all sorts of wedding ideas to gather inspiration from. You are guaranteed to find some gorgeous ideas, which you will be able to use at your own wedding!


1. Mother of the Bride Hairstyles – Hairstyle Ideas for Her

Getting ready for a wedding means everyone is preparing for it! This means the mother of the bride is also trying to find inspiration, concerning the hairstyles for the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride’s own unique style has to be integrated with ageless elegance, in order to create the perfect mother of the bride hairstyles. We have chosen 30 hairstyles to help out any mothers of the brides. This way they will be certain to feel sophisticated but still, feel like themselves on the big day.

2. DIY Wedding Centrepieces – DIY Table Centrepiece Ideas

Sometimes, weddings come with a huge expense and you have to think twice before buying wedding decor. However, you might like arts and crafts, so instead of buying decor, you might want to make your wedding decor at home, it’s more affordable and handmade decor will give your wedding a more intimate atmosphere. We have a selection of 40 beautiful DIY table centrepiece ideas for you to browse from. Hopefully, you find something suited to your taste, because DIY wedding centrepieces are very important at weddings, as they bring an essence of your own personality to each and every table.

DIY Wedding Centrepieces - DIY Table Centrepiece Ideas

3. Gifts for Bridesmaids – Perfect Presents for the Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are will be a huge help to you during the wedding. They help with everything to get it all done in time and that they’re there for you throughout the wedding. Give thanks to your bridesmaids by giving them gifts, before, during or after the wedding. With some gifts for your bridesmaids they will know how grateful you are to them and how much they mean to you! After all, where would you be without them on your wedding day?

4. Simple Wedding Bouquets – Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Make sure you find the perfect wedding bouquet for your big day! It can prove to be a difficult task, finding the perfection sorts of flowers to put together in a composition. Wedding bouquets come in all shapes, sizes, flowers and colours. As well as having to make it match your wedding dress and your wedding look, the bouquet will also have to complement the overall theme of the wedding decor. So it’s completely up to you on what sort of flowers you’d like to incorporate in your bouquet and in what way.

Simple Wedding Bouquets - Wedding Bouquet Ideas

5. DIY Bridal Bouquets – Bridal Flower Bouquet Ideas

As your wedding day is getting closer and closer, you will want to start thinking about elements for your wedding, such as a bouquet! As we mentioned before, bouquets are a definition of style. For example, depending on what sort of flowers you choose can be interpreted as a reflection of your personality! If you find that most bouquets are overpriced, then why not make one yourself? You can even create the flowers out of different materials, such as fabric or paper. Creating your bridal flower bouquet is really up to you and your fantasy!

6. Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair – Bridal Hairstyles

You will want to look like a dream on your wedding day! Find elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair for your big day. Your wedding is an event, that you will never forget, it’s the ultimate celebration of love. Picking the right hairstyle is an essential part to your bridal look, so if you’re aiming for an elegant hairstyle you will be able to find it amongst our collection. After a few years, you will want to look back at your wedding photos and see yourself looking gorgeous, and you need the perfect hair for that!

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair - Bridal Hairstyles

7. Wedding Thank-You Gifts – Wedding Gifts for Guests

Make sure you say thank-you to your guests for being there on your big day! After all, they showed up and celebrated with you! An easy way to say thank you to all your guests is by giving them wedding thank you gifts. Something simple and easy will always be appreciated! This can be a succulent in a pot or a jar of honey. It’s really up to you what you decide on buying or making for all your guests!

8. Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas – Wedding Cake Decorations

An important factor for your wedding which you won’t be able to forget is no other than your wedding cake. Not only is the taste of your cake important, but the decorations you decide on placing on it as well. The cake itself should complement the whole atmosphere of the wedding. This way everything will feel as if it’s all in place. For some inspiration on wedding cake decorations, make sure to check out our collection of wedding cake ideas.

Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas - Wedding Cake Decorations

9. Wedding Nails for Bride – Wedding Nail Ideas and Designs

As we have talked about before, you will want to look perfect during your wedding! While almost everyone notices the wedding dress or the hairstyle first, there are hundreds of tiny details which the bride has to pay attention to, in order to complete her look. One of these important details includes her nail design or nail art. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to have your nails done before your wedding! But if you are in search of gorgeous wedding nails for your wedding day, take a look at our collection of wedding nail ideas.

10. DIY Wedding Place Cards – Wedding Name Cards

When it’s time for the wedding feast, you don’t want your guests running around to get a good spot. You want to give everyone a designated seat, where they might be around their own acquaintances or friends. This is why wedding name cards were invented. Nowadays, using DIY wedding place cards at receptions is growing more and more stylish. So if you have been thinking of using place cards, why not create them yourself at home? It’s a cheap and easy version!

DIY Wedding Place Cards - Wedding Name Cards

11. Personalised Wedding Thank You Cards – Thank You Cards

Another way of saying thank you to your guests for being at your wedding is by giving them personalised wedding thank you cards! Make sure they know how grateful you are to them for standing by your side on your big day! You can create simple thank you cards, with just a small message on them. Another great idea is to create thank you cards which incorporate a picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse. When it comes to wedding thank you cards, you can get as creative as you’d like! It’s all up to you!

12. Silver Wedding Decorations – Silver Wedding Decor Ideas

Being together for 25 years is a long time! It means 25 years of overcoming hardships and difficulties together with your spouse. It’s also 25 years of loyalty, love and trust! So if you and your spouse have been together for a quarter of a century, it calls for a celebration! If you are planning a silver wedding, you will want it to look beautiful. Use all sorts of silver wedding decorations to really channel the image of a silver wedding. You can put these decorations together yourself, which will mean even more to you at the event!

Silver Wedding Decorations - Silver Wedding Decor Ideas

13. Save the Date Card Ideas – Save the Date Wedding Ideas

Make sure that all your guests remember exactly when your wedding is going to be taking place! Achieve this by sending out save the date wedding cards. You can make these yourself and write messages on them. But another great idea is to incorporate a photo of you and your partner. Then in a creative manner also add the date of your wedding to the photo. This might mean writing up the date of your big day on a blackboard and holding this board in the photo. There are so many options!

14. Wedding Makeup Ideas – Bridal Makeup Ideas

Have you been looking for wedding makeup ideas, but you still haven’t found the right one? Well if your big day is drawing closer and you’re out of ideas, take a look through our collection of makeup ideas. Depending on what your personal style is or what trends you follow, we’re certain, that you will be able to find wedding makeup ideas best suited to you. For example, you might be going for a bolder look for your wedding day. Another option is to try out something more natural!

Wedding Makeup Ideas - Bridal Makeup Ideas

15. Bachelorette Party Ideas – Fun Hen Party Ideas

Are you going to be planning a bachelorette party? Then make sure that your last night of freedom will be an unforgettable experience! Your hens night is your big last party, before walking down the aisle and tying the knot.  Exactly because of this, we recommend that your bachelorette party is a fun experience for you and all your close friends! Take a look through our bachelorette party ideas to find some awesome ones for your own party!

16. Wedding Guest Book Ideas – Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

It has become a tradition for the happily married couple to give their guests albums or guest books. This is a fantastic idea because the newlywed couple will leave the ceremony with an everlasting memory, which they will be able to flip through whenever they feel like it. A wedding guest book doesn’t necessarily have to be the classic album, in which all the guests write a few good wishes to the married couple. There are a lot of creative ideas to make your wedding guest book unique and suited to your big day. For example, taking polaroids of the wedding and pasting them all in an album.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas - Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

17. Personalised Wedding Napkins – Wedding Napkin Ideas

While you might not necessarily think that napkins are an important factor in your wedding decor, let us prove to you that they most definitely are! When you look down on your plate at the wedding reception, the serviettes will be the first things you notice. If you want your wedding to be absolutely perfect, then make sure that your table decor is on point as well! This includes having great wedding napkins which complement the theme of your wedding.

18. Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas – The Stag Night

Are you planning on hosting a stag night? The last night of freedom, before walking down the aisle, should be an unforgettable experience! It doesn’t have to be about having a crazy and wild night, the main focus should just be about having a good time with your best friends. There are so many great ideas concerning bachelor party ideas! We have collected a variety of ideas as well, so make sure to look through them to gather inspiration.

Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas - The Stag Night

19. Wedding Table Decoration Ideas – Simple Wedding Table Decor

If you have already started planning your wedding, you know that you will need some wedding table decorations! It’s all about adding a bit of decor to complete the wedding’s whole vibe and atmosphere. You can add any sort of centrepieces to your tables! For example, vases of flowers are always an elegant choice, but candles in glass jars are also a beautiful choice.

20. Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas – DIY Wedding Decorations

Create a gorgeous and dreamlike atmosphere at your wedding venue! You can achieve this by using all sorts of romantic wedding decorations. You might try making them yourself! Depending on what sort of theme you would like your wedding to embody, make sure to find those sorts of decorations!

21. DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas – Handmade Wedding Invitations

While you might not suspect it, one of the most important elements of your big day is your wedding invitations. Every young couple puts emphasis on this, since this is the first impression for your guests, hinting what the wedding will be like. You might be a creative sort of person, so why not try creating your own, handmade wedding invitations?

22. Wedding Ring Pillows – Ring Cushions for Your Wedding

There is a smaller element in each wedding, which is just as important as the rest but seems to be forgotten a lot of the time. We are talking about the wedding ring pillow, on which the rings are brought out to the couple getting married. The shape, size, colour are all important on these little pillows. Or you might decide on going for an alternative version of it.

23. Bridal Jewelry Ideas – Beautiful Jewelry for Wedding

Something important to consider on your big day is the jewellery you will be wearing. Naturally, we’re not talking about the wedding rings, but the other accessories you will be putting on to get the full bridal look. The jewellery and other accessories you choose to wear will not only have to complement your wedding dress but will also be a way of expressing yourself and your personality.

We hope that this collection of wedding ideas has helped you out! This collection of wedding ideas might just act as a bit of assistance when you are in need of inspiration!