30 SIMPLE WEDDING BOUQUETS - A List of Wedding Bouquet Ideas

30 SIMPLE WEDDING BOUQUETS – A List of Wedding Bouquet Ideas

30 SIMPLE WEDDING BOUQUETS - A List of Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Finding the perfect bridal bouquet can prove to be a difficult task. They come in all shapes, sizes, flowers and colours. As well as having to make it match your wedding dress and your wedding look, the bouquet will also have to complement the overall theme of the wedding decor. Are you in search of wedding bouquet ideas so you can find the perfect one? Well, take a look through our great pick of 30 simple wedding bouquets, so you will be able to find some inspiration for your own bridal bouquet of flowers. 


1. Romantic Roses – Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Flowers

If you are going to have a wedding on the traditional side, then why not use an abundance of roses in your bridal bouquet? They not only look stunning but smell amazing as well! You can combine white roses with pale pink ones for a classic and beautiful effect.

2. Pleasant in Pastel – Wedding Bouquets

The perfect bridal bouquet is all about finding a bunch of wedding bouquet flowers with the right textures and vibrant bursts of colour. If you are going to have a wedding during spring, so try out a bouquet that incorporates a lot of pastel colours. Pastel shades are great exactly because they are soft enough to complement a white wedding dress but they also add a bit of colour to the overall look. Try using these colours or the same types of flowers in your overall wedding decorations!

3. Elegant in Lilac – Simple Wedding Bouquets

Elegant in Lilac - Simple Wedding Bouquets

This is a bouquet everyone will want to catch, and not necessarily because everyone wants to get married! If you’re looking for a bit of colour to add to you white flowers, add lilac ones to your bridal bouquet. This will provide your bouquet with an elegant glow.

4. Orchids in Bloom – Sophisticated and Exotic Choice

During the Victorian era, orchids were very rare and only found in the tropics. This made it hard for people to buy flowers such as these. People from the higher class in Victorian society would collect orchids as a status symbol, meaning that they had a sense of luxury and refined taste. So bring a bit of refinement and exoticness to your wedding bouquet flowers and use orchids!

5. Shades of Pink – Rustic Bridal Bouquet

Find a beautiful harmony in your bridal bouquet, by assembling a variety of pink flowers. You can use their leaves for the head of the bouquet as well, green and pink compliment each other perfectly. Tie long ribbons around the bouquet for a magical effect!

6. Roses and Baby’s Breath – Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Roses and Baby's Breath - Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Combine baby’s breath with roses for a truly breath-taking effect. These two flowers will create a whimsical and romantic look for your bridal bouquet. It’s up to you to decide on what coloured roses you’d like to use in it, we recommend pale pink!

7. Pink Florals – A Bouquet for Summer Weddings

Pink Florals - A Bouquet for Summer Weddings

Are you hosting your wedding in the summer? Then find a bridal bouquet that will remind you of the season! Use warm colours, such as yellow, orange and pink for the flowers. If you’d like a more exotic effect, you can hide a few succulents or native flowers of the landscape in your bouquet as well. You can use the same summer wedding flowers for summer table centrepieces for the wedding!

8. Traditional White – Great and Simple Wedding Bouquets

Use the traditional wedding colour in your bouquet, especially if you are planning on hosting a classic and conventional wedding. There is no other colour such as white, which brings gentle elegance and sophistication to its wearer or user.

9. Unique and Vibrant – Rustic Wedding Bouquet

This one of many simple wedding bouquets, which is perfect for anyone, who would like their flowers to complement the season! Get an autumn-inspired bouquet if you’re going to have an autumn wedding. Use darker shades of pink, orange, red or burgundy to picture the trees turning into different colours.

10.  Pink, Coral and White – Awesome Bouquets

Everyone is sure to fight over this bouquet when you’re getting ready to throw it into the crowd! Use the colours pink, coral and white for a vibrant and summery vibe! The combination of colours will make it look like a sunset of flowers, making this bouquet absolutely perfect for a beach wedding, at which you watch the sun go down in the evening next to the sea!

11.  White and Green – A Classic Combination

White and Green - A Classic Combination

Mix together a variety of white flowers with all types of leaves and vines for a dazzling effect. While this bunch of flowers exudes the elegance and refinement of a traditional bridal bouquet, it also brings a touch of wildness and a natural feeling with itself.

12.  A Ball of Roses – Elegant Bridal Bouquet

Roses a well-known symbol of love, so it would only make sense to use them in your bridal bouquet! For an elegant bouquet, get your flowers shaped into the form of a ball. This will give your flowers a clean arrangement, instead of looking messy and all over the place. This is a great bouquet for a more traditional wedding. 

13. Pink and Grey – Simple Wedding Bouquets

Grey is becoming an extremely stylish colour in wedding decor, it brings a sense of modernity and elegance. You can even find flowers that are dyed grey. Use grey coloured flowers in your bridal bouquet, if you are looking for that extra wow factor or if you are using some sort of silvery shade at your wedding venue.

14. Pretty Peonies – Great Ideas for Wedding Bouquets

Peonies are a beautiful species of flowers and are guaranteed to light up any sort of floral decor. Peonies are commonly used as symbols of compassion, prosperity and romance. So if you end up on using them in your simple wedding bouquets, it will come as no surprise to anyone.

15. Peachy Shades – Warm Colours for Summer

Peachy Shades - Warm Colours for Summer

If you’re going to be hosting a summer wedding, then this bridal bouquet might just be meant for you! Warm shades of orange and peach will convey a joyful and happy feeling, not to mention they will lend your wedding a true summer vibe. Use an array of green leaves and native flora to take it up a notch.

16.  An Assortment of Purple – Enchanting Bouquets

If you’re planning on using a specific colour for your overall wedding theme, make sure to use that as the dominant colour in your bridal bouquet as well! Just take a look at how beautiful the magical purple bouquet above is! Feel free to get creative and use a variety of types of flowers.

17. Natural and Earthy – Fabulous Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bring a more natural and earthy feeling to your wedding, with a bouquet that conveys the same thing! Arrange a variety of wildflowers, roses and leaves in an unkempt style, this will just enhance the natural effect. This bouquet is perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings, that would like to embody a natural vibe.

18. Pearly White – Breathtaking and Romantic

To make sure your bouquet doesn’t fall apart, tie it together with a gorgeous ornament. This can be silky ribbons, lace or even a string of pearls! This will give the bride an easier time in finding where she has to hold the bouquet, not to mention it will give the bouquet itself a whole new and elegant look!

19. Lovely Yellows – Light Up Your Wedding

 Lovely Yellows - Light Up Your Wedding

Light up your wedding with an arrangement of yellow flowers! Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness, so it would fit in the theme of your wedding perfectly. Use daisies, yellow roses and sunflowers for a full glowing yellow effect! Consider using a few bouquets of the same flowers as wedding table centrepieces!

20. Glamelia Bouquet – The Image of a Single Rose

Glamelia bouquets have become super fashionable at weddings. It’s a twist on the old-fashioned rose bouquet. Instead of creating a traditional bouquet of roses, assemble a stylish glamelia bouquet. It still gives off a similar appearance that a rose has, but it’s a lot more unique than a standard bunch of roses.

21. Pink and Purple – Best Bridal Bouquets

Here’s another great combination of two colours for rustic wedding bouquets, purple and pink. Take a quick glance at the picture above to see how beautifully the pale pink immerses in the deep purple. It’s completely up to you on what sort of flowers you decide on using, from roses to peonies to lavenders, you can create something unique and beautiful!

22. Rustic Elegance – Wedding Bouquet Ideas

For a look of rustic elegance, how about trying out this great idea? Use warm coloured flowers for an atmosphere of love and harmony. Stick wildflowers in between the roses, for that wild and natural image, making this bouquet perfect for rustic styled weddings.

23. Bold and Daring – Unique Floral Ideas

Bold and Daring - Unique Floral Ideas

Your wedding might have a bold theme or style, so find a bridal bouquet which complements that! Using navy and burgundy in the same bouquet is definitely a bold choice, but it will also give your wedding a unique and interesting atmosphere. This is especially great if you already have navy and burgundy coloured decor covering your venue!

24. Cute Succulents – Unexpected Ideas for Your Bouquet

To make your bridal bouquet truly stand out, integrate some succulents into it! Succulents already come in beautiful shapes, so their interesting patterns will match beautifully with the blossoming flowers. Especially if you combine them with roses, just look at the picture above for a great example of this idea.

25. Modern Elegance – Simple Wedding Bouquets

Create a modern bouquet and stun your wedding guests with it, with this great example! Instead of mixing all sorts of flowers, create a bouquet that is made up of two separate parts. One part can be made up of just roses, while the other only contains baby’s breath. This will create a unique and modern appearance.

26. Dusty Rose – Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Dusty rose coloured flowers are becoming more and more popular for bridal bouquets. Dusty pink gives you a sense of something coming to an end, which makes perfect sense for your wedding day. While you are closing a chapter of your life, you are also starting a new and exciting adventure!

27. Beautiful Pastels – Relaxed and Chic Arrangement

Beautiful Pastels - Relaxed and Chic Arrangement

Use two shades of pastel colours to create an eye-capturing bouquet. For example, pink and blue are a great combination and give you a youthful and lively atmosphere. This bouquet idea is especially beautiful for spring weddings!

28. Gothic Wedding – Ideas for Your Bouquet

Perhaps you follow the gothic style and would like your wedding to be decorated in a similar theme. If so, make sure your bridal bouquet is arranged to match this theme! Use deeper and darker shades, like purple and black, for your flowers to get that true gothic effect.

29. Winter Wonderland – White Peonies

As we mentioned before, it’s always a good idea to match your bridal bouquet with the season of the wedding. If your wedding will be held during winter, then go for a classic bundle of white flowers. You can add a few berries for extra details. Peonies are a great choice if you’re bored with roses, they look truly magnificent!

30. Romantic Display – Red and White Roses

Get swept off your feet with these simple wedding bouquets! Stick to something traditional and classic, use both red and white roses. Red roses mean romance and passion, while white roses symbolise purity and marriage. So it only makes sense to use both to make your very own unique combination! This bouquet has whimsical and romantic feels!

We trust that these 30 wedding bouquet ideas helped you find the one! After all, you want everything to look perfect at your wedding and this includes the bouquets! Have a beautiful day! For more wedding bouquets visit our website!