25 UNIQUE SUMMER TABLE DECORATIONS - Summer Table Centrepieces

25 UNIQUE SUMMER TABLE DECORATIONS – Summer Table Centrepieces


25 UNIQUE SUMMER TABLE DECORATIONS - Summer Table Centrepieces


Summer has nearly arrived and with it the hot weather! The days have finally gotten longer, and the nights shorter. Summer is the perfect season for going on vacation, hitting the beach and bathing in the sun. It’s a period of relaxing and finding space for your hobbies. Dress your home up in a summery feeling, matching it with the outside world! We have collected 25 beautiful summer table decorations, so hopefully, you will be able to find a bit of summer inspiration for your own home down below. So take a browse through our summer table centrepieces!


1. Cones of Flowers – Instead of Ice Cream

Cones of Flowers - Instead of Ice Cream

We all know that summer is the season of ice cream and gelato. A bit of refreshing coldness can go a long way! If you are a fan of these tasty summer treats, why not incorporate them in your summer table decor? Instead of placing flowers in vases, put them in ice cream cones! Then place them on the table. These flowers will give your home a quirky and unique look!

2. Rope Wrapped Vase – Gorgeous Summer Centrepieces

Give your home a beautiful summery look with an awesome vase like this one! All you need is a simple vase, a glue gun and some rope. Wrap the rope around the vase, using the glue gun to make it stick to it. It’s really as easy as that! Now all you need to do is fill your vase up with water and place your choice of flowers inside. This would look amazing as a piece of spring floral decor as well!

3. Burlap and Mason Jars – Cute Summer Table Decorations

Burlap and Mason Jars - Cute Summer Table Decorations

If you are looking for inexpensive and easy summer table centrepieces to make, go no further! These mason jars vases that have a rectangle of burlap and checkered ribbon wrapped around them are the perfect solution for any summer occasion. Whether it’s a garden party or just your neighbours popping over for coffee, everyone will be admiring these cute mason jar vases! Now all you need to do is find the perfect flowers to put in them!

4. Citrus Inspired Vase – Summer Table Decorations

Summer is the season of fresh fruit! So it only makes sense to hero a type of fruit in your table decor. Lemons have a gorgeous, warm yellow colour, giving it summer vibes. So if you decide on using lemons in your summer table settings, it’s a terrific idea! Spruce up a plain vase by placing slices of lemon on its sides. Then place your selection of flowers inside the lemon-decorated vase, after filling it up with water.

5. Stunning Candleholder – Amongst an Array of Fruit

Candles are a beautiful source of light for those warm summer nights. Whether you are outdoors or in your house, you can create a stunning atmosphere by using candles. To make sure you don’t light anything on fire, make sure you get a candleholder for your candle. You can use anything from old jars to unused vases. To give this an even better look, place your candle and candleholder on a tray, and surround it with an array of leaves and seasonal fruit. You can try matching the colour of the candle with the fruit for that extra wow factor.

6. Pineapple Vase – A Fruitful Delight

Are you bored with glass or ceramic vases? Try out something new for this year’s summer table decorations! Grab a pineapple and carve out the inside of it with the help of a spoon. Now all you need to do is fill these summer centrepieces up with water so the flowers you place inside won’t wilt so quickly!

7. Layers of Seeds – The Perfect Summer Vase

Layers of Seeds - The Perfect Summer Vase

Have you ever found yourself admiring a vase filled with multiple layers of a different colour or textured sand? Well, this is kind of the same, but with different types of grains and seeds. You can use corn kernels, rice, beans or sunflower seeds to create layers in the vase. If you are planning on using real flowers, remember to place floral foam between the seeds to keep your flowers fresh. This will make a perfect outdoor table decoration for summer!

8. An Oceanic Atmosphere – A Combination of Blue and White

Are you a lover of the seaside and the ocean? Bring the essence of the beach to your table with this awesome set of decor! Get some small blue vases, representing the colour of the water, and place some small flowers in them. Place the vases in a small wooden crate, and put some seashells and candles inside the box as well.

9. Coastal Farmhouse – Outdoor Table Decoration for Summer

Create a seaside landscape on your table for this summer! You can place all sorts of items all over the table. Candles, shells and balls of rope are just a few of the things you can arrange. Also consider using small seethrough blue or green bottles, as if they were bottles containing messages washed up on the sandy shores.

10. A Whole Rainbow – Creative Summer Table Centrepieces

Create a rainbow on your table with this fantastic idea! Get an assortment of vases, they don’t have to be the same shapes or sizes. Fill each with water, and place a few drops of different food colouring in each one. By the end, you should have a set of vases which resemble a rainbow. Place white flowers in each vase. After a day or two, they should absorb the colour in the water, giving them fabulous new colour.

11. Gorgeous Candles – Coastal Decor

Gorgeous Candles - Coastal Decor

Coastal decor is the way to go during summer. It will bring a beautiful atmosphere to the table you use. In seethrough, blue mason jars or small candle holders place candles. Then place these on a tray which has an assortment of shells laid across it.

12. A Colourful Centrepiece – Vibrant Flowers

If you are searching for a simple solution for your table and throw a burst of colour into your decor, then you might like this idea! It’s not only simple, but it’s also cheap. In small mason jars place a variety of vibrant flowers. You can use any sorts of flowers of your choice, just make sure that there are a few species and different colours of them in the vases. Then place them on a tray in the middle of a table.

13. Yellow Beauty – Flowers and Lemons

Yellow Beauty - Flowers and Lemons

Does the colour yellow pop into your mind when you think of summer? If so, make sure to use it as a dominant colour in your table decor. A great and simple way of decorating your home is with seasonal fruit or flowers. Placing lemons on a tray or a bowl, mixed with green leaves is a beautiful image. You can place a vase next to it, filled with yellow flowers of your choice to accentuate this happy and lively colour!

14. Lemon Inspired – Summer Table Decorations

If you’d like to create an inexpensive and beautiful centrepiece, use Nature’s gifts! You can place lemons in a bowl, and vases of flowers next to them. The colour of yellow will bring a beautiful sunny glow into whichever room you place this decor.

15. A Secret Garden – Summer Tablescapes

A Secret Garden - Summer Tablescapes

Create your own secret garden on your dining table! Use an array of succulents, growing in small pots. Cut up different sorts of citrus fruit, ranging from grapefruit to lemons, anything will look stunning. Naturally, don’t forget the candles either. When you arrange everything on the table, it should look like an overgrown garden.

16. Wine Bottle Vases – Decorate Your Table for Summer

You might have a few empty wine bottles lying around in the house. If so, make sure to use them for your table decorations! It’s an easy and simple way to enhance the look of any table. Use them as vases, placing a few flowers in each bottle. While these pieces of summer table decorations are simple, they also create a rustic vibe.

17. Floating Florals – Beautiful Summer Table Centrepieces

If you’d like to create a truly beautiful floral arrangement for this year’s summer, here’s the perfect idea for you! Make your flowers float in glass bowls for an exquisite image. Wrap small skirts of bubble wrap around the flowers’ stems, then all you need to do is place them in a bowl that is already filled with water. This will allow them to float much better, instead of being filled with water and sinking.

18. Yellow Tablescape – Ideas for Summer Table Centrepieces

Create a beautiful and yellow tablescape for summer. You will need freshly picked, yellow and white wildflowers, yellow checkered tablecloth, yellow striped straws and yellow candles! With this plentitude of yellow decor items, you will be able to create a warm tablescape, perfect for any summer event! Try this out as a simple dining table decoration idea!

19. Floral Ideas – Mason Jar Vases

Floral Ideas - Mason Jar Vases

Summer, just like spring, brings an abundance of blossoming flowers with itself. Use Nature’s gifts for your summer table decor. We’ve mentioned using mason jars as vases, as it’s a simple yet super stylish piece of decor. So, use mason jars as vases for all sorts of flowers you find. From gerberas to lilac, make sure you use a variety of vibrant flowers to make your table glow with a summer essence.

20. Bandana Table Decor – Outdoor Table Decoration for Summer

If your table is quite long and your tablecloth doesn’t quite fit it, why not use bandanas instead? Sew bandanas together, using it as an alternative to an actual tablecloth. This will give your table decor a joyful and youthful touch. You can naturally place vases of flowers across the table and candleholders. A tablescape such as this will be perfect for any summer dinner, whether you are planning on hosting it indoors or outdoors.

21. Nautical Inspired Decor – Stunning Starfish

Everyone loves going to the beach during the summer. Listening to the crashing of the waves, smelling the hints of salt in the air and feeling the sand between your toes, is a feeling unlike any other. Bring a touch of this beach experience to your table decor! Pour sand into mason jars before placing candles inside of them. Tie shells or starfish around vases. Don’t forget to also place some shells or corals across your table. This whole tablescape will be sure to bring the sea to your home.

22. Blissful Oranges – Earthy Summer Table Settings

There’s nothing quite like the fragrant scent of oranges wafting through a warm summer breeze. If you love the smell of this citrus fruit, why not use it for your table decor? All you need are a few branches of an orange tree, with the fruit still attached to it. You can add a different sort of flower into the vase as well, to give your table a more vibrant look.

23. Succulents and Shells – Mother Nature’s Gifts

Succulents and Shells - Mother Nature's Gifts

Find inspiration in the coastal wilderness of beaches! Use sand, shells and succulents to create a table centrepiece. Pour sand into a glass vase, planting the succulent inside of it. Then add some shells to the vases as well, this way you create a picturesque image of the coastal nature on your dining table!

24. More Citrus Decor – Unique Summer Table Centrepieces

Still searching for some inspiration for your summer table decorations? If you are a fan of citrus fruit, then this might be the perfect decor option for you! You can cut the pieces of fruit up, then take the insides of them out and place candles in them or use them as planters. You can even plant herbs inside of them! Then arrange them on a tray of pebbles or rock, for a natural and earthy look.

25. Terrariums in Wine Bottles – Gorgeous Summer Table Decor

There are dozens of ways you can use wine bottles to create forms of decor! This awesome idea is just another great example of this! Cut off a smaller side of the wine bottle and fill it with pebbles and soil. Then all you need to do is plant succulents in them. And voila! Place these on any table for an exquisite look.


Naturally, there are hundreds of different types and styles of table decor. The important thing is that you find the summer table centrepieces which are appealing to you and bring summertime vibes with themselves! For more ideas concerning other summer decorations, go on and check out our website!