Are you look for a way to organise a few things in your home. Or perhaps you’d like to spruce up your house a little bit. Maybe you are in need of a new idea of how to cook or bake something! Well, there’s one sort of a staple in your house, which will help you out in any of these situations. This is no other than the mason jar. Mason jars are actually super useful and not only for storing things! They have a lot of different functions you can use them for. So if you are trying to find some awesome mason jar craft ideas, check out our collection of them! You’ll be sure to find some inspiration concerning mason jar decoration ideas!


1. Light Up Your Home – Gorgeous Sconces

Perhaps you are looking for some sort of easy lighting for one of your rooms. Create some of your own sconces, by attaching mason jars to wooden boards which are then fixated on the walls of the room. Inside of the mason jars, you should place bundles of fairy lights. When you switch them on, these mason jar crafts will immediately turn the room in which they are placed into a warm and welcoming space to be inside.

2. Simple Storage Ideas – Mason Jar Craft Ideas

You can use mason jars in so many forms or for so many functions! For example, if you are looking for ways to store a few bathroom essentials, then mason jars are an easy and cheap hack for this. All you need to do is attach and fixate a few mason jars to one of your bathroom walls, allowing them to hang from it. These jars will serve as a perfect spot for storing cotton wool or earbuds. Not to mention, it will also act as a great way of saving space, if you don’t have any storage in your bathroom cabinet anymore.

3. Cute Pot Plants – The Perfect Planters

Get creative with your personalized mason jars! There are endless options on how you can use them around your home or in your garden. One great option is using mason jars as planters for any small pot plants you may have. For example, they will make fantastic planters for succulents. Planting them in mason jars will make them easily moveable at any time. So, if your plants don’t like the spot they have been placed in you will be able to move them to a new location in no time at all! Not to mention, these will make amazing gifts as well!

4. Cleansing Citronella Candles – A Mosquito Repellent

Cleansing Citronella Candles - A Mosquito Repellent

When summer arrives, you will want to spend more time in your garden. It can be so relaxing and serene just sitting in your garden during summer evenings. One irritating pest which thrives during summertime is no other than the mosquito. In order to keep them at bay, you might think about creating a few citronella candles. You will be able to find tutorials on how to put together these natural candles, which don’t contain wax. Then, all you need to do is make them in mason jars! Thanks to this, you should be safe from mosquito attacks this summer!

5. Rustic Vases – Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

One thing we have probably all used a mason jar for is a vase for flowers! Naturally, you can take your mason jar vase to the next level by decorating it in a beautiful way. If you’d like to achieve a rustic vibe with the help of your mason jar, you can coat them in white or beige paint first. Then tie strips of burlap or lace around them for that truly vintage look. Finally, add your bouquets of flowers inside of them. These would also be great mason jar gift ideas!

6. A Utensil Holders – Bakers Gonna Bake

You can also use mason jars around your kitchen! One of many great mason jar decoration ideas would be to use them as utensil holders! Paint them in a colour of your choice, naturally, these can be a variety of different colours. After they have dried, you can place them all in a wooden box to keep it neat and organised on your kitchen countertop. Then it’s time to fill each mason jar with the kitchen utensils of your choice. This will make your job while baking easier, as the utensils will be right in front of you!

7. Treats for Your Pet – Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Do you have a family pet at home? Then, let us not forget them either! Create a jar of treats for them! All you need to grab a mason jar or two, coat them in a gorgeous shade of paint adding patterns, such as paw-prints to them as well. This will make it evident that it’s a jar of treats for your pet. The final step is to fill the jar with your pet’s favourite treats.

8. Lovely Luminaries – A Unique Sort of Illumination

Lovely Luminaries - A Unique Sort of Illumination

Would you like to add a unique type of lighting to your home, which will create a calming and harmonious ambience in any of your rooms? Why not create a few lovely luminaries for your home? This will become a fabulous source of bedroom lighting! All you will need is a few mason jars, a glue gun and some glass pebbles. Using the glue gun, stick the glass pebbles next to each other on the outer side of the mason jar, making sure they are as close to each other as possible. When you place a candle or a bundle of fairy lights inside of it, it will illuminate the room beautifully!

9. For Your Stationery – Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Perhaps you spend a lot of time working at your desk. Does your stationery ever lie messily, sprayed all across your desk because you don’t have proper storage spaces for them? Then it’s time to use a few mason jars as storage spaces for stationery. You can decorate them beforehand, either painting them or wrapping some sort of ribbons or burlap around them. Then place them next to each other on your desk and organise all of your stationery inside of them! It’s easy and simple and will definitely help keep your desk neat.

10. Terrific Tissue Holders – Creative and Personalized Mason Jars

How about you create a few tissue holders for your home? You may be wondering what to create them out of? Well, an easy and simple solution is no other than mason jars! By cutting a hole through their lids, you will be able to pull tissues through it. Of course, it’s up to you how you design and decorate your mason jar tissue holders. But a few cute messages you can write on them is “bless you” or “here’s a tissue for your issue.”

11. Storing Beauty Products – Fabulous and Stylish

Find some fabulous ways to store your beauty products. If you haven’t been able to find the perfect storage box for all of your beauty and hygiene products, why not use a few mason jars? Firstly, you will have to decorate them in your own way, according to your own style! Then arrange them in a small wooden box before organising your beauty products inside of the mason jars. Depending on how many things you have, you can decide how many mason jars you need for this idea.

12. A Delicious Gift – Time for Homemade Cookies

A Delicious Gift - Time for Homemade Cookies

Do you love to bake and do all of your friends and family adore your treats? This might mean you have a special recipe, which everyone loves. When it’s time to give someone a gift, you can always give them a batch of your cookies, but in a different manner! Pour all of the dry ingredients of the cookie into a mason jar! Then add instructions on what you still need to add to it before baking them. Mason jar gift ideas are the best!

13. An Oil Candle – Mason Jar Craft Ideas

If you love candles, why not make one of your own instead of buying them at the shops? Without using any wax, you will be able to create an oil candle that is placed inside of a mason jar. It’s combined with essential oils, cinnamon sticks, slices of orange or lemon and fir leaves for the perfect scent. One of these oil candles in mason jars will make the perfect addition to your home during the autumn or winter months.

14. Fantastic Seaside Ambience – Sea Glass Rope Lantern

Would you like to incorporate the essence of the seaside in your home? If so, then how about creating some lanterns to hang from any of your rooms? You will need mason jars for this craft and you will have to spray them in sea glass paint. Then, using rope, you will be able to create hangers to place them inside. Light candles inside of these sea glass mason lanterns for a gorgeous ambience during the evenings!

15. Adorable Magnets – Handmade Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

We haven’t talked about all the things you can use the jars of mason lids for. If you place photos inside of them and attach magnets to their backs, you’ll be able to use them as fridge magnets. Use a glue gun to keep everything in place! This is a great idea if you have been searching for a cute way to create some handmade magnets!

16. Planting Your Herbs – Mason Jar Crafts

Planting Your Herbs - Mason Jar Crafts

We have already discussed planting all sorts of flora inside mason jars! If you use herbs a lot during cooking and prefer using fresh herbs over dried ones, you should make sure that you have a few herbs growing in your home. If you don’t have a garden, planting herbs indoors in mason jars will actually make a great alternative!

17. Colourful Combination – Vibrant and Vivid Designs

How about creating a set of unique mason jars that have a vibrant and vivid design? It doesn’t matter how you use them, just decorate them in a funky way! For example, you can paint each mason jar to resemble a different type of fruit. You will be able to use this for practically anything, such as storing stationery!

18. Jar Lid Coasters – Easy Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Another way you can use the lids of mason jars is to create coasters for them! Line their insides with any sort of patterned fabric of your choice! You can fixate it there with the assistance of a glue gun. Then all you will need to do is put them on your table and use them!

19. To Drink From – Simple and Groovy

Another way you can use mason jars is to substitute them for glasses. By this we mean you can stick a straw in through the lid of the jar and sip on something delicious. This is a perfect idea for anyone who is bored of using plain and ordinary glasses and would like to spruce them up a little!

20. Beer Bottle Holder – DIY Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Beer Bottle Holder - DIY Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Make beer opening easier than it already is! Attach a beer opener to a piece of wood, which you attach to one of the walls of your home. Right underneath it, fixate a mason jar there. This way, when you open a bottle of beer, you won’t have to worry about catching the bottle cap, since the mason jar will!

21. For the Welcome Sign – Beautiful and Brilliant

Somewhere else you can incorporate a mason jar is no other than a welcome sign! Fixate a mason jar to your welcome sign and fill it halfway up with water, before placing a bunch of flowers inside of it. This will look stunning use as summer or spring front door decor!

22. An Autumn Luminary – Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Here is some inspiration for decorating your home during the autumn months! You can glue vibrant autumn leaves onto mason jars for a stunning look. Then, when night arrives, place candles in these mason jars for creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

23. A Lid Wreath – Trying Out Something New

Would you like to create an interesting wreath? How about using the lids of mason jars to put together a wreath? You will need wire, to create the base of the wreath, onto which you place the mason jar lids. Then use hot glue to stick everything together!

24. A Cookie Cutter – Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

A Cookie Cutter - Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

How about you cut your cookies with some mason jar lids next time? Seriously, what aren’t mason jar lids great for? These are a fantastic alternative if you don’t have any cookie cutters around at home!

25. Making Some Eggs – Simply Fantastic

It should come as no surprise to you, that another hack you can try out with mason jar lids, is to bake eggs in them! They will provide perfect shapes for your eggs and will cook evenly!


We hope that this pick of mason jar decoration ideas has inspired you! For other home design ideas, besides mason jar craft ideas, such as DIY jewellery organizers or master bathroom ideas, visit our website.