25 AMAZING SPRING DOOR DECORATIONS - A Variety of Spring Wreaths for the Front Door
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25 AMAZING SPRING DOOR DECORATIONS – A Variety of Spring Wreaths for the Front Door

25 AMAZING SPRING DOOR DECORATIONS - A Variety of Spring Wreaths for the Front Door

Birds are chattering, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. What does this all mean? That spring is finally here! The arrival of this wonderful season brings a lot of change and renewal with itself – you can practically feel this in the air. With the arrical of spring, you should also be thinking of adding some spring ideas to your home. You might feel the need to spruce up your own home, alter and modify a few things. This might mean giving your front door a new look for the season. We have gathered 25 amazing ideas for spring door decorations. Let your creativity and imagination run wild and find yourself stunning welcome signs and spring wreaths for the front door!


1. A Floral Welcome – Welcoming the Arrival of Spring

What else expresses the arrival of spring as well as a bouquet of flowers? If you want anyone who steps into your house to feel the tingling sensation of spring, then use this spring door decoration idea! On a wooden board paint up the word “welcome.” Glue a mason jar on the board, and in it place a bunch of wildflowers. This flowers will really pop on the board and give a spring atmosphere to your door.

2. Spring is Here – Spring Decoration Ideas

This welcome sign is a great solution for anyone, who wants to make their spring door decoration with their own hands. On a wooden board paint a variety of vibrant flowers, then write up the word “spring.” You can attach it to your front door with some rope or with a chain. 

3. Turning Heads with Tulips – Beautiful Spring Door Decorations

Are you suffering a severe case of Tulipmania, just like the Dutch did in the seventeenth century? Satisfy your craze with this gorgeous door decoration! In a flowerpot, plant some tulips and place them on your front door.  Whoever pops over to your house this spring will be enchanted by this door decor.

4. Rain Boot Wreath – An Alternative to Standard Wreaths

While spring is mostly thought of as sunny and warm months, let’s not forget that a common visitor during this season is the rain. Spring showers usually come suddenly when least expected. So this year, instead of crowning your front door with a floral wreath, attach some rain boots to it and plant some flowers in the boots. Let this be a constant reminder to you or whoever visits you, that spring storms can catch up with you any day.

5.  A Spring Tie – Decoration for Your Front Door

Make sure your front door is properly dressed for this year’s spring by clothing it with a tie! On a burlap banner, glue on letters which spell out “spring.” You can sew a bowtie to the banner and also attach a few spring flowers to it. This will leave your door looking ready for spring!

6.  An Umbrella Full of Tulips – Great Spring Door Decor

A funny and unique alternative to standard floral wreaths is an umbrella! Attach one to your front door, and place bunches of tulips inside the plastic folds. This will give your front door a beautiful spring look, not to mention umbrellas serve as a constant reminder to watch out for unexpected spring showers.

7. A Tiny Bird’s Nest – Gorgeous Spring Wreaths for the Front Door

Put together a unique wreath at home! Make sure you entwine small and vibrant flowers between the twigs and branches. After finishing with the flowers, place a small bird’s nest in the middle of the wreath. If you place a bunch of seeds inside, you might even be lucky enough to have a few bird neighbours this year!

8. A Rainbow of Sandals – A Funny Welcome Sign

Give your front door a special look with this awesome welcome sign! You can make this at home by yourself, all you need is seven sandals which you have to glue together. Then you have to glue letters onto the sandals, which will spell out “welcome.” To give it an even more vibrant and bold look, stick flowers and butterflies on it. We recommend using fake flowers for this one – this way they won’t wilt and the welcome sign will last all throughout spring.

9. Time to Garden Again  – Spring Wreaths for the Front Door

Well, if you have been looking for a truly funny and creative idea for door decorations for this spring, then this is the perfect choice for you! Wind up a watering hose in a circular shape, this will be your wreath. Attach spring flowers and vines on it. If you have a watering can, you can write something on it and attach it onto the hose as well. This spring wreath is perfect if you would like to express your fondness for gardening.

10. Lovely Lavender – An Essence of Provence

Have you been to the magical land of Provence? Hills overgrowing with lavender is not only beautiful but is also pure euphoria for your nose. Even if you haven’t been yet, but you love the aroma of lavender, then this spring door decoration will be perfect on your front door!

11. A Wheel of Fortune and Flowers – Wagon Wheel Ideas

Maybe you have a spare wagon wheel in your garden shed or your backyard, that you’ve been meaning to use as some sort of decoration. Well here’s a great idea for your front door! Stick flowers and a watering can around the side of a wagon wheel. This decoration will give your door a completely new spring vibe!

12.  Beautiful Butterflies – Great Spring Wreaths for the Front Door

With the return of warmer weather, all the bugs and insects are crawling out of their winter hiding holes. A beautiful insect that will also come out to play, is none other, than the butterfly. Butterflies are marvellous creatures, that seem to float around without a care. They are closely linked to spring because they also go through a rebirth. From a caterpillar, they transform into an extraordinary butterfly, just like winter turns into spring. Decorate your wreath with plastic or fabric butterflies for the spring effect.