The arrival of spring brings a sense of renewal and new beginnings with itself. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and the trees are blossoming. Everything and everyone has shed their winter coats and are ready to let spring in! If you’d like to feel this same sense of rebirth and awakening at home, make sure you spruce up your home with some fabulous decor and a collection of spring ideas! If you’re planning on decorating your home, make sure you don’t forget the spring outdoor decorations either! We’ve gathered 20 fabulous garden decorations for spring so you can bring a bit of springtime to your yard as well!


1. A Welcoming Fence – Garden Decorations for Spring

Spring is a great time for hosting garden parties with your close group of friends or if you’re going to have some workmates around. Make sure they feel welcome in your home, and what better way is there to achieve that than to put a welcome sign somewhere in your garden. Make this out of an old fence, place plastic or wooden painted flowers on the boards of the fence like in the picture above. Last but not least, place a welcome board across the fence as well! It will look spectacular!

2. Tiny Homes – For the Birds

If you’re worried that not each bird will be able to make a nest this year, then provide a few birdhouses for them! You can make these by yourself out of old pots and pans or even kettles! Stuff them with a bit of straw for a true nest feeling.

3. A Floral Can – DIY Spring Outdoor Decorations

Spring is a season well known for its abundance of flowers blooming everywhere! Make sure you have some floral decor in your garden! Instead of buying a new pot for your flowers, recycle something old and make a planter out of that! For example, if you have an old watering can you probably won’t use ever again, place some soil inside and plant some flowers! This will give your garden a rustic springtime vibe!


4. A Bike Full of Flowers – Garden Decorations for Spring

If you have an old bike lying around somewhere at home, why not reimagine it and use it for your spring garden decor? Paint the bike in a lively and vibrant colour, and attach a basket to the front of the bicycle. Plant flowers in the basket. Try choosing flowers which are the same colour as the bike for a fantastic look!

5. Flower Shower – Great Spring Garden Decor Ideas

Bring an old garden hose to life with this great idea! Wrap a garden hose around a basket of flowers and attach strings of beads coming out from the head. It will look as if the garden hose is spurting water on your flowers all day!

6. Birdbath Idea – Decorating Your Backyard

Make an awesome birdbath for your garden to ensure that a lot of birds will fly in to visit you this springtime! Place pots of flowers on top of each other, then put a bowl which will be your birdbath on the very top.


7. Upside Down Umbrellas – Creative Planter Ideas

There’s a number of unique ways to plant your flowers for this spring, and here’s another creative idea to inspire you! If you have old and broken umbrellas lying around the house, cut them in half and stick them on your fence. Load it with soil, then plant whatever you’d like inside. These upside-down umbrellas will be an awesome addition to your garden, bringing a bit of fun and liveliness to it!

8. Home, Sweet Home – Great Garden Decorations for Spring

Welcome your guests into your house, not with a doormat, but with a small group of pots! Write a word or sentence on each pot with which you’d like to greet your guests! If you’re looking for a few simple words, we recommend painting “home, sweet home” on your pots.

9. Recycle Plastic Bottles – Fantastic Spring Decor

Perhaps you don’t want to buy a hoard of new pots and planters for this years spring. If you’re still looking forward to planting flowers, why not recycle plastic bottles instead and use those as planters? It’s an environmentally friendly solution for planting flowers! If you want to get truly creative, you can string them up from a ceiling, creating a waterfall effect, just like in the picture above!

10. Desks Full of Flowers – Unique Garden Planters

Make your garden look like an enchanted segment from Alice in Wonderland with this great idea! Use old pieces of furniture, like desks or small wardrobes. Pull out their drawers and after filling them up with soil you can start planting anything you’d like inside of them! Just take a glance at the picture above to see how magical these garden decorations for spring will look!


11. Rustic Flower Pot Holder – Spring Outdoor Decorations

If your preferred style of decor is rustic, then this cute flower pot holder will fit into your garden perfectly! Attach some metal rings to an old wooden board. You will be able to slide some pots in these. Place this board of pot holders next to your garden shed or your house’s wall.

12. Colander Planters – Reimagine and Recycle

Sometimes the best things you can use around in your garden are the things you don’t need anymore in your house. If you have a lot of junk or old objects lying around, feel free to use them as decor! It’s all about reimagining and recycling! Take these vibrant colanders for example! They make perfect planters, and you can hang them from any wall or ceiling!