Are you in search of some awesome hairstyle ideas? After all, when it comes to your whole look, your hairstyle is just as important as your clothes, your makeup or your shoe choice! Naturally, it can be a difficult decision to find a hairstyle that suits your overall style and personality. If you want to feel inspired, why not look through our pick of braided hairstyles for black girls? With the help of these braids for black girls, you are guaranteed to find some trendy braids. So, don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd by choosing a unique type of braid! Get ready to browse through our collection of ideas!


1. Turned Into a Ponytail – Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

When you think of braided hairstyles for black girls, what image pops into your mind almost immediately? It may be the traditional hairstyles, also known as cornrow braids. These intricate and detailed braids are created close to the scalp, giving them a very unique look. If your cornrow braids are looked after and cared for, they can even last up to six or eight weeks! Maybe you or your little girl have cornrow braids. If so, then try out this simple hairstyle that consists of tying up your cornrow braids into a ponytail for a chic and stylish appearance!

2. Half and Half – A Natural Vibe

As we just mentioned, cornrow braids are one fabulous way of braiding black hair! But you don’t necessarily have to braid all of it! How about you only create cornrow braids out of half of your hair? Let the other half of your hair hang freely down along the sides of your head. The combination of delicately braided hair with loose curls will look amazing next to each other! A hairstyle with a natural vibe, just like this one, will look fantastic in any length! So whether your hair is shorter or longer, it will definitely look great!

3. A Braided Bun – Braids for Black Girls

Maybe you are heading off to an elegant event or a fancy dinner party! If this is the case, make sure that you look your best from head to toe! Including your hair, of course. If you have your hair braided into cornrows a fabulous idea would be to turn these into a low bun. This is the sort of hairstyle you can wear to a day at work or to a night out! Feel free to perk it up with an ornament or two, such as flowers or decorative pins!

4. Long and Lush – Add a Few Beads

Long and Lush - Add a Few Beads

Now, here is an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle for anyone who wants to show off their long and lush hair! Think about having all of your hair braided into cornrows. Cornrows look great, whether they are braided from short or long hair. But long cornrows really bring attention to themselves! As a final touch, decorate the ends of your cornrows, adding beads to them or even small metal rings. This would also be a great idea for a younger black girl to try out!

5. A Brilliant Bob – Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

You may have already had your hair braided in cornrows! It’s a great choice, and it will keep your hair in place for six to eight weeks. As we have mentioned before, just one fantastic factor of cornrow braids is that they look good in any type of length! For a creative and beautiful twist on simple cornrows, why not cut your cornrowed hair into a short bob! The combination of a bob with cornrows will present you with a chic elegance! It will be perfect for a day at work or a night out in the city!

6. An Amazing Pattern – Try Out Something New

There is a large variety of types of cornrow braids you can choose from! This means that if you decide to have your hair braided in cornrows, you don’t necessarily have to go for the most simple design! For example, a fabulous idea would be to add patterns to your braids. For example, instead of the cornrows starting from the tops of your head, you can have a few braided vertically across your head for a stunning look! There are a lot of ways to spruce up cornrow braids!

7. A Lovely Heart – Braids for Black Women

Perk up your cornrow braids just a bit! How can you achieve this easily? Well, how about you add a unique pattern to it? Just take a look at the example above for a tip! You can have a pattern braided on one of the sides of your head while having the rest of your hair braided in simple cornrows! Choose any sort of pattern that feels close to you! This can be a heart, a star, waves or something completely different and exciting!

8. Amazing and Intricate Details – Braided Buns

Amazing and Intricate Details - Braided Buns

There are so many ways of braiding your hair in order to create something innovative and unique! This is especially true when it comes to cornrow braids! Thanks to the fact that you can try out different styles of cornrow braids, you will be able to find a type that is detailed in a completely creative and spectacular way. Naturally, you can leave the braids hanging out. But if you want to incorporate a sophisticated or elegant twist in them, you can turn the mass of cornrow braids into double buns! This would be a super cute idea for a little girl!

9. Minimal and Simplistic – Braids for Black Girls

As you will have noticed, there are so many ways to incorporate braids into a hairstyle. Here is just another idea for you to try out! You will have to have your cornrows braided in lines from the front of your hair reaching all the way back. This will help in giving you a simplistic and minimalistic look, which is what you might be going for! After your cornrow braids are done, you will be able to style your hair in various ways. Tie your hair back in a bun or a ponytail, depending on what you feel like!

10. A Fun Colour – Vibrant and Exciting

You may have already decided on what sort of braid you want to get done. But how about you truly make your hair stand out? If you have been thinking about dying your hair a unique colour, here is the time to try it out! Whether it is a pastel pink, turquoise blue or lovely lilac, you’ll be able to express yourself with a new colour! After it has been successfully dyed into a new colour, you can have your hair braided in whatever style you’d like!

11. Awesome with Accessories – Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Maybe you have already had your hair braided into cornrows and you’re just in search of an easy way to boost your whole look! Depending on what you are wearing, think about accessorising your hair. Of course, you will want to choose accessories that match the style that you are exuding. For example, for a chill day, you may choose to wrap a bandana around your hair. But for a more elegant occasion, you may add flowers or beads to your cornrow braids!

12. Inspiring and Inventive – An Extraordinary Style

Inspiring and Inventive - An Extraordinary Style

We have talked a lot about different sorts of cornrow braids. They are a beautiful way of bringing a traditional look into modern styles and trends. Keeping this in mind, why not add some unique cornrows to your hair? You can weave them, creating inventive patterns, with the cornrows reaching across your head diagonally. Feel free to add beads or metal rings to the cornrow braids. At the bottoms, you can tie them up into buns or even pigtails! This is also a great hairstyle for young black girls!

13. Bleaching It Blonde – Braids for Black Girls

Besides adding accessories to your hair or creating intricate patterns with your cornrows, there is another way to take your hair to the next level! Think about bleaching your hair platinum blonde! This will look especially amazing after you have bleached your hair and have had it braided into cornrows. While your cornrows will last up to six or eight weeks, your hair will also start to grow out! The roots of your hair will show off your natural hair colour, creating a unique and gorgeous contrast between your roots and your bleached hair.

14. A Short Bob – Youthful and Playful

One of the best things about cornrow braids is that you can wear them as you would with normal hair! You can grow out your cornrow braids long or style them in a different manner! So, taking this into consideration, you can have your cornrow braids cut to give your hair a different shape! A great example would be to try out a short version of a bob. This means the strands of cornrow braids in the front should be somewhat longer than the ones in the back.

15. Keeping It Simple – Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Sometimes it is best to keep your hair as simple as it gets! So, if you have decided to opt for a crown of cornrow braids, then choose the simplest option. Get your hair braided in lines, reaching from front to back. A minimalist braid style such as this will ensure that you can create new hairstyles from your braids! Sometimes less is more and if you believe it, then this type of cornrow braid was meant for you!

16. A Terrific Twist – A Different Type of Ponytail

A Terrific Twist - A Different Type of Ponytail

Here is a fabulous hairstyle idea for little girls who have cornrow braids! Create twists from the strands of hair that aren’t braided to the scalp. Curls of twists placed together will look like a long ponytail! This will look great for a day at school or even a fancier occasion with the family! Naturally, feel free to add accessories to a hairstyle such as this one! Bows, headbands, beads and metal rings will all grant her an amazing glow!

17. Show Off Your Curls – Braids for Black Girls

When it comes to cornrow braids, you don’t necessarily have to braid the whole length of your hair! For example, you can have only your roots braided down next to your scalp. As for the rest of your hair, let it out! This will look especially amazing if you have gorgeous curly hair! You can even tie this mane of curls into a bun or into a ponytail! There are a lot of options on what to do with the remainder of your hair when you have your cornrow braids finished!

18. Changing Up the Colour – Groovy and Stylish

Sometimes all you need to do in order to spruce up your hair is to give it a unique colour! But as an alternative to dying all of your hair in only one colour, try out something original! We’re talking about dying half of your hair with one shade and the other half in a totally different colour! It’s completely up to you what colours you end up choosing! After your hair has been dyed, you’ll be able to have it braided into beautiful cornrows!

19. Knotless Box Braids – Braids for Black Girls

When it comes to the world of braids, there is a whole selection to choose from! Just another fabulous choice would be knotless box braids! This type of braid apparently causes less damage to your hair,  because there is less pulling on the roots.

20. Cute Space Buns – Adorable and Funky

Cute Space Buns - Adorable and Funky

Who doesn’t love a pair of space buns? They are super cute and can be styled in numerous ways. Since we are talking about braids, feel free to braid a strand or two of hair on both sides of your head and incorporate one into each space bun. It looks amazing while it’s pretty simple and straightforward to create!


We hope that you have found some inspiration amongst these braided hairstyles for black girls. For other ideas, such as easy updos for long hair step by step or short haircut styles for women, check out our website!