20 SHORT HAIRCUT STYLES FOR WOMEN – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

20 SHORT HAIRCUT STYLES FOR WOMEN – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women


20 SHORT HAIRCUT STYLES FOR WOMEN – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

A lot of people express themselves through their clothes or their makeup. But it’s just as fantastic to do this with your hairstyle or haircut! If you are in search of hair that doesn’t require too much maintenance or energy to make it look amazing. We are talking about short haircut styles for women! Sometimes all you need to do with short hair is getting a trim every now and then. That’s exactly why we’ve gathered 20 short natural hairstyles for women, so it will make your job easier to find the best hairstyles for yourself! You are guaranteed to find something to your liking amongst these ideas!

1. A Cute Pixie Cut – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

You may have already seen or heard of the fabulous pixie cut! It’s a short haircut, that is fairly low maintenance. It’s also a perfect haircut choice for women of any age, complexion, hair texture or face shape, making it a great haircut to try out! You can have your pixie cut layered, to give your hair more volume, which is a simple solution for anyone with thinner hair. All in all, the cute pixie is definitely something worth trying out if you’d like something short with spunk!

2. Another Pixie Cut – With Curly Hair

Another Pixie Cut – With Curly Hair

As we just mentioned before, a pixie cut is an awesome choice for women of all hair textures! That means, whether you have thin, straight or curly hair, you’ll be sure to bring out the best of your hair with a simple pixie. Keep the hair on the sides of your head shorter, while leaving the strands on top and in front somewhat longer. This is a fabulous way of showing off your natural curls, but without requiring the care and upkeep of long curly locks! So, if you have curly hair, this is definitely one of many short haircuts for women to try out!

3. A Bold Undercut – Short Haircut Styles for Women

A Bold Undercut – Short Haircut Styles for Women

Do you have a bold and daring personality? Let it shine through your haircut! One haircut that is both bold and daring is no other than an undercut. This means the hair on the sides and even back of your head should be shaved super short. While the hair on the top of your head should be left longer. You will be able to style the hair on top with the help of hairspray or hair gel if you’d like to. It’s definitely a cool haircut, that will make you stand out from the crowd!

4. Asymmetrical and Stylish – Going for Something Sleek

There are hundreds of stylish short hairstyles for women. Just one of these ideas would be to have your hair cut in a longer version of a pixie cut. Keep your hair parted asymmetrically, on one of the sides of your head. This will allow your fringe or longer strands of hair in the front to fall onto either side of your forehead and face. If you have been trying to find something bold, but exuding a feminine touch, this hairstyle may be the one for you!

5. Adding Loads of Layers – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

Maybe you have thin or fine hair and have been considering opting for a short haircut. If this is so, then why not check out this idea? Cut your hair short, maybe just a bit shorter than a bob. But instead of keeping the hair straight, get it layered! These layers will help in boosting the volume of your hair, making it appear thicker! Loads of layers may give it a bit of a messy and edgy look, but it will definitely look amazing! Feel free to add bangs or a side fringe to this hairstyle!

6. A Quiff for Ladies – Easy and Fun

Some short haircut styles for women take inspiration from men’s haircuts! This is just one of them! A quiff is a haircut, that is cut short on both sides and the back of the head. As for the hair on the very top and front of the head, it’s left somewhat longer. You can style this part with hairspray or hair gel, to create a unique look for yourself. A simple haircut like this one won’t take long at all in the mornings to style or comb. So if you’re not bothered with such things, then you can give this haircut a try!

7. A Shaggy Pixie Cut – Short Haircut Styles for Women

A Shaggy Pixie Cut – Short Haircut Styles for Women

We have talked quite a lot about pixie cuts. After all, they’re a stylish and fashionable haircut to try out. Especially if you have always wanted a short haircut that is edgy and cool! Instead of going for the simple and classic pixie haircut, you can always try out a different variation of it! For example, a shaggy pixie! All this means is that the hair is layered, to create a shaggy effect. This will give off messy, yet super chic vibes at the same time!

8. Short and Spiky – Trendy and Exciting

Here is just another version of a pixie cut. This one is for anyone who truly isn’t afraid of going short! Going super short, this haircut revolves around adding layers to the hair, then creating spikes out of the top and front strands. A hairstyle such as this will definitely take boldness to the next level. For an even more unique and stylish look, you may think about dying your short pixie cut. Choose a colour, that will feel right on you and that matches the length of your new hair!

9. Adding a Long Fringe – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

Find a way of making your short hairstyle super chic and attractive. No matter whether you have decided on getting a pixie cut, a bob or perhaps shaving your hair super short, one amazing idea would be to add a fringe. A longer, side fringe will ooze a sense of elegance. Sometimes all you need is a simple fringe, to truly bring the whole hairstyle alive! Have your side fringe layered for more volume, or feel free to play around with it. For example, using a curling iron to make it wavy or curly. These short haircuts for women are super easy to try out!

10. Effortless and Easy – Make Sure to Layer It

Effortless and Easy – Make Sure to Layer It

If you have thin or fine hair, you may be in search of some short bob hairstyles! After all, you will probably be familiar with the classic bob cut. Bobs are great for people who have either thin or fine hair, especially if you add some layering to it. The layers and the shape of the bob will provide that extra volume and texture you may be looking for. And of course, it will make your hair look a lot thicker than it actually is. We recommend an effortless bob to anyone for a fun and chic look!

11. A Cropped Pixie – Short Haircut Styles for Women

A Cropped Pixie – Short Haircut Styles for Women

You will have noticed while looking through our pick of short haircut styles for ladies, that a lot involve pixie cuts! Pixie haircuts have become really popular these days, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they dominate the world of short hair! Make sure to have fun with your own pixie cut, if that’s what you’re going for. Add extra texture and definition to it, by cropping the hair and layering it in a unique and creative way. Also, add bangs for a cute appearance!

12. Vibrant and Fabulous – Short Coloured Hair

If you have always wanted to try out a new colour for your hair, why not do it? There are so many colours and shades to choose from, so according to what sort of complexion you have or eye colour, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that matches it. So, besides getting your hair cut into a short style, how about you perk it up even more with a vibrant colour? This might be pastel pink, bleached blonde, a deep red or anything else that you’d like! Dying your hair a different colour is an adventurous choice to try out!

13. Wonderful and Wavy – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

Wonderful and Wavy – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

Do you by any chance have wavy hair? If you feel like your gorgeous wavy locks are an asset, then try finding a short hairstyle that really puts emphasis on it! As an alternative to going fully short, or shaving off the sides of your head, here is a haircut that will bring out the best of your wavy hair! Cut it short, adding a few layers, in order to create that extra dimension and volume. Instead of combing it, let it fall into your face or around your head.

14. Perfect for Older Women – A Taper Cut

Even if you are over 50 and you’re in search of hairstyles for women over 50, then here is one idea to try out! Just take a look at our taper cut for ladies. This is a perfect example, of going for something short and bold, but keeping it classy. You may be familiar with the taper cut that a lot of men wear! But how about sporting this look like a lady? It’s low maintenance, daring and exudes a high level of confidence! If you’re okay with going short in your old age, this is a possibility to try!

15. An Adorable Bob – Short Bob Haircuts

An Adorable Bob – Short Bob Haircuts

Everyone is familiar with short bob haircuts. The bob is usually chin-length, meaning it’s a great option for anyone in search of something short, but doesn’t want to go too short! You don’t necessarily have to get your bob layered, keeping the ends in one straight line will look just as amazing! Short bob hairstyles sometimes look best if you include some front bangs, so if you are in search of easy ways to spruce up your bob, make sure to add some bangs!

16. Glamorous in Red – Finding the Right Colour

Perhaps you are in search of the right colour to complement your short haircut! So find some short coloured hair ideas! If you are feeling like you need some extra glamour in your life, as well as a sensual look, how about choosing a deep shade of red? This is a superb choice for anyone who really wants to add a bold and breath-taking look to their short hair! But of course, you can go for a lighter shade of this colour, depending on what you’d like your hair to exude!

17. A Unique Cut – Creative and Youthful

Would you like to find some short natural hairstyles for women, that really brings out your unique and fun-loving personality? Then take a look at the example above! This is a creative take on a pixie cut, which doesn’t only work with adding texture and volume to the hair, by layering it well. But it also adds a chic and edgy appearance to the hair, by dying part of it a different colour. Allow the roots of your hair to have your own hair colour, as well as the short strands. As for the rest of the hair, including the longer strands, have them dyed a fun shade to make them stand out!

18. Curling a Few Strands – Beautiful and Wispy

Are you in search of a wispy hairstyle, that will be perfect for any sort of elegant or sophisticated event? If your hair is short, then you’ll be able to use a curling iron to create some curls. These curly locks will look perfect for any fancier occasion or even a day at work, and it’s an easy hairstyle to create.

19. Simple and Chic – Short Haircut Styles for Women

Simple and Chic – Short Haircut Styles for Women

How about you try out a short, blonde and textured crop? You don’t have to go for anything over the top, a simplistic haircut will do the trick as well! This is the sort of short coloured haircut, that you don’t even have to comb during the mornings, to make sure it looks great!

20. The Shag – Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

Finally, we have brought you another haircut to try out, if you want something layered! This is no other than the shag! Try a short version of it, cutting layers upon layers, to boost its volume! It’s a classic look!

We hope that you have found inspiration amongst these short haircut styles for women! For other ideas, such as haircuts for round face men or updos for long hair, check out our website!