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25 SHORT HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 - Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Older Women

25 SHORT HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 – Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Older Women

25 SHORT HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 - Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Older Women


Hairstyles are an extension of our inner selves. They are just like clothes or accessories, we express our personalities with them. So no matter what your age is or what shade your skin tone or hair is, you’ll definitely be able to find a hairstyle for yourself, with which you can express yourself! Even if you are over 50, it’s important to give yourself a bit of self-care time, and getting a new haircut or hairstyle is a great way of spoiling yourself! If you prefer shorter hairstyles over long ones, look through our collection of 25 short hairstyles for women over 50. We have all the most beautiful short haircuts for older women!


1. Short and Sophisticated – A Great Look

Now here’s a bold look for the ladies who are feeling a bit adventurous! If you have been thinking of going short and stylish, this is the perfect haircut for you! Layers of short hair strands will exude daring femininity. This is also a great hairstyle for the ladies out there who have fine hair, as this hairstyle adds volume and texture to your hair.

2. Super Short Bob – Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Bob haircuts are timeless hairstyles. You can go for a long, a medium or a short length bob cut. It gives it’s wearer a sense of elegance and a chic look. We would recommend a short bob cut for older women, as this haircut also brings a youthful vibe with it. It’s up to you, what colour you choose to dye or not dye your hair. If you have grey hair but don’t want to dye it, don’t worry! Just take the picture above as an example, grey hair cut in the right shape and length will still look fashionable and elegant, making it perfect for any occasion, without actually making you look old.

3. A Fun Bob – With a Fringe

If you have decided on cutting your hair into a bob, remember that it doesn’t need to be too neat. You can go for a messier and windswept look if you’d like. A great addition to any bob is a fringe, which will help in giving you a youthful and lively glow. These short bobs are perfect for ladies with thin hair, as you will be able to add a bit of dimension to your hair!


4. A Pixie Cut – Give Yourself a Lively Appearance

A ruffled pixie cut is a way to go if you are looking for a haircut that is more on the bold and daring side! While it is quite short, it still lends it’s wearer a classy elegance, but also brings an edge with itself. Another reason, why you should choose a hairstyle such as this one, is because it’s super easy to style!

5. Layers and Layers – Haircuts for Women Over 50

Here’s a great hairstyle for older women which will give you a sophisticated and refined look! Layers and layers of shorter hair with a bit of a blowout will achieve an overall breezy appearance. This is a great short hairstyle for women over 50 with fine hair. You can try out this hairstyle no matter how thick or thin your hair is, either way, it will be sure to look beautiful!

6. Layered Short Bob – Add an Edgy Fringe

Layered Short Bob - Add an Edgy Fringe


As we’ve mentioned before, a layered short bob will add timeless sophistication to your overall look. Layers add texture and volume to your hair. Consider adding a longer fringe to this hairstyle. It will give you an edgy and youthful glow, making this hairstyle perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s an elegant and fancier event or just a casual day in the city, it will definitely uplift your whole image.

7. Incredibly Short – But Still Incredible

Here’s a very short hair cut! Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself. So if you have always prefered an exciting and bold twist on things, this short haircut might be the one for you! While it may look a bit too short – it’s pretty easy to style, so long hours of the morning won’t fly away with making sure your hair is in place.

8. Chic and Modern – Stacked Layers of Hair

Are you a fan of stacked layering? Then this haircut might be the perfect choice for you! This hairstyle is another one of many short hairstyles for women over 50. It’s short bob look and the stacked layers of hair add a definitive glow to your whole image. It’s up to you if you’d like to dye it or leave it grey, either will look great!

9. Stunning and Radiant – Hairstyles for Women over 50

Now, here’s another hairstyle that will take you back to retro times! If you like a retro style combined with a look of more modern elegance, this haircut was made for you! Have your hair cut just above shoulder length, and remember to add layers and layers! A fringe will complement this haircut very well, giving it an edgy glow.

10. Gorgeous Pixie Cut – Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Just because you are over 50, does not mean that you can’t give off a trendy vibe! Besides having your hair cut in a pixie style, you can also play around with highlights. This is especially great if you have lifeless and flat hair. Even if you have grey hair, you can dye roots close to your scalp, giving your haircut a few different tones as well as volume!

11. Blonde and Beautiful – Great Hairstyle Ideas

Everyone loves a great feathered hairstyle, no matter whether it is short or long. It adds dimension and definition to your hair, making it perfect for the ladies out there with fine hair. If you have been thinking about getting a bob, you can try getting it feathered, which will give you a unique and classy look! Also, just because your hair might be greying, does not mean you have to give up hair full of colour! A beautiful blonde will uplift your whole appearance, making you look a bit younger as well!

12. Parted on the Side – A Sporty Style

Grey hair? Don’t care! Give your stunning silver locks a youthful edge. If you are still into playing sports and going on long hikes, you need a hairstyle to match your enthusiasm and hobbies! Part your hair on the side, cut it short and add a bit of hairspray to it, to give it a slightly wispy style.

13. Curly and Beautiful – Hairstyles for Women Over 50

If you have beautiful curly or frizzy hair, don’t straighten it! Leave it out all-natural! To enhance the frizz of your curls you can blow some hairspray over it. This hairstyle is perfect for any age group! It’s fun and quirky, not to mention the short curly hair will definitely lend it’s wearer a youthful vibe!

14. A Cute Pixie Cut – Short but Stunning

Grace everyone with this elegant and chic haircut! While this pixie cut is quite short, it still lends gives off a classy glow. Don’t be afraid to try out something more wild and bold in your old age! The other thing not to worry about is leaving your hair grey! Your silver hair will give you a mature elegance.

15. A Shaggy Cut – Short Haircuts for Older Women

Here is yet another great hairstyle which will exude mature femininity! A shaggy haircut which is a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back. Have loads of layers cut into your hair, as this will add texture and volume to it. This hairstyle is perfect for any event, as you can go in a more glamorous and elegant direction with it, but it’s also great for weekdays when you need to work.

16. Platinum Blonde – Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Don’t shy away from trying out new and groovy colours! Just because you are considered to be in an older age group does not mean you can’t have fun! Dying your hair platinum blonde will give you an angelic and hip look. We don’t even need to mention the fact that it looks great with any length of hair! So a platinum pixie cut will be sure to amaze everyone!

17. Retro and Shaggy – With a Few Highlights

We’ve talked about shaggy hairstyles before. This haircut is great for any sort of hair colour and texture but is especially great for ladies with fine hair. If you feel like your thin hair is lifeless and flat, why not try out getting this shaggy hairstyle? With a few extra highlights running through your hair, you will be sure to have a lively and youthful look!

18. Edgy and Short – Fun Hairstyles for Older Ladies

If you’re older than 50, don’t fall into the category of stereotypes! Just because you have lived half a century does not mean that you can’t have fun! Get a perfect balance between long and short hair, not too long, but not too short either! Then add some layers and also add a layered fringe for that extra dimension!

19. A Glamorous Look – Haircuts for Women Over 50

Now here’s a look that is a statement of elegance and glamour! Cuts of layered hair parted in the middle, with short strands also lining around the neck create a gorgeous look! While this style embodies the shaggy haircut, it’s not over the top, which will help in giving you a refined and lovely glow! If you are thinking of going for light brown hair colour, try out a few highlights for extra volume.

20. Trendy and Chic – An Awesome Hairstyle Idea

If you have any accessories which you wear all the time, make sure you have a hairstyle to match them! For example, if you wear glasses on a daily basis, find a hairstyle which will suit it! You can go for a neat and shorter bob, adding a few layers to give it some shape and volume. You can also have a fringe or some bangs cut, as this will go perfectly with any sort of glasses!

21. Pretty Pixie – Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Going for a short haircut will definitely give you a youthful and lively look! We’ve talked about pixie cuts and mentioned that they will absolutely boost your appearance! It’s up to you if you’d like a more spiky cut, or something neater. Again it’s your choice whether you’d like to dye your hair a different colour or leave it in its natural shade.

22. A Stylish Look – Short Hairstyles for Older Women

You don’t need to go completely short with a pixie cut if that’s not your style. Here’s a great solution for the ladies out there who are trying to find the perfect balance between short and midlength hair. Layered cuts of hair will uplift your whole look, not to mention, this is a perfect haircut for people with fine hair, as it adds dimension and definition!

23. Dark and Red – Gorgeous Hair Colours

If you are looking for wild and bold hair colour, why not go for a fiery red or even deeper shade of it? Red is a gorgeous colour, and it’s no wonder that so many people dye their hair in this colour. It’s alluring and mysterious, but also has a wild and fun side to it. It goes well with any length of hair or any sort of haircut!


24. A Messy Bob – Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

If you like the concept of bobs, make sure that’s how you get your hair done! A bob that reaches under your chin is the perfect length of hair to choose if you’re afraid of going too short. You can use a backcomb to give it a bit more volume and give it a messier and more youthful essence.

25. A Long Pixie – Short Haircuts for Older Women

Here is a simple and stunning look for any lady! A longer pixie cut will look great for any occasion. Make sure the parts at the back are a bit shorter though, to complement the rest of the hairstyle. Finish your hairstyle off with some simple bangs. This would also look perfect as a mother of the bride hairstyle!


We hope that you have been able to find some inspiration amongst these short haircuts for older women. This collection of short hairstyles for women over 50 is here to help you out if you are looking for a change!

For more ideas concerning hairstyles, for example, ideas for long hair or medium length hairstyles, just take a peek at our website!