BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 - Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

25 BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50


25 BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 - Youthful Hairstyles Over 50


When it comes to the world of hairstyles, it is important to find something that suits your style and personality! You may be a bit older and uncertain of whether you can try out a hairstyle or haircut. If you are in search of a bit of hairstyle inspiration, how about you look through our collection of youthful hairstyles over 50 for older women? There are a lot of haircuts for women over 50 that you can choose from and try out! You will have to find a haircut according to your face shape and type of hair! So, get ready to look through our best hairstyles for women over 50!


1. Short with a Side Fringe – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

Perhaps you have been thinking about having your hair cut short? If so, why not try it out? Short haircuts for women over 50 are actually a great way of adding fun and youth to hair! One great example would be to have the sides and back of your hair cut short. Feel free to add some layers to your hair, in order to give it more volume and definition! Then add a finishing touch, by leaving the hair in the front to grow into a side fringe. A longer side fringe combined with the overall shorter hair will create a fabulous combination!

2. Sweep It to the Side – Refined and Elegant

Sometimes it can be a better choice to go for a shorter haircut! After all, it’s easy to manage and maintain, unlike long hair. Naturally, you’ll still have to go to get it cut every now and then to keep it looking fresh and in shape! Even if you have your hair cut short, don’t forget that there are many ways you can style it to bring out a gorgeous look! If you are in search of a refined and elegant hairstyle, then how about sweeping your hair back, or to the side? Feel free to apply some hair gel, as it will help in making it stick there!

3. Natural Waves – Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Natural Waves - Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Of course, you don’t have to go completely short, just because you are over fifty! There is a whole variety of beautiful medium length hairstyles for women over 50 to browse through and choose from! So keeping that in mind, you can let your hair grow out shoulder-length! To give it a natural glow, how about curling your hair into natural waves? A few loose waves will present your hair with some extra volume!

4. Keeping It Long – Gorgeous and Glowing

Would you like to keep your hair long and looking beautiful even in your middle-aged years? Then, instead of chopping it to a short length, let your hair grow long! Naturally, long hair requires more maintenance than short hair. This means you will have to get it trimmed every now and then, to prevent your hair from getting split-ends. Depending on what texture your hair is, whether it’s thick or thin, you may decide on or against layering it. Thanks to having long hair, you’ll also be able to style it in a whole array of new and exciting ways!

5. A Layered Bob – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50 for Ladies

Here is another hairstyle that proves that women over 50 can still sport a mid-length or longer hairstyle! One gorgeous hairstyle is no other than a layered bob. So, instead of going for the straight bob that gives off an edgy and bold vibe, you can try a layered mid-length bob, that reaches your shoulders. You can spruce up this haircut with front bangs or side fringes, depending on what would suit your face shape best! This is guaranteed to look amazing on younger and older women!

6. A Bold Pixie Cut – Fun and Groovy

Just because you are over fifty and counting, does not mean that you need to settle for a plain haircut! If you have always loved bold and groovy styles, then make sure you perk up your haircut as well! A pixie cut is the definition of boldness and fun, so why not give it a try? If it fits your personality perfectly, as well as the shape of your face, go for it! A short and funky pixie cut will uplift your whole appearance in a matter of seconds!

7. Stylish and Stunning – Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Stylish and Stunning - Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As you will have noticed, there are a lot of hairstyles that you can try out as a middle-aged or older woman! You don’t have to limit yourself to lifeless or dull haircuts or hairstyles. So keeping this in mind, how about trying out something voluminous and effortlessly brilliant? Get your hair cut shorter on the sides and the back, having it layered in a trendy way, to create volume! All you will have to leave longer is the side fringe! After you have gotten your hair cut, it’s up to you whether you dye it or leave it in its natural colour!

8. Wispy Waves – For a Laidback Look

Everyone loves beach hair! What’s not to love about it? The effortless waves in the hair create a marvellous and laidback look! If you are in search of medium length hairstyles for women over 50, then here is one idea to try out! This one is perfect for ladies who have mid-length or long hair, as you will need to curl it, to create those wispy waves! Apply hairspray or some hair mousse to your hair, as this will help keep your waves in place and in shape!

9. Short and Spikey – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

We have already talked about the amazing pixie cut! It’s a bold haircut, that is great for anyone who wants to go short! Just like with most hairstyles and haircuts, there are a few types of pixie cuts to choose from! You can try out something chic and slicked-back, but how about going short and spikey? This short and spikey pixie is a fantastic choice for both women with thick hair and thin! So, if you want to add some funk and groove to your hair, this is definitely a haircut you should opt for!

10. A Simple Bob – Simple and Stylish

One hairstyle that is worth trying out is none other than the bob! A simple bob is pleasing to the eye and is an attractive haircut for all ages! It’s also perfect for any lady out there who wants something short, but not too short! This makes it the perfect “in-between” haircut for women, as it’s not too long but not too short either! Of course, you can add a fringe or bangs to your bob, as these will help in sprucing your hair up even more!

11. Shaggy and Cool – Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Shaggy and Cool - Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

When it comes to hair for women over 50, it can be difficult to find something that truly suits you! Perhaps you have never been the sort of lady, who loves prim and proper hairstyles. Instead, you have always preferred messy hair. If this is the case, then how about you have your hair cut in a shag?  These are haircuts with multi-layers creating a messy yet edgy sort of appearance. They will give off a sense of rockstar groove and glamour. So, if that’s the vibe you are going for, then make sure to give it a try!

12. Long Waves – Easy and Lovely

Just because you are over 50, does not mean that you have to choose a short haircut! This is a common misbelief in a lot of middle-aged women, who end up opting for short haircuts. As an alternative to chopping it all off, why not leave your hair growing out long and freely? You don’t have to dye it, as a matter of fact, long grey or silver hair looks ethereal! So, how about you let your hair grow long and beautiful?

13. A Classic Look – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

Now here is a timeless classic, that a lot of women over 50 choose as a hairstyle! If you trying to find medium length hairstyles for women over 50, then this one is definitely one to take into consideration! It’s all about letting your hair grow shoulder-length, before having it cut in a straight line around the back. As for the front strands of hair, you can have them layered or feathered. This is another hairstyle you can add bangs to! Feel free to add some waves or curls to this hairstyle, to present it with more volume and definition!

14. Cute and Layered – Do It With Style

Get a haircut that exudes a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a modern vibe! Think about a short and layered pixie cut! You can add some bangs to this hairstyle to take it up a notch. And naturally, you can choose to layer the hair, which will grant it more volume and texture. Meaning that this will be great for ladies who have either thin or fine hair!

15. Keeping It Simple – Hair for Women Over 50

Keeping It Simple - Hair for Women Over 50

Maybe you aren’t certain yet, whether you want a haircut that’s long or super short! Well, how about going for a haircut that is in between the two? A shoulder-length cut should do the trick! Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, this is guaranteed to look simply fabulous. You don’t have to overdo it, sometimes simplicity is the key!

16. Fun and Chic – Try Out Something New

For an image that exudes fun and youthfulness, short hairstyles are the way to go! Instead of going completely short, you can have the strands of hair in the front grown longer. Then curl them backwards, giving your whole hairstyle that extra volume that it might be in need of!

17. Curls for Days – Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Do you love curly hair? Then maybe it’s time to add some curls to those beautiful locks of yours! No matter whether you are below or above fifty, curls are always a flattering hairstyle to try out! They will look great with both shorter and longer hair!

18. Why Should You Dye? – The Natural Look

A lot of ladies over fifty start to dye their hair. But what is there to be ashamed of? Grey hairs are completely natural, and they are actually in trend right now! A lot of younger people get their hair dyed grey or silver! So, instead of dying your hair a different colour, own your gorgeous grey hair!

19. A Short Shag – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

A Short Shag - Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

Have you ever considered getting a short shag? It is a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back. Remember to get loads of layers cut, as this will add texture and volume to your hair. The short shag is perfect for any event, as it embodies both sophistication and elegance, but it’s also casual.

20. Gorgeous Waves – Glamorous and Fantastic

Bring a bit of natural glamour into your life! How can you achieve this easily? Have your shoulder-length or long hair curled into loose waves. Curling your hair into waves will truly give you a gorgeous appearance, not to mention it will look great for any sort of occasion!

21. Fabulous Layers – Haircuts for Women Over 50

Are you looking for some awesome short hairstyles for women over 50? Then you may have just found something cute to try out! It’s a medium length haircut that includes loads of layers, giving the hair more volume and dimension! Try this out if you have thin or fine hair and would like to make it appear a bit thicker!

22. A Sleek Bob – Never Goes Out of Style

One hairstyle you can’t really go wrong with is a bob! These sleek haircuts are perfect for all age groups, as well as all kinds of hair! Depending on your style, you can go for a straight bob, a layered one or even a mid-length one!

23. A Pretty Bob – Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

A Pretty Bob - Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

We have talked quite a bit about bobs. After all, they look great on most face shapes as well as ages! If you want to get your hair trimmed into a bob, you don’t need to go for an incredibly sleek one. A layered and messier bob will look just as fantastic!

24. Classy and Glamorous – Styled With Care

Get your hair layered and styled with care! A trendy way to cut shoulder-length hair is to cut a few strands of hair shorter in the front. Of course, you can add some bangs to your classy haircut according to your preference! Shoulder-length haircuts are fantastic ideas concerning hair for women over 50!

25. A Long Pixie – Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

Finally, we have brought you another type of pixie cut for older women! Try out long razored layers! These layers will look elegant and classy! A longer pixie cut is an amazing choice to try out, especially if you want something bold and daring.


We hope you found some inspiration amongst these haircuts for women over 50! For other ideas concerning hairstyles, like Short Haircuts for Women over 50 or Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman with Long Hair, then visit our website!