If you are a guy, you will know that growing a beard can enhance your looks easily! Perhaps you would like to grow out your facial hair, but you aren’t sure what sort of style you’d like to try out! There is a whole variety of beards and moustaches out there waiting for you! So, according to what shape your face and head are, you’ll be able to find a shape and size of facial hair that will suit your appearance perfectly! Taking this into consideration, how about you check out our collection of beard styles and ideas? Get inspired and discover something fantastic!


1. Short Beard Styles for Men – Great Short Beard Ideas

If you don’t want to spend too much time growing out a beard, then short beard styles were meant for you! Just because a beard is shorter, doesn’t mean that it’s any less attractive or good looking. There are a lot of short beards to try out, that will give your face definition and bring out your best angles! Just a few examples include a short faded beard, a short boxed beard, an anchor beard or a version of longer stubble! Short facial hair is a great option for men!

2. Medium Length Beard Styles – Awesome Men’s Medium Beards

One great thing about medium length beard styles is that they really bring out the manliness in a guy! Whether it’s a full beard or a ducktail, a medium beard can truly perk up your appearance! Again, you will have a whole selection of beards to choose from. Decide what type of beard you’d like corresponding to what your overall style is, what face shape and haircut you have! All of these elements are important, when it comes to choosing a beard, as you’ll want every detail to complement the rest!

3. Long Beard Style for Men – Long Beards for Guys

Are you thinking about growing out your beard into a long length? Keep in mind that a long beard will require more maintenance! Combing your beard every one or two days will keep it from looking unkempt and grisly while using beard oil or beard balm will also help in presenting it with a healthy look! There are a lot of long beard styles for men to choose from. Just a few ideas would be to try out the Garibaldi, a ducktail, a long and full beard or a Viking beard!

4. Beard Style for Bald Men – Beards for Shaved Heads

Beard Style for Bald Men - Beards for Shaved Heads

By any chance, have you shaved off your hair? A lot of bald men tend to want to grow out a beard or some form of facial hair! Are you in search of what beard styles for bald men would look the best? When you don’t have any hair, you will probably choose a beard according to the shape of your head and face. A man with a round face will opt for something to add length to his face, while a bald guy with an oval-shaped face will choose a different style of beard!

5. Goatee Beard Styles – Fantastic Types of Goatees

A kind of beard that has come back into trend is none other than the goatee. There are a few types of different goatees that will give you a wider choice in finding the best option for yourself. Goatee beard styles usually consist of two main components, a moustache and a chin beard, but naturally, there are different types of variations of it. Goatees make a great choice for all sorts of face shapes! Not to mention they also look great for guys who are bald.

6. Best Beard Styles for Round Faces – Round-Faced Men Beards

Are you in search of the best beard styles for round faces? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have a wide selection of beard ideas for round faces. Guys who have round-shaped faces tend to try lengthening their face, giving the illusion of an oval shape instead! An easy way to achieve this would be by growing out their beard on their chin. Keeping this in mind, a triangular or pointy beard will look amazing! But a goatee, for example, can also do the trick!


With the help of this beard collection, we hope you found some awesome ideas concerning all types of beards!