20 GOATEE BEARD STYLES - Types of Goatees

20 GOATEE BEARD STYLES – Types of Goatees


20 GOATEE BEARD STYLES - Types of Goatees


Are you in search of a unique type of beard? Depending on the sort of face or head shape you have, try finding a beard that complements it! Perhaps you have always wanted to try out a goatee! These beards have come back into trend over the past few years! A goatee is the type of facial hair that includes a beard on a man’s chin, but without the beard reaching across the rest of the face. It usually incorporates a moustache as well! So, get ready to look through our collection of goatee beard styles! We’re certain that you will find some awesome types of goatees, that you will be able to choose from!


1. The Balbo Beard – Types of Goatees

There are so many beards you will be able to choose from! Depending on what your face shape and haircut is like, you’ll want to pick a beard that suits it! If you have been looking at goatees or beards with a goatee vibe, then here is one to try out! This type of beard is also known as a Balbo beard. While it incorporates the main elements of a goatee, the edges of the beard reach up a little bit along the chin. This will look amazing for guys who have a fade cut or have shaved off their head!

2. Simple and Easy – Try Out Something New

One of the main reasons, why a lot of men cut their beards into a goatee is simple. They come in all sorts of lengths and varieties, meaning you will easily be able to find one suited to your face. Even a simple goatee can uplift your whole look! Not to mention, a simple and easy goatee won’t require a lot of maintenance, meaning you won’t have to put the time and energy into looking great every day! So, how about you give the super simple yet classic goatee a try?

3. The Feeling of a Ducktail – Goatee Beard Styles

The Feeling of a Ducktail - Goatee Beard Styles

Even if you like the classic goatee, it may not be the type of facial hair that you would be able to pull off. Due to this, you may be trying to discover and find a beard that suits the shape of your face. If you want to lengthen your face a little, how about you try out a goatee that has a ducktail look to it? This means that the beard on the chin should be grown out longer and turned into an inverted and pointy shape. A ducktail goatee will look great on guys, who have round or square faces!

4. An Amazing Anchor – Fun and Groovy

Maybe you are in search of facial hair ideas which exude fun and groovy appearance. If this is the case, you may have just found something! It’s the combination of an anchor beard and a handlebar moustache, which is a different take on the classic goatee! These groovy moustaches are actually named after the handlebar of a bicycle. They revolve around curling or twisting your moustache upwards. Paired with an anchor beard, you are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd!

5. A Bit of Stubble – Types of Goatees

If you aren’t interested in growing out a full goatee, you may opt for longer stubble! After all, stubble does require less maintenance and effort to keep it looking great! But instead of letting your stubble grow all over your face, cut and shape it into the shape of a goatee! One of the great things about goatees is that they look fantastic in any length. So whether they are longer and more grown out or just shorter and stubble-like, they are certain to look fantastic! A stubbly goatee such as this one will go really well with any face shape or haircut!

6. The Van Dyke – Looking Classy and Handsome

You may be familiar with the Van Dyke type of beard. It consists of two main components, a floating moustache and a chin beard. The floating moustache can be grown out into a handlebar, in order to give it a sense of old-fashioned elegance. These two elements paired together will boost your appearance, by giving you an image of sophistication and refinement. It will be up to you how long you’d like your chin beard to grow out! You can opt for a shorter chin beard or a longer and pointed beard.

7. The Tony Stark – Goatee Beard Styles

The Tony Stark - Goatee Beard Styles

If you watched the Iron Man movies or the Avengers, you may have noticed what a fabulous beard Tony Stark has! The Tony Stark goatee is actually a pairing of an anchor beard and a floating moustache. A goatee with moustache is a good look! Neither of these parts needs to be grown out too long in order to recreate this stunning beard! Goatee beard styles, such as this one, are bound to exude a sense of manliness combined with elegance! Again, this is a type of goatee that will go well with any haircut!

8. Experimenting with Fades – Unique and Creative

Do you by any chance have a fade haircut? Then how about styling it with a fade beard or a fade goatee? Pairing the haircut with similarly styled facial hair will take your appearance to the next level! A great example would be to let the shape of a classic goatee grow completely out! As for the rest of your facial hair, shave it into a very short length, as if it were fading into your skin. If this doesn’t look amazing, we don’t know what does!

9. Just the Bottom – A Goatee Without Moustache

You may have realised that a lot of goatees include moustaches! If your facial hair is a bit patchy around your moustache, or you just don’t like the way it looks on you, then try out a goatee without the moustache! Let the facial hair grow out on your chin, shaving off the rest around the cheeks and above your upper lip. This goatee idea is a simple one, but still looks terrific! Not to mention, it doesn’t require much maintenance at all!

10. Looks Great on Bald Guys – An Effortless Beard

If you are bald or have shaved your hair off, you may be wondering what type of beard would suit your look? For men who are bald, it can be important to add some facial hair to their face. The facial hair will just boost their appearance and help in giving them a manly look! Something that is sure to look great on bald guys is no other than a goatee! If you are unsure about what kind of goatee to try out, go for the classic version of it! You can’t really go wrong with these types of goatees.

11. Thin and Intricate Lines – Types of Goatees

Thin and Intricate Lines - Types of Goatees

When people think of goatees, sometimes grisly and overgrown chin beards pop into their minds. But that’s rarely the case if you know a bit about goatees! For example, you can have your goatee cut short. Then have the edges of your beard shaved into thin and intricate lines. A design like this will give your goatee refinement above all other factors. You can even let a thin and short line of facial hair trail along your chin. Depending on what you’d like, you can leave out the moustache, or turn it into a detail line as well!

12. Paired with an Undercut – Suave with Style

As we mentioned before, it should be taken into consideration, what sort of hairstyle you have, in order to make sure your beard will match it. For example, if you have an undercut with a fade, even a simple and minimal goatee will go well with it! Naturally, you may decide on adding emphasis to one of the elements of your goatee, depending on your face shape. If your face is a bit round, you may go for a chin beard that is a bit pointy and adds length!

13. Large and Full – Goatee Beard Styles

There is a whole variety of goatees out there. Ranging from short to long goatees, there are more than you could imagine! With this being said, we’re certain you’ll be able to find one that suits your style, as well as the shape of your face! If you want to try out something a bit bushier than a simple goatee, why not opt for a wide goatee? A wide goatee consists of a chin beard and moustache taking up more space towards the sides of your face. It’s an easy and fantastic goatee idea!

14. Charming and Simplistic – A Minimalist Anchor

We have already talked a bit about anchor beards! They are a different take on the goatee, consisting of a floating beard, that is detached from the chin beard. The reason why this beard is called an anchor beard is that the shape of it should resemble the nautical device, the anchor! You don’t necessarily have to grow out either your floating moustache or your chin beard into a longer length. Keeping it short and smart will look just as good!

15. Adding a Braid – Types of Goatees

Adding a Braid - Types of Goatees

If you have decided to grow out your goatee on your chin, then here is an idea you might want to try out! This idea is all about braided that goatee. By adding a braid to your beard, you will give yourself a Viking look! Keep the rest of your beard shaved short, instead of letting it grow out long everywhere. Maybe let your moustache grow out a bit longer as well, to accentuate the shape of the goatee! These long goatees are a perfect idea for anyone who has wanted to try out a Viking style!

16. Another Van Dyke – A Modern Twist

The Van Dyke type of beard has been around since the 17th century. But it has been extremely popular during the past several years! The Van Dyke, as we mentioned before, consists of a floating moustache and a chin beard. The rest of your facial hair should be trimmed short or shaved off completely, as this will help in accentuating the actual goatee! The Van Dyke can be paired with almost any hairstyle! It will look awesome with a taper or pompadour!

17. Connect Your Beard – Goatee Beard Styles

Here is another type of goatee to try out! Instead of going for just a goatee, why not connect it to a short beard or stubble which reaches across your chin? This would be a good idea for any guy, who doesn’t want to stick to only a goatee. A bit of extra facial hair along the line of your chin or jaw can help in adding definition to your face! This means adding some extra stubble or a shorter beard can help boost your overall look!

18. A Soul Patch – Easy Goatee without Moustache

Maybe you want a type of beard, which is truly low-maintenance. If this is the case, the soul patch, also known as a mouche or a flavour saver, might just be an option for you to try out! As an alternative to going for a classic version of a goatee, you can grow out only one part of your facial hair. This is none other than the patch of hair, right underneath your bottom lip! Shave the rest of your facial hair off and only keep your soul patch!

19. A Prominent Moustache – Types of Goatees

A Prominent Moustache - Types of Goatees

Whether you want to style your facial hair into a goatee or an anchor beard, add definition to your face by growing out a moustache! A prominent moustache will help in giving you a manly appearance! Let your moustache grow out longer and feel free to style it in any way you’d like! A goatee with moustache will look incredible!

20. Keep It Simple – Requires Low Maintenance

Finally, we have brought you another goatee idea! This goatee consists of long stubble being grown out and shaped into the classic goatee form. A simplistic goatee like this one is perfect for any guy out there, who wants to keep it simple!


With the help of these goatee beard styles, we hope you have gotten some inspiration! For other ideas, such as toddler boy haircuts or men’s medium haircuts, visit our website!