20 LONG BEARD STYLE FOR MEN - Long Beard Styles

20 LONG BEARD STYLE FOR MEN – Long Beard Styles


20 LONG BEARD STYLE FOR MEN - Long Beard Styles


Are you in search of a way to give yourself a manlier or bolder look? As a guy, growing a beard is something worth trying out! There is a whole selection of unique beards you can choose from. Whether it’s shorter stubble or an actual long beard, we’re sure you will be able to find something. Of course, take into consideration the face of your shape, as well as your current haircut. If you want something longer, then why not look through our pick of 20 long beard styles? Find an awesome long beard style for men here, by taking a quick browse through these ideas! So with that said, get ready to get inspired!


1. Never Going Out of Style – Long Beard Styles

Do you by any chance have a fade undercut? A faded beard cut is guaranteed to look amazing paired with a hairstyle such as this! Faded beards look just as great with longer beards, as they do with short beards!  We would advise having your faded beard to get done by a professional, to get that true and classic faded look. Luckily the rest of the maintenance of trimming your beard will be easy to do, meaning you will probably be able to do it yourself! So, if you already have this haircut, why not try out the beard?

2. The Full Look – Great for Bald Men

If you have started to bald, or simply decided to shave off all your hair, you might be in search of a beard. A beard will really help in making your face pop as a bald guy! While we would normally recommend a longer beard, a short beard style will probably do the trick as well! One of the best solutions for a guy who is bald would be to grow a full or a pointed beard. Both of these will help in adding definition and creating a manlier look for your face. Either of these will make a great choice!

3. A Cool Ducktail – Long Beard Style for Men

A Cool Ducktail - Long Beard Style for Men

You may still be trying to discover a cool beard style for bald men. Well here is another option to choose from! This is none other than the ducktail beard, which is grown out to be a bit rounder and wider than a standard one. A long ducktail beard is full, yet inverted on the sides, giving it a pointy and diamond-like shape. This is a great choice for men who have round faces, as the pointiness of the beard will take away from the roundness of the face and head.

4. A Perfect Pairing – A Pompadour and Beard

A popular hairstyle in our modern times is the pompadour. If you have had your hair styled in a similar way, how about pairing it with a full beard and a handlebar moustache? The combination of this sleek hair with a full beard and moustache will give you a hipster vibe. It is the definition of being youthful, but with a sense of professionalism and being well-groomed. Make sure, that you comb your beard every now and then, so it won’t look unkempt and grisly!

5. Long and Thick – Long Beard Styles

Growing out your beard into a long and thick style is not something all men can achieve! A lot of guys have patchy or thin facial hair, leaving them with no choice but to try out stubble. However, if you have thick facial hair, how about growing out a full and long beard? Depending on the shape of your face, you can give the beard a cut, to bring out your best angles. For example, you can go for a ducktail beard or a Garibaldi, according to what would look the best on you!

6. The Daring Ducktail – Full of Charm

We have already mentioned the ducktail beard! The ducktail is another type of many long beard styles that will help in lengthening your face. Or at least create an illusion of lengthening it! This makes it perfect for men who have round faces! A ducktail is trimmed and shaped to turn pointy at the end by cutting off a bit from both sides of the beard. The facial hair on the cheeks is also shaved off, to really bring out the diamond shape. Use some type of beard oil or balm to keep it in place and shape, while keeping it well-groomed and cared for as well.

7. The Garibaldi – Long Beard Style for Men

The Garibaldi - Long Beard Style for Men

Perhaps you are a middle-aged man, who is in search of a fantastic beard. There are a number of long grey beard styles, meaning that you’ll be able to find one easily! One type of beard you may opt for is the Garibaldi! This beard style is a combination of a long moustache and a full beard, that is wide and rounded a bit at the bottom. A beard such as this will look great with any type of texture of facial hair. It will also give you artistic vibes!

8. Round and Full – A Simple Idea

When it comes to the world of beards, you don’t always have to go for something that stands out. Sometimes keeping it simple and clean is the best idea! Here is a type of beard that will look great on any guy. No matter what your face shape, hairstyle or age is, the full beard is something you will be able to pull off! This classic beard paired with a moustache gives off laidback and carefree vibes, but also manages on providing its wearer with a professional look!

9. Leave It Longer – Long Beard Styles

Try out this other take on a full beard! It actually incorporates a sense of long goatee styles! The main concept behind this type of beard is a long and full beard, grown out. But instead of keeping the ends of the beard even and rounded, it’s time to perk it up a little! Shave the end of the beard in a different way, leaving the facial hair on the chin somewhat longer. This will create the image of a full beard combined with a goatee! It’s a cool look, so why not give it a go?

10. A Fabulous Combination – Of Hair and Facial Hair

If you are a man over fifty, then here is a look to try out that will make you appear almost ethereal! Have both your hair as well as your beard grow out long. You can go for a ducktail beard or a full beard, depending on your face shape. Then let your hair grow out in long wisps as well. With the pairing of long grey beard styles with long hair, you’ll look like a god from ancient Greek mythology!

11. Hip and Groovy – Long Beard Style for Men

Hip and Groovy - Long Beard Style for Men

As you will have noticed, there is a large variety of long beards. But how about when it comes to styling them? Would you like to try out something completely unique, that has a groovy feeling to it? Then how about ironing your beard into loose curls or waves? To complement this look, also grow out a moustache. Style it to create a handlebar moustache. The combination of a styled and curled beard with the handlebar moustache will definitely make you stand out!

12. The Verdi – Different and Handsome

Bring out your artistic and creative self with the help of a unique beard! If you would like a long beard, then why not try out a different sort of cut that really brings out the best of you? For example, a Verdi beard! It is put together with a full and rounded beard and also includes a moustache. A Verdi is a fantastic type of beard for a guy, who has a round face, as it will add angles and definition to your face! This beard will give your whole appearance an old-fashioned elegance!

13. What to Choose for a Buzz Cut – Long Beard Styles

Do you by any chance have a buzz cut? If so, you may be searching for a beard that goes perfectly with your haircut! As we mentioned before, a type of beard that goes well with nearly any hairstyle is the full beard! The short hair will in fact complement the length of the full beard. And nothing looks more attractive than a long and full beard! Naturally, to keep your beard looking healthy, you’ll have to take care of it by applying beard oil or balm to it, as well as grooming it every now and then.

14. Rugged and Bold – The Bandholz Type

You may be on a search to find a long beard that exudes ruggedness and manliness! If this is the case, how about opting for a long and awesome Bandholz beard?  This type of beard features a moustache that is connected to the rest of your beard. Square the end of the beard. The great thing about a Bandholz is you can allow it to grow freely to whatever length you’d like! It may look a bit unkempt, but that just gives the beard a rugged appeal.

15. The Benefits of a Full Beard – Long Beard Style for Men

The Benefits of a Full Beard - Long Beard Style for Men

You may be contemplating going for a long and full beard! Surprisingly enough there are actually a lot of benefits in growing out a long beard! Obviously, they’ll look amazing, but there are other factors to keep in mind! Not only will they keep your face warm, but will also block out UV rays and keep them from damaging your face. Full beards are also recommended for people with asthma, as apparently, they keep dust, allergens and bacteria out of your mouth and nose! These are just a few fun facts about the benefits of growing out a beard!

16. Paired with an Undercut – Cool and Minimal

What kind of beard can you match with an undercut hairstyle? A longer and full beard will look amazing! A good example would be to try out a Garibaldi. We have already talked about this style of beard. But it is guaranteed to really bring out the boldness and edginess of an undercut. A Garibaldi will also be a great way of adding a bit of length to your face, making it recommended for any men with rounder faces.

17. Adding a Fade – Handsome Long Beard Styles

Perhaps you have a fade haircut? If so, why not pair it with a fade beard cut? The two of these combined will make a fantastic combination! Go with a full beard, that is shaved short towards the top of it. The fade will really bring a sense of style to the whole image, giving your beard a classy refinement. So, if you are in search of something simple that is also sure to catch any eyes, this is something to try out!

18. Looking Groomed and Clean – With a Handlebar

You may just go for a long and full beard. After all, what’s not to like about one of these? They add a sense of manliness to your face, while also giving your face more definition! To spruce up a simple full beard, think about styling your moustache in an awesome way! A handlebar moustache would be a good option. This means letting the moustache grow out for a while before curling it upwards!

19. Matched with a Man Bun – Long Beard Style for Men

Matched with a Man Bun - Long Beard Style for Men

Another terrific idea would be to match your man bun with a full beard! Man buns have become super trendy, so you may be wondering what type of long beard would look great with it? The answer to your questions would be a full beard, long goatee styles or even a Garibaldi!

20. A Ducktail – With a Fade

Finally, here is another type of ducktail to try out! While the end of the beard, growing from the beard is left longer and shaped into the ducktail, you can try shaving the facial hair along your cheeks into a fade! This will look especially great if your hair is styled in a similar way!


Hopefully, you are feeling inspired when it comes to long beard styles! If you are in search of other amazing ideas, besides a long beard style for men, such as the Men’s Medium Beard Styles or Short Beard Styles, visit our website!