20 HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN OVER 50 - Haircuts for Men Over 50

20 HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN OVER 50 – Haircuts for Men Over 50


Are you a middle-aged guy in search of a new haircut? Not only is it important for ladies to get their hair trimmed and styled in an amazing way, but it is an important factor for men as well! The right haircut will really help in accentuating your best features! So, no matter whether you are over fifty or under it, make sure to find the perfect haircut for yourself! If you are in search of some new ideas, check out our collection of 20 hairstyles for men over 50! We’re certain that you will be able to find inspiration amongst our pick of haircuts for men over 50! So, get ready to look through our ideas!


1. A Sleek Cut – Hairstyles for Men over 50

There are a lot of sleek haircuts out there for middle-aged men! As an alternative to opting for a plain or dull haircut, why not try something attractive? Part your hair on either side of your head, then sweep your hair accordingly to either of the sides. Get your hair layered in order to create volume and extra definition. Feel free to add a side fringe, that you can sweep to the side as well. This easy yet refined haircut will look great on men of any age!

2. Manly and Rugged – Looking Your Best

Perhaps you’d like to exude a sense of manliness and ruggedness. If so, then going for a shorter haircut is a fantastic choice! With the help of hair gel or spray, comb back your hair from the front to the back. You can leave a few strands of hair loosely hanging in front. Hairstyles or haircuts aren’t always about going for something intricate and complex. A lot of the time it’s just as good to opt for a simple cut. Make sure to grow out your stubble or a beard to complement this haircut!

3. Short and Spikey – Haircuts for Men over 50

Unleash your inner rockstar by getting a new and fantastic haircut! We’re talking about a short and spikey cut that will really help in lending you a rock or punk appearance. This haircut revolves around getting the sides trimmed shorter while leaving the hair on top of your head longer. You will be able to create a set of spikes on the top of your head. All you will need is some hair gel, spray or mousse to keep the spikes upright! This is also a good haircut for men whose hair is thinning!

4. A Terrific Taper – Keeping it Classy

A Terrific Taper - Keeping it Classy

Now here is a haircut that looks classy and refined! How about you try out a taper haircut? The taper incorporates the hair gradually changing from one length into another. The hair on the sides and back of your head might start off at a shorter length, growing longer as you move up towards the crown. This makes the taper a fantastic combination of both short and medium hair! You can style the hair on your crown to stand upwards, giving you that classic taper. This way of styling your hair will be great especially if you are going to a fancy event!

5. Simple and Short – Hairstyles for Men over 50

You don’t necessarily have to choose a unique haircut. After all, you’ll know the saying that less is sometimes more! Keep this in mind when choosing a haircut for yourself! How about you get your hair cut the same length all around your head? Let your strands of hair hang wherever they’d like, giving your hair a messy and laidback look. If you have started to grey, then don’t worry about dying your hair a different colour. Own your silver strands!

6. Shaved on the Sides – Fun and Unique

Get ready to try out youthful and trendy hairstyles for older men. Here is just one idea out of many to help you get inspired! This haircut consists of the hair being shaved short on the sides and back of the head while leaving the hair on the top and front of your head longer. You will be able to style your long hair in several ways. Just one of these include combing your hair back and adding hair gel to it, this way fixating your hair to your head in a sleek manner. 

7. Keeping it Simple – Haircuts for Men over 50

Are you still in search of some awesome mature mens haircuts? Then check out the example above for a bit of inspiration! You can cut the hair to a shorter length, but not too short! Now all you have to do is part your hair on one of the sides of your head. Comb your hair to either side, according to where the parting is. But make sure to comb the front strands of hair backwards or to the side, so they won’t hang in your eyes! It’s an easy and mature hairstyle for middle-aged men!

8. Smart and Short – Paired with a Beard

Smart and Short - Paired with a Beard

Maybe you are looking for a low-maintenance haircut that you won’t have to style each day! If so, why not go for a short haircut, that is shaved on the sides. It should be left just a bit longer on the top! But maybe you’d like to boost the look of your haircut with something else. Well, how about you grow out a beard to match this short haircut? A longer beard paired with short hair will give you a very masculine appearance! So, if that’s what you’re going for, why not give it a try?

9. Effortlessly Elegant – Hairstyles for Men over 50

As a middle-aged man, all you may want is a refined and classy haircut. Something that really speaks for itself! Get your hair cut at around mid-length or just a bit shorter. Comb it out every day in order to give yourself a clean and neat appearance. Of course, you can brush your hair backwards as well, to keep the strands out of your eyes. This sort of hairstyle is all about leaving your hair with a natural vibe but without being plain or dull.

10. The First Grey Strands – Natural and Great

When the first strands of grey hair have appeared, they will be certain to give you a sense of maturity! So, instead of choosing to dye it, let your grey strands of hair run through your crown of hair. It will definitely present you with a unique and handsome appearance! Naturally, the rest is up to you on what kind of haircut or hairstyle you opt for. You may try out a classic taper or pompadour, or you may want to grow out your hair longer!

11. A Man Bun – Haircuts for Men over 50

Most of us are familiar with the hairstyle that took over the trend in men’s hair a few years ago! We’re talking about the man bun of course! This is a great type of hairstyle for any man out there, of any age, who has long hair! All you’ll need to do is gather your hair and tie it up! It’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face and eyes while you’re doing some kind of sport or activity! Even if you have chosen to shave your hair short on both sides of your head and leaving it only long on the top, this will look amazing when tied in a man bun!

12. Adding Some Layers – Options for Thin Hair

Adding Some Layers - Options for Thin Hair

Have you always had thin or fine hair? Or perhaps your hair has started to thin as you have gotten older? Either way, make sure to add some extra volume and dimension to it. This way you’ll make it look thicker than it actually is! An easy solution for thin or fine hair is to add some layering to it! No matter how long or short your hair is, the layers will definitely add that boost of volume!

13. The Pompadour – Hairstyles for Men over 50

Another hairstyle that we have to mention is the pompadour! It consists of most of the hair being cut short, especially on the sides and back of your head. While the front and top of the hair are left to grow out mid-length! Pompadours are all about combing the longer hair backwards. You will probably have to use a bit of hair gel or hairspray to keep the hair combed back and in place while adding a heap of volume to it.

14. Another Classic Taper – Easy and Neat

We have already mentioned getting your hair cut in a taper. Tapers are a refined way of getting your hair cut and styled. They will give your appearance a sense of elegance and sophistication, making this a perfect hairstyle if you’re going to work or on a special occasion. A taper is all about giving your hair that boost of volume by styling it upwards. The hair on the sides of your head should be left shorter. This will help to create a contrast, providing your hair with extra dimension!

15. Short and Soft Waves – Haircuts for Men over 50

Get inspired with this great hair for older men option! It’s all about keeping the natural waves and curls in your hair, instead of straightening them. For this hairstyle, you should grow out your beautiful silver waves to a medium length of hair. It’s not an intricate hairstyle or haircut, but it will lend you a laidback look and beach vibes! Again, this is the type of hairstyle that will look good on a guy of any age! So whether you are over fifty or twenty, it’s something worth trying!

16. Cool Layers – For a Clean and Sharp Look

Cool Layers - For a Clean and Sharp Look

You might be surprised with the diversity and variety of haircuts and hairstyles for older men! You don’t have to go overboard with choosing an incredibly unique haircut. If you are the sort of man who would like to channel mature vibes, then the perfect solution is a classic haircut! Get your hair cut around the same length all over your head and add some layering to your hair! A bit of layering will add immediate volume to it, which is a fantastic option for men out there who have fine or thin hair.

17. Eccentric and Stylish – Hairstyles for Men over 50

When deciding what sort of haircut or hairstyle you’d like, make sure that it really exudes your personality. If you have an eccentric and creative character, then you can grow out your hair to a long length and then comb it back to give it a windswept look. Find a way to complement this hairstyle by growing out your beard as well! The combination of a long beard with long hair will definitely make you stand out of the crowd!

18. Short and Subtle – Low-Maintenance Options

Here is one of many mature mens haircuts that is great for guys, who don’t particularly like to spend much time in the mornings doing their hair! A short and subtle haircut is the way to go, getting it trimmed every now and then to keep it in shape. While it’s not the boldest haircut out there, it still delivers a high level of confidence and manliness.

19. Add a Side Fringe – Haircuts for Men over 50

An easy way to uplift your hair for older men is by adding a side fringe to your haircut! This is a great choice for guys who have mid-length hair. For a boost of volume, you can add a bit of layering to not only your haircut but to your side fringe as well!

20. Layered Wisps – Classic and Handsome

Layered Wisps - Classic and Handsome

Last but not least, we have brought you a simplistic yet handsome haircut! It consists of your hair cut into mid-length layers, giving it a wispy and windswept appearance. Thanks to the layering, your hair will be uplifted with volume! This makes it a great haircut for any older man with thin or fine hair.


We trust, that these hairstyles for men over 50 helped you to find something for yourself! For other ideas, besides haircuts for men over 50, such as Best Haircuts for Older Men or hairstyles for men with thin hair, visit our website!