The season of summer is just around the corner. Going on holidays, sunbathing on the seaside, eating delicious gelato and enjoying the beautiful hot weather. While spring brought a plentitude of blossoming flowers, summer presents delightful greenery and a vast amount of fruit. Any garden during the season of summer is sure to look gorgeous. To make your garden or backyard look even more exquisite during the hot season, why not decorate it with a set of ornaments? We’ve brought 30 awesome garden decoration ideas for summer for you to pick and choose from. So, get your garden into shape for the season!


1. Recycle and Rethink – Aluminium Can Ideas

If you are trying to find environmentally friendly ideas for your garden, you’ve come to the right place! Why not recycle and rethink things you’d probably throw into the trash? Maybe you have a few aluminium cans lying around the house. After washing them clean, paint their outsides with vibrant colours. Fill them with soil and plant all sorts of summer flowers inside them. You can place these on your backyard fence or leave them lying around the garden. Either way, they’ll be sure to look great!

2. A Rustic Image – Summer Garden Decor

A Rustic Image - Summer Garden Decor

Are you a fan of rustic home decor? If so, stick to this style and add some rustic elements to your garden! This can include a vintage bike, which has a pot of flowers attached to its basket. Also, consider hanging wine bottle vases from a tree after filling them with water and placing a selection of flowers in them.

3. Lights Instead of Water – Light Up Your Garden

Lights Instead of Water - Light Up Your Garden

Here’s a fabulous and creative way of lighting up your garden. Above a bed of flowers attach a watering can. Then string fairy lights to it, as if it were coming out of its sprinkler. This will create the illusion that light is pouring out of it instead of water. This is guaranteed to give a beautiful atmosphere to your garden if you’ve decided to sit out and enjoy a cool summer night in your garden.

4. Funny Fisherman – Summer Garden Ideas

Creating things out of spoons is a unique source of decor! You need to bend spoons and different objects of cutlery, not to mention pierce holes into the metal to create interesting shapes. For example, if you are into metalwork, you might like this idea of a fisherman sitting in his boat and catching fish. You can hang decor such as this one from a tree, and it also makes a great windchime!

5. Tea Time – Unique Bird Feeder

Make sure the birds in your neighbourhood get food daily! Create a unique bird feeder for them, using an old and unused tea set. You can use a glue gun to attach a teacup to a smaller plate then all you need to do is fill it up with seeds.

6. Floral Birdcages – Garden Decoration Ideas for Summer

There are so many great ways that you can add a few beautiful touches to your garden. If you love the look of birdcages, make sure to use some in your garden decor. Fill them with ferns or flowers, and hang them up from trees of the roof of your veranda. These floral birdcages look exquisite!

7. A Vibrant Chair – Create the Perfect Summer Garden

Using chairs as garden decor is a great idea! If you have any broken or unused chairs lying around in the house, reuse them in the garden! Coat them in a vibrant colour of paint and use the seating area to place pots of flowers on it. This way they will become seats of flowers and happiness!

8. A Chandelier of Flowers – Ornaments for the Garden

Here’s yet another great idea for you to spruce your garden up with! Redesign and rebuild an older chandelier, place pots to the end of each arm, making sure they are stuck properly to the chandelier. Plant flowers of your choice in the pots. Then find a place from where you can hang up your new and improved chandelier!

9. Candlelit Chandelier – Mason Jar Ideas

Creating decor out of mason jars is limitless, there are so many ideas! For example, here’s a chandelier idea. String mason jars to a wooden or metal board. Fill the mason jars with gravel or sand, then place a candle in each one. When you light them up at night, these will illuminate your garden in a sublime way.

10. Painted Pebbles – Colourful Ladybugs

Hide small items of decor in your flowerbeds! If you have stones or pebbles, cover them in vibrant paint. Then use black paint to create the head of a ladybug and to draw spots all over its body. Use a bit of white paint for its eyes, remembering to draw a dot in the middle. These pebble ladybugs will be the perfect addition to any garden!

11. Old Kettles – Reused as Planters

Everyone has junk lying around in their house, that they don’t even use anymore. Little do they know that junk isn’t junk at all! There are so many ways you can reuse old objects. If you have kettles or pots, that you don’t use anymore, use them as planters! Fill them with soil, before planting your favourite flowers in them! Then place them in various places in the garden. They will lend your backyard a vintage and rustic look!

12. An Array of Birdhouses – Summer Decoration Ideas

Birdhouses are not only a great source of decor, but they also provide a safe abode for birds if there’s a storm or it’s raining. If you have been thinking about redecorating your fence, make sure not to do it in a boring way. Why not try adding birdhouses onto your fence, giving it a unique and adorable look? This way the birds will have an abundance of houses to choose from!