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Spring is the season of flowers. The winter snow has finally melted, the cold has gone into hiding and spring is in the air again. It’s a time of new beginnings, a time of blossoming and a time of love. So why not bring a bit of this spring energy into your home, and cloak it up in all sorts of floral decorations? It only makes sense to robe your house up in a variety of flowers for this season. We have collected 20 beautiful floral decoration ideas for you to choose from, so you can feel spring not only in nature but inside your home as well! So make sure to look through our collection of spring ideas!


1. Tulips in a Modern Sense – Simple and Elegant Decor

Tulips are a true embodiment of spring. They aren’t necessarily the most ornate or frilly flowers, but they do have a special grace and beauty. So, complement the simple elegance of tulips with simple vases. In tall, cylindrical, glass vases place a few pebbles at the bottom and fill up the vase with some water. Then place a few tulips inside the vase. We recommend using white or pale coloured tulips, as they lend a sense of elegance to their surroundings.

2. Beautiful Tulips – Floral Decor for This Spring

Tulips play an important role in most households during spring. They are absolutely gorgeous and they deserve to be used as a table centrepiece. So, it’s no wonder that tulips created a huge frenzy and mania in the seventeenth-century Netherlands. But it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been swept off your feet by tulips after taking a stroll in Amsterdam or you simply admire blooming tulips in flower shops every year, these flowers are a must-have for your spring decor!

3. White Daffodils – Gorgeous Floral Table Decor

White Daffodils - Gorgeous Floral Table Decor
These trumpet-shaped flowers come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. While you might be accustomed to seeing yellow daffodils, there are many different types, which are just as beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to find white daffodils this year, use them as spring table decor. The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, making them the perfect spring flowers. You can place your daffodils in unique vases to bring a bit of colour to your table. Just take a glance at the picture above, white daffodils in vibrant, yarn-covered vases is a perfect combination for spring!

4. Colouring Your Flowers – A Magical and Rainbow Effect

When it comes to creativity, your mind has no limits! If you like the idea of colouring your flowers the way you’d like, then this flower decoration craft is perfect for you! Collect white flowers, but instead of placing them in vases filled with simple water, add a bit of food colouring to the water. In a few days time, the flowers will absorb the food colouring through their stems, and their petals will glow in new colours. If you’d like your flowers to be more than one colour, you have to cut up its stem into a few slices. Place each slice of the stem in the different coloured water. This should create a rainbow effect in a day or two.

5. Spell it Out – Spring Floral Decorations

Bring the essence of spring into your home with this simple and easy idea! In mason jars place a variety of spring flowers, they can be any colour or any species that you’d like! Attach letters to the glass jars, so they spell out the season’s name: spring. Use these jars as a table centrepiece or place them on a shelf, so the letters are visible.

6. Fabric Covered Vases – Perfect Ideas for Spring Decor

Fabric Covered Vases - Perfect Ideas for Spring Decor

Nothing radiates an atmosphere of spring as much as vibrant colours do! So, why not try out using beautiful colours for your vases with this idea? Find some lovely fabric which suits your taste, and wrap it around flower vases. You can use the same patterned fabric but in different colours to create a spring effect. You can glue the fabric to the vase to make sure it’s attached, but you can also tie a string or ribbon around it. Then place your assortment of spring flowers in your vases and you’re done!

7. Forest Feels – Creative Log Idea

Forest Feels - Creative Log Idea

It’s spring, which means the time for going out for long walks has returned! Naturally, sometimes you get home from work, you still have to cook, do the laundry, and you simply run out of time for doing outdoor activities. So, if you can’t go for a refreshing walk, make your home feel like you’re taking a hike in the forest. Use logs as vases by cutting out the middle parts of them and stuffing them with floral foam. Then stick blades of grass and flowers inside the foam. You can also cover up the logs with moss to create an interesting, woodland effect.

8. Lace on Vases – Spring Table Decor

If you’re bored with plain and simple vases, then this idea is perfect for you! Design and create your own vases, by using a touch of lace. Cover your jars or vases in lace, making sure it’s completely stuck on with the help of glue. Tie a string of yarn around the neck of the jar or vase for a rustic effect. All you need to do now is place your multitude of flowers in the vases and place them on a table. This is an especially great idea if you like a rustic or old-fashioned style.

9. Black Calla Lilies – A Modern Twist

Black calla lilies are a breath-taking species of flora. Use them to turn your table centrepiece into a masterpiece. Firstly, tie together the stems of the lilies. Then place them in a bowl-shaped vase, the stems should be twisted and covered in water and the heads of the lilies should be popping out from the bowl, just like on the picture above.

10. Happy and Colourful Vases – Great Ideas for Spring

Design your own vases at home with some paint! Paint patterns on your vases, these can be stripes, polka-dots or zig-zags, it’s really up to you! All you should keep in mind is to use colours that are vibrant. Placing flowers in these cute vases will give your home a true spring atmosphere! These would make a super cute and simple dining table centrepiece!


11. Peach and Mint – Spring Colour Theme

Peach and Mint - Spring Colour Theme

Perk up your home with a spring air this year by trying out this cute colour theme for your floral table decor. Buy a set of mason jars and paint them in peach and mint colours. These two colours are a perfect combination for spring, as they remind you of blooming flowers. For a clean and elegant effect, place white flowers in the jars.

12. Build a Nest – An Amazing Alternative to Standard Vases

Bring an earthy and natural vibe to your table centrepiece for spring this year! Out of twigs and branches assemble a bird’s nest. Inside of the nest, place some floral foam or an actual vase. This will prevent your flowers from wilting too quickly after you place them inside. This is a perfect choice for anyone who would like their home to bear a touch of Mother Nature.

13. Cover Everything in Yellow – Creative Floral Decor Ideas

This idea is a great choice for anyone who loves the colour yellow! You will need two vases for this, a bigger one, which you fill with water and lemons, and a smaller one, which you place in the bigger vase. Pour water into the smaller vase as well, then place some beautiful yellow flowers inside, for a bright and sunny effect. These can be sunflowers or daffodils – it’s up to you. Try this out as a bit of summer table decoration, not only during spring!

14. Eggs Amongst the Flowers – Spring Floral Decorations

Where should you hide your Easter eggs this year? Put them in a vase of flowers! This will make a perfect combination of spring and Easter. If you’d like a colourful effect for this floral decor, remember to decorate your eggs beforehand and instead of using only one colour of eggs, use a whole rainbow of them! Then all you need to do is simply place your spring flowers in the vase.

15. A Fold of Tulips – Spring Floral Table Decorations

A Fold of Tulips - Spring Floral Table Decorations

If you prefer more modern and clean ornaments, then this fold of tulips will be an amazing idea for you! You will need a rectangular-shaped, longer vase, like the one on the picture above. Fill it up with water, and place tulips on only one side. Let them lean on each other and let them fall over each other and onto the other side of the vase. While this is extremely simple, it’s still elegant and stylish, making it a great table centrepiece for spring or any other event.

16. Tiny and Gorgeous Details – Spring Table Decor

Don’t you just adore tiny details in decoration that makes you feel like you’re out in nature? Why not create a beautiful arrangement on a piece of tree bark? On a long piece of bark, glue on some shrubs of moss and place some flower-filled vases and eggs on the bark as well. This will produce a beautiful and miniature environment that will look good on any table. You can lay flowers and smaller eggs around the decorated piece of tree bark for an even more beautiful effect.

17. Spring Vegetables and Flowers – Table Centrepieces for Spring

Combine spring flowers with spring vegetables to create a spectacular effect. You need two vases for this. In the bigger vase, line up some carrots or asparagus. Place a smaller vase in the middle of the big vase, making sure that the vegetables are still in place. Then place some spring flowers, for example, tulips or daffodils in the smaller vase and pour some water over them. This floral decoration will give your home an earthy and natural vibe, which is perfect for spring!

18. Yellow Tulips in Bloom – Lovely Floral Decorations for Spring

Light up your table decor with a variety of sunny, yellow coloured flowers. As we mentioned before, tulips bring an essence of spring with themselves, so it would only make sense to use them for your spring decoration! Tulips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, but to give your home a spring warmth, use yellow tulips! To emphasize this colour, even more, you can place a jar or bowl of lemons next to the tulips. Anyone who will walk into your home this spring will be hit with a beautiful, yellow radiance!

19. Show Off the Bulbs – Ideas for Tulip Decor

Show Off the Bulbs - Ideas for Tulip Decor

Are you suffering from tulip fever? Well, how about you indulge yourself! Tulips are exquisite and unique flowers. If we had to pick a flower that symbolizes the season of spring as a whole, it would definitely be tulips! Now, we’ve seen quite a few ideas on how to decorate your home with tulips, but this idea is truly different. Instead of cutting off the tulips and simply placing them in vases, why not grab them by the bulbs and include that in the vase as well? It’s always interesting to see from what something has grown out of.

20. Creative Flower Arrangement – Spring Table Centrepieces

Use bold and vibrant coloured flowers for your spring decor this year! Instead of using only one type of flower, use a variety. For example, tulips, daffodils, azaleas, hyacinths, irises and freesias are all perfect for this. Spruce up your floral decor even more with a cool vase, like the ones on the picture above. Twist a vine around the bottom of the vase for a foresty vibe. You can attach small ladybug clips onto the vines, symbolizing the fact that insects and bugs have reappeared with the arrival of the warm weather.


We feel confident that this pick of 20 spring floral table decor ideas has aided you in finding the perfect centrepiece for this year! After all, you should express the return of spring with some vibrant and happy decor to get you into the mood for the season. For more ideas on spring, such as garden decorations for spring, visit our website.