Maybe you are planning on hosting a gathering, for friends, family or colleagues. If so, one thing is for certain. You will want the dining room to look amazing! This means that you’ll have to think about what sort of mood and atmosphere you’d like to create in the room. Depending on what sort of decorative elements you use in the room, you’ll be able to achieve your goal. One important part of your dining room where you’ll definitely need to add a bit of home decor is your dining table! Look through our collection of 20 simple dining table centrepiece ideas in order to find inspiration! With the help of these dining room table decor ideas, you’ll know exactly how to bring your whole dining room alive!


1. Marvellous Mason Jars – Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

You can use mason jars in so many ways when it comes to home decor! They will also make a great dining table centrepiece consisting of a mason jar craft. Place a few mason jars on a wooden tray. If your mason jars are made of glass and don’t have any paint coating them, you can place a bundle of fairy lights in each one. Then simply arrange a bouquet of flowers inside of them. Of course, if you place lighting inside of the mason jars, you may opt for using artificial flowers or plants to arrange inside of the jars.

2. Fabulous in Floral – For a Natural Essence

Types of dining room centrepiece ideas that you can’t really go wrong with is no other than floral arrangements. Flowers will assist in bringing a sense of mother nature onto your dining table, as well as add a pleasant and floral scent to it. Depending on what sort of flowers you like or what the season is, you’ll be sure to find the perfect type that will complement the rest of your dining room. Instead of placing the flowers in a glass vase, lay them out in a wooden tray, crate or box.

3. Rustic in Metal – Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

Channel a rustic vibe in your dining room by using a decorative element made out of galvanized metal. A great example would be to get your table a multi-tiered tray. You’ll be able to decorate each tier of the tray in any design you’d like! For example, you can arrange a few candles on it, bowls of fruit, vases of flowers, or practically anything you’d like! Feel free to let your imagination and creativity run wild with this idea! We’re sure you’ll be able to create a unique arrangement for your multi-tiered tray! This would look fantastic as a summer table decoration!

4. Perfect for Spring – A Frenzy of Tulips

Perfect for Spring - A Frenzy of Tulips

Has the season of spring arrived? Flowers are blooming everywhere and the birds have returned! Maybe you are going to be hosting some sort of spring lunch or dinner at your home. If so, make sure that the dining table decor ideas match the sense of the season. How about you arrange a selection of tulips in simple vases on the table? Tulips have become a symbol of spring, so it would only make sense to do so! A great thing about tulips is that they come in a large variety of shapes and colours, so you’ll be able to choose the perfect ones for your dining room!

5. Gorgeous in Glass – Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

How is your dining room designed? Perhaps you have decided to use a set of elegant and refined furniture as well as decorative pieces, to create a sophisticated ambience. For example, you may have added a chandelier to the room as a source of lighting, to really channel that fancy atmosphere. If so, make sure that the dining table decor complements the rest of the room. Organise a set of glass candleholders on the table, then place candles in them as well. When you light them during the evenings or night, these will create a warm glow in the room!

6. Inspired by Lemons – Happy and Bubbly

Channel a sense of happiness in your dining room, by adding a happy and fun colour to your simple dining table centrepiece ideas! We’re talking about the bubbly and sunny colour yellow! With a few yellow elements on your dining table, you’ll be able to transform the ambience of the whole environment. Something you can try out is placing an array of lemons on a tray of foliage. The simplicity of the elements and the yellow bursts of colour will create a serene harmony in the whole room!

7. A Simplistic Style – Dining Room Centrepiece Ideas

What sort of vibe does your dining room already incorporate? For example, does it have a minimalist or an industrial design? One sort of design that is fairly popular, is known as the farmhouse style. It revolves around using rustic elements, mainly made out of wood or even galvanized metal. If this is the style your home embodies, then how about using a multi-tiered tray, made out of galvanized metal? You can place a set of decorative elements, to match to rest of the decor, on each tier of the tray.

8. Hydrangeas in a Planter – Easy and Effortless

Hydrangeas in a Planter - Easy and Effortless

Are you thinking of adding some flowers to your dining table, which will act as the table centrepiece? Perhaps you are unsure about what sort of floral arrangement to place on it. A beautiful species of flowers you may choose to set on your table are hydrangeas. They come in a wide variety of colours, so according to the colours your living room is designed in, you’ll be able to find hydrangeas that fit right in.

9. Festive for Fall – Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

Get ready for the season of autumn! Misty mornings, chilly evenings, apple picking and pumpkin carving is what this season is all about! Take inspiration from the natural surroundings of the fall landscape! This might come in the form of gathering some pumpkins and placing them on a simple or a multi-tiered tray. You can also gather an abundance of autumn leaves on which you can lay the pumpkins. There are so many ideas with which you can get creative for making a fall table centrepiece for the season of autumn!

10. A Giant Bouquet – Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

You don’t necessarily have to go for over the top table centrepieces when it comes to finding the perfect one. A simple and traditional dining table centrepiece to choose is no other than a large bouquet of flowers placed in a glass or ceramic vase. Decorating with flowers has always been a fantastic choice. Depending on what the season is, you’ll be able to gather a selection of your favourite seasonal flowers and arrange them on your dining table, making flowers a great option for any time of the year.

11. Prim and Proper – Elegant and Stunning

There are so many elegant and stunning types of centrepieces that you’ll be able to choose from for your dining table! You may mix and match a few different types of ornaments to create your tablescape. Again, we cannot stress that it’s important to choose decor that will complement the rest of the room’s design. After all, you don’t want to create a sense of disharmony throughout your dining room. If your room is designed in a sophisticated style, then how about you add a few miniature bushes that are trimmed into prim and proper shapes. You may also find a glass lantern to arrange on the table in the middle in which you can add a candle.

12. Simplistic and Stylish – Dining Room Table Decor IdeasSimplistic and Stylish - Dining Room Table Decor Ideas


As we mentioned before, you don’t have to stick to super fancy designs for decorating your dining table. If your dining room was designed in a minimalist style, you should definitely stick to something that matches the environment. How about placing a few branches of leaves inside a large, glass vase? It’s really as simple and effortless as that, and you will have a stunning table centrepiece!

13. A Set of Glass Vases – With Flowers

Here is another easy idea on how to decorate your dining table! All you need to do is collect an array of simple glass bottles or vases and place them in a wooden tray. The bottles don’t necessarily have to be the same size or shape, a pick of random bottles will look just as fantastic! Then it’s time to arrange an assortment of flowers or any sort of foliage in these bottles. If you’d like to create a tablescape inspired by the season, then make sure to use seasonal plants to decorate with! For example, if it’s spring, transform the decor into spring floral decorations!

14. A Balance Scale – Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

Get creative with your dining room table centerpieces! Even if you have decided on arranging a few vases of flowers or potplants for your tablescape, you don’t have to opt for just placing them in the middle of the table. Get yourself a balance scale, which you place on the dining table first. On both sides of the scale, you can place a few vases filled with flowers or potplants, or anything else you’d like. A balance scale such as this may help in creating a rustic ambience.

15. A Burst of Colour – Pretty in Pink

Is your dining room designed using mainly neutral colours? For example, it uses a combination of greys, beige and white, but doesn’t really contain many colours. If this is the case, it’s time to spruce your dining room up a little bit with fun and vibrant colour! Add a bouquet of pink flowers or some branches of pink flowers inside a vase. Pink is a fabulous colour to use in home design, as it creates a sense of love and happiness. So, how about you give pink flowers a try for dining room table centrepieces?

16. A Stylish Vase – Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

A Stylish Vase - Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

Sometimes all you need is one element in order to perk up a whole room. Keeping this in mind, maybe all you need is one unique piece of table decor with which you’ll spruce up the tablescape. How about placing an unusual vase in the middle of the table? It might be coated in a glamorous colour, such as gold or silver. Or if you would like a bohemian or groovy type of vase, make sure that it has wild and vivid patterns running all around it.

17. Blue and White – Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

According to what sort of colours you use for the overall design of your dining room, try using the same colours for dining table decor ideas! For a serene and relaxing atmosphere, you may have chosen a combination of blue and white shades. If this is the case, make certain that you use blue and white for your tablescape. A vase filled with blue and white flowers, candles placed in candleholders arranged along the middle of the table and striped blue and white tablecloth are just a few ideas to try out!

18. Special Sculptures – Create a Unique Tablescape

If you are a connoisseur of fine arts, you might be considering adding a few pieces of art to your dining table. For example, some sculptures will definitely boost the vibe of the whole dining room or some designer vases! Make sure that the style of the sculptures fit the rest of the atmosphere of the room. You’d use modern sculptures in a dining room that already is designed in a modern way!

19. Vibrant Orchids – In a Monochrome Dining Room

Maybe your dining room is designed using monochrome shades, consisting of black, white and grey. If so, add a bit of life and colour to your room. How about placing a planter or vase filled with deep purple orchids as dining room table centrepiece ideas? A darker purple will definitely lend the room an elegant ambience. So, if that’s what you are trying to achieve, give this idea a try!

20. A Stone Urn Planter – Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

A Stone Urn Planter - Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

For a bold yet refined look, you may consider choosing a stone urn planter to arrange in the middle of your dining table! Grow your favourite flowers or plant inside of the urn. A stone urn may bring a rustic sense of style to your dining table!


We trust that you found inspiration for simple dining table centrepiece ideas! For other home design ideas, besides dining room table centrepiece ideas, such as dining room lighting fixtures or gallery loft designs, visit our website!