25 GALLERY LOFT DESIGNS - A Pick of Gallery Loft Ideas
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25 GALLERY LOFT DESIGNS – A Pick of Gallery Loft Ideas


Maybe the time has come for you to renovate or refurbish your home. Whatever you do, make sure that your home feels like the perfect place for you to live in. It should embody your own personal sense of style. Does your home incorporate a gallery loft in it as well? You may need a gallery loft because there’s not enough space in your house. Or because your ceiling is far too high and makes the space feel uninviting and cold. Whatever the reason is why you have a loft installed, here are a few gallery loft ideas for you to browse through. Thanks to this collection of 25 gallery loft designs, we’re sure you will be able to find some inspiration for your home!


1. Creating Extra Space – Easy and Effortless

Creating Extra Space - Easy and Effortless

As we just mentioned, there are plenty of reasons why it would be practical for you to install a gallery loft design in your home. Especially if your home is small and you need more space! If your walls and ceiling are high enough, a loft will help in expanding the space of your home. It will help you divide two areas of your home. For example, if you would only have room for a bedroom, with the help of a loft, you’ll be able to create a space for sleeping upstairs while putting together a small living room underneath it.

2. Don’t Forget the Windows – Natural Light Sources

When you install a gallery loft bedroom in your home, there are quite a few things you will want to watch out for! Besides making sure that both spaces, under and above the loft, have enough height to move around in, another detail that you’ll like to make certain you have are windows. So even if your bedroom area is underneath your loft, make sure to add windows! After all, there is nothing better than natural light waking you up in the mornings, or being able to see outside and see what the weather is like.

3. Fitting Everything In – Gallery Loft Ideas

With the addition of a loft in your home, you’ll find a few ways to manage fitting everything inside. A fantastic idea would be to create a completely separate room underneath one side of the loft, for example, a bathroom. You can add a bed on the other side or a sofa, as well as creating a gallery loft bedroom right above it. There are so many ideas you can choose from and this is just one great design!

4. Colourful and Charismatic – Bursts of Colours

Colourful and Charismatic - Bursts of Colours

You don’t necessarily have to opt for minimalistic or incredible modern designs when it comes to your loft. Instead, make certain that your loft fits into the room that it is situated in. You may have installed your loft in a very bubbly room that is put together of vibrant bursts of colour. If this is the case, make sure that the loft space also uses these colours and the same materials for its design. The main focus is to make your loft feel like a part of the given space, not like a completely different room or area which doesn’t fit the ambience!

5. Innovative and Industrial – Modern Gallery Loft Designs

A lot depends on what your style is like when you choose the design of your gallery loft. As we stated before, you should try using the same style for your loft, that you used in the rest of the room. Perhaps you have always admired industrial designs, they can give off a modern and very innovative look. This might come in the form of using a lot of metal elements in the room and loft, that resemble pipes. The choices of colour use are also important. Industrial designs usually work with brown and grey or black.

6. Decorating Your Loft – Your Personal Style

While the overall layout and basic design of your gallery loft are important, another crucial thing to consider is the decoration. By decorating your loft, you’ll really bring the space alive. Whether this is adding some beautiful paintings to the walls or arranging some potplants around the loft, we’re sure you’ll be able to add your own personal touch to the loft and give it a sense of home. So feel free to get creative and imaginative with your decorating!

7. A Space for Storage – Gallery Loft Ideas

A gallery loft can be a useful space for a whole number of reasons! It really depends on what you are going to be using it for. While you can create a bedroom or guest bedroom out of it, you may only need it as a storage solution for a small bedroom. If this is the case, then how about organising shelves or cabinets along the walls of your loft. With the help of these, you will have put together additional space for organising your personal belongings.

8. Keeping It Simple – Clean and Simplistic

Keeping It Simple - Clean and Simplistic

You don’t necessarily have to put together a super fancy design for your gallery loft. Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go! By this we mean, you can use simple materials to have your loft put together. This may come in the form of metal or cement for the loft itself and its stairs. The railing that runs around the edges of the loft doesn’t have to have a unique design either. Thanks to a simplistic and clean look, the loft and space will be a lot easier to decorate!

9. A Cute Cave – Perfect for Sleeping

Sometimes you may see homes, which are truly built out of tiny spaces! If you live in a home, that doesn’t have much space, then adding a loft is a fantastic solution! You may just need to create a space for sleeping. Even if your ceiling isn’t too high up, you can still install a loft in one of your rooms. How about creating a bedroom that embodies a cave-like feeling? You practically have to crawl underneath the loft to be able to lie down on the mattress place inside.

10. A Unique Set of Stairs – Gallery Loft Designs

Depending on the overall design of the loft, you may also be considering what sort of staircase to add to it. You may opt for a set of simple stairs, leading up into your loft but nothing more. But if you are looking for a way to save a bit of extra space, you may decide on using a ladder instead. Of course, you can mix things up a little bit and try out something unconventional! For example, a spiral staircase! This won’t take up much space and will give the whole room and loft a unique atmosphere!

11. A Cool Combination – Ladder and Shelves

Maybe you are short on space and that’s why you need to install a loft in some sort of form in your apartment or house. If you’re using your loft for a bedroom or an office space, you’ll have to think about the most practical way of saving space, while installing stairs to it. After all, you need to get up to your loft somehow. If you have a bookcase or shelf as one of the walls that hold up your loft, you can turn it into a ladder as well! All you need to do is attach metal poles or rods to the shelf, so you can use it as a way to get up to the loft.

12. Fantastic and Clever – Gallery Loft Ideas

Fantastic and Clever - Gallery Loft Ideas

As you may have realised, there are a lot of smart ideas on how to save space in a small environment. If you have installed a loft in your home, here is just one easy way of saving space in it! All you need to do is create your staircase out of drawers or small shelves in which you can store all sorts of things. What a genius idea!

13. White and Wood – A Wonderful Look

Perhaps you are unsure about what sort of materials or colours to work with for your loft! We would recommend trying out a combination of wood with white painted wood. Wood is a relatively cheap material to have a loft built out of. And the two colours will work beautifully together!

14. Above Your Kitchen – Gallery Loft Bedroom

Here is another great solution on how to make your home whole, even if it is tiny! Fit a loft anywhere in the house or apartment, even if it is right above the kitchen! Creating a loft in a small house is all about maximising the given space. So make sure to squeeze in a loft wherever it fits in, especially if you are in need of an extra room!

15. Magnificent in Monochrome – Neutral Colour Choice

Are you trying to find the perfect set of colours to decorate with? Even if we’re talking about decorating a simple loft, how about using a set of black, white and greys? These will assist in creating a natural sense of elegance, without going overboard. So, how about you give it a try? You can then perk it up with a few different colours, if it feels a bit boring or plain to you!

16. The Perfect Hideaway – A Space for Peace

The Perfect Hideaway - A Space for Peace

If you live in a larger house, then you might install a loft somewhere in order to create a hideaway for yourself. After all, a loft can be put together, to create an island of peace, where you can go to relax a little. You can arrange some comfortable furniture in the loft, as well as a big TV, or anything you’d like really!

17. Smart Shelving Ideas – Gallery Loft Designs

We have already talked about installing shelves of some form underneath a gallery loft staircase that leads up into your loft. After all, this is a fantastic way of creating storage space, while keeping everything stylish. If you don’t need it for storage space, you can still add some decorative elements to the kitchen cabinet designs, in order to spruce it up a bit!

18. Setting the Mood – Lighting Installments

Make sure to set a welcoming and friendly mood for your gallery loft ideas! You can easily achieve this by the lighting you use! For example, you can use a set of dimmer lights that are tinted yellow for that warm colour. You can also match the lighting with that of the room, that the loft is in, creating a sense of harmony.

19. Amazing in Rustic – Gallery Loft Ideas

Do you adore the look of rustic designs? Or maybe you are planning on having your home designed in a rustic style! If so, make sure that your loft embodies the same design. This may come in the form of using rustic furniture, as well as wood and stone for the basic materials.

20. Modern and Minimal – Gorgeous and Stunning

Modern and Minimal - Gorgeous and Stunning

There are so many incredible ways to design your gallery loft apartment! If you have been in search of a minimal and modern design, then take a glance at the one above! The stairs, connected to the wall, almost seem to float up to the loft. The loft itself only includes furniture that is needed as well. So if this will become an office, then only arrange a minimalistic desk and chair in it.

21. Bricks and Metal – Industrial Gallery Loft Designs

Here is an example of another industrial design for a loft! Use a combination of metal and brick for creating the base of the loft as well as the gallery loft staircase. These two materials, especially if the metal is painted black will immediately create an industrial vibe.

22. A Feel of Farmhouse – Wood Gallery Loft Apartments

For an old-fashioned farmhouse environment combined with cabin-like elements, make sure to use a lot of wood! Use wood for creating your loft as well! It’s an easy material to work with and can be a cheaper option, depending on what sort of wood you use!

23. Two Lofts – Instead of Just One

Depending on how much space you need, you don’t have to limit your loft area to just one loft. You can have two or three installed in your home! It all depends on how much extra room is necessary. For example, you can have one loft create for storage space and another used as a bedroom.

24. Cabin Vibes – Gallery Loft Ideas

Cabin Vibes - Gallery Loft Ideas

Maybe your home is designed in a cabin-like way, using mainly wooden components. If this is so, then make sure that your loft fits right in. Use wood to create the loft out of, as well as attaching a wooden ladder to the gallery loft space, that you can use to climb right up into it. Wood and logs will definitely help in channelling those cabin vibes!

25. A Loft Library – Fantastic for a Book Collection

If you have a huge collection of books, then you might as well create a small library by installing a loft! Arrange a whole bookshelf design on it and organise your books on them. This personal library will look awesome above your living room!


Hopefully, this pick of 25 gallery loft designs has given you some inspiration! For more home design, besides gallery loft spaces, such as small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget or garden lighting ideas, visit our website!