25 BEDROOM BOOKSHELF IDEAS - A Pick of Bookshelf Designs

25 BEDROOM BOOKSHELF IDEAS – A Pick of Bookshelf Designs


Maybe you are going to redesign and renovate your home. If this is the case, you may be in search of inspiration. Do you have an abundance of books or small decor items, which you’d like to organise on shelves? Then it might be high time to invest in a bookshelf or two, on which you can store your book collection and decorate it with ornaments. There are actually hundreds of types of bookshelves, so depending on what sort of ambience you’d like your room to channel, chose a bookcase according to that! We have gathered 25 bedroom bookshelf ideas for you to browse through. We guarantee that you’ll be able to find some bookshelf designs for your own home!


1. Geometric and Modern – Amazing Bookshelf Designs

Is your house or apartment styled in a modern design? If so, you may be trying to find modern and contemporary furniture which will match the setting more. Check out the bookcase above for an idea! It’s all about having geometric shelves installed in it with a diagonal barrier, running in zig-zags, diving the shelf into two halves. While this bookcase will act as a sturdy piece of furniture for storing your books on, don’t forget to decorate it either! You can place a few vases of flowers on some of the shelves or other ornaments of your choice.

2. Slanted yet Stable – Stunning and Special

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds of ways in which you can get creative with your bookshelves. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a conventional bookshelf, there are plenty of other ideas which will look perfect in your home. A great idea would be to use floating shelves for storing your books. But instead of installing them in horizontal straight lines on your walls, place them slanted. Make sure to build book stoppers into the floating shelves, this will prevent the books from falling to the ground.

3. Around the Corners – Unique Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Get ready to try out something different for your home when it comes to bookshelves. Perhaps your home is quite small or just not spacious enough, and you haven’t been sure of where you should place a bookshelf. Well, how about installing some corner bookshelf designs in your home? Whether you use these for inside or outside corners either will be a great idea. These shelves will save space, as you are using them on corners. So, for something different and unusual, you may want to add a few corner floating shelves such as these.

4. A Miniature Library – Built-In Bookshelf Designs

A Miniature Library - Built-In Bookshelf Designs

Create your very own, miniature library! If you have been in search of elegant and refined bookshelf designs, then take a look at this idea. It would look amazing in a smaller master bedroom. Instead of place a few bookshelves around your room, how about having them built into the walls of the chosen room? You can build in as many bookshelves as you need and can also install lighting in them. Some lighting will highlight the bookshelves and your collection of books. Feel free to place a few sofas in front of your built-in bookshelf. 

5. A Fabulous Tree – Perfect for a Kids Room

Are you trying to find a bookshelf for a children’s room? Kids love to marvel at unique and creative furniture, so take your kids bookshelf ideas to the next level! Attach floating shelves or wooden panels to each other, to create the shape of a tree, with branches spurting out on both sides of it. You shall be able to place books in between the branches of the tree after installing them on one of the walls of the room. This will give the whole room a magical vibe.

6. Underneath the Stairs – Practical and Simple

Do you feel like you’ve run out of room for adding a bookshelf or bookcase to it? If this is the case, how about you try installing your bookshelf in a place, which you wouldn’t normally think of as using. For example, do you have a set of stairs leading you down into the basement or up to the second story of your home? How about you redesign the space underneath the stairs and turn it into a bookshelf? This will create a cosy look, while at the same time being very practical.

7. Brilliant Wooden Boxes – Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Would you like to create a sophisticated and modern vibe in your home? Then it will be important to find a bookcase which brings the same mood to the room! Instead of getting yourself a simple bookcase, how about installing open wooden boxes to one of the walls of the room. Place the boxes close to each other in straight lines, creating the look of an actual bookcase. Then it’s up to you, what sort of books and how many of them you’d like to place in the boxes.

8. Groovy and Great – Finding Your Inspiration for Bookcase Ideas

Groovy and Great - Finding Your Inspiration for Bookcase Ideas

Are you thinking about putting together your own bookshelf? There are some simpler types of bookshelves which you will be able to try out yourself! One of these consists of using wooden panels and installing them to each other to create an “S” shape. You can make this shelf longer, by attaching more wooden panels to the top or bottom in the same pattern. This all depends on how much space you will need, thanks to how many books you need to arrange and organise on your shelves.

9. Fair and Square – Cool Bookshelf Designs

Spruce up any of your rooms with some cool and funky bookshelves! You don’t even have to go far to find an amazing idea! Just check out the example above! It’s all about attaching square-shaped wooden frames to your walls. Instead of filling the middles of the frames with anything, this will become a space in which you can store your books. Install a few of these wooden frames next to each other on the wall for a fabulous look, turning them into pieces of wall decor! Using these for storing magazines as well, next to a sofa or chair, is also a great idea!

10. Easy and Effortless – Multiple Tiered Bookcase Ideas

You don’t have to go overboard when trying to find the perfect sort of bookcase for any of your rooms. If you are trying to find something more simple, how about opting for a multiple-tiered, tree-shaped bookshelf? You shall be able to lay the books in it diagonally, creating the “leaves” of your tree, while the bookshelf itself will become the trunk and branches of the tree. These bookshelves don’t take up much space either, making them a fantastic choice if your home is smaller in size.

11. Wonderful Wooden Crates – Make It Yourself

Are you the sort of person who loves to build new things or put together DIY projects at home? If this is true, then here’s a bookshelf idea which you can create! All you will need for this project are wooden crates that you hammer or drill together. It’s completely up to you what sort of shape you’d like to create with the wooden crates. Also, don’t forget to take your DIY shelf to the next level! You can coat it in any colour of paint, to make it match the ambience of your home.

12. A Bit of Nature – Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

A Bit of Nature - Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Transform the atmosphere of any of your rooms with a bookshelf such as the one above! Install a large tree trunk in one of the corners of a room in your home. Cut out wooden panels and attach them to the trunks of the tree, creating multiple tiers. These tiers will make the perfect spots for placing any books on. Thanks to this corner bookshelf you might feel as if you were in nature or it might even give your home a cabin-like environment.

13. A Floral Shape – Petals of a Flower

Spruce up your home with a unique and gorgeous bookshelf! Forget everything you knew about bookshelf designs and bookcases, this idea is on a completely new level. It consists of open wooden boxes or shelves all installed onto a wall or walls in the room. But instead of simply placing them next to each other, arrange them to create the shape of a flower. Each shelf will symbolise a petal of the flower. You will need quite a few different sized shelves for creating this design, but it will be completely worth it.

14. Along Your Corridors – Fabulous Bookcase Designs

Do you have a narrow corridor somewhere in your home? If so, you can easily place a long row of bookshelves along the wall of it. You don’t necessarily need a high bookshelf ranging from one side to the other. A low bookshelf will do just as well!

15. A Box Hole Bookcase – Simplistic and Fabulous

Maybe you are in search of a bookcase, that is not only practical but looks great as well! Get yourself one or more box hole bookcases to place in your home. These will be perfect for anyone, who are looking for something modern and simplistic. Naturally, you will also be able to place decorative objects on them.

16. A Sophisticated Look – Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

A Sophisticated Look - Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Here is a sophisticated bookshelf, made out of three open shelf units. It’s sturdy and large enough for you to be able to store a collection of books on it. Not to mention, there will also be plenty of space for collectables. This sort of bookshelf is a good choice for anyone who wants to add a feeling of space to their rooms. The open shelves of the bookcase will provide this sense of feeling.

17. A Large Spiral – Original and Innovative

Get creative with your furniture, including your bookshelves! How about trying out something completely original and innovative? For example, a large spiral with book stoppers placed carefully in it, to prevent any of the books from falling to the ground. A large spiral of books is guaranteed to become the centrepiece of any room! These would make great kids bookshelf ideas!

18. All About Organisation – Decorating Your Bookshelf

If you have chosen a simplistic bookshelf for your home, you can still perk it up in a few different ways. One of these ideas includes organising decorations and ornaments on it. Besides your collection of books, these might be small statues or figurines, potplants or photos.

19. Fitting it in the Corner – Bookshelf Designs

Are any of your corners empty? Then one of them will make a perfect space for placing a bookshelf in! Depending on how much space you have in your room, you may opt for a shelf that is higher, but more narrow. This makes it a perfect storage space for a small bedroom!

20. Underneath the Seats – Cute Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Underneath the Seats - Cute Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Do you sometimes sit next to your window on a sofa and read, while occasionally glancing outside? Make your life more comfortable by actually installing a bookshelf underneath your seating area. You won’t even have to stand up and walk across the room for another book. All you will have to do is reach under and take out what you need.

21. Your Very Own Library – Cover an Entire Wall

Perhaps you have a large number of books you are trying to find a space for. If this is the case, then how about turning one of the walls of your room into a large shelf? You can install high bookshelves on the walls, making sure that you create room for all your books. By the time you finish this design, the room will look like a home library.

22. A Diagonal Design – State-of-the-Art Bookshelf Designs

Add some groove to any of your rooms with a modern bookshelf! This one is put together out of diagonal sides for a more unique style. The shelves between the sides will ensure that you will have plenty of storage space!

23. Interesting and Artistic – A Large Frame

Are you feeling artistic? Then how about adding a border to your bookcase? Make the border of the bookshelf look like it’s a frame surrounding a piece of artwork. This may help in lending your bookcase a fancy and stylish look.

24. Reimagine and Recycle – Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Reimagine and Recycle - Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

If you are planning on making your own bookshelf, then how about using old materials to make it out of? For example, if you have an old piano or guitar, which is unfixable and you’d throw it out anyhow, why not create a shelf out of it? Only use the frame of the instrument, and insert shelves into it for a truly breath-taking look!

25. Next to Your Staircase – An Alternative to Railing

Install a bookshelf right next to your staircase, instead of using actual railing! The bookcase is not only a practical and logical option if you need a creative idea of making space for storing books, but it will also look stunning!


We hope that this pick of bookshelf designs has helped you out. For other home design ideas, such as modern home bar ideas or kitchen cabinet lighting, just visit our website.