20 KITCHEN CABINET LIGHTING - Best Under Cabinet Lighting

20 KITCHEN CABINET LIGHTING – Best Under Cabinet Lighting


20 KITCHEN CABINET LIGHTING - Best Under Cabinet Lighting


Perhaps you have been spending time remodelling and refurbishing your kitchen. If this is the case, you will want it to look perfect when you have completely finished. This includes even the smallest of details when designing it! From the material you use for your countertops to the organisation of your storage space, everything is going to matter. Keeping this in mind, one important element you can’t forget about is the lighting of your kitchen. This includes adding lighting to your kitchen cabinets as well! So, if you are in need of a few ideas then check out our pick of 20 kitchen cabinet lighting ideas! This way you will be sure the find the best under cabinet lighting!


1. Bright and Brilliant – Best Under Cabinet Lighting

Your kitchen is a space in your home, which should be filled with brightness. After all, when you are cooking or baking, or just simply looking for things you will want to see where. This includes adding some sort of lighting to your kitchen cabinets. The lighting might come in the form of under cabinet lighting, which means adding lighting from above. You can add this lighting to any part of your kitchen, whether it’s shelves close to the ceiling or inside of the cabinets, we’re sure it will look fantastic!

2. Amazing in Led Lights – Keeping it Simple

When it comes to choosing what source of light you’d like to install in or underneath your kitchen cabinets, we can greatly recommend one form of it! This is no other than a line of led lights. Use simple glue or silicone, you should be able to attach it to the bottoms of your shelves or cabinets. You can fixate them in a line underneath your kitchen cabinets, which will help light up the countertop of your kitchen table. Led lights are a great choice to work with when it comes to adding lighting to a room, as they do provide sufficient bright light!

3. Vibrant and Youthful – Filled with Light

Vibrant and Youthful - Filled with Light

Make certain that your kitchen is filled with bright light and youthful energy! You can achieve this in a few ways. For example, adding some greenery to the kitchen, in the form of pot plants. Besides the plants, also feel free to add all sorts of lighting to the room, as well as the kitchen cabinets. For example, instead of using lines of led lights to illuminate your kitchen cabinets or tabletops, you can hang some pendant lights down from the ceiling. This will definitely help in bringing a beautiful style to your kitchen.

4. A Modern Farmhouse Design – Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

A lot depends on the design and style of your kitchen. By this, we mean that if your kitchen embodies an elegant style, you will want to use elegant decorative elements as well as sophisticated lighting. If you have decided to build your kitchen in a modern farmhouse style, then make sure that your kitchen unit lights, including your kitchen cabinet lighting, fits the ambience of the room. After all, when you step into a room, you don’t want to experience a sense of chaos. Instead, you’d like to feel like everything complements each other.

5. Easy and Stylish – For a Gorgeous Atmosphere

Here is an easy idea to use throughout your kitchen to illuminate it in a gorgeous manner! All you need to do is install some led lights underneath the countertops of your modern kitchen cabinets. As an alternative to using rows of led lights, use smaller lights that are placed close by each other. Kitchen cabinet lighting like these will create a different sort of effect than just a standard line of led lighting. They will help light up the kitchen in a unique and stylish way!

6. Illuminate Everything – Fabulous Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Another great way to brighten up your kitchen cabinets is by brightening not only them but your whole kitchen! This all depends on how bright your kitchen already is. For example, you may have an array of windows, through which sunlight rays of sunlight shine. If this is the case, you don’t necessarily have to overdo your kitchen unit lights. Maybe a few pendant lights hanging from the ceiling will be sufficient for illuminating the kitchen as well as the kitchen cabinets! Naturally, this is completely up to you and what you feel is best. If your kitchen is joined with your dining room, then these will also make amazing dining room lighting fixtures!

7. Monorail Lighting Idea – Simplistic and Outstanding

Monorail Lighting Idea - Simplistic and Outstanding

A simple way of lighting up your whole kitchen is with smaller lights all attached to the same rail. This is known as the monorail light instalment. It consists of bright lights, which are all linked to the same metal rod and then fixated to the ceiling. You can try this out in your kitchen, either by placing it on the ceiling of the room. But another fantastic idea would be to place monorail lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets. Thanks to these, you can accomplish and provide a simple source of light throughout the room!

8. Wonderful in White – Best Under Cabinet Lighting

Maybe you feel at times that your kitchen is small and cramped. If so, here’s a simple trick with which you can create an illusion in order to make it look larger and more spacious! Make sure to use white furniture and white kitchen cabinets throughout the room. White will help in expanding your kitchen. To make your kitchen look even bigger, you will want to make sure to install enough lighting in your kitchen as well. This also means adding lighting to your cabinets and the best under cabinet lighting as well. The combination of white with lights will achieve this!

9. Minimalist and Modern – Installing the Perfect Lights

We have already talked about using lighting in your kitchen, which complements the rest of it. Perhaps your kitchen is designed and decorated in a modern and minimalist way. If so, make sure that the lighting matches exactly that! So, taking this into consideration, your minimalist lighting may come in the form of rows of led lights. Or small spot-lights appearing underneath kitchen cabinets. One thing you will want to watch out for is that if you have any darker parts in your kitchen, such as corners or spaces underneath kitchen cabinets, make sure to illuminate them in some light!

10. Fabulous Floating Shelves – Dazzling and Dreamy

When you are building your kitchen, sometimes you need extra storage space. As a substitute for installing kitchen cabinets on the walls of the room, you can try out a set of floating shelves instead. Floating shelves will be super easy to attach to the walls of your kitchen, not to mention, you will also be able to install lighting to them quite easily! If you add any decorative elements to your floating shelves, you will be able to truly breathe life into them by adding some kitchen cabinet lighting from above or from underneath. 

11. Unique and Creative – Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Unique and Creative - Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

There is a whole variety of ways you can breathe life into your kitchen. Just one of these is the sort of lighting you add to the room. Again, a lot depends on the style and design of your kitchen. If it’s designed in a modern manner, you might try using geometric shapes to light up your kitchen. Square lights here and there or lines of led lights will look fantastic! You may even decide on trying out lights that are coloured in a unique way for lighting your kitchen cabinets. For example, you may be in search of under cupboard lighting for kitchens!

12. Right On Top – Effortless and Straightforward

Find a type of lighting which will suit your kitchen perfectly! So, if you are in search of a practical type of lighting, how about attaching small lights to the top of cabinets? If the lights themselves have small bases, it will make your job a lot easier, as you won’t have to actually install them into the cabinets. All you will have to do is pop them onto the countertops or the tops of the cabinet for a cosy illumination!

13. Innovative and Inventive – A Creative Option

As we discussed before, there is a number of unique and creative styles of lighting up your kitchen. Whether you are looking for something to illuminate your whole kitchen with or just your kitchen cabinets, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Perhaps you are in search of a truly unique style to incorporate in your kitchen, that really resonates with your personality. For example, check out these tube lights, which spurt out of the ceiling! So if you want to perk up your kitchen, you can easily do this with an addition of lights!

14. Rectangular Led Lights – Best Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are looking for led under cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen, you have come to the right place. The question is, what sort of led lighting would you like to install? If you don’t like the look of rows of led lights, how about installing some square or rectangular-shaped lights underneath your kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Geometric shapes are always fabulous to use, especially if you want to give your kitchen a modern edge!

15. Refined and Elegant – Under Cupboard Lighting for Kitchens

Refined and Elegant - Under Cupboard Lighting for Kitchens

How about creating a combination of all sorts of lighting for your kitchen? This way, you will be able to highlight all of the important parts of the room, including the kitchen cabinets and cupboards. While adding plenty of lighting to the ceiling, also make sure to install lights around the cabinets, surrounding everything in beacons of light. For example, if you have indents on the walls, ceiling, kitchen island or cabinets, you can add some lines of led lights there.

16. Stunning Lampshades – Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

As you will have already noticed, the atmosphere of your kitchen also depends on what sort of lighting you choose for it. You might be considering installing some pendant lights, hanging them from your ceiling with which you will light up your kitchen, as well as your kitchen cabinets or your kitchen island. If this is the case, then why not find the perfect lampshades, which will complete your kitchen. Not only is the shape of the lampshade important, but the colour is as well! So, if your kitchen uses clean and monochrome colours, make sure to stick to that. If your kitchen has been designed in a bohemian style, then you can feel free to use unique and vibrant lampshades!

17. Inside a Glass Cabinet – Brightening Parts of the Room

Do you have any cabinets or cupboards in your kitchen that have doors made out of glass? To achieve a beautiful look in the room, you might think about highlighting these cupboards and cabinets by installing sources of kitchen cupboard lights inside of them. This will light them up in a truly gorgeous manner and anything behind the glass doors will be completely visible, so think about what you’d like to place in them!

18. Perfect for the Pantry – Inspiration for Illumination

One part of your kitchen, you shouldn’t forget about lighting up is no other than your pantry. This is definitely one part of the room that deserves light! After all, when you are searching for ingredients or kitchen utensils in your pantry, you want to see what you are looking for! So, it would only make sense to add some kitchen cupboards lights to the cabinets of your kitchen pantry.

19. Special and Trendy – A Rustic Vibe

Special and Trendy - A Rustic Vibe

Create a rustic ambience inside of your kitchen and make certain that the lighting incorporates the same vibe! If you have decided to install pendant lights in your kitchen, which hang down from the ceiling then find some trendy lampshades for them. As long as they channel the same sort of rusticness that the rest of your kitchen does, it’s all good!

20. Lovely and Simplistic – Best Under Cabinet Lighting

While you might be considering using some sort of led under cabinet lighting, how about you try lighting the parts above your kitchen cabinet as well? This will actually help in enlarging the kitchen, which is great if you have a smaller room or a low ceiling.


We hope that these kitchen cabinet lighting ideas helped you in finding something amazing for your kitchen! Check out our best lighting for bedrooms or corner kitchen cabinet ideas, for more home design inspiration besides our best under cabinet lighting ideas!