25 MODERN KITCHEN CABINETS - Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
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25 MODERN KITCHEN CABINETS – Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Have you ever come to the conclusion that kitchens are one of the most important rooms in any house? These are the rooms in which you can prepare lovely food in and sometimes become the places where you spend most of your time after work. But it’s not only a place for cooking, but it’s also the heart of your home. The place you gather with the family for morning coffees or late suppers. Since you spend quite a bit of time in this room, you will want it to be cosy or have a nice atmosphere. This depends on your tastes. While you wouldn’t think it, kitchen cabinets actually play a huge role in creating a lovely vibe in the kitchen as well! That’s exactly why we have collected 25 modern kitchen cabinet ideas for you to find some kitchen inspiration amongst.


1. Modern and Minimalistic – Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you are in search of something modern, why not opt for a minimalistic style? Minimalism is all about proving that less is sometimes better. So try conveying this minimalism in your kitchen, by using modern kitchen cabinets. You can go for simpler colours, such as a combination of white and grey. Depending on how modern and minimalistic you’d like to go, you can get a set of kitchen cabinets which resemble boxes. They don’t even have to have handles. This design will blow anyone away.

2. Black With Green Accents – A Chic Look

Here is a modern kitchen cabinet design you are bound to love! Instead of going for minimalist colours, make sure to add a burst of vibrant shades to your kitchen! This will uplift the whole kitchen by adding a bit of colour! A combination of two colours to get a modern effect is no other than black and green. Use black as the dominant colour and create green accents for parts of the kitchen. If you have decided on using this combination, make sure the walls are painted in a pale colour, so your kitchen won’t look cramped.

3. Stunning and Delicate – White and Grey

Make sure that the kitchen cabinets you find don’t only look stunning, but are actually super practical and full of space! After all, you will have to store quite a few things in these cabinets. A beautiful combination of two very simple colours is white and grey. This will help make your kitchen look as if there were a lot more space inside then there actually is. Try placing led lights underneath the white kitchen cabinets, not only will these expand the space of your kitchen, but they will prove themselves useful!

4. Glass Doors – For Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets

As we have mentioned before, going for a minimalist and chic design for your kitchen cabinets will help bring a modern environment to your whole home. Use a combination of black and wood to create this minimalist atmosphere, using glass doors for the cabinets. This will definitely take anyone’s breath away. Using minimalist designs will assist in also creating a calming space, which is a great vibe for a kitchen!

5. Happy and Bubbly – Try Out a Bright Yellow

Just because you are in search of modern kitchen cabinets, does not mean you have to stick to something boring or something without colour. Make sure to add a few bursts of colour to your kitchen in the form of a vivid yellow! This will create a happy and creative atmosphere in your kitchen. Use yellow for the kitchen cabinets as well as for the kitchen counters. While yellow is a beautiful shade to use for your home, make sure to calm it down a little. Mix it up with grey or white for a lovely look.

6. Gorgeous in Wood – A Contemporary Design

There’s no better material you can use for your kitchen than beautiful and natural wood. Using wood does not mean that it will bring a rustic or old-fashioned look to your kitchen. You can have a modern and minimalistic design created for your kitchen cabinets! But keep in mind that using wood for your cabinets will definitely bring a natural and earthy ambience to your kitchen. If that’s what you are going for then this will be a perfect touch to your kitchen!

7. Marvellous in Monochrome – Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you prefer monochrome furniture over colourful ones, then make sure to create a space in which you will feel your best! If you decide on using white and black as the main colours of your kitchen, this means you will need to use monochrome coloured kitchen cabinets. For example, you can use white or grey coloured cabinets. Try adding hints of black marble to one of your walls for a beautiful and elegant vibe. Your kitchen is guaranteed to look elegant and refined!

8. Pretty in Purple – Eccentric and Exciting

If you adore the colour purple, make sure to use it in your kitchen design! After all, designing and decorating your home is all about expressing yourself. It’s up to you whether you use wooden or metal kitchen cabinets, but either way, make sure that they are coloured purple! If you decide on using purple as the colour of your kitchen cabinets and counters, make sure to mix it up with another colour. This will ensure that your kitchen doesn’t look too cramped! We recommend using natural wood or white to go with your purple kitchen furniture.

9. Unique and Creative – Easy to See

If you have a small kitchen, a great colour to use in the design is no other than white. This will help get rid of any cramped feeling in the room. So make sure to use white for your modern kitchen cabinets! To give them a truly modern and unique look though, why not use plastic or glass for one of the sides of the cabinets? This way, you will only have to peep in on the side, to know where whatever is what you are looking for! If you want to make it look extra special, you can add lights to each shelf!

10. Hints of Yellow – A Positive Vibe

Modern designs are all about combining items in a unique and creative way. If you are fond of artistic and contemporary designs, then this modern kitchen cabinet idea is something you might love. Use black as the dominant colour of your kitchen cabinets. Then highlight a few parts of them in canary yellow. For example, the handles of the cabinets or one shelf could be coloured in this bright and vibrant colour. Using a bit of yellow amongst black furniture will add a positive vibe to your kitchen!

11. Bold and Red – A Daring Shade

Trying out something modern is all about going for something new and daring. That’s exactly why we have brought a bold and daring kitchen cabinet for you to see. If you love trying out new things, you will love to design and decorate your kitchen with red cabinets! Whoever steps into your kitchen will feel a bold attitude hit them! Use white, grey and wooden elements in your kitchen to complement the dominant red shade present in the room.

12. Trendy and Cool – Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a fan of following the latest trends, whether it’s fashion or interior design, you are guaranteed to be blown away by this idea. Create your kitchen cabinets using a combination of white and deep violet. You don’t have to go for the classic shapes and forms of kitchen counters. Try out something new and make your cabinets and counters bend in wavy and unique ways. You can use the deep violet for the bodies of the cabinets and counters while using white for the countertops.