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Everyone knows that kitchens are one of the most important rooms in any house. They are in which you can prepare lovely food in and sometimes become the places where you spend most of your time after work. But it’s not only a place for cooking, but it’s also the heart of your home. The place you gather with the family for morning coffees or late suppers. Since you are likely to spend loads of time in this room, you will want it to be cosy or have a nice atmosphere. Naturally, this depends on your tastes. You might not think of it, kitchen cabinets actually play a huge role in how to organize or store your kitchen items! That’s exactly why we have collected 25 kitchen cabinet organization ideas for you to find some inspiration amongst. So take a look through our pick of kitchen cabinet storage ideas!


1. A Full Shelf – Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

There are so many ways of organising preserved foods as well as your kitchen utensils. If you have large kitchen cabinets, it will actually be easy to organise everything, as you will have numerous ways of storing everything. With large cabinets, you might have drawers and all sorts of shelves present in your cabinet. A great way of storing things is to place plates, mugs and cups on the top shelves. Preserved foods can be placed underneath them. Placing plates or mugs above will mean that you won’t whack anything off accidentally.

2. Drawers Two Ways – Unique and Practical

There are a lot of smart and practical ways you can design your kitchen cabinets. Here is just one of many of them. For example, try creating a kitchen counter or cabinet, which has drawers pointing in two ways. This means you will be able to use up space inside the counter in a wise and logical way. Naturally, it’s completely up to you on how you organise the items you decide to place inside each drawer. Plates, cutlery, all sorts of utensils are perfect ideas of what to place inside.

3. A Cleaning Cupboard – Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

It’s always hard to find a space to store all your cleaning items inside. You usually end up placing them together with other things. We just want to remind you that even the smallest of spaces inside a kitchen cabinet can help you organise your things for a much neater look! If you have a small shelf, ready for usage, then make sure to place a few brooms or dusters inside. If you find the space to create a small cleaning cupboard it will mean that you have everything in one place and nothing will get lost!

4. Shelves in a Cabinet – Coordinating Everything

Here is another great idea if you love to coordinate your things according to the function of the colour of them. If you have decided to fill a corner space in your kitchen with a cabinet, then make sure to place an abundance of shelves in it. For example, you might create a shelf for pasta, a shelf for spices and a shelf for jam. This will be a great way of organising all your things!

5. A Pull-Out Table – Great for Small Kitchens

You might have always wanted a space in your kitchen to sit down and drink your morning coffee at. If you have a small kitchen this might be a bit harder to achieve. When you don’t have much space in a room, you have to really think about the placement of the furniture. Instead of placing a table in the middle of the room and taking away the remaining space in your kitchen, why not create a pull-out table? You can pull it out from a cabinet whenever you are in the mood for sitting down a little in your kitchen.

6. A Place for the Trays – Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

A lot of people have a multitude of trays. Depending on what occasion it is, they will use the tray which most fits the event. For example, for a tea party, you might use one sort of tray or for taking dessert out to guests, but for a breakfast in bed, you will use a different sort. Find a place in your kitchen where you can place and organise your trays. For example, a cabinet above the oven might always come in handy!

7. Rotating Shelves – A Modern and Practical Idea

A smart way of creating more space in your kitchen cabinets as well as making items easier to access is by placing rotating shelves inside them. With the help of rotating shelves, you will be able to spin the shelves around until you find what you are looking for and then just spin them back into place. This is a modern solution which is very practical and logical, as it will make your job a lot easier!

8. A Modern Look – Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Another fantastic idea you might like to create in your kitchen is pull-out shelves. Have you ever found it somewhat difficult to climb onto a chair and rummage through the back of your shelf, trying to find what you are looking for? Instead of repeating this procedure over and over again, why not simply install a pull-out shelf in your kitchen? All you need to do is tug on it and you will be able to see clearly what you store on the levels of the shelf. This is a great and simple solution!

9. Smart and Neat – Storing Your Spoons

If you love to cook and bake and spend an immense amount of time in the kitchen, why not create spaces for your kitchen utensils? This might include storing your wooden spoons or spatulas in a more tidy and neat manner. Instead of throwing everything inside a cupboard or shelf, place your utensils in boxes or cans. You might arrange these in a pull-out cupboard, which will make it easier to see through all the things you have! Anything that doesn’t fit into these boxes, yet is classified to be in the same category, should be placed next to them or underneath them.

10. Cookbooks – Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Are you the sort of person who collects cookbooks and magazines? If so, why not organise them in a neat and tidy way? You can place a few floating shelves on the sides of one of your kitchen cabinets. Then it’s up to you to arrange all your cookbooks and magazines on these floating shelves in a way which makes sense to you. Of course, you can place a few decorative ornaments on the shelves as well!

11. A Space for Sponges – And Other Cleaning Items

It looks a bit messy when you leave your washing up tools on the kitchen counter. If you would like to give your kitchen a neater and more organised look, then create a pull-out shelf in which you can store everything you use for washing up. For example, you can create small pockets in which you can place a bundle of garbage bags or sponges for washing up. It’s really up to you, but organising a shelf in your kitchen for cleaning items is a great idea.

12. Corner Storage Ideas – Brilliant Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Sometimes it is a bit tricky to find an idea for what to do with your corner cabinets. A simple solution to your problems might just come in the form of a pull-out cabinet. This will make it easy to reach inside and search for whatever you are looking for. Whether it is a pot or an ingredient, this will make it a lot easier to find!