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25 SMALL KITCHEN ISLAND WITH SEATING - Small Kichen Island Ideas With Seating
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25 SMALL KITCHEN ISLAND WITH SEATING – Small Kichen Island Ideas With Seating

25 SMALL KITCHEN ISLAND WITH SEATING - Small Kichen Island Ideas With Seating


Kitchens are definitely one of the most important rooms in any house. Kitchens are the rooms in which you can prepare lovely food in and sometimes become the places where you spend most of your time after work. So, if you ever need to cook or bake, you will most likely be in the kitchen. But it’s not only a place for cooking, but it’s also the heart of your home. The place you gather with the family for morning coffees or late suppers. Since you spend quite a bit of time in this room, you will want it to be cosy or have a nice atmosphere. This depends on your tastes. While you wouldn’t think it, kitchen islands including their seating help create this ambience! That is exactly why we have collected 25 kitchen island ideas with seating for you to find some kichen inspiration amongst. So take a look through our small collection to find the perfect small kitchen island with seating!


1. Wonderful in White – Looking Larger and Clean

If you have a small kitchen, you will want to make it look a lot larger than it is. There are certain tricks you can use to create this optical illusion. For starters, stick to the colour white as the dominant shade of the room. Use white for the furniture and walls, which will make the room look a lot bigger than it actually is. So make sure that the kitchen island with seating you place in your kitchen, is made out of white material as well!

2. A Practical Kitchen Island – Practical Solutions

So, if you have a small kitchen, you will want to make sure you use the given space in a practical and logical manner. This means if you have practically no space in your kitchen, you might need to create a practical table island. For example, combine the idea of kitchen cabinets or drawers with the table. This way you will be able to save space, which is a fairly important factor if you have a small kitchen and your kitchen won’t look cramped and lifeless either.

3. Cute and Cosy – Small Kitchen Island With Seating

As we have mentioned before, if you have a tiny kitchen, you will need to look for options which save space. A simple choice is to opt for a table which is super simple, made out of wood, which has small shelves on the side of it. You can place this table next to a wall, which is another great way of saving space. Then you will be able to store things in the shelves of the table, for example, a few bottles of wine or a bowl of fruit.

4. Next to the Kitchen Counter – A Great Place to Eat

Do you already have an island in the middle of your kitchen? This might be a simple kitchen counter on which you do a lot of your cooking preparations. If you already have one of these, why not connect another table to this island which you will use as a dining table? This is another creative way of saving space, not to mention it will be easy to lean over to the kitchen counter to grab some food!

5. Great in Grey – With Wooden Accents

Are you in search of what sort of colours and shades to use for your kitchen? Create a minimalistic and elegant look, which is great for a small kitchen, as a minimalist design will make it look spacier than it actually is. Why not try out a few shades of grey for the kitchen furniture, which have wooden accents? This will help create a simple and modern ambience in your kitchen. Make sure that the furniture, as well as the kitchen island with seating, is created in a modern design as well.

6. Elongating the Kitchen Counter – Stylish and Chic

Here is yet another fabulous way of making sure you have a small kitchen island with seating in your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, it can be created in a simple and stylish design. For example, a fabulous idea is to elongate the top of the kitchen counter. Instead of place a counter with drawers underneath it, leave it open and free. You can place two tall seats underneath it, creating a space in your kitchen where you can drink your morning coffees or read a book.

7. Simply Stunning – Small Kitchen Island With Seating

Create a simple and stunning look for your kitchen. Instead of creating a kitchen island which you can only use as a place to eat or drink, make your kitchen island a kitchen counter first of all. Make it into a place where you can cut up vegetables or fruit, kneed some dough or do any other sorts of kitchen chores. Of course, you can place a few bar stools underneath the counter, making this space a table as well.

8. A Mini Bar – The Best Sort of Kitchen Island

Another fantastic idea for a kitchen island is to create a mini home bar out of the table. Besides creating a small space in the middle of the kitchen where you can place your island, make sure to also make this a unique sort of island. If you have any guests coming over, make certain to take their breath away! You can achieve this by making the island a minibar as well as a table. After your guests and you have sat down, you should be able to open up the shelves of the minibar to take out drinks.

9. Farmhouse Vibes – Getting Cosy and Comfortable

While we have talked about in what sort of ways you can use a kitchen island, we haven’t talked much about what sort of designs you can try out. If you would like to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen, why not try out a farmhouse style? This is guaranteed to lend your kitchen a homely and cosy ambience. Make sure that your kitchen island incorporates the same sense of style which your kitchen cabinets have. Find some stools which have a rustic or farmhouse design to place underneath your kitchen island.

10. A Gorgeous Kitchen Layout – Kitchen Island Ideas

Give your kitchen a lovely look and vibe with this wonderful layout! While you would usually place your kitchen island in the middle, you might also think about using it as a divider between your kitchen and living room. For example, if you have a wall already between your kitchen and the other room, why not tear down a hole in the middle of it. Place a wooden board on top of this window, which will act as the surface of a table. You will be able to use this space as a kitchen island.

11. Combined With the Counter – Small Kitchen Islands

We have already mentioned combining the kitchen counter with a kitchen island, where you can read the newspaper during mornings and drink your cup of coffee. Place a small table next to the counter. You can even create a table which you need to pull out of the counter, in order to save space. This way if you don’t need to use the table at that moment, you can simply slide it back into the counter. This is a fantastic idea for small kitchens.

12. Modern Yet Rustic – A Monochrome Setting

If you are in search of creating a kitchen which incorporates modern elements, yet overall has a rustic vibe to it, you have come to the right place! Use a combination of rustic furniture with touches of modern elements. For example, try out a rustic kitchen island with more modern stools. Also, try out a combination of white, black and wood for that truly sophisticated look. Just check out the picture above for some inspiration!

13. A Kitchen Counter – With Flip Up Table

Do you have a tiny kitchen and are you looking for ways to save space? Even if you would like to place a kitchen island inside the room, there are several ways of creating more space and here is just one of them! Instead of getting a separate table to act as the island of your kitchen, simply place a flip-up table onto your kitchen counter. This way, when you don’t need to use the table, you can simply just let it down, leaving more space for whatever you need to do. It’s easy and simple!

14. Shelves Galore – Small Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

We have talked quite a bit about using a kitchen island not only has a table where you can eat and drink. If you have a relatively small kitchen, it is important to give your pieces of furniture as many functions as possible, in order to save space. A great idea for a kitchen island is to use it as a storing space as well. You can create small shelves on one side of it to place a few things inside.

15. Gold and Blue – Create a Gorgeous Kitchen

Gold and Blue - Create a Gorgeous Kitchen

Perhaps you are in search of a colour scheme, concerning how to decorate and design your kitchen. If you would love to create an elegant atmosphere in your kitchen, why not use a dark blue, white and a combination of gold. You can use a kitchen island that is blue with a white tabletop and place gold seating next to it.

16. A Portable Kitchen Island – Small Kitchen Island Ideas

If you are unsure about how to finalise the space in your kitchen, whether to or not to include a kitchen island inside, then check out this idea! Buy yourself a portable kitchen island which also functions as a kitchen cabinet, made out of numerous drawers and shelves. You will be able to store anything you’d like inside of this, as well as move it out of the kitchen when it gets in the way!

17. Comfortable Seating – Perfect Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you are considering getting a kitchen island to place in the middle of the room, then make sure to get some seating to go with it. Besides making sure that the seats or stools match the style and design of your kitchen, also make certain that they are comfortable!

18. For Work – Small Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

We have talked a lot about using your kitchen island as space for storing kitchen items, such as utensils or plates. Make sure you leave space for your legs on one side of the table, so you can sit down comfortably. Also, install some kitchen island lighting above it!

19. A Pull-Out Table – Hideaway Table Idea

Don’t have enough space in your kitchen for a smaller table? If you already have a kitchen counter in the room, why not create a pull-out table which you can fit inside of it? Then whenever you need the table, you can simply pull it out of the counter. Simple and easy!

20. Minimalist and Modern – Smart and Sleek

Do you like a minimalist style more than rustic and old-fashioned designs? Then make sure to design your kitchen in a modern and minimalist way. If you have been planning to create modern kitchen cabinets in the shape of a “U” or “L”, leave one of the counters as an island and place seats under it.

21. A Kitchen Cart – Awesome Small Kitchen Island With Seating

We already mentioned using a portable kitchen island if you have a very small space in your kitchen. If your kitchen island is portable, you will be able to push it out of the room, whenever you need more space. This is a great idea for tiny kitchens.

22. A Space for Two – Small Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, but still insist on placing a kitchen island in the middle, then get one which creates seating for two people. This means using a smaller table. But remember to use it as a shelf or storage space as well!

23. Two in One – Beautiful in Wood

Here is another idea for combining your kitchen island with a table! The island can act as a shelf, in which you can place plates or glasses. Then put a table behind it, which is designed in the same style. You will be able to relax at this small table next to a cup of tea or coffee. For a truly elegant design, make sure to use a lot of wood for your kitchen furniture!

24. White and Bright – Small Kitchen Island With Seating

Are you unsure about how to make your small kitchen look a lot bigger than it actually is? Here is a simple trick! Make sure to use a lot of white in your kitchen, including the furniture and walls. This includes your kitchen island as well!

25. Place it in the Middle – A Lovely Idea

If your kitchen is designed in the shape of an “L”, then why not use a thinner and rectangular kitchen island? You can place a bar stool on each side of the table. We guarantee it will look perfect!


We hope that this collection of small kitchen island ideas with seating has given you some inspiration for your own kitchen! For more home design ideas, besides small kitchen island with seating, such as room dividers or small master bedroom ideas, visit our website.