20 DINING ROOM DESIGN IDEAS - Modern Dining Room Ideas
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20 DINING ROOM DESIGN IDEAS – Modern Dining Room Ideas


Are you in the process of renovating and redesigning your home? If this is the case, you will be in search of all sorts of ideas. Ranging from bedroom designs to what sort of wall decorations to choose from, there are so many parts of your home you’ll have to take into consideration. Perhaps one of the main rooms you would like to give a makeover to is no other than your dining room. The room where you and your family or friends gather to enjoy a meal together and talk about your day. To create a space in which you feel truly at home and at peace, look through our pick of 20 dining room design ideas. While browsing through our collection of home ideas, we’re sure you’ll find some modern dining room ideas!


1. A Sense of Home – Homely and Welcoming

Channel a truly homely vibe into your dining room! There are a few ways of doing this but one fantastic idea is to use a set of family photos! Whether the photos were taken ten or twenty years ago or just recently, they will reinforce the feeling that the dining room is a part of your home. A few photos placed in frames and hung up on the walls will present the room with a friendly and welcoming feeling. Then decorate the room in any style or design you’d like to. The main point is to add some family mementoes to your dining area for that friendly ambience.

2. Dining at Home – Dining Room Design Ideas

You may not have an actual separate room for creating a dining area out of. But that shouldn’t really matter! You can simply divide your kitchen or living room into two different parts and add a dining room to it! In order to save space, you may have to arrange your dining room furniture in a corner. At instances such as this, it may be a good idea to place a banquette in the corner. A soft and plush space to sit will uplift the whole dining area. Then simply add seats around the rest of the dining table.

3. Bright and Brilliant – Modern Dining Room Ideas

Stay away from a sense of feeling cramped in your dining room. Instead, try creating a feeling of spaciousness. There are quite a few tricks and hacks on how to achieve this. Firstly, you will want to use pale or bright colours for colouring the whole room. Using pale colours will help in bringing about that sense of space we mentioned. Another crucial element is to add sufficient lighting. With the right dining room lighting, you’ll be able to make your whole dining area glow.

4. Fabulous in Farmhouse – Dining Room Decor Ideas

Fabulous in Farmhouse - Dining Room Decor Ideas

Have you thought about using one style or theme throughout your home? Maybe you have chosen a rustic or farmhouse design. If so, make sure that your dining room embodies the same atmosphere. This means using mainly wooden furniture around the dining area. You can add a plaid tablecloth to the table as well as a vase of flowers. And you’ll have created a dining table centrepiece in no time at all! So, instead of using all sorts of different ornaments, try creating a sense of harmony in the dining area. This is best achievable by using the same style of decor and furniture.

5. Minimalist and Chic – Create an Autumn Ambience

Maybe you have decided on styling your dining room in a super chic and minimalist way. After all, if you’d like to turn your dining room into the epitome of refinement and elegance, this is the way to go! While you may have already decided on what furniture to use, you may be considering giving your dining room a different vibe as well. For example, using a season as inspiration. So if it is fall, you might decide to place a few pumpkins on your dining table as centrepieces. With the addition of a few pumpkins, you’ll add an exciting burst of colour to the table while also bringing the season to life.

6. Fantastic and Floral – Channelling a Bubbly Feeling

Transform your dining room into a place of absolute joy and happiness. Only good vibes! As an alternative to using darker shades for decorating your room with, stick to brighter tones instead. To really bring forth a bubbly and fun-loving atmosphere, how about using floral patterns? A floral rug underneath the dining table, floral curtains or a painting of a flower hung up on the wall. The combination of flowers and bright colours are guaranteed to go well with each other!

7. Blue and White – Coastal Dining Room Design Ideas

Do you live close by the ocean or the seaside? Then how about you take inspiration from your natural surroundings? For a coastal design, you will want to use a combination of mainly blue and white furniture as well as decor. These two colours go beautifully together and will truly bring alive the coastal environment which embraces your home. For example, you can have your dining table painting white and add some blue chairs around it. Keep it easy and effortless!

8. Rustic and Rugged – Cosy and Comfortable

Rustic and Rugged - Cosy and Comfortable

What sort of ambience would you like your dining room to create? When you invite friends or family over, what would you like them to feel while eating? If you would like to make them feel welcome and cosy, how about using a rustic design as inspiration? Use wooden furniture for the room that embodies a vintage or old-fashioned mood. Or place a knitted tablecloth on the dining table. Include blankets as well, this way if anyone is cold, they will be able to wrap up warmly! All these elements will really create a rustic and cosy environment!

9. A Circular Table – Modern Dining Room Ideas

Make everyone feel at peace and welcome when hosting dinner. Creating a sense of equality can definitely help people get along better, instead of establishing a sense of authority. So how about getting a circular shaped table for your dining area? After all, this is what King Arthur’s Round Table was all about, making everyone feel equal! A round table is also a great piece of furniture to use in a smaller dining room, as it will fit in practically everywhere!

10. Bohemian and Fun – Festive and Funky

Would you like to incorporate a feeling of funk and groove into your dining room? This is when the bohemian design comes in handy! It embodies a cascade of colours used in all sorts of different ways. But instead of giving the room a sense of dissonance, it creates a festive and vibrant harmony! So, if you’d like to express your fun-loving personality in your dining room, go for a bohemian style! Include a variety of potplants all over the room, a vivid and ethnic rug, wooden furniture and paintings that are full of life.

11. Modern and Contemporary – Modern Dining Room Ideas

Maybe you have been searching for a minimalist dining room that incorporates a sense of modernness. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go overboard with fancy decor and would prefer to keep their dining area simple. A few decorative elements may consist of geometric frames for paintings or photos, a unique and sleek combination of colours or an interesting lampshade for your lighting. There are definitely a lot of directions you can go in to create a modern ambience.

12. Spectacular and Sophisticated – Dining Room Design Ideas

Spectacular and Sophisticated - Dining Room Design Ideas

Here is another one of many fabulous dining room design ideas to try out! We have already talked about trying out a coastal design for your dining area. This is a perfect idea for anyone who wants to channel the ambience of the beach in their home. Use bright colours for the design of the room. As for the furniture, you will want to stick to either wood or wicker pieces. Also, to bring out this atmosphere even more strongly, you can place a few coastal flowers or plants in vases and decorate the room with them.

13. Warm and Snug – Great Ideas for Winter

Do you live in an area, where the winters are cold? Then you will have to think about heating options, including adding a source of heat to your dining room as well! After all, if you host any parties during winter or autumn, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, at your place, you will want your dining room to be warm, cosy and inviting. How about installing a fireplace in one of the walls or corners of your dining room? There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious dinner while listening to fire crackling.

14. Wonderful and White – Modern Dining Room Ideas

White is a fantastic colour to work with, especially when it comes to home design and decor! For a feeling of infinite space, you will definitely want to use white for the walls and ceiling of the minimalist dining room. You might even add a few pieces of white furniture. The great thing about using white as the overall colour and theme of any room is that if you get bored with it, you can always spruce it up with a few vibrant ornaments.

15. Vibrant and Vivid – Exciting and Unique

Feel free to let your creativity and imagination run wild! If you are a fan of bright and vivid colours, make sure to use some in your dining room. You don’t have to use them everywhere in the room, just maybe in a few areas. For example, you might get yourself dining chairs that are wrapped in a groovy material. To take the room’s vibe to a whole new level, you can hang star-shaped lanterns from the ceiling. Your dining area will look amazing when you’re finished!

16. Green and Gorgeous – A Few Green Elements

Green and Gorgeous - A Few Green Elements

Perhaps your dining room mainly incorporates monochrome or bleak colours. If this is the case, how about you consider perking up the atmosphere and mood of the room with a fun shade? For a natural and lush look, you may decide on choosing the colour green. Green is a positive and relaxing colour, which will look fantastic in any sort of environment. Besides adding a selection of pot plants to your dining room, you can also try finding a set of chairs that are green!

17. A Modern Farmhouse – Dining Room Design Ideas

If you love the idea of using a farmhouse design in your home, but feel like it’s a bit too old-fashioned for you, why not use it in a modern sense? While trying to keep the overall farmhouse atmosphere of the design, you may add a few modern twists to it. For example, try out a contemporary type of lampshade or lighting for the dining room interior design. Or add furniture which doesn’t exude a typical farmhouse style. However, try to stick to mainly natural elements and earthy tones to keep the farmhouse vibe alive.

18. Mustard Banquette Seating – Plush and Comfortable

We have already talked about using banquette seating in your dining area or room. This is a fantastic idea if you have a smaller room in which you can arrange your dining table and chairs. The banquette itself is perfect to place inside a corner or along a wall. While using the given space in a clever way, it will also become the comfiest place to take a seat while eating!

19. Simplistic and Elegant – Modern Dining Room Ideas

Keeping things simple is the best way to go sometimes, including your dining room interior design! Especially if you aren’t the sort of person to overdecorate! Opt for furniture and decor items that are all simplistic. You can try combining the idea of vintage with a simple look, to create a very chic and sleek dining area for your home.

20. Bright Lights – And a Fabulous Setting

Bright Lights - And a Fabulous Setting

A crucial part of any dining room is the lighting! You may want to set a romantic ambience with dim lighting, but we would recommend that you add sufficient brightness to the room. This way, if you have any guests over, they’ll have more light to see clearly. How about matching your bright lighting with some elegant and refined furniture and dining room decor ideas?


We hope that this pick of 20 modern dining room ideas has helped you in finding inspiration! For other ideas, besides dining room design ideas, such as master bathroom ideas or bedroom lighting ideas, visit our website!