20 FIREPLACE DESIGN IDEAS - Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

20 FIREPLACE DESIGN IDEAS – Living Room Ideas with Fireplace


Perhaps you are going to be renovating or refurbishing your home. If so, you might be in search of a few ways on how to perk up your home a little. This might consist of giving it a completely different atmosphere, by adding different and unique furniture to it. Maybe you’ve been thinking of ideas on how you could add a cosy and friendly ambience to your living room or one of the bedrooms. How about you install a fireplace in your home somewhere? Living room ideas with fireplaces are great, especially if you like listening to fire crackling. Not to mention, it will be fantastic during the wintertime as you’ll be able to warm up just by sitting next to it. So check out our 20 fireplace design ideas for inspiration!


1. The Perfect Hearth – Fireplace Design Ideas

Now, here is a perfect idea for a hearth or fireplace. While most spaces right in front of the heart are left empty, this has a seating area built in front. This means you can take a seat after a long and difficult day at work or school, and just enjoy the ambience of your fireplace. Add an array of cushions to ensure that it’s comfortable. Naturally, it is up to you, what sort of style you’d like to incorporate in your stone fireplace ideas. This might also depend on how the rest of your room or home is designed.

2. Cool and Contemporary – A Modern Style

What style is your home or the room you’d like your fireplace installed designed in?  Maybe your living room embodies a modern vibe. If so, you might want to consider to have your hearth designed in the same way. This way two different styles won’t clash with each other. A contemporary fireplace might mean that it’s built into one of the walls of the room and that it only uses simple shapes, forms and colours in its design. There are a lot of ideas you can choose from in order to create modern fireplace ideas in your home.

3. Fantastic in Farmhouse – Cosy and Welcoming

Maybe you’d like to create a hearth in your home which is all about creating a warm and welcoming ambience. How about trying out the farmhouse or rustic style for your hearth then? This might mean that the hearth itself is put together out of bricks and wood coated in white. Farmhouse style brings a sense of sweetness and simplicity with itself. Naturally, feel free to decorate your hearth, by installing a shelf above it. You can place some family portraits or vases filled with flowers on it.

4. Unique and Unusual – Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Unique and Unusual - Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

When it comes to finding a perfect space for your fireplace, you might have a few unique ideas. For example, you may not be able to create a centrepiece out of it in any of your rooms. So if you want to fit it into your home, you may have to opt for corner fireplace ideas. This can either be an inner or an outer corner, depending on the design of your house. If your fireplace is going to be using actual wood for fuel, then think about creating a shelf next to it in which you can stack your firewood.

5. Beautiful in Brick – Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas

Have you decided to use bricks for building your fireplace? After all, bricks are a great material to work with and are perfect for fireplaces as they are fireproof. Of course, you may not like the basic colour of bricks, but there’s an easy solution to that! You can just coat them in any colour of paint you’d like. The colour you choose for your fireplace will probably be determined by what sort of colours have already been put to use in the rest of your room.

6. A Gorgeous Centrepiece – Elegant and Amazing

Transform your fireplace into an elegant and stunning centrepiece! Simply check out this one of many living room ideas with fireplaces! While this might seem tricky or difficult to achieve, it’s actually not that hard. Have some open or floating shelves installed around your hearth. On each shelf, you can place a decorative ornament or statues to really bring the whole space alive. To give it an even more intense centrepiece look you can hang a piece of art above your fireplace. Turning your hearth into the centrepiece of a room is usually only successfully achievable if you have enough space for it.

7. A Double Sided Fireplace – Seeing Through the Sides

Are you in search of something nice and unusual? Something completely different? How about installing a double-sided fireplace in any of your walls. All this means is that two of its sides are made of glass. Seeing through your fireplace, and having it stand in the middle of your living room will definitely create a unique experience. You will be able to watch the flames burning on either side of your fireplace. This is definitely a home design marvel that will amaze anyone who steps into your home.

8. A Log Burner Fireplace – Modern Fireplace Ideas

A Log Burner Fireplace - Modern Fireplace Ideas

Create a cabin-like feeling in your home by adding a log burner fireplace to it. This is a simpler and easier option to choose when it comes to fireplaces. Mainly because you don’t actually have to install it in a wall or build it in. Since a log burner fireplace uses firewood to keep its flames alive, you will also need to think about creating a storage space for logs and firewood. An easy solution would be to just place a basket next to your fireplace.

9. Large and Majestic – Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

If you have enough space in your living room, then you may be considering creating a large and majestic fireplace. By this, we mean a fireplace that may even be as tall as the ceiling in the room. If it is a giant fireplace, then you should also be able to create a built-in shelf for it, for storing firewood. The style of the fireplace should match the rest of the room, after all, you don’t want to create a sense of disharmony in your home by combining too many styles.

10. Simple in Rustic – Stunning in Stone

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go overboard with the design of your fireplace. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best, after all, we’re all familiar with the saying that less is more! This can come in the form of using an overall simpler design or building with simple materials. For example, how about stone fireplace ideas are awesome! You can add a mantelpiece right above the fireplace and place a bit of decor on it. For example, you can get creative with seasonal decors, such as fall living room decor to place on your mantelpiece. It’s fully up to you on how many ornaments you add, or what you place on your mantelpiece.

11. Washed in White – Simplistic Fireplace Design Ideas

Does your living room or bedroom have a recurring theme or overall style to it? Then make certain to have your fireplace designed in the same way! For example, if white is the main colour of the room, then you can have your fireplace covered in white-washed wooden planks. This is a fantastic idea, especially if you want to make your room look a bit more spacious than it actually is. Also, make sure to add a mirror as wall decor! White is a colour that can create an illusion of space, making it a versatile colour to use in home design.

12. A Classic Look – Minimalist yet Timeless

A Classic Look - Minimalist yet Timeless

Try out something minimalist! But instead of going in a modern and contemporary direction, try out a minimalist rustic. With clean and simple forms and shapes, you will be able to create something stunning and sophisticated. For example, a combination of wood for the mantelpiece, yet coating the rest of the fireplace in simple white paint will definitely elevate the whole design of the room. One of the best things about using white is that it goes really well with any other colour. So if you want to add some vibrant decor to the room, white won’t stop you from doing so!

13. Innovative and Luxurious – Modern Fireplace Ideas

There are so many beautiful fireplace design ideas, everything depends on what you want to bring to life in your living room! If you love modern designs that are simplistic, then make sure to use modern shapes to create a fireplace. Perhaps you’d love to use black in some sort of form. If you combine the colour black with some organic wooden elements, your fireplace is guaranteed to have some style. Another fabulous idea is to use glass sides for part of your fireplace, enabling you to see through the sides.

14. Fabulous and Faux – Made from Concrete

Maybe you are looking for something wholly unique! Think about using concrete for creating a one of a kind fireplace. How about going for a faux and elegant concrete fireplace. Try having a symmetrical and simpler fireplace built in one of the walls. You can coat it in a layer of any colour of paint you’d like. For the full faux effect though, make sure that the decorations and ornaments of the room really add that extra something to the room. With the right decor, you’ll be able to accentuate the style and shape of your fireplace.

15. Keeping it Simple – Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

As we mentioned before, you don’t have to go overboard on your fireplace design. In some cases, it’s best to keep things simple. A smaller fireplace in the bottom of a wall will make just as great a centrepiece as a larger fireplace. Again, you can use a combination of natural colours to bring out the best in your room. A fantastic option is to use an interesting pattern of bricks or tiles inside of your fireplace, to give it a unique look! You can even install some floating bookshelf designs next to your fireplace.

16. An Antique Feeling – An Abundance of Stones

An Antique Feeling - An Abundance of Stones

Would you love to turn your living room into an antique or old-fashioned sort of style? How about using an abundance of rocks and stones to build your fireplace out of? By adding some antique-looking furniture to the rest of the room will make it look as if you stepped into some sort of ancient library. A room such as this will definitely make you feel comfortable and cosy, especially thanks to the fireplace!

17. Bold yet Simplistic – Minimalist Fireplace Design Ideas

Are you still in search of the perfect minimalist fireplace design? Check out this awesome option, which uses very simple and bold shapes to create a modern look. Besides having the fireplace itself built, you can also create a simple mantelpiece right on top of the fireplace, as if it were just an indent. Naturally, if you want to keep the design of your hearth and the room minimalist, make certain that you don’t overdecorate it. Maybe try choosing just a few ornaments to give your room a statement. Also, make sure not to use too many colours for the fireplace, to keep it truly minimalistic.

18. A Brilliant Pattern – A Choice of Mosaic Tiles

While you might have your fireplace built out of concrete or bricks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take it to the next level! This might mean encasing your already installed fireplace in an array of beautiful mosaic tiles. Depending on what sort of style you’d like your room or fireplace to embody, make sure to choose tiles that are shaped or coloured according to that. There are a lot of options concerning fireplace design ideas that you will be able to select from!

19. A Space for Firewood – Storage Space

Make your job easier when you are burning wood in your fireplace! Instead of going out into your garden to collect extra firewood to throw into the flames, why not create a built-in shelf in your fireplace? It’s an easy solution for corner fireplace ideas, which will make your life just a tad bit simpler! 

20. Mortar Washed Bricks – Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Mortar Washed Bricks - Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Spruce up your fireplace that is made out of bricks! An easy, as well as a cheap way of doing this, is by giving it a mortar wash! It’s a simple technique with which you can whitewash bricks. These brick fireplace ideas will create a rustic ambience in your room!


We hope that this collection of living room ideas with fireplaces has given you inspiration! For other home design ideas, besides fireplace design ideas, such as bathroom storage ideas for small spaces or the best lighting for bathrooms, check out our website.