Maybe you aren’t in search of a design for your home, but for an office instead. After all, if you have a busy work life, you will want your office to look the best that it can. Especially if you have clients coming in on a regular basis. You will have to think about what sort of ambience your office wants to exude. Obviously, this also depends on what sort of job you have. For example, you might want to create an open and welcoming space where your clients will feel at peace. Or perhaps you’d like a smart and modern home office design. So, if you are looking for home office interior design ideas, check out our collection. We have 25 office designs for you to browse through!


1. Black and White – A Sense of Style

Have you always admired the combination of black and white with a few elements? Then why not recreate a setting such as this in your office. After all, the monochrome colours will bring a sense of refinement and elegance to the room. If you use wood for the shelves, desk or chair, then you’ll add a bit of texture to the office. For a bit of colour, you might like to add some potplants. A tad bit of green will definitely breathe some life into your modern home office design.

2. Open and Spacious – Home Office Interior Design Ideas

How about you design an office which feels like an open space when you step inside of it? This is mostly achievable in rooms that have a lot of windows, which let in a lot of sunlight. But in order to make the room even more spacious, make certain to use white as a dominant colour inside of it. For example, even if the floor is made out of wood or tiles, you can still have the walls painted with and add white curtains in front of the windows. This is a perfect idea for anyone who wants their office to look open!

3. A Few Metal Elements – For a Stunning Shine

No matter what main colours you used to decorate your office with, you can add a few highlights to it, for a stunning shine. This doesn’t have to consist of much and you don’t have to go overboard with these elements. Perhaps all you need to do is buy a desk with metal legs, a chair made out of the same sort of metal or even a bin that uses the same coloured metal. A few metal objects or furniture elements will definitely make your office shine in a unique way. Naturally, feel free to add a few metallic ornaments to your office shelves.

4. A Natural Ambience – Wonderful in Wood

A Natural Ambience - Wonderful in Wood

What sort of atmosphere would you like your office to bring to life? If you’d prefer to embody a more natural and simplistic style, then how about making sure to use a lot of wooden elements? You can combine the organic look of wood with another colour, such as white. This way you’ll add depth as well as texture to the office. If you feel as if your office isn’t big enough for storing some of your things, then make sure to build upwards. Add some bookshelf designs above your desk on which you can place folders, notebooks or books.

5. Edgy in Black – Modern Home Office Design

Some people prefer offices that use dark furniture and darker design. There are quite a few colours you can choose from, a dark blue or dark brown would look amazing. But how about trying out black? Black will truly bring a natural sense of boldness with itself. Naturally, if you have your office designed in darker tones, then make sure that the lighting is sufficient. 

6. An Office for Two – Sharing a Desk

Perhaps you are creating an office space at home, in which you can work. If someone else in your household wants to use the office as well, then make sure to create an office for two! Sharing the office with another person should come with no difficulties. Even if you don’t have much space in the given room, it can serve as a fantastic idea to place a desk across the middle of the room. Then add a chair to both sides of the desk, which will allow two people to sit comfortably on either side of it.

7. Adding a Bit of Nature – Bursts of Green

When you spend most of your time in an office, it means you won’t be able to go out into nature so often and observe the environment around you. So if you can’t go out into nature, then why not bring nature into your office room? By adding a few potplants all over your office, you’ll not only ensure that your office gets a few bursts of the colour green, but the plants will create a more welcoming and natural vibe. Whether it’s just a few ferns, cacti or flowers, we’re certain it will look amazing!

8. Connected Shelves and Desks – Modern Home Office Design

Connected Shelves and Desks - Modern Home Office Design

Here is yet another fabulous idea on how to create an office for not only one, but two people! You can have some shelves installed on one of the walls of the room. Then connect the shelves with desks, transforming it into a perfect office. You won’t have to go to the other side of the room to find a document or book you’re searching for. It will just be on the shelf or drawer next to you. This is a perfect way of designing an office, which isn’t too wide but is long instead.

9. Reinventing a Small Space – A Tiny Office

Even if you have a small home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to fit in an office somewhere. In some instances, even a small and hidden corner will do for a minimal home office. All you need to do is insert a desk into the small space and add some floating shelves above it. When you only have small storage space around you, an easy and clever option is to use the space above you. This means you can install as many shelves as you’d like to make room for all your essentials.

10. Refined and Creative – Home Office Interior Design Ideas

When you think of an office, what sort of image pops into your mind first? Maybe it’s a grey and bleak room that is the definition of boring. Don’t stick to stereotypes such as these though. Make sure that your office has a sense of life and vibrance in it. Even if you do choose light grey for the main colour of the room, you can add some vivid bursts of colour to it. For example, a vase of flowers on your desk or painting on one of the walls will transform it into a different sort of environment!

11. Deep Blue and Brown – Classy and Sophisticated

Are you trying to achieve a classy and elegant look in your home study or office? Then how about trying out a combination of dark blue, brown and white? Use dark blue for your shelves and drawers and then brown for your desk and chair. Have your walls washed white, to visually create some space. If you have an array of shelves, you should place a few decorative objects on some of them. This will give your whole office a more cosy and homely ambience.

12. Adding a Centrepiece – Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Adding a Centrepiece - Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Every room needs a centrepiece. By this we mean, that anyone who steps into the room will notice the centrepiece first, In your office, you might hang a large painting on the wall behind your desk or your desk itself might act as the centrepiece of the room. Another fabulous idea is to add some lighting, hanging from the ceiling of your office, right above the desk. This can be some sort of gorgeous chandelier or unique pendant light. It’s up to you what you decide on using as the centrepiece of your office!

13. Wooden Panels – Contemporary and Minimalist

Do you want to take your home office to the next level? Then how about using a different layout for the walls of it? For example, you might buy some wallpaper that resembles wooden panels and cover your office walls in that. Or you might use actual wooden panels for it. Install a few floating white shelves in your minimal home office to create stylish and contemporary contrast.

14. An Industrial Vibe – Modern Home Office Design

Bring an industrial vibe to your small office design. A combination of bricks and wood will do the trick! For lighting elements, try using lampshades made from metal, for an even more intense industrial feeling.

15. Some Funky Patterns – Fun and Fabulous

While you might be using a bold combination of colours, such as black and white, for your office design, you might still feel as if it is missing something! For example, you might want to add some groove and funk to your room. This might come in the simple form of adding a patterned rug to the room. The decorative elements don’t necessarily have to be colourful, black and white patterns will do the trick as well!

16. A Coastal Ambience – Home Office Interior Design Ideas

A Coastal Ambience - Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Would you like your office to exude a coastal ambience? Feeling as if you were nearby the beach or the coast will make a wonderful environment for working. Using a combination of dream blue and white will create a truly stunning atmosphere in your modern home offices.

17. A Long Table – Requires Sufficient Lighting

Perhaps your office is designed to be able to hold meetings. This means that you will probably require a long table where everyone will be able to fit. No matter what sort of style you choose to have your office designed in, make sure that there is enough lighting directly above the table. This way, whoever sits down for a meeting will be able to see everything properly.

18. A Decorative Element – For an Elegant Touch

Add a unique and different sort of decorative element to your office space design. Something that will draw attention to itself. Again, everything depends on what sort of ambience you’d like to create in your office. For a serene ambience, you might add gold vines or a golden tree as a backdrop. With the correct lighting instalments, you will be able to turn your office into a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

19. Simple and Organized – Modern Home Office Design

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, including the design of your modern home offices. You might have heard the saying “less is more”, and we have to agree! Keep your office organised and effortless, with stylish yet simplistic furniture. A great object to add to your office is a pinboard, where you can keep your to-do list in front of you at all times!

20. A Map of the World – A Gorgeous Centrepiece

A Map of the World - A Gorgeous Centrepiece

We have talked about quite a few sorts of centrepieces. But one which will certainly attract attention to itself is an old-fashioned map of the world, placed directly behind your desk. If you want to bring an element of refinement to a room, it’s always a fantastic idea to mix and match a few modern elements with old-fashioned ones.

21. Pretty in Pale Shades – Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Keep your small office design looking open and spacious, by using pale shades all around the room. Whether it’s a pale pink rug, light grey walls or a white desk, the pale colours will create an illusion of space. So this is a perfect solution for anyone who has a smaller office and doesn’t know how to make it look more spacious.

22. Using Organic Materials – Versatile with Wood

While wood is a versatile material that you can use for your furniture, don’t forget that it can also be transformed into beautiful wall decor elements! So using wood for not only the furniture of your office but for ornaments as well will transform it into a room of contemporary style.

23. A Unique Desk – Edgy and Bold

One piece of unique furniture can completely transform the atmosphere of a whole room.  Keeping this in mind, why not try out a unique desk for your office? This can be anything that represents your own style. 

24. Sleek and Chic – Modern Home Office Design

Sleek and Chic - Modern Home Office Design

Depending on what sort of vibe you’d like your office to emanate, you will have to choose the colours and furniture wisely. For a sleek and chic environment, use darker coloured furniture in a pale room. Also, make sure that the materials of the furniture are of good quality. A great choice would be a leather chair or two and a desk and shelves made out of actual wood.

25. Comfort and Sophistication – Perfect for a Larger Office

If you have a larger room as an office, you can add a different function to it as well. For example, not only an office desk with a chair or two but also a few sofas or couches in which you can sit down comfortably. This is a great idea if you have clients coming over whom you’d like to sit down and chat within a more easy-going environment.


We hope that this collection of 25 home office interior design ideas has helped you in finding something amazing! For other home design ideas, besides office space designs, such as lighting for bedrooms or bathroom design ideas, check out our website!