20 STORAGE IDEAS FOR SMALL BEDROOMS ON A BUDGET - Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms
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20 STORAGE IDEAS FOR SMALL BEDROOMS ON A BUDGET – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

20 STORAGE IDEAS FOR SMALL BEDROOMS ON A BUDGET - Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms


Do you have a small bedroom, which always seems to feel cramped? If this is the case, you will know the difficulties and problems which come with a smaller bedroom. Even though it’s small and easily organizable, sometimes you feel as if you don’t have enough space to organise your things in! All you need are a few storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget. With the help of a few ideas for home storage, you shall be able to reinvent and redesign your bedroom, and it will never feel messy or cramped again! Check out our pick of 20 storage solutions for small bedrooms and find some inspiration!


1. Underneath the Bed – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

When you have a small bedroom and not enough space, it can be hard to fit everything in. Especially if you have a lot of clothes! But maybe your closet is already full and there’s no more room inside of it. Then where can you store your things? One place you might not have thought of is the space underneath your bed. You can lift your bed off the floor and create a complete closet underneath it. Whenever you need to find some new clothes, you can simply lift up your bed and search through your closet.

2. A Hidden Shelf – Surrounding Your Television

If you live in a small house or apartment, a few storage hacks will always come in handy! So, check this one out for a smaller bedroom! If you have a television in your room on a shelf, you can always make sure that the shelf holds more than just the TV. You can create a whole shelf set around the TV, on which you can place some books or store anything you haven’t found any space. You can also create doors for your shelf, which you can close anytime, to hide all of your things.

3. Simply Perfect – Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Do you have a lot of shoes, which you can’t seem to find a place for? Something you might have on the other side is a footrest sofa or a pouffe. These aren’t only good for resting your feet on after a long day of work. Sometimes you can even open up these pieces of furniture and use their insides as a place for storing shoes or anything you need. A great example would be to create small fabric slots inside of your pouffe, in which you can place pairs of shoes.

4. Slim Shelves – Practical and Clever Choices

Perhaps you are thinking about ways on how to store your book, DVD or CD collection. The problem with your average bookshelf is that it does, in fact, take up a lot of space. So, this means if you have a smaller bedroom, not all your books will necessarily fit on your shelf. This leaves us with the question, what sort of shelf should I get, so that I can cram everything inside? How about you get yourself very slim and tall shelves? You can even create them to be pull-out bookshelf designs as if they were drawers next to each other. It’s an easy and fantastic idea to try!

5. Creative Bed Frame – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

A piece of furniture which is bound to take up a lot of space in your bedroom is no other than your bed! So, make sure that you maximise the spot you place your bed in. For example, you can try to create and construct a different sort of bed frame. You can build a whole set of shelves underneath and around your mattress, creating an incredibly unique bed frame. This will also serve as a perfect storage space!

6. Behind the Mirror – Getting Ready Effortlessly

Do you spend most of your mornings glued to the mirror, while getting ready for the day ahead of you? After all, when you are going to school or work, you’d like to create a good impression, so you might need some time in front of the mirror. So, taking this into consideration, you might like to create a small closet right behind your mirror. When you need something from this closet or cabinet, just open up the mirror, as if it were a door. This is a great place for storing jewellery, makeup and hair products.

7. A Simple Desk – Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

As you will already be familiar with it, having a small bedroom can come with a lot of hardships. Sometimes it means that you can’t fit in a piece of furniture you would have loved to arrange in your bedroom. It’s during times like this when you need to think out of the box and what you can replace that item of furniture with. If you can’t fit in a desk, why not mount one on your wall, which you can close whenever you need to? This is a perfect way of keeping things simple and easy.

8. Building a Platform – Sustainable and Flexible

There are so many fantastic ways of saving space in a bedroom, which you might not even think of! Why not create a platform in your bedroom, which covers at least three-quarters of the room. Then create drawers underneath the platform, which you can pull out at any time. Obviously, you can use these for storage. It depends on your needs how many drawers you have to build underneath your room’s platform. Thanks to a platform with drawers, your bedroom will become a lot more manageable and sustainable to live inside!

9. Above the Curtains – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Another space in your bedroom you wouldn’t think of transforming into storage space is right above your windows. Attach a floating shelf to the wall right above your curtain rod. You can use this shelf for placing decorative elements on, to give your bedroom a stunning ambience. But of course, you can use it for storage as well! For example, this shelf would make a great place for storing a few books.

10. A Corner Shelf – Easy and Excellent

If you are still looking for a simple shelf, which will fit inside your tiny bedroom, check out this idea! It’s a long shelf, which takes up space vertically, instead of being too wide to fit. It can consist of more than just one tier, after all, with multiple tiers, you shall be able to really use this shelf as a space for storing things. You can place this in one of the corners of your bedroom or even right next to the bed! If it is next to your bed, you can use it as a nightstand as well!

11. A Bookshelf – Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

As we mentioned before, there are numerous ways of saving space in a small room. Here is just another idea! Replace the headboard of your shelf with a headboard which is actually useful! You can have it created out of wood, with small shelves indented into the sides of it. This will serve as an amazing way of storing books, especially if you like to read at night and haven’t found a good way of putting them away before going to sleep.

12. A Cube Organiser Shelf – Stylish and Modern

An easy way of saving space is by organising everything and giving it a proper place. Why not line one of the walls in your bedroom with cube organiser shelves? These are relatively easy to build, not to mention they can store a lot of things! You can place a box on each shelf slot, which will give enough space to keep everything organised. Thanks to the boxes, your bedroom will not only become more organised and tidy, but you shall probably be able to find everything in no time at all.

13. Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms – Handy and Great

If you have a small bedroom, you can always count on a few simple hacks to create more space. One of these hacks is super simple. All it consists of is placing some hooks and extra shelves on the door of your room or the door of your closet. Thanks to this, if some of your clothes didn’t fit, everything will have a place now! So, why not give this option a try, and you are guaranteed to find a spot for all your things!

14. A Wall Table – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Is your room so tiny that you can’t fit a table inside of it, then you might have to make do with a table that is mounted on the wall. When you need to use it, for eating a meal or doing some work, all you need to do is flip up the table. At the times you don’t need your table and need that extra space instead you can just close the table. It’s really as simple as that! If you are interested in building one of these yourself, try following an online tutorial.

15. An Array of Shelves – Simplistic and Logical

While you might have decided to use the space underneath your bed, for storing some of your stuff, there are still so many options you can choose from. One great idea is to create some storage space right above your bed. These might be some shelves, on which you place baskets that are filled with all sorts of things you couldn’t fit in anywhere else. Remember, that you can always place shelves above most of your other furniture which is closer to the ceiling of your room. This is a great way of using your environment to your advantage.

16. A Shelf Desk – A Stunning Option

Maybe you have a small room in which you couldn’t fit in all of your furniture. For example, you might not have been able to fit a desk in your room but you have a closet or a cabinet. If this is the case, then why not transform your closet into a desk? While using it as storage space, you can create a table out of one of the doors of the closet, flipping it down.

17. Organised – Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

How about you combine a few things, in order to create a great space for storage in your bedroom? This might include a few cabinets which you place against your walls. You can also include some floating shelves above them, on which you can store anything which didn’t fit in the cabinets. Then you can also attach some rods to the walls, on which you can hang any clothes. This is another fantastic way of arranging furniture in a smart way to make sure all your clothes fit in your bedroom.

18. A Murphy Bed – Built it Yourself

An amazing way of saving space in a small bedroom is by actually sleeping on a murphy bed. Murphy beds are the types of beds which you can close up during the day. So when you aren’t sleeping on them, they won’t take up much space. You can also create a frame and a headboard for the bed, which are shaped as shelves. This means you will be able to use your bed as a storage space as well!

19. Pull-Out Drawers – Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Make sure that you use all the spare space in your room as places where you can store items. You can place some pull-out drawers right underneath your bed. This is a great place for storing any clothes or shoes you weren’t able to fit into a wardrobe.

20. Floating Shelf – Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Another simple and easy idea is to install some floating shelves right above your bed. This will serve as a way of storing any books or necessities you might need during the night. Not to mention, it won’t take up any extra space of the room. This is a perfect way of saving space and decorating for a small bedroom!


Hopefully, you were able to find inspiration amongst our storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget. For other home and garden ideas, such as DIY garden furniture or front porch ideas on a budget, visit our website.