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Redecorating or refurbishing your house is a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. Giving the rooms a new look, according to your style is always a great idea. If you have a small bedroom, you might be cautious about how to design and decorate it. But just because it’s small, does not mean that it will be more difficult to decorate! We have collected 25 small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, to give you better insight on how to use the space in your small bedroom wisely. Hopefully, you will be able to find some inspiration amongst the bedroom ideas for small rooms below on how to decorate your own room!


1. Geometric and Modern – Chill Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Geometric patterns have become very trendy and fashionable these days. So if you like these patterns, make sure to use them in your bedroom design. Grab geometric bed sheets and blankets, a geometric rug and a geometric painting as well. If you have a small bedroom, you will have to think about arranging all the furniture in a way which won’t take up much space but will still give you homely vibes. Depending on your preference, you can try out geometric patterns in either warmer colours or cooler colours, like in the picture above.

2. Cosy and Cute – Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

You can easily convert your small bedroom into a cosy and cute space to rest. Place your bed directly next to the window. Try finding a bed which fits perfectly from one wall to the other. Try using shelves which you can attach to walls. You can place decorative items on these shelves or even just books, to give your room a beautiful look. Also, focus on finding some awesome lights with which you can add a special atmosphere to your room. By the end, your room will have transformed into the cosiest room ever!

3. A Divide of Colours – Interesting Colour Ideas

Another extremely important factor in redesigning your room are the colours. The colour of your furniture and the colour of the walls will immediately give your room some sort of atmosphere. Here is an interesting idea on how to utilize colours in a unique way. Paint half of the bedroom in one colour and the other half in a different colour, showing a fine and clear line of divide. If you are living with your partner this might be a funny way of separating your side of the room from theirs!

4. Stunning and Stylish – A Hint of Vintage

Having a tiny bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t arrange everything inside in a fabulous way! If you like a vintage theme of items, including furniture, make sure to give your room a vintage vibe. Use wooden furniture, hang up old photos and pictures and get simple blankets to complement this vibe. If the room is truly tiny, then place the bed next to the window, so it won’t take up much space. Then give the room your own twist on things by grabbing an assortment of your favourite pillows for the bed!

5. Gorgeous and Simplistic – Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you prefer a clean and simple style on things, then check out this bedroom idea! Using soft colours, like white, grey, pink and brown, this room creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. If you are in need of more storage place, make sure to use shelves which you can place on your walls. This way, you won’t be taking up space from your other furniture. If you have quite a bit of pink in your room, you might consider using rose gold for metal objects. For example, get a lamp which is rose gold to complement the rest of your room!

6. A Bit of Sunshine – A Sunny Yellow

If you are really into playing around with colour, then make sure to do it! Perhaps your room doesn’t get much sunlight. If so, make sure to add a bit of artificial sunniness to your bedroom! You can paint the area surrounding your bed with a coating of sunny yellow paint. This will add a unique spark to your room. Leave the rest of the walls in a different colour to make the yellow brightness even more illuminating.

7. Boxes Under the Bed – Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Another fantastic idea on how to solve space problems is this! Instead of attaching shelves to your walls, create a small storage space right underneath your bed. Place shelves together, which will enable you to store anything you like inside. You can put books on the shelves, decor items or important files, it’s really up to you! Your small storage place underneath your bed will look like a cave of treasures! Make sure that the colours of the shelf match the overall look of your room!

8. An Innovative Idea – Loft With Stairs

Here is yet another fabulous way of adding space to your tiny room. Create a loft above your bed, adding a small flight of stairs to lead you up. You can create a small dining area above your bed or just a chill corner, where you can work or find a bit of peace while reading a book. This is an especially great idea if you have guests over, as you will have enough space to entertain them in. You can even create a small door to your bed, to create a bit of privacy for yourself.

9. A Hanging Bed – Climbing Up

A Hanging Bed - Climbing Up

Play around with your furniture, in order to create a larger space in your small bedroom. You can try hanging the bed itself from the ceiling. This is a great idea for anyone who loves a bit of fun, having to climb up and down your bed each morning and night! It’s also a fantastic idea because you will be able to create anything you like under the bed itself. Whether you need a spot for storage or just a place to hang out with your friends, you will be able to create whatever you’d like out of it!

10. A Cute Top Bunk – Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Make sure that you have room in your bedroom for everything! Use a top bunk as your sleeping place, then create a small office underneath, which consists of a desk and a chair. Depending on what sort of colours you like and feel comfortable in, use them all around your room. For a magical atmosphere, try out hanging strings of fairy lights above your bed and on the walls of your room. This will illuminate your bedroom in a soft glow of lights.

11. Bed or Closet – Using Space in a Smart Way

We have talked a lot about using the space underneath or above your bed as storage space. Create a whole closet for your things underneath your bed. You can have separate drawers for each sort of item you need to store. A drawer for socks and a drawer for t-shirts. This is an awesome way to save space in your tiny bedroom!

12. An Awesome Murphy Bed – Great Idea

Everyone has probably heard of a Murphy bed. It’s the sort of bed, which disguises itself to look like a shelf or closet, but is actually a bed. All you need to do is pull it out every night and place it back in the morning. It’s a fabulous way of saving a lot of space, which is great if you have a tiny bedroom.