25 TEENAGE BEDROOM IDEAS FOR SMALL ROOMS - Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls
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25 TEENAGE BEDROOM IDEAS FOR SMALL ROOMS – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls


25 TEENAGE BEDROOM IDEAS FOR SMALL ROOMS - Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls


Have you decided to renovate and refurbish your house? If so, you might be looking for bedroom ideas for small rooms. Sometimes it proves hard to decorate a small room or find the right sort of furniture for it. As it is small, you will need to find practical pieces of furniture with which you don’t clutter the room’s aura. Also, think about creating an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. There are a few ways you can achieve this! When it comes to creating a gorgeous bedroom for a teenager, you will also need to consider their personality and their needs. We have collected 25 teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms to give you some inspiration concerning home decor. So take a browse through our small bedroom ideas for teenage girls!


1. A Single Bed – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

When it comes to small rooms, a practical solution is using smaller sized furniture. Since you don’t have that much space, smaller sized furniture will help make the room look somewhat bigger. For example, instead of getting a queen or king-sized bed, why not go for a single bed? Using a single bed will definitely provide more space in your teen’s room. Then it’s up to you and your teenager on how you decide to decorate it!

2. A Fantastic Shelf – Saving Some Space

Shelves are a great way of storing a lot of items, including books or pieces of decor. Sometimes they are too large though and take up too much space! When it comes to a small bedroom, you will want to find a practical shelf. Why not create a shelf which acts as a frame around your teenager’s bed? Create the shelf out of the same material as the bed frame is made out of and make sure that it’s the same colour. This bookshelf design will also function as a bedside table, which is a fantastic idea!

3. Storing Stuff Under the Bed – A Logical Idea

Storing Stuff Under the Bed - A Logical Idea

While you might not have space in your teenager’s bedroom for an extra shelf or closet, there are many other ways of storing their things. For example, storing clothes or other sorts of things in boxes under the best is a logical idea. All your teen will need to do is pull out the box from underneath their bed and take out whatever they need. It’s a great way of saving space in a small room! The rest is up to you and your teen, on how you would like the decorate the room.

4. A Hanging Chair – Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Since you are designing a room for a teenager, you will also want to make sure to add an element of fun. A hanging chair is a fabulous example of this! Hanging a chair from the ceiling won’t take up much space. Not to mention, it will also create a safe spot in the room. Fill the hanging chair up with pillows to make sure it is extra comfortable. This hanging chair is guaranteed to become your teen’s new favourite place in the house.

5. Monochrome Shades – A Stylish Room Design

Here is a stylish room design, which is perfect for teenager boys! Use monochrome in a trendy way, for example, by linking the colours to a sport like soccer. You can use soccer as inspiration for their bedroom, which will give their whole room a sporty and active vibe! While you might decide on painting the walls in monochrome shades or patterns, make sure the leave the ceiling white. A white ceiling will create an illusion that the room is spacier, then it actually is. So give this fabulous idea a try!

6. Adding a Burst of Colour – Yellow Sunshine

Another great way of adding more space visually to a room is by using a dominant burst of colour in it! For example, try out a vibrant yellow. Use this vivid colour in the furniture as well as in the decor. Using yellow will bring a happy and sunny vibe to any room, so if you and your teenager love this colour make sure to use it. To save space, use drawers underneath the bed for storing things, and attach a few shelves to the desk. This way your teen will have more place in their room!

7. Black and Pink – Girls Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Black and Pink - Girls Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Make sure to give your teenager’s room a gorgeous design. Here is a beautiful idea that any teenage girl will love! Use a combination of soft pinks and black geometric patterns to create a unique and beautiful look! You can even paint a few black patterns on the walls just to enhance the look of the whole room! Give the bed itself a unique look as well, using a combination of pink and black bed sheets and blankets. And naturally, don’t forget to get some decorative pillows as well!

8. Bed on a Closet – Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you don’t have enough room in your teenager’s room to place a closet in it, don’t worry about it! There are a few ways of creating a storage closet that won’t take up much space in the room! For example, building a closet underneath their bed. Fill the part underneath their bed with drawers and even shelves. This way they will have plenty of room to store anything in the closets. Your teenager will still be able to easily climb up onto their bed!

9. Find a Place for Everything – Great Ideas for Small Rooms

In a small room, it is crucial to find a place for everything. Naturally, it can be hard to place everything in the right place, without giving the room a cramped feeling. Try placing the furniture as far away from each other as possible, trying to leave an area in the middle of the room which is bare. This might possibly help make your teenager’s room look a bit bigger. You can play around with the colours as well. Make sure to paint the walls in pale shades to create an illusion that it is larger.

10. Using Space Wisely – Where to Place Furniture

As we mentioned before, creating more space in a room is all about placing furniture wisely. For example, place a desk next to a bed. You won’t have to get a bedside table for your teenager this way,  as the desk will function as the table instead. Also, consider placing shelves right above or right next to your desk. This way you won’t take up that much space in the bedroom. Use light or pale shades of colour to decorate the room, in order to create a spacier effect.

11. Bunk Beds – Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Bunk Beds - Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you have to fit two kids into one room a bunk bed has got you covered! It’s the easiest solution for creating two sleeping spaces and taking up the least amount of room possible. There are hundreds of types of bunk beds, so try finding the best one for you and your teenagers, which will fit perfectly into their room! These are awesome teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms!

12. Wall Shelves – Practical Girl Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Placing shelves on the walls is a super practical way of storing books, as well as saving space! You can get wall shelves practically anywhere now and in any colour or material. So if you need more space, but need a place to store books, make sure to get wall shelves!

13. Bed Between Walls – Saving Space

Why not wedge the bed in between two or three walls to save space? This is a great idea if you have a smaller space in your room, where you can’t seem to place anything else properly? This will give your teenager a cosy spot for sleeping, as well as more space in the rest of their room. Decorate the room in a way your teenager will love!

14. A Low Loft – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

Are you still in search of some fabulous teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms? Create a low loft in your teenager’s bedroom, to place their bed on. A different level of space in their bedroom will create an illusion that the room is actually more spacious. You can place wall shelves above your bed, to save even more space!

15. Eclectic and Bohemian – Creating a Unique Vibe

Eclectic and Bohemian - Creating a Unique Vibe

Just because a room is small, doesn’t mean you have to hold back on giving it a unique and creative vibe! If your teenager loves the artsy, bohemian decor, create an eclectic view for them. Hang all sorts of small ornaments above their bed, for example, paintings, dreamcatchers and fairy lights. This will give the room a gorgeous atmosphere!

16. Beautiful Bunk Bed – Perfect and Practical

As we mentioned before, bunk beds are awesome ideas, especially if you have to fit two kids into one room. A bunk bed is also a great idea if you want to create a small safe space for your teenagers, where they can relax and do homework. Bunk beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so if you have a teen who likes their furniture on the more elegant side, you will be sure to find something perfect for them!

17. A Vanity Mirror – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

If you have a teenage girl who loves to style her hair and do her makeup, make sure to include a vanity mirror in her room! This will make it one of many perfect girls bedroom ideas for small rooms! You can place shelves around it, to store her things on it. When she will need to study or do homework, she will be able to use this space as a desk. Make sure to place lights around the mirror, for better lighting! This will make the perfect girls bedroom design!

18. Shelves Around the Bed – Great Room Decor 

Saving space in a small room has never been this easy! Frame the area above your teenager’s bed with shelves. Attaching shelves around the bed will save more space, not to mention you won’t even need a bedside table for them! Depending on what sort of style your teenager embraces, make sure to decorate their room in that way!

19. Inspired by Friends – A Dreamy Idea

Inspired by Friends - A Dreamy Idea

Teenagers love to place all sorts of photos and pictures around their room. It’s a fabulous way of decorating their room with memories of friends and happy moments. Use inspiration from the famous TV series Friends. Paint up the word “friends” above your teen’s bed, then place a whole collage of photos around it. Illuminate the space with fairy lights or another sort of bedroom lighting.

20. Crazy About Sports – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

Find some teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms that incorporate a sport design! If your teenager is obsessed with sports, make sure to give their room a sporty vibe! Allow them to hang up posters or paintings of their favourite sport. Place sports balls on their shelves for an even more active and sporty look!

21. Using Bright Colours – Vibrant Furniture

If you decide to leave your teenager’s room painted white, then make sure to bring a few bursts of vibrant colour into it! You can achieve this by using coloured furniture! For example, get a blue bed frame, a pink puff and a yellow bedside table. Make sure you also get a vivid set of pillows to give the room happy and fun energy.

22. A Cowboy Bedroom – Perfect for Teenage Boys

Here is another fantastic way of channelling your teenage boy’s love for sports and his favourite sports team into his bedroom decor! If he loves the Cowboy football team, why not try out this idea? Decorate his room with all sorts of Cowboy decor, this can mean photos of football or placing footballs on his walls.

23. A Touch of Nature – Adding Plants

A Touch of Nature - Adding Plants

It’s always a fantastic idea to add a touch of nature to a bedroom! Just by placing a few plants around the room, you will be able to create a more earth atmosphere. Also, illuminate the bedroom with fairy lights, to give it an ethereal look. Your teenager will love the ambience of this earthy room!

24. Geometric Patterns – Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

An awesome style of patterns you can decorate your teenager’s room with are geometric shapes. You can use geometric shapes in the furniture and also paint the walls according to these patterns. Geometric patterns can help create a visually larger room!

25. Adding Fairy Lights – Small Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

No matter how small the bedroom is, you will want to think about adding a source of light that will illuminate the bedroom beautifully. Strings of fairy lights work perfectly for this! Hang them above the bed for a brilliant ambience!


We hope you have found some inspiration amongst these teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms! For more home decor ideas, besides small bedroom ideas for teenage girls, like bedroom curtain ideas or apartment living rooms, go to our website.