25 BEST LIGHTING FOR BEDROOM - Decorative Lights for Bedroom
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25 BEST LIGHTING FOR BEDROOM – Decorative Lights for Bedroom


When you are remodelling or redecorating your home there are so many things you will have to look out for. Especially if you would like to create a sense of harmony in your house or apartment. One of these things to watch out for is the lighting. After all, when you think about it, lighting helps set the ambience and mood of a room. Not only does it matter what sort of colour lights you choose for your rooms, but it also matters how much light there is. So, taking this all into consideration you will want to make sure that your bedroom has the perfect lighting as well. Check out our 25 best lighting for bedroom ideas. Thanks to these, you will be certain to find some inspiration concerning decorative lights for bedroom, as well as ideas for your home!


1. A Macrame Project – Best Lighting for Bedroom

Perhaps you know how to create incredible things using macrame techniques. Or maybe you’d just love to learn how to do something. A fantastic idea for your bedroom is to create a bedroom lampshade using this technique. So, how about you weave a lampshade for your pendant light? This will create a very groovy and bohemian vibe in your bedroom, so if that is the effect you are trying to achieve, then go for it!

2. Strings of Fairy Lights – With Memories

If you are trying to create a bubble of safety and love out of your room, then try using these decorative room lights! Hang strings of fairy lights across one of the walls of your room. Then, using wooden pegs, clip some photos and memories to the strings of lights. All of the photos should show a few moments of your life when you were having fun! This is a super easy trick with which you can take your bedroom to the next level. Not to mention, it will look amazing during the evenings and nights.

3. A Corbel Sconce Light – DIY Projects

Here is a great craft you can immerse yourself into! Try to make some DIY corbel sconce lights instead of buying them at the shop. You can even put together the corbel out of scraps of wood if you have any lying around at home or in your shed! The sconce you attach to your corbel should be a pendant light, which will make it easy to hang from the wood. When it is finally put together, your new corbel sconce will look smart and stylish. This is perfect for a more chic and modern styled bedroom!

4. Create a Word – Decorative Lights for Bedroom

Create a Word - Decorative Lights for Bedroom

There are tonnes of awesome ways in which you can decorate a smaller bedroom. This also includes the lighting of the room! Maybe you would love to include some sort of word or definition in your room, a word that defines your bedroom or personality. How about you put this together out of strings of fairy lights or led lights? You will have to hammer some nails into the walls, which will allow you to twist the wires of the fairy lights around them, forming the letters of the word. Then, when evening or night arrives, the word will light up! This is a great idea for kids bedroom lighting!

5. Recycle Something Old – A Rustic Ambience

Are you thinking of creating a source of light for your bedroom? If so, then why not look around your house before making anything and try recycling some old materials or items? For example, you may have a metal kettle. Cut off the bottom of it and fixate the kettle to a pendant light hanging from your ceiling. Thanks to this cute kettle, your bedroom will be given a rustic sort of ambience. So, if a farmhouse or rustic is what you were aiming for, then give this idea a try!

6. A Driftwood Chandelier – Best Lighting for Bedroom

Create your very own chandelier! But instead of making it out of glass and metal, using driftwood for the base of your chandelier. Then hang some mason jars from the driftwood. You can place some plants in the jars, letting them grow freely. In the rest of the jars, you can put some flameless candles or bundles of fairy lights inside. This will help create a gorgeous and dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom. Then hang the driftwood chandelier from your ceiling or one of the walls!

7. Simple and Magical – Fabulous in Fairy Lights

We have already mentioned using strings of fairy lights to illuminate your room. Fairy lights provide very dim and dreamy lighting in any room. So if you don’t want lights that are too strong and bright, then fairy lights are the way to go. Not to mention, they are incredibly easy to place in your room. You won’t have to build or construct anything in order to fixate them to your wall. Simply attach the lights to nails hammered into the walls or to pieces of furniture, then string them across the room or along the walls.

8. A Handwoven Rattan Basket – Bohemian and Funky

A Handwoven Rattan Basket - Bohemian and Funky

You might love to create all sorts of art projects. Have you ever tried out weaving a basket? If you have already made a basket or have one from a store, it’s time to get creative! Use it for your bedroom lighting idea! Turn your handwoven basket upside down, attaching some multicoloured tassels to it for a funky vibe. Then all you have to do is place your basket right above a pendant light, hanging from the ceiling of your room. With this, you will have created a new and terrific lampshade for your room!

9. Fluffy Cotton Clouds – Decorative Lights for Bedroom

Have you ever found yourself gazing at the sky and watching the clouds float slowly along the azure blueness? If you love watching clouds, then why not use them as inspiration for your bedroom lighting? Firstly, will have to purchase some lanterns. Then using a glue gun stick balls of cotton wool onto the lanterns until they resemble the shapes of clouds. Attach them to pendant lights hanging from your ceiling. Your room should look like a sky filled with clouds by the end of it! These would make great kids bedroom lighting!

10. A Cool Skateboard – Illuminate Your Bedroom

There is a huge amount of items you can transform into something completely new. When you are in the middle of designing your home. You might think about ways of creating that space into a reflection of your own personality. For example, if you love to skateboard, then why not turn one of your old skateboards into a lamp for your bedroom? Replace the wheels with lights and mount the skateboard on your wall. Whoever walks in your room will be able to experience and understand you better than before.

11. An Orb of Hoops – Best Lighting for Bedroom

If you love geometric shapes or more modern decoration, then you will love this modern bedroom lighting. Create a lampshade orb which is put together out of hoops. Depending on your taste and style, you can use wooden, plastic or metal hoops to create the orb. For a simple orb, you will need 4 hoops to create it. This will be the perfect lampshade to attach to a pendant light, especially if you truly are in search of a more modern and contemporary design.

12. Mason Jar Luminaries – Easy Bedroom Light Ideas

Mason Jar Luminaries - Easy Bedroom Light Ideas

When you want to give your room a makeover, sometimes you might find a few things which are over your price limit. So if you are in search of a cheap idea, check out these mason jar decoration luminaries! You will need to buy a few mason jars. Next, using a glue gun, attach some glass gems to your mason jars, covering them fully in these small gems. You can place candles inside of them or fairy lights, it’s really up to you! These decorative room lights will light your bedroom beautifully!

13. A Yarn Wrapped Lampshade – Decorative Lights for Bedroom

How about you create a stunning lampshade for your bedroom lamp?  One simple and inexpensive way of creating a lampshade is with the help of yarn or wool. Wrap your whole lampshade with either natural coloured or multicoloured wool, depending on what sort of atmosphere you’d like to create in your bedroom. Finally, you will just have to attach it to your pendant light hanging from the ceiling.

14. A Retro Vibe – Pages from Books

Would you like to transform your bedroom into a comfortable and cosy retreat? Well, how about decorating your nightstand lampshade in a creative manner? If you love to read books, then how about covering your lampshade first in glue, then attaching all sorts of pages to it? Allow it to dry before starting to use it. This will definitely bring a retro vibe to your room.

15. Handmade Doily Lamp – Lovely in Lace

Get creative and make your own lampshade! If you love using lace for decorative elements, then you will love to try out a doily lamp! You will need a balloon, on which you place strips of lace and doily. Glue them to the balloon and let them dry while still fixated to the balloon. After the glue has dried, it is time to pop the balloon. This will reveal a simple and lovely lampshade that you can attach to a pendant light!

16. A Gorgeous Canopy – Best Lighting for Bedroom

A Gorgeous Canopy - Best Lighting for Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat! How can you achieve this easily? By creating a canopy above your bed which lights up at night! You will need to drape some sheer fabric over your bed and arrange some strings of fairy lights on this fabric. Then when night arrives, you just need to turn on the lights to create a spectacular and magical effect!

17. A Bit of Burlap – Vintage and Farmhouse

Burlap is a fantastic material to work with, especially if you are trying to create a rustic or farmhouse sort of vibe in your home. If this is the case, then make sure to use burlap for your lampshade. You can create some burlap frills which you place on the lampshade itself.

18. A Bedside Lamp – Unique and Creative

Do you need a bedside lamp? But would love to try out minimalistic and modern bedroom lighting? Then simply tie the wire of a lamp bulb around a handle or a shelf above your bed. Allow the lamp to hang down next to your bed, just like in the example above!

19. Yarn Lampshades –  Decorative Lights for Bedroom

Here is another fun and unique lampshade idea! You will have to blow up some balloons, on which you place two rings of metal wire. Then wrap some yarn all around them, using glue to fixate everything to the balloons. When everything dries, you have to pop your balloons and you will have some awesome new lampshades which you can attach to pendant lights.

20. Cute Holes – Create a Cool Lampshade

Cute Holes - Create a Cool Lampshade

If you are thinking about designing and making your own lampshade, why not try using plywood for this idea? It’s a relatively easy material to work with. You can create a cube-like shape for your lampshade, then carve holes into the sides. This will create amazing and interesting lighting at night!

21. Mason Jar Chandelier – Cheap and Stunning

There are so many ideas on how to use mason jars in new and creative ways! You can even create a mason jar chandelier out of them, by placing lightbulbs in them through their lids. You can hang a few of these mason jars from a piece of wood, this way creating your chandelier. This would also make great modern living room lighting!

22. Strips of Fabric – Fantastic and Fun

Take a look at this unique lampshade which is put together out of strips of fabric! Use all sorts of fabric to attach them to the base of your lampshade. This means you can use fabrics that are patterned and coloured differently!

23. Wine Bottles – Decorative Lights for Bedroom

Another beautiful hanging lights for bedrooms idea is to spruce up your room with is to recycle some wine bottles. Turn them into lampshades by cutting off their bottoms. Then attach lightbulbs, connected by wires to the bottles. This will allow the wine bottles to hang down from the ceiling in an amazing manner.

24. Natural and Earthy – A Twig Lampshade

Natural and Earthy - A Twig Lampshade

Are you in search of a lampshade that will bring a more natural and earthy sense to your bedroom? Then why not build one out of twigs? Use an abundance of twigs to stick onto your lampshade, creating an incredibly unique look in your room.

25. Chic and Trendy – Best Lighting for Bedroom Ideas

Create dazzling hanging lights for bedrooms! You will have to cover your original lampshade in a whole array of small discs, which are painted in a metallic colour, such as gold. Attach them to your lampshade with the help of a glue gun. By the end, you should have a lampshade covered in metallic discs.


We trust that you were able to find some decorative lights for bedroom ideas in our collection. For other home and garden ideas, besides the best lighting for bedrooms, such as DIY garden furniture or bathroom storage ideas for small spaces, visit our website.