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A lovely place and refuge of your home is no other than your garden. When you have a stressful and long day at work or school you can simply go into the garden and take a bit of time out. Maybe one of your favourite hobbies is gardening, and you love to improve your front or backyard, which means you spend even more time outside. When it’s spring, summer or autumn, you will want to work in your garden! You might want to create a few DIY projects, to make your garden a friendlier place. Or you might think about planting flowers or bushes in a unique way. Make sure to browse through our pick of a few ideas concerning gardens!


1. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget – Garden Inspiration

Make sure that your front yard looks amazing! Your front yard is the first impression of your house, so you will want it to look great. You might have been thinking about planting an array of gorgeous flowers around the garden. Another awesome idea is to add small decorative elements to your garden. For example, create a stone planter around your mailbox. Or add some interesting lighting to your garden for a special ambience at night! So if you are thinking about sprucing up your garden, do it with a few front yard landscaping ideas!

2. Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Unique Backyard Design Ideas

Maybe you are feeling a bit bored with your backyard garden? Why not try giving it a new look? After all, you can use your backyard in limitless ways. For example, you can create a herb garden in a part of it. Or if you love to entertain guests, you can create a small space to invite them over. It’s really up to you on what sort of atmosphere you’d like to bring to your backyard. It is needless to say that there are a lot of great ways of redesigning and redecorating your backyard. Keeping this in mind, you will want to look through our backyard landscaping ideas for a bit of inspiration!

3. Small Garden Designs – Very Small Garden Ideas on a Budget

Not everyone has a large garden, but that shouldn’t be anything you have to worry about! After all, you can bring out the best of a smaller space by checking out some of our small garden design ideas! You will want to organise everything in a logical way trying to minimise the use of space in your garden, the best you can. There are hundreds of fantastic ideas for you to take a look through which concern very small garden ideas on a budget!

4. Simple Flower Bed Ideas – Garden Bed Ideas

Bring a beautiful ambience to your garden by planting some gorgeous flowers! Flowers will definitely bring bursts of colour to the environment. If you are certain that you want to add some florals to your garden, then try finding some awesome simple flower bed ideas! There are so many ways you can style your garden beds or creating planters. Not to mention, there is a whole variety of flower species you can choose from! So depending on your taste and style, we’re sure you will be able to find the perfect type for your garden!

5. DIY Garden Furniture – DIY Outdoor Wooden Storage Bench

Another way to spruce up your garden is with some DIY garden furniture! Adding some furniture will definitely give your garden more functions. For example, creating a sofa will allow you to lounge around on a lazy afternoon in your backyard. Building a table will allow you to eat lunch or dinner outside or will act as a perfect spot for entertaining any guests! Constructing your own furniture for your garden is a fabulous way of recycling any leftover materials you might have!

6. Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas – Garden Fence Designs

We have talked about numerous ways of giving your garden an exciting look! One thing you can’t forget about though is your garden fence. Without a proper fence, you wouldn’t be able to determine where your garden ends. Again, choosing a great fence depends on the style you want to embody in your garden. For a more rustic look, you might choose a brick fence, for a modern vibe you may give metal fencing a try! There are heaps of cheap fence ideas for your backyard, meaning you will be guaranteed to find inspiration!

7. Garden Edging Ideas – Gorgeous Garden Edging Designs

You might be looking for some garden edging ideas! Garden edging helps add contrast and definition to your front and backyard! It can come in many forms. For example, you can create a dividing line between two parts of your garden with stones, bricks or lighting! There is a whole set of amazing ideas which you can use for recreating your garden!

8. Fairy Garden Houses – Cute Additions to Any Garden

Perhaps you are in search of something to turn your garden into an enchanted land of fairies. How about you add some fairy garden houses to it? By creating a few houses and homes for the fairies of your garden, you will transform your garden into a truly whimsical and magical space to be in! You can create these tiny houses yourself or make some houses out of tree stumps. If cute fairy homes won’t spruce up your garden, we don’t know what will!

9. Small Front Porch Decorating – On a Budget

Have you been wondering about how to decorate your front porch? After all, your front porch is an important part of your garden and home! It serves as the first impression to anyone who visits you, to what the inside of your house might look like! Depending on your own personal sense of style, you might try out something rustic or you may go for something more on the elegant side of small front porch ideas on a budget. It’s really up to you and your own style!

10. Outdoor Grill Ideas – Great for Summer Garden Parties

Outdoor Grill Ideas - Great for Summer Garden Parties
Get ready to throw some amazing summer garden parties, by installing a grill in your garden! When it comes to outdoor grills, there are actually quite a few you can choose from. For example, you might consider constructing a table around it, to make grilling a group activity at a party. Whatever sort of grill you end up choosing, make certain that it fits right into your garden!

11. Modern Outdoor Fireplace – Outdoor Fire Pits

Transform your garden into a cosy place you’ll love to spend time in, even during colder months! How can you achieve this easily? By installing a fireplace in it! Add some seats around it, so you’ll be able to enjoy a warm fire on chillier days while relaxing next to it. So look through our pick of modern outdoor fireplaces to find a perfect addition to your own garden!

12. Easy Garden Paths – Garden Walkway Designs

Get around your garden in a stylish and beautiful way! Add some sort of garden path to it! Whether it’s spraying gravel over parts of your garden, laying down stepping stones or trying out something completely new, we’re sure it will look amazing! A lot depends on the style or design in which your home was built, after all, you’d like your garden walkway to complement it.

13. Indoor Herb Gardens – Best Herb Planters for Kitchens

Do you love cooking and baking with fresh herbs? Perhaps you don’t have a large garden or you live in an apartment, which means you won’t be able to grow herbs. But how about you create a herb garden indoors? There are quite a few ways you can accomplish this. Planting herbs in pots or even in recycled cans or cartons is just a start to a fantastic idea! Place them in your windows or place them on floating shelves in your kitchen! With some herb planters for your kitchen, you’ll bring the room alive!

14. Garden Lighting Ideas – Backyard Lighting Installations

Set the mood in your garden by adding some unique lighting to it! Whether this is in the form of some post lamps installed along your garden walkway or wall lights placed on your garden walls, we’re sure it will look great! It’s important to illuminate your front or backyard, so if you go out during the evenings or night, you’ll be able to see where you are going! So, make sure to have some garden lighting fixtures installed!

Whether it is garden furniture or landscaping ideas, we’re sure you have been able to find a few tips for your garden!