25 FRONT YARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS ON A BUDGET - Inspiration for Landscaping

25 FRONT YARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS ON A BUDGET – Inspiration for Landscaping


25 FRONT YARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS ON A BUDGET - Inspiration for Landscaping


Decorating your house with beautiful objects and home decor can take the atmosphere of your home to a whole new level. If you have a garden though, you will probably know by now that it takes time and energy to keep it in shape. It takes up a lot of time to water everything, mow the lawn and fertilise the flowers or plants. But it’s completely worth it, even if it is time-consuming. Sometimes when you’ve had a rough day the best possible place to relax in your garden. To give your garden a sense of style or that extra beauty why not gather some inspiration from our front yard landscaping ideas? We have gathered 25 fantastic front yard landscaping ideas on a budget for you to choose from, to make your garden perfect and give off the best vibes!


1. A Cascade of Pebbles – Beautiful Garden Decor

A simple and easy way to give your garden a new and beautiful look is with this idea! All you need is a large clay pot or vase and a multitude of pebbles or small stones. Place the clay pot in your garden, tilting it to the side. Pour pebbles or small stones into it and around it, as if they were pouring out of it. This will look like a beautiful cascade of water flowing into your garden!

2. Tiers of Trees and Bushes – A Gorgeous Look

If your front yard has a natural hill, on which your house is resting on, make sure to use that small climb to create something gorgeous! Create tiers of trees and bushes, making them look like platforms next to each other. Envelope each platform in stone, before filling it with soil. You can plant your favourite trees or bushes in them.

3. A Fabulous Fountain – Add a Bit of Elegance

A Fabulous Fountain - Add a Bit of Elegance

Placing a water fountain in your front yard is a great idea! It will bring that addition of elegance to your garden, not to mention the birds in your neighbourhood will benefit from it as well. If you love the sound of water pattering or trickling down, make sure to get a fountain in your garden! Your front yard will be a place of deep relaxation and good vibes for whoever visits you!

4. Brighten Up Your Garden – A Rain of Lights

If you are looking for a cheap and simple way to spruce up your front yard, don’t go any further! All you need is an old watering can and a few strings of fairy lights. Attach the watering can to a wooden or metal pole, and string the lights down from the sprinkler part of the watering can. It will create an illusion that the watering can is showering your plants with bright lights! This is a truly beautiful garden lighting idea!

5. Modern Refinement – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Do you prefer a more modern and simplistic decor over rustic or traditional ornaments? Then here’s an idea that will blow your mind! Plant small bushes along the path leading to your front door, leaving the same lengthed distances between them. Cut and trim your bushes to create small spheres. Instead of leaving them standing in soil, cover the ground with small white pebbles. You can also place a row of lights next to each bush, to help guide you or anyone else to your home.

6. Islands of Flowers – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

With this breathtaking front yard idea, you will be the envy of your neighbourhood! Create small islands of flower beds, blooming all around your garden. All you have to do is dig up parts of your garden, and plant an abundance of flowers in the soil there. Leave the rest of your front lawn overrun in beautiful green grass, while there are small circles of blossoming flowers creating a beautiful contrast.

7. A Splash of Colour – Floral Front Yard Ideas

A Splash of Colour - Floral Front Yard Ideas

While you might have a few stepping stones, bushes and trees decorating your front lawn, you might be missing something as equally gorgeous as it is vibrant. We recommend adding flowers! Pink posies are a great idea, as they add a burst of colour to wherever they are planted!

8. A Stylish Mailbox – Best Ideas for Front Yards

Remember not to forget your mailbox when designing or decorating your front garden! A mailbox is sometimes the first impression of the home itself, so it’s important to give it a great look. Coat your mailbox in a simple shade of paint, for example, black will give it a classic look. Then create a paving stone planter around it, as if the mailbox were growing out of it! Add a few flowers to the planter for an even more exceptional image!

9. Romantic Roses – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

If you simply adore the fragrant scent of roses, make sure to decorate your front yard with them! It’s completely up to you on what species or colour roses you choose to plant. You can even attach them to a wooden pole, to make them grow upward, forming them to look more like trees than rose bushes!

10. Illuminate Your Garden – Light it Up

Adding some form of lighting to your front yard is crucial! It will set the tone and atmosphere of your garden at night. If you have been looking for something more simple, but beautiful why not try a long light that trails around the rim of your planter? It will illuminate your flowers with dim light, just like in the picture above! This is a great idea if you have been looking for something elegant and refined.

11. A Great Fence – The Frame of Your Garden

A Great Fence - The Frame of Your Garden

A picturesque garden is in need of a great fence, just like a beautiful painting needs a beautiful frame. Depending on what style your front yard embodies, you might consider building a garden fence to surround it. For example, a garden on the rustic side might look better with a big stone wall encircling it, while a more modern and simplistic front yard may match a simpler wooden fence. 

12. Trail of Shrubs – Front Yard Garden Ideas

Do you have a paved pathway decorating your front yard, leading the way from the street to your front door? Make sure you decorate its surroundings, for example, by planting a trail of shrubs next to it. You can trim the shrubs any way you’d like, but naturally, it’s up to you what you plant next to your pathway! Flowers are also great front yard garden ideas to add!

13. Pots of Succulents – Elegance and Sophistication

Another great way to elevate your garden is with succulents! Succulents are low-maintenance plants, meaning you don’t need to spend time water them each day or pouring fertilizer into their soil. You can place a variety of these plants in pots and place them around different parts of your front yard. Succulents look especially great in a more modern and simplistic garden!

14. Sloped Gardens – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

So your house might be built on a hill, meaning you have a sloped front lawn. That’s okay though because we have the perfect idea on how to decorate it with some front yard garden ideas! If your pathway leading to your house has some steps, create planters next to them. Encircle the planters with stone, and fill them with your favourite flowers or bushes! A few vibrant splashes of colour will add some life to your front garden!

15. A Post Light – Rustic Atmosphere

A Post Light - Rustic Atmosphere

Add a rustic vibe to your garden with this one ornament! Place a vintage post light in your garden, maybe cover it with a fresh coating of paint. You can plant flowers around the base of it, encircling it with beauty. If you already have some rustic decor in your garden, this will take the atmosphere up a notch!

16. Garden Path – Cheap Landscaping Ideas

There are various ways of creating the perfect garden path idea. You can use thin slices of rocks or stone to create stepping stones leading to your front door. They don’t have to be the same shape or size, you are free to use any sort of form to create something unique and beautiful. These are just some simple front yard landscaping ideas!

17. Floral Lattice Trellis – Front Yard Inspiration

An amazing and inexpensive way to decorate your garden is by using lattice trellises! You can place them next to the walls of your house. Depending on what sort of plants or flowers you like, you can lead some flowers upon the trellis panels. You can try out different sorts of vines, but flowers are always a great choice as well, as they add some colour to your garden!

18. A Chic Entrance – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Here’s an elegant and chic way to turn your front yard into something new and special! Create a pathway made out of white-grey stone leading to your front door. Plant flowers and trimmed bushes next to the pathway. You can also buy big vases or pots placing one on each side of your front door, creating a beautiful symmetry.

19. Succulents and Antiques – A Stylish Combination

Succulents and Antiques - A Stylish Combination

An awesome way to spruce up your garden is to combine two completely different sorts of things to create something new! If you have an old or antique-looking birdbath, pour some soil into it and plant succulents in it! An unlikely combination, however, it looks all the more gorgeous! This is a great idea if you don’t have much time for gardening, as succulents are extremely low maintenance plants.

20. Exquisite Floral Arrangement – A Bit of Colour

You might already have some trimmed green bushes decorating your front lawn, which really lends any front yard elegance and refinement! But to give it a few bursts of colour make sure to plant some flowering bushes amongst them as well! It’s up to you in what sort of way you’d like to trim or shape them. You might like to give them the same shapes as the green bushes next to them.

21. A Boardwalk Vibe – Cheap Landscaping Ideas

If you love natural elements decorating your surroundings, make sure to use a lot of them! Here’s an awesome idea for stepping stones. Cover your pathway with gravel, pebbles or small rocks. Then place log sleepers over them creating the pathway to your front door. You can grow small flowers and herbs next to this pathway to give it an earthy and natural atmosphere.

22. A Rock Garden – An Enchanted Look

Here are yet some other great front yard landscaping ideas on a budget! Create rock gardens around your yard. All this means is digging up parts of your garden and covering them in piles of rocks. You can grow some plants between the rocks or place stone statues amongst them. Leave some grass growing between these islands of rock gardens for a beautiful image!

23. Reusing Old Objects – The Best Sorts of Ornaments

Reusing Old Objects - The Best Sorts of Ornaments

Do you have an old wheelbarrow lying around in your garden shed, which you don’t even use anymore? How about you incorporate it into your garden decor? It’s an awesome way of uplifting your garden and giving it a rustic vibe! You can use the wheelbarrow as a planter, growing some fragrant flowers in it! Of course, it’s up to you where you place this cool piece of garden decor!

24. Rainwater Fountain – Fabulous Ideas for Your Front Yard

Create a small stream, pool or even fountain in your garden by using rainwater! Underneath your rainwater pipe create either a basin using rocks, in which your rainwater can flow into or pile rocks on one another for a fountain effect. If you would like to make a pool or stream, remember to place your rocks very close to each other, so the water won’t leak out somewhere.

25. Unique Vases and Pots – Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Another fantastic idea for taking the front yard to the next level is placing large vases or pots between the plants. There are so many vases or pots you can buy, in any shape or size. This way it will be quite easy to find an ornament that fits perfectly into your garden!


Naturally, there are plenty of other simple crafts for your garden or ways to transform your front yard. You might try decorating it according to what season it is, spring garden decor for the springtime and summer ornaments for summertime! We hope that this collection of 25 front yard landscaping ideas on a budget has been able to help you out!