Perhaps you are lucky enough to live in a house that has a garden attached to it! If you have been trying to make this backyard beautiful or give it more than one function, you may feel like something is still missing. Especially, if you are the sort of person who loves having their friends and family over. How about you look through our garden pub ideas and consider adding one to your garden? By looking through our 20 outdoor bar ideas for backyards, you’ll be certain to find something amazing and unique for your own one! After all, who wouldn’t want a bar in their garden? Sitting out for a beer or a cocktail will be the perfect way to spend a sunny and lazy afternoon on a weekend.


1. Protection from the Sun – Outdoor Bar Ideas for Backyard

Adding a garden bar design to your garden is a fantastic idea! It will create a spot in your backyard where you can have small get-togethers or even parties. Perhaps you have decided against building a roof for your mini garden bar. But even so, if you are sitting outside during summer, you should ensure some shade! After all, who wants a bad sunburn? In cases like these, it would be advised to install a sun umbrella above your outdoor bar.

2. Open it Up – Next to Your Seats

You may already have a small patio in your garden or a small space that is designed and has seating included. If you aren’t thinking about installing outdoor bar ideas in backyards, why not just get an openable shelf built onto one of the walls of this seating area, just like in the example above? While it doesn’t have the luxurious style of an actual bar, it’s a cheaper option and is guaranteed to serve you well! So, if you are on a pocket-friendly budget, this would make a great choice for you!

3. The Bar Rail – Garden Pub Ideas

The Bar Rail - Garden Pub Ideas

You don’t actually need to install a garden bar in your backyard if you don’t have the space or money. While you may already have a bar inside of your home, why not simply create some seating where you’ll be able to enjoy your drinks in the fresh air? Just one idea would be to recreate the railing of your porch turning it into a table. Then all you’ll have to do is add some seats or stools underneath the table, and you’ll be able to eat and drink outside!

4. A Tiki Hut – Exotic and Fun

What sort of atmosphere does your garden encompass? If you have always been the sort of person to go for exotic or island-vibed themes, then a tiki bar will be perfect for you! You may already be familiar with the tiki-style, as its materials are immediately recognisable anywhere. Mainly put together of wood and dried island foliage. If one of these tiki bars doesn’t give your whole backyard island vibes, we don’t know what will! You can even add a few traditional masks to your tiki bar to exude its atmosphere even more!

5. Cute and Easy – Outdoor Bar Ideas for Backyard

While there are a lot of glamorous and extravagant outdoor bar ideas, you don’t have to opt for one of those. Sometimes keeping it cute and easy is the best way to go! You can install the bar next to one of the walls of your house, as this will give it an extra boost of stability. Also, consider using recycled materials for the design of the bar, such as any wooden pallets you may have laying around. You can paint the bar yourself if you are into DIY crafts!

6. A Gorgeous Combination – White Wood and Tiles

Are you in search of a beautiful combination of materials and colours? Then allow us to help you out! Here is a stunning design, made with wooden pallets, washed in simple white. The white wood is used for creating the walls and roof of the outdoor bar, but you can also use white for the furniture as well, for example, the bar stools. Match the white wood with beautiful blue tiles, that you can lay out anywhere you’d like. The two combined will give your whole garden bar design an elegant and refined look.

7. Small and Simple – Garden Pub Ideas

Small and Simple - Garden Pub Ideas

Create a small bar in your backyard that is reminiscent of a pub. Build the bar from wood, and even add a backdoor to the design, allowing you to stand behind the bar and serve anyone sitting on the stools. Then add a set of floating shelves to the back wall of the bar, that will be used for storing some bottles of booze. You don’t have to create large DIY garden bar ideas, sometimes something small and simple will be just as good!

8. Use Recycled Materials – Build with Wooden Pallets

We have already mentioned this once before, how about you consider using wooden pallets for building your bar? This is a great idea if you have an abundance of pallets that you have been thinking of throwing out. Well, instead of chucking them out, why not reimagine and recycle them? Give your wooden pallets a new purpose! You can build an outdoor bar using them, including sets of shelves and everything more! If you want to make this garden bar design portable, all you’ll need to do is attach some wheels to its bottom!

9. A Set of Swings – Outdoor Bar Ideas for Backyard

Maybe you are ready to try out new and fun options for your outdoor bar ideas? This idea revolves around the seating of your garden bar. As an alternative to using your average bar stools as seating, opt for something different that has a fun and playful vibe to it! By this, we mean installing a set of swings right in front of the bar table! This awesome choice is good for anyone who wants to add a groovy and fun twist to their garden bar! A set of swings will definitely add some fun to the whole experience!

10. A Slab of Bricks – Unique and Refined

As we have talked about before, you don’t necessarily have to opt for a grandiose and extravagant design. Something simplistic yet refined will do the trick as well! One very stable and strong material you can use for building anything is none other than bricks! Bricks are also a cheaper option, make them great for building a small structure as well, such as a garden bar design! After placing bricks on top of each other, creating the base of your bar, place a large stone slab on top for the table.

11. Fit Right In – Garden Pub Ideas

Fit Right In - Garden Pub Ideas

Maybe your garden isn’t as large as you would like it, or you already have a lot of things inside of it. If so, you’ll just have to go for a smaller outdoor bar. One place you’d be able to fit it in, in a smart way, is along the fence of your backyard. Or in one of the corners. Either of these would allow you to fit in a smaller bar! The design is up to you, make sure that your bar matches the environment of the rest of your garden!

12. Cool Concrete Blocks – Stylish and Stunning

Perhaps you are trying to discover other materials that can be recycled in a unique way. This is great if you’re in search of an environmentally friendly idea. We would recommend trying out concrete blocks, that are stacked on top of another. You can let a few of these concrete blocks come out just a little, allowing you to fill them with soil and plant flowers or herbs inside of them. For the very top of your bar, simply place and fixate a larger slab of concrete, creating the tabletop.

13. Decorate Garden Pub Ideas – Outdoor Bar Ideas for Backyard

If you have already decided what sort of materials you’ll use for your small garden bar ideas, all you will have to do now is decide on how you want to decorate it! To give it an old-fashioned pub vibe, try out this idea! It’s all about using coasters as decorative elements. You can even get coasters that are designed to look like your favourite beer labels, and stick them on the sides or ceiling of your garden pub. Don’t forget to arrange your favourite bottles of alcohol on the shelves for that extra touch!

14. Use Corrugated Metal – A Rustic Design

Now, check out this other type of material that you can recycle as well and use for creating DIY garden bar ideas. Instead of using wood or bricks for laying out the sides of your bar, you can use corrugated metal! It is effective and inexpensive. While using wood for the structure of your garden bar design, you can simply install corrugated metal between them, creating stable walls for your bar. This is greater for anyone looking to recycle some corrugated metal in a clever way!

15. Creative and Effective – Garden Pub Ideas

Creative and Effective - Garden Pub Ideas

Find some easy and simple small garden bar ideas that you can fit in anywhere! Even if you don’t have much space in your garden, you can still install a bar on your porch. It doesn’t even have to be a large or fancy bar cabinet. A simpler version will be just as awesome! Make sure to include a few functions for your small bar. This may include a place to hang wine glasses or a handle on which you can insert a roll of paper towels.

16. Fabulous and Fantastic – Time to Open It

Are you in search of a cheap outdoor bar that will be easy to install on a fence or garden wall? Then you might just have found one perfect for your smaller garden! This is a cabinet or shelf installed on the wall surrounding your garden. It should open with a door that creates a tabletop. This is a two in one piece of furniture for your backyard. It’s a cabinet with shelves inside, but at the same time, you can create a table from it. Add some seats around it, when you want to enjoy a drink!

17. Add an Ice Box – Outdoor Bar Ideas for Backyard

If you want to install a well-equipped bar in your backyard, then make sure that you install plenty of functions in it! So, besides creating an abundance of shelves inside your bar cabinet, also add a few professional options to your backyard bar. This can include an icebox for example! This will make a perfect spot for you to store any bottles of booze and let them cool down before serving them! Of course, you’ll need to fill this up with ice each time you use it!

18. Major Beach Vibes – A Surfboard Table

Do you by any chance live by the beach? Then you may want to incorporate the environment’s atmosphere in your own garden and your outdoor bar as well! Just one idea would be to install a surfboard on your bar, to create a table. You can also add little tidbits, such as a lifebuoy or strings of seashells! Decorations like these will definitely bring the beach into your garden.

19. Add a Grill – Garden Pub Ideas

Add a Grill - Garden Pub Ideas

Build a bar in your garden! Maybe you are the sort of person who loves a good barbeque, you can set up an outdoor grill in your bar area! Add a bar cabinet with drinks and a mini-fridge to your garden bar, you can also think about creating a space for outdoor cooking and grilling! If you do add a grill to your backyard, you’ll be able to throw some amazing lunches and dinners with delicious food!

20. Doors and Windows – Keeping It Safe and Sound

Finally, take into consideration that sometimes there might be severe weather conditions at any time! Due to this, you might think about installing window shutters and a door on your bar. So, if there’s some kind of storm, you’ll be able to close everything around the bar, ensuring that there won’t be much damage!


We hope, that you found some outdoor bar ideas for backyard options! For other ideas, besides garden pub ideas, check out our backyard landscaping ideas and garden lighting ideas, you can visit our website!