20 MEDIUM HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 - Shoulder Length Haircut for Women Over 50

20 MEDIUM HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 – Shoulder Length Haircut for Women Over 50

When it comes to hairstyles and haircuts, it doesn’t matter what age you are. After all, no matter whether you are eighteen or over fifty, make certain that your hair looks awesome every day! Especially if you are going somewhere! Because of this, you will want to find a hairstyle that fits your whole look and vibe! If you are over the age of fifty, then how about you try out a mid-length haircut? These will still be easy to style thanks to their length! Check out our 20 medium hairstyles for women over 50 in order to browse through a few ideas! Get inspired and find an amazing shoulder-length haircut for women over 50! 


1. A Medium Bob – Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

There are a lot of mid-length hairstyles for women over 50 that you’ll be able to choose from! One type of haircut that is effortlessly beautiful is none other than the bob! Bobs don’t necessarily have to be short, they can be mid-length as well! These are classic and chic haircuts that will give you a sense of elegance. Depending on what you prefer, you can add either front bangs or a side fringe to this look. And it’s up to you to decide on which side of your head you part your hair.

2. A Fun Colour – Try Out Something New

While you may have already chosen a haircut or hairstyle for yourself, you may still think about perking it up a little.  Just one way to achieve this is to dye your hair into a new shade! If there’s a colour that you always wanted to try out, then make sure to do so! It’s not too late! Depending on your complexion and your eye colour, find a shade that will be well suited to your visuals. This may be a honey blonde, a chestnut brunette or a fiery red! It’s completely up to you!

3. Get it Layered – Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

Perhaps you are a lady with either thin or fine hair. Or your hair has just naturally thinned out throughout the years. Either way, you may want to add a boost of volume to your hair! Well, one easy solution to anyone’s thin or fine hair problems is to get their lovely locks layered! Thanks to some added layers, you’ll be able to enhance the volume and dimension of your hair. If you have a fringe, you can add some layering to it as well!

4. A Stunning Shag – Stylish and Laidback

Now, here is a type of haircut that used to be popular in the eighties and nineties and it has come back into the trend! We are talking about a simple shag! Shags are the sort of haircut that is layered to create a thicker look while giving your hair an edgy and messy appearance. So, if you are in search of medium length hairstyles for women over 50, then a shag will be a fantastic choice! A shag will look good with any sort of shade of hair, so if you’re going grey, you’ll be able to rock this haircut!

5. A-Line Bob – Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

We have already mentioned getting your hair cut in a bob. After all, what’s not to like about a bob? For a refined and sophisticated version of this haircut, why not try out an A-line bob? This means that the strands of hair in the front will be somewhat longer than the hair in the back. Of course, you can add a fringe or bangs to this haircut. Depending on whether you have thin or fine hair, you may consider adding a bit of layering to your A-line bob.

6. Flattering and Fabulous – A Crown of Curls

Perhaps you have always liked wavy or curly hair! If this is the case, why not add some fun curls to your hair? Especially if there is a special event or occasion coming up and you’d like to look your best! With the help of a curling iron, you’ll be able to add some flattering and fabulous waves or curls to your hair. Use some hairspray or hair mousse on your hair, this will help keep the curls in your hair, while also providing it with a boost of volume!

7. Simple and Sweet – Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

You don’t necessarily have to go for complex or intricate medium length hairstyles for older women. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple! So, how about you try out a simplistic and modern haircut that is shoulder-length and layered? With the addition of bangs, your new haircut will look bold and edgy. This is another easy haircut for any ladies out there who have thin or fine hair, as it will uplift the texture and volume of your hair in seconds! So, why not give it a try?

8. A Chic Bob – Straight and Sleek

When it comes to shoulder-length haircuts, there are surprisingly a lot to choose from! But it probably won’t take you by surprise that bobs are one of the most popular choices, for any age group and for any texture of hair! Even if you have straight and thin or fine hair, a bob will be an excellent choice! You can opt for a bob that is straight and sleek without much or any layering. It’s one of the simplest versions of this haircut, but it looks just as amazing as any other version of it!

9. Another Unique Shade – Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

While there is nothing wrong with getting grey and silver strands in your hair, you may still want to try out a new hair colour in your fifties! You may have already gotten the haircut of your dreams, now it’s time to find a hair colour that you’ll love equally as much! For a fun and exciting appearance, why not try out a chestnut shade? The rich brown mixed with a subtle redness will definitely lend you a fiery yet elegant look!

10. Edgy and Bold – A Shorter Bob

You will have noticed that we talk a lot about bobs. It’s mainly because bobs are an incredibly versatile haircut and they can be styled and cut in a variety of ways! Due to this, you’ll be able to find a type of bob that suits your personality and style the best! How about you try out a short and layered bob, one that will truly give you an edgy and bold appearance! Get the bob cut at the length of your chin! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with medium length hairstyles over 50 for ladies!

11. Soft Waves – Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

Soft Waves - Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

Maybe you’re still trying to find mid-length hairstyles for women over 50? Well, if you are in search of something refined yet fun, then take a quick glance at the example above! The hairstyle in question revolves around a shoulder-length cut, that has all of the strands of your hair curled into loose waves. Soft waves won’t take a long time to create, and you’ll even be able to do them at home by yourself with a curling iron! We recommend trying this hairstyle for any special occasion or sophisticated event!

12. A Shaggy Bob – Attractive and Youthful

How about you combine two haircuts to get something completely new and different! Get ready to mix and match a shag and a bob! This will create a fun, bold and edgy haircut! It’s the combination of the chicness of the classic bob and the wild side of a shag! This is a fantastic haircut for any ladies out there who have either thin or fine hair, as the layering of it will give your hair an uplift in volume and dimension! So, don’t hesitate to try out this youthful and attractive haircut!

13. Platinum Blonde – Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Perhaps you have already found a fabulous haircut for yourself, that really brings out the best of your hair and your visuals! But we cannot put enough emphasis on finding the right shade of colour for your hair! If you want a colour that will stand out from the crowd, you may consider trying the risky platinum blonde! While it is certain to give you an edgy look, it will also lend you a chic and sleek appearance! So, if you have been contemplating trying out this shade, then now is the time to do so!

14. Turning Splendidly Silver – Gorgeous and Great

There is nothing to be ashamed of when your hair starts to grey! You don’t necessarily have to dye your hair into the shades it used to be before! As an alternative, own your silver strands of hair! They will look amazing with any medium length hairstyles for women over 50 of your choice, it’s all about having confidence! If your hair is starting the grey from the roots and mixes with another shade, it will look fabulous! Just check out the example above as an example!

15. A Curly Shag – Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

Feel free and creative to try out new and exciting things with your hair. Just one fabulous idea is to cut your hair shoulder-length. Also, make sure that you get your hair layered. Then add some natural-looking waves to the many layers of your hair with the assistance of a curling iron. Thanks to this, you’ll turn your haircut into a curly shag! This is a fantastic hairstyle for anyone who wants a stylish crown of curls with a slightly messy appearance. It will also give off retro vibes!

16. A Cute Bob – Easy and Simple

Bobs are a type of haircut that we have talked about a lot already! But let’s be honest, what’s not to love about a bob? They are stylish, chic and low-maintenance! These cute haircuts also have a sense of timeless elegance around them, making them perfect as medium length hairstyles for older women! How about you try out a chin or shoulder-length bob that is layered a bit for that extra boost of volume! Feel free to include a side fringe or front bangs to your bob, making it stand out even more!

17. A Flipped Lob – Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

There are a lot of elegant and refined haircuts to choose from as a lady over fifty! Here is just another fabulous option for you to take a look at! It’s none other than a flipped lob, otherwise known as a long bob. The hair is layered with a special technique to create clean and clear lines! So, whether you’ll be going to a wedding, a fancy dinner or a night out with friends and family, this haircut will be certain to make you shine! Add some accessories to it, in order to uplift it a little more!

18. In Between – A Unique Way of Layering

Now here is a fantastic way to layer any texture of hair! It’s not too much, but it’s just enough to give your hair an immediate boost. It’s a style of layering that’s right in between, consisting of cutting one layer all-around, a few centimetres above where the rest of your hair ends. This is a simple way of layering your hair, but giving it an amazing pop!

19. Straight and Fun – Shoulder-length Haircut for Women Over 50

You don’t have to go for a serious haircut! Try out something fun and youthful instead that will be certain to perk up your whole appearance! It’s a straight and stunning shaggy cut. Shags are extremely low-maintenance, making them a great haircut for any woman who doesn’t want to spend a long time doing their hair!

20. A Chin-length Bob – Topped with Layers

As our final example, we have brought you a chin-length bob. It’s layered on the top to create a feathered look! These medium length hairstyles over 50 for women will give your whole haircut a retro vibe thanks to the volume on the top of your head! 


We hope that you found some ideas concerning medium hairstyles for women over 50! For other ideas, besides a shoulder-length haircut for women over 50, such as easy hairstyles for long hair or short haircuts for women, visit our website!