Are you feeling a bit bored with your backyard garden? Why not spruce it up and give it a new look? After all, you can use your backyard in limitless ways. For example, you can create a herb garden or a space for inviting guests over. It’s really up to you on what sort of atmosphere you’d like to paint in your garden. There are a lot of great ways of redesigning and redecorating your backyard, so take a look through our collection of 25 beautiful backyard landscaping ideas. We have gathered some landscaping ideas on a budget, so these will be great if you don’t want to spend too much money on your garden!


1. A Space for Relaxation – Perfect for Garden Parties

If you would like to have guests over quite often to entertain them, hosting garden parties every once in a while,  then make sure to incorporate seating spaces in your garden! You can buy comfy sofas or benches or even make DIY garden furniture, decorating them with pillows. Place them in different corners of your backyard. If you ever need a moment of de-stress or relax time, all you will need to do is walk out into your backyard, take a seat and sink into the greenery around you!

2. Let the Lights Lead You – Amazing Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Create a unique and magical place out of your backyard! If you have a garden walkway leading from your house to a platform in your garden, where there are a table and some seats, make sure you give your pavement some sort of lighting. Place lights on both sides of the paving stones, as if they were leading to way form your house to your garden. This will give your garden a magical appearance at night. You might consider buying solar-powered lamps for this, as they are environmentally friendly and they won’t rocket your electricity bills into the sky.

3. Great Herb Planters – Backyard Design Ideas

Great Herb Planters - Backyard Design Ideas

If you love to cook using fresh herbs why not create a herb garden in your backyard? You can create a few planters out of stone formed in circular shapes. Fill the planters up with soil, before planting your selection of herbs in them. Naturally, it’s up to you, whether you’d like to plant something else amongst the herbs as well. Small juniper bushes or ferns will look great amongst your array of herbs! Having a small herb garden will ensure a fresh taste for all your food!

A simple way to uplift any back or front yard is with an island of pebbles. Dig up a part of your garden, getting rid of the grass. Then pour some gravel or pebbles over this part of it. This island of pebbles will immediately create a modern look to your backyard. You can grow plants between the pebbles and also place lanterns or statues to give it a more unique look. Naturally, don’t forget to light up your backyard either with some groovy fairy lights!

5. An Abundance of Flowers – Easy and Pretty

If you are in search of an easy and cheap, not to mention pretty, solution, you have come to the right place! Give your backyard a bit of a boost, by placing an abundance of flowers everywhere! Vibrant florals will give your garden a happy and positive vibe. Grow them in planters and simple flower beds, which run against your fence or place them in pots. You can put the flower pots anywhere you think a bit of colour would suffice! You can even hang a few pot planters from the fence just as an additional pop!

6. Adorable Swings – A Mini Playground

Do you by any chance have a pergola in your garden already? Give it a new look! Besides planting an array of flowers and herbs around it, you can also create a plaything from everyone’s childhood using the pergola. Of course, if you haven’t guessed yet, we are talking about swings. Swings are super easy to make even at home. All you need to do is attach ropes or chains to each corner of a wooden board. You can hang swings from the top of a pergola. This is the perfect garden idea if you have kids!

7. A Flight of Steps – Stone and Gravel

A Flight of Steps - Stone and Gravel

If your house was built on a slope or your backyard incorporates a small hill, you might want to create a flight of steps! Having a paved road or steps, in this case, is great. It will allow you or anyone else to get around the garden much easier. A beautiful way of designing these steps is to use stone blocks for the steps themselves, filling the spaces in between with gravel or pebbles. You can also try lining your garden staircase with bigger and spherical rocks.

8. An Inviting Fire Pit – Perfect for Cold Nights

Backyards are really the best places to relax after a hard day of work. If you love sitting in your garden and finding a bit of peace there, make sure it has an inviting atmosphere! Getting a fire pit for your backyard is a fantastic idea, it will give the environment a rustic atmosphere. A fire pit will also ensure that if you decide to go out into your garden during an autumn night for a bit of relaxation, you won’t start freezing in the chilly weather.

9. Modern Wooden Fencing – Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Are you going for a more modern style for your backyard, we have the perfect option for you! Use wooden fencing for your backyard, placing lights on them. The great thing about wooden fencing is they work great for light screening. You can also use it as a wall for climbing plants. If you have a lot of climbing plants, in a few years time your wooden fences will look like an enchanted backdrop from a fairytale.

10. Make the Kids Happy – Playground Vibes

If you have kids you might want to build them a playground of their own. Whether it’s a cubby house with a slide leading down from one side and a climbing wall on the other, we’re sure they will love the idea! You can also grow plants and flowers around the mini playground you create for the children, to give your small backyard landscaping ideas a more natural and beautiful look.

11. A Rustic Garden – Backyard Design Ideas

A Rustic Garden - Backyard Design Ideas

As you have already noticed, there are so many ways to decorate your garden. To create a rustic environment, make stone planters circling around your garden. Perhaps you love to cook or have barbeque parties at your place. If so, make sure you create an outdoor oven. These are perfect to roast or bake food in, as well as giving your garden a whole new level of rustic!

12. Minimalistic and Simplistic – Finding a Balance

Do you adore a minimalistic style when it comes to home or garden decor? If your answer is yes, then make sure to incorporate some elements from it in your backyard ideas on a budget! For example, using a combination of wooden boards with white pebbles and a darker stone will uplift your garden in a simple but sophisticated manner. Place big white pots or vases around your garden, growing succulents or ferns in them.

13. A Dreamy Veranda – Backyard Ideas on a Budget

If you have a veranda in your backyard, make sure to envelop it with dreamy decor. You can attach some thin fabric acting as curtains to the sides of the veranda. Also, hang lanterns down from the ceiling of the veranda for some gorgeous lighting. Dig up the ground around the veranda, creating a flower bed encircling it. Of course, you can plant small shrubs or herbs around your veranda as well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be flowers.

14. An Exotic Touch – A Beautiful Backyard

If you love exotic environments, why not create one in your backyard? Even if your backyard is small, with some beautiful decor, you will be able to bring together an alluring setting. Place an antique-looking coffee table on your veranda or terrace, with candles glowing on it. Put a fountain in one end of your garden, while placing a variety of exotic plants in the other end, each one in a gorgeous pot. Use lanterns and special garden lighting to give your backyard an extraordinary atmosphere!

15. A Romantic Spot – A Garden Swing Seat

A Romantic Spot - A Garden Swing Seat

A necessity for any garden is a swing seat! If you have had a bad and stressful day, just a few minutes in one of these seats will help bring calmness to your mind. You can hang a swing seat from a pergola in your garden, or even the ceiling of your veranda or terrace. Garden swing seats are also easy to make from scratch, so if you love building things why not give it a try yourself?

16. An Adorable Patio – Great for Entertaining Guests

Patios are the perfect spots in backyards for entertaining guests. If you love having people over, make sure your patio is decorated beautifully! You will need a few outdoor seats and sofas for your guests to feel comfortable. A coffee table will also serve you well when bringing out drinks and food. Plant an abundance of bushes and flowers to give your patio a very natural and loving vibe. It’s up to you what sort of lighting you’d like to use, flameless candles or fairy lights are always beautiful ways of brightening up your garden!

17. A Cute Cubbyhouse – Backyard Landscaping Ideas

When designing and redecorating your backyard, don’t forget to create a space for the kids to play in! If you have an old shed, you can try recreating that as a cubbyhouse for them to play in. This will ensure that your kids will have fun adventures in the backyard as well!

18. Beautiful Stepping Stones – Walking in the Garden

When walking around your backyard, it’s a great idea to use stepping stones, so no one treads on the flowers and plants. There are so many beautiful stepping stones, for example, square shapes stones with pebbles filling up the gaps between them will create a simple but elegant atmosphere in your garden. Plant small shrubs and herbs next to the garden path for an even more beautiful look!

19. Surround Your Terrace – Backyard Design Ideas

Surround Your Terrace - Backyard Design Ideas

Turn your backyard into a friendly and happy space. This way everyone will love spending time outdoors! If you have a larger backyard, make sure to create a veranda. Having a veranda will ensure that you spend time in the garden during summer, eating lunch or dinner outside! You can surround your veranda with all sorts of plants. A few trees will ensure that your veranda has plenty of shade during summer!

20. Floral Arrangements – Blossoming With Happiness

Creating a few floral islands in your background is not only simple but will look beautiful! Put together stone planters, filling them with soil after building them up. Then all you have to do is plant various flowers in each pocket of the planter. When spring arrives, these planters will be blossoming beautifully!

21. An Elegant Garden – Gorgeous Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Create an oasis out of your backyard, a place where anyone will be happy to step into! Make sure to include a terrace with a dining area. You can also trim bushes to give them beautiful shapes. For example, you can grow bushes in pots and trim each in a spherical shape. If you have a bush running around the garden itself, you can trim that to make it look like a fence.

22. A Tiny Space – Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you have a tiny backyard, don’t worry about it! You can organize it in the best way possible! Create a seating space on one side of the backyard. If you are into Japanese zen gardens, you can even try making a small space that resembles that! This will give your backyard a relaxing vibe!

23. The Best Backyards – Great Ideas for Your Garden

The Best Backyards - Great Ideas for Your Garden


While these backyard landscaping ideas are more intricate and expensive, it is guaranteed to make your garden look flawless! This idea is all about meshing different styles together to create something brand new. Using different walls or fences for each side, creating small pockets for planters, building a modern fountain in the middle will definitely give your garden a defining look. You can even divide your garden into a few parts, leaving one overrun with grass, another part paved with stone and a third part covered in wooden boarding.

24. Encircle the Fire Pit – Backyard Ideas on a Budget

If you love toasting marshmallows on flames or just warming up next to a fire, why not build a fire pit in your backyard? You can place some chairs around it, making it a fun place for spending time together with family or friends.

25. Simple Landscaping – Great Idea for Privacy

Would you like a bit of privacy while you are in your backyard? Then make sure you build a fence which is tall enough to keep out the eyes of passersby! Using a warm coloured wooden fence will give your garden a positive atmosphere and a good sense of proportion.


We trust that this pick of 25 backyard landscaping ideas have given you a sense of what you’d like to see in your own garden! If you are having trouble concerning front yard landscaping, just check out our website for all sorts of garden ideas!