When you are planning a baby shower, you would like everything to be completely perfect! There are so many elements you have to observe while planning a party. At a baby shower, not only is the decor and theme of the party important but the activities you and your guests will play and the food and drinks served, will also play a big part. One of the most crucial elements of food and drinks is the baby shower cake. How could you not have cake at your baby shower anyhow? Celebrations always call for a tasty slice of cake! We have gathered 25 baby shower cake ideas for girls to make your job easier! So, if you are expecting a baby girl and are in need of a beautiful cake, just browse through our collection of baby shower ideas!


1. Pretty in Pink – Adorable Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

Here’s the perfect cake for you, if you are expecting a baby girl. Create two baby feet out of fondant or marzipan which are linked to the sleeping bottom half of the baby’s body. Place this on top of the cake. After rolling out a sheet of pink coloured fondant, place that over the body, as if a diaper was covering the sleeping baby’s bottom. Further, decorate the cake with pink fondant, and you can even have the text “it’s a girl” written on it. This is a cake which is simple, but perfect for a baby shower! Make sure that the baby shower decorations match the design of your cake!

2. Bears with a Banner – Pink and Grey Combination

If you love bears, you will love this baby shower cake. Create a cake out of a few tiers. After covering each tier with a different decoration of icing or fondant, create the figures of two small bears out of marzipan or fondant. Have one bear stand on the middle tier, holding a banner, while placing the other bear on top of the cake, holding the other end of this banner. You can write whatever you’d like on your fondant banner, whether it’s the name of the baby girl or just a few hearts, anything will look great! We recommend a combination of pink and grey for the colours of the cake.

3. Sleeping Beauty – Shades of Pink

Sleeping Beauty - Shades of Pink

Since you are expecting a girl, make sure to use a lot of pink in your princess baby shower cake! Create a two-tiered cake, the bottom tier can be decorated in ombre pink ruffles of icing. Out of fondant or marzipan, create the form of a sleeping baby girl. Place her body on the top tier. Cover her in a blanket made out of fondant. The baby on the cake will look like Sleeping Beauty!

4. A Cute Pram – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

When going on walks, newborn babies are placed in prams. So it only makes sense if you use a pram as inspiration for your baby shower cake. Create the shape of a pram out of fondant or marzipan and place it on the very top of your cake. Use shades of pink or silver tones for the icing and decoration of the rest of the cake. You can even write up “baby” or “baby girl” with some fondant pearls on one of the sides of the cake.

5. A Stylish Stork – Pushed Around in a Pram

When trying to find inspiration, on how to design and decorate the cake for your baby shower, try searching for objects or ideas closely linked to newborn babies. For example, combining the myth of the stork bringing children to their parents with a more simple, daily object, like a pram, will show brilliantly on any cake. The rest is completely up to you, on how you’d like to decorate it!

6. A Baby Bundle – Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

There’s a common story we tell children, who are deemed too young to know anything of the sort, that storks deliver newborn babies. While we discover as we get older, that this story is just a myth, the adorable image of a stork flying with a baby bundle remains in our imagination. How about you use this idea for your baby shower cake? Have a stork carrying a baby in a bundle made out of fondant and placed on the top of the cake or on the side.

7. An Array of Clothes – Drying on a Clothesline

An Array of Clothes - Drying on a Clothesline 

The arrival of a baby in the family means a lot of things! Besides bringing joy, the baby girl will also bring new responsibilities and tasks with herself. One of the few ways of taking care of the newborn is by making sure that his clothes are always clean. The best way of picturing this on a cake is by creating small baby clothes out of fondant, and sticking them on the sides of the cake. It will look like the clothes are drying on a clothesline. You can create a bib, a onesie or a diaper out of fondant.

8. Sleeping Teddy Bears – Cute Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girl

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. You might already have their cot set up in their room, with a few plush toys waiting for them! Create a cake for the baby shower, which symbolizes their need for sleep. You can shape pearls, flowers and a moon out of fondant, carefully placing them on the tiers of the cake. Also consider creating teddy bears out of either fondant or marzipan, who are sleeping or just sitting around the cake. Place them on the tiers of the cake for an adorable effect!

9. Gorgeous in Lace – Flowers and Ribbons

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous cake for a girl’s baby shower! Roll out the fondant and cut designs into it, to make it resemble lace. Furthermore, you can decorate the cake with small fondant pearls and fondant ribbons. To give your cake an even more beautiful look, you can use actual flowers for decor elements as well. Place some on each tier of the cake, making sure the colour of the flowers matches the colour of the cake.

10. Amazing Elephant – Cute Animal Designs

Amazing Elephant - Cute Animal Designs

Elephants are such cute animals! If you love them as much as we do, make sure to gather some inspiration from them for your baby shower cake! Since the baby is going to be a girl decorate the cake in shades of pastel pink and grey. You can create polka-dots out of fondant or marzipan scattered around the cake. Place the figure of an elephant on top of the cake, covered in a pink blanket with a ribbon around one of its ears.

11. Baby Bunny Rabbit – With a Balloon

Baby Bunny Rabbit - With a Balloon 

Here is one of many fabulous baby girl baby shower cakes, which is perfect if you are expecting a tiny girl. Create a two-tiered cake, covering both tiers in different colours of fondant. One tier can be white, the other a lighter shade of pink. Create small pearls out of fondant and line the cake with them. Also, you can make a cute bunny rabbit out of marzipan, and place it on the top of the cake. Attach a fondant or marzipan balloon to its hand.

12. Florals and Baby Things – Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Now, here’s another great cake idea for a girl’s baby shower. A gorgeous floral design will blow your guests away! Create a variety of small, delicate flowers. Pressing them onto the sides of the cake. Your cake will look like an enchanted garden! Since we are talking about a baby shower though, it’s important to incorporate baby objects into the cake as well. For example, create a baby bottle or baby shoes out of marzipan or fondant. Place these on the cake! 

13. A Lovely Look – A Multitude of Hearts

You are expecting your baby girl and you are waiting for her with a lot of love. To make it clear how much love you will shower her with, decorate each tier of your cake with an abundance of fondant hearts. For that addition of extra cuteness, place a marzipan teddy bear on the top of the cake who is holding another heart.

14. A Shower of Dots – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

A baby shower is a huge celebration, not only for the family but for the guests as well! Reflect this feeling of celebration in your cake. Create pastel pink sprinkles, which resemble a cascade of confetti. Cover one of the tiers of your cake in these. It will look gorgeous and girly.

15. The Most Adorable Elephants – Cute Cake Designs

The Most Adorable Elephants - Cute Cake Designs

Spruce up your baby shower cake with a few fondant or marzipan elephants. Have them holding an umbrella with their trunks, giving everyone a true “shower” feeling. Using animals as decor elements on a baby shower cake is a great idea!

16. Elegant in Pink – Beautiful Cakes for Your Shower

If you are expecting a baby girl, and have no idea how to decorate your cake in an elegant and feminine way, then go no further! Coat your whole cake in thin layers of light pink fondant. You can also create roses, laced baby shoes and fluttering ribbons for extra decorative elements. Place these on your princess baby shower cake, to create an elegant and sophisticated look!

17. An Abundance of Bunnies – Another Animal Cake Design

Give your baby shower cake a fun and girly look. Create a two-tiered cake, one can be decorated with an array of fondant dots, the other with fondant stripes. Connect the two with a big fondant ribbon. Rabbits are cute animals, perfect for a baby shower. So if you are already using these cute bunnies in the decor for the shower, make sure to incorporate them in your cake.

18. Buttons and Pearls – Baby Girl Baby Shower Cakes

Maybe you are planning on hosting a gender reveal party. These baby showers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Decorate your cake in gender-neutral colours, creating buttons and pearls from fondant. Make sure that the inside of your cake contains a gooey centre, with a sweet liquid pouring out. If you are expecting a baby girl, you can place pink cream or buttercream inside for a fantastic effect.

19. A Good Night’s Rest – A Starry Sky

A Good Night's Rest - A Starry Sky

Here is one of many beautiful baby shower cakes. Create a starry sky, with fondant clouds and stars decorating the side and top of the cake. Place a larger fondant moon on the very top of the cake, with a baby lying in its crescent. This idea is perfect if you are already using stars and cosmic elements for your baby shower’s theme.

20. Sleeping Baby – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

If you are in search of a more extravagant cake, make sure to use various elements to decorate it! Create a multi-tiered cake, each tier containing a different sort of decoration. Ruffles of icing on one, a smooth layer of fondant on another will give the cake a new and beautiful look. Place the fondant or marzipan figure of a sleeping baby on a moon on the top of the cake. This will take your cake up a notch!

21. What a Hoot – Owl Design

Another cute animal you can use for your baby shower cake is an owl! A cute owl perched on top of the top tier will be a perfect addition to any baby shower cake. Since we’re talking about baby girls, decorate the cake in shades of pink. You can place small fondant circles on sticks, with letters written on them to spell out “it’s a girl!”

22. Butterflies and a Baby – Serene Atmosphere

Create a beautiful setting and atmosphere on your cake. Have a simple, one-tiered cake. Place the fondant or marzipan figure of a sleeping baby girl on top. Cover her in a fondant blanket. Arrange a plentitude of pink and purple flowers and butterflies all around the cake.

23. Perfect Pink – Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

Perfect Pink - Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls

Here is another gorgeous cake, perfect for a baby girl’s shower. Cover the whole cake in pink fondant. Then create small baby objects which you will place on the top of the cake. For example, baby shoes, a baby bauble and some letter blocks will look great on the cake. They will give your cake a true baby essence.

24. A Clever Clothesline – Vibrant Yellow

Maybe you are going to be hosting your baby shower during summer. Have your cake match the season then! Use vibrant colours, like yellow and orange, to bring a summery feeling to your cake. Because it’s a baby shower cake, remember to incorporate something of a baby into it. For example, onesies hanging off a clothesline going around on one of the tiers. 

25. Pretty Pink Pram – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

The combination of green with pink works really well! For a baby girl’s cake, why not try out mixing these two colours? Out of fondant, create small flowers, buttons and a ribbon to cover your cake in. Then shape a pram out of either marzipan or fondant. Place the pram on the top of the cake. This combination of colours and the small decorations will make your cake look effortless!


We trust that this collection of 25 ideas for baby shower cake ideas for girls has lent you some inspiration for your upcoming baby shower. Take a look at our website for other baby shower cakes.