20 WALL HANGING CHRISTMAS TREES - Wall Christmas Tree Ideas
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20 WALL HANGING CHRISTMAS TREES – Wall Christmas Tree Ideas


Winter is here and it’s time to get ready for the season! One major holiday to look forward to is no other than Christmas! It’s a time to get together with your family, friends and loved ones. You can start baking your gingerbread, build snowmen in your garden, drink hot chocolate and decorate your whole home in an abundance of wintery ornaments! Besides decorating a fir tree for Christmas, you might be considering adding a different sort of Christmas tree to your home for the holidays. We’re talking about wall hanging Christmas tree decorations! Check out our 20 wall Christmas tree ideas for inspiration on how to get your house ready for the season!


1. Stunning and Minimalist – Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

When it comes to wall Christmas trees, there are dozens of ideas you can choose from. If you aren’t a fan of very fancy or overdecorated ornaments, then how about you give your wall Christmas tree a minimalist look. You can put this idea together by yourself, using driftwood to create the branches of the tree. Using yarn, you’ll be able to tie the pieces of driftwood from smaller to larger underneath each other. Hang Christmas tree ornaments from the pieces of driftwood, transforming it into a simplistic and minimalist Christmas tree.

2. Light It Up – A Wrap of Fairy Lights

Are you trying to save space in your living room? Instead of setting up an actual Christmas tree in the room, how about you try an alternative? A wall Christmas tree with lights is an efficient way of not taking up any space in the room, but still providing you with a sense of Christmas. All you will need for this idea are two wooden poles that you place on the wall in a triangular shape. Wrap a long piece of artificial fir or green tinsel around the poles, swirling it upwards. This will give your wall decoration the image of a fir tree. Feel free to add a string of fairy lights as well that will light up the room!

3. White and Gold – Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Decor

Depending on what sort of colours your room incorporates, you may choose a wall Christmas tree that complements the overall atmosphere. For example, your room may be put together of white and browns. A gorgeous idea would be to create a wall tree that uses white and gold elements, as well as fairy lights of course! The combination of these colours will look truly amazing. Make sure you use all sorts of Christmas tree ornaments to put together your wall decor for the holidays!

4. Simple with Style – Horizontal Fir Branches

Simple with Style - Horizontal Fir Branches

If you are in search of something simplistic that still has style, maybe this wall Christmas tree would be a fabulous choice for you! This idea revolves around placing fir tree branches on one of the walls of your room horizontally. Use two fir branches for each tier of your DIY Christmas tree, creating an aesthetic symmetry. When you’re finishing with putting it together, it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree! Choose an array of your favourite tree ornaments, using whatever colours and shapes you find suitable!

5. Spelling It Out – Christmas Wall Tree Ideas

When it comes to DIY wall Christmas tree decoration ideas, you don’t necessarily have to stick to a standard version of it. For this idea, you’ll need some wall stickers. Each sticker should be Christmas-themed. For example, stickers that come in the shape of reindeer, bells, stars or fir trees will look perfect! Stick them on your wall, creating the large form of a Christmas tree. To enhance the wintery ambience, even more, recreate the tree trunk out of the letters of “Christmas”, sticking each letter underneath the other in a verticle line.

6. Creative with Paper Rolls – Unique and Pretty

Recycle any paper rolls, such as toilet paper rolls, you may have around in the house! Coat each roll in the same colour paint. After allowing them to dry, it’s time to fixate them on your wall, or on a canvas or wooden board that will eventually find a place on your wall! Since you’re making a wall tree, you’ll want to place the paper rolls together in order to form a Christmas tree. You can use half of a paper roll as the tree trunk. Then you can decorate your tree with ornaments! Place small ornaments in each paper roll, giving it the feeling of being a decorated Christmas tree.

7. In an Inner Corner – Christmas Hanging Wall Tree Decor

Here is another fantastic idea on how to save space in your home with a wall Christmas tree with lights! You can try placing it in a corner. For this particular idea, you don’t need anything besides a long line of fairy lights, which you’ll need to fixate on your walls and in the corner as well. When you have created the shape of a Christmas tree, all you’ll have to do is flick on the lights. This wall Christmas tree will add a beautiful and welcoming glow to the whole room for the winter holiday!

8. Wooden Boards – On an Outer Corner

Wooden Boards - On an Outer Corner

Create a three-dimensional effect with your wall Xmas trees. How can you accomplish that? You’ll need wooden boards, which you fixate symmetrically to two sides of an outer corner. Make sure that the wooden boards symmetrical to each other are the same size, but with each board heading upward, they should get smaller, create the look of a fir tree. Also, the wooden boards should be trimmed on their outer sides to create diagonal lines, recreating the look of fir branches. Naturally, add some fairy lights or ornaments to your wooden boards for a Christmassy vibe!

9. Multi-Coloured Lights – Wall Hanging Christmas Tree 

We have already talked about creating wall Xmas trees, that has a three-dimensional effect to it. Using the same concept, create your Christmas tree in one of the corners of the room. As an alternative to using warm lights for the branches of the tree, how about you try out multi-coloured ones? This will create a groovy and funky atmosphere in your room for Christmas, which will look great during a Christmas party!

10. Triangular Frames – Fantastic for the Holidays

Get ready for Christmas by making some of these faux Christmas trees! First of all, you’ll have to put together a triangular frame for your trees. This will help in recreating the classic Christmas tree shape in a minimalist style. Make these out of wood! Then you’ll be able to string fairy lights from one side to the other, heading horizontally from the bottom to the top of the trees. You can hang ornaments off the line of fairy lights, giving it the full Christmas tree experience, making it look truly beautiful! Use either store-bought or handmade Christmas tree ornaments! Stand these trees next to a wall or even fixate them to one of the walls of your room.

11. Vibrant and Colourful – Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

Do you love using an array of colours to create a splash of vibrance and fun? If this is the case, you should apply the same idea to your wall Christmas tree! Using a long piece of multi-coloured tinsel, run it from one side of your wall to the other, creating the image of fir tree branches. You might have to add some nails in your wall, in order to create hooks to which you can fixate the tinsel. Of course, hang some colourful ornaments from the tinsel, bringing your wall Christmas tree alive!

12. A Collection of Photos – Special and Loving

A Collection of Photos - Special and Loving

While we have mentioned a few types of wall Christmas trees, here’s one that will bring a familiar and special ambience to your whole home! Create the shape of your fir tree using photos of family members and friends. This will allow you to remember all the heart-warming moments you’ve had during the year, making you feel truly grateful for all you have! You can try putting together this wall tree in a corner of the room, just like in the example above! Decorate it further with strings of fairy lights, giving it a Christmas glow!

13. Festive and Fabulous – Wall Hanging Christmas Tree 

Now, here is a fabulous alternative to an actual Christmas tree! This idea is all about saving space, so if your living room or home isn’t too big, this will fit just perfectly! You don’t even have to try out a fancy wall Christmas tree design. Simply create a triangular shape using tinsel and rows of Christmas lights. You can place a star at the very top of your “tree” for that holiday vibe!

14. In the Shape of a Tree – Led Lights

Another awesome design for a wall Christmas tree are led lights, put together to look like an actual tree! Each row of led lights should form a branch spurting out from a trunk. The trunk of your wall tree should also be made from a line of led lights! Naturally, it’s completely up to you what colour of lights you choose. Perhaps you’ll go for white lights or fairy lights that are tinted yellow for a warm and friendly glow. Or maybe you want to try multi-coloured lights!

15. Rows of Lights – Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

If you love using fairy lights in your home decor, then you’re bound to love this Christmas tree decoration! It consists of strings of fairy lights connected at the top, then streaming down to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Naturally, get creative and hang some ornaments from the strings of fairy lights!

16. Rustic and Homemade – Brilliant for the Winter Holidays

Rustic and Homemade - Brilliant for the Winter Holidays

Perhaps you are in search of wall Christmas tree ideas that create a rustic atmosphere. If so, then check out the idea above! Pieces of thin branches hanging underneath each other, each one getting bigger in size as you head downwards. Hanging these branches underneath one another will create the hsape of a large triangle, that is similar to a fir tree. Wrap strings of fairy lights around the branches and attach ornaments to them! Place a star ornament on the very top of your wall tree as a finishing touch!

17. Adding Adorable Ornaments – DIY Wall Christmas Tree

If you have already put together a simplistic wall tree in your home for the winter festivities, maybe you’re thinking about how to decorate it! Depending on what sort of ambience you’d like to create in your room for the holidays, make sure to choose ornaments that complement that style! For example, you can use exquisite snowflakes and stars as well as an abundance of adorable animals to hang from the tree! Reindeer, owls or mice wrapped up in winter coats will turn your tree into cute decor, which is fantastic if you have small children! 

18. Strips of Paper – Cheap and Inventive

You don’t have to go over the top with making a wall hanging Christmas tree! So, if you are in search of a super easy and cheap option, how about you use strips of paper? You’ll need long strips of green paper for the branches of your fir tree. Fixate them on your wall in diagonal lines. It’s okay if some of them overlap the others! Also, cut out a yellow star for the top of your wall decoration. You can also include a black trapeze on the very bottom as the pot in which your Christmas tree sits.

19. Keeping It Simple – Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

Keep your wall hanging Christmas tree simple yet amazing all the same! Use thin wooden branches to put together the base of your Christmas tree on the wall. By this, we mean the trunk of the tree and the branches as well! Then get ready to add some colourful ball ornaments to your wall tree, sprucing it up for the holiday!

20. Green and Glorious – Easy and Effortless

Green and Glorious - Easy and Effortless
Here is one of many easy and effortless wall Christmas tree ideas. It uses wooden boards that are chopped into trapeze shapes, placed underneath each other, creating the look of a fir tree! Of course, you’ll need to use a triangle-shaped board for the very top of the tree. For a better tree effect, coat the wooden boards in green paint! This will look absolutely stunning!


After the holidays, you’ll need to keep your Christmas ornaments in the storage closet. Make sure that they’re still in good condition for the holidays next year by storing them in a special ornament bag. The bag allows you to sort ornaments safely, so they don’t get chipped or deformed and don’t clutter your storage space. 

Naturally, these are just a few ideas for wall hanging Christmas trees! Check out our other Christmas ideas at our website, besides our wall Christmas tree ideas, which include Christmas table centrepieces and outdoor Santa decorations!