25 DIY WALL DECOR IDEAS - Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas
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25 DIY WALL DECOR IDEAS – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas


25 DIY WALL DECOR IDEAS - Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas


When you arrive home after a long day of work, you will want to get back to a safe space. A place which actually feels like home! There are so many ways of making your home more homely and more pleasing to the eye. A great example of this is by placing all sorts of decorations in your home. This will give the rooms in your house’s atmosphere. That’s exactly why we have collected 25 DIY wall decor ideas. So you will be able to take a long browse amongst them, trying to find decoration which fits the ambience of your home as well as reflecting your style and personality. Make sure to take a look through our pick of homemade wall decoration ideas for a bit of inspiration! Alternatives include custom wall stickers and murals from producers like WallBoss UK. This method is a great way to change the look and feel of a room on a tight budget. 


1. A Touch of Nature – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

If you love a more earthy and natural vibe, why not use an element of nature on one of your walls? Naturally, put your own twist on it! A simple and cheap item you can use as decoration is no other than a tree branch. Hammer one or a few nails into the wall for you to place a tree branch on. Then wrap a string of fairy lights around the branch, making it not only a DIY wall art but also a source of light.

2. A Burst of Stars – Unique and Creative

Create a bit of art for your walls at home! This art idea is not only easy and cheap to make, but it will be a lot of fun putting the decor together. You will need some foam balls as well as an array of bamboo skewers. Paint the foam balls in either black or white. Create an ombre of paint on the bamboo skewers as well. Depending on what colour paint you used for the balls, use the same colour for the skewers, coating one half of them in that colour. Then simply stick the skewers into the foam balls, and hang them on the walls. These creations will look like bursting stars!

3. Original Wall Accents – DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Original Wall Accents - DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Wall accents might seem like a hard project to create in your rooms, but they are actually quite easy to make! You will need wooden pallets, preferably thin ones. Paste these on your walls, creating patterns of your choice. You might opt for geometric figures, this is really up to your creativity! Then all you will need to do is paint over them, using the same colour that your wall is. 

4. A Set of Floating Shelves – Practical for Storage

Another great idea with which you can decorate your walls is no other than floating shelves. These won’t only look great, but they are practical and handy as well! You can store all sorts of decorative elements on them or items which you use in your everydays. Make sure you get floating shelves that match the style and ambience of your room. For a more natural or rustic room, make sure you stick to wooden floating shelves. If you are in search of something more modern then try out plastic, metal or coloured wooden shelves. You can also turn them into a bookshelf design easily!

5. A Modern Essence – Geometric DIY Wall Art

Here is another beautiful idea on how to decorate your walls at home. Using wooden boards, you can create your own floating shelves. But instead of using one wooden board as a shelf, create geometric shapes out of them which also function as shelves. Just check out the example above! This idea will look great in a more modern or contemporary styled home. Try placing small succulents on your geometric shelves for an amazing look!

6. For People Who Love to Travel – Arrow Maps

Are you someone who loves to travel and see new parts of the world as well as learn about different cultures? If so, what better way is there to express this in your home, than by using maps as DIY wall decor ideas for living room? Spruce the map idea up a little bit and create arrows pointing in the same direction out of wooden boards or pallets. Then paste the selected parts of maps on them before placing them on a wall. The arrow maps pointing in one direction will give off an awesome atmosphere as well as channelling traveller vibes!

7. Home Sweet Home – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

Home Sweet Home - Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

We have all heard of the simple saying “home, sweet home.” If you think the same way about your home it would only make sense to use it as inspiration for your DIY wall hanging art. Grab a frame of any sort and lead a string of fairy lights through it, you can wrap the fairy lights around it. Then paint the words “home, sweet home” on a simple wooden board and attach this to your from or the fairy lights. We guarantee this will give your home a lovely glow.

8. The Front of a Bike – Fun and Awesome

Now here is one of many homemade wall decoration ideas that are perfect for anyone who loves to ride a bike! You will need an old bike for this idea which you don’t use anymore. Have the front part of it cut off, this is what you will be attaching to your wall. You will have to attach the wheel of the bike as well as the handles of it to the wall. It will look as if your bike was flying out of the wall! If you have a basket on the bracket of your bike, then use it as storage space!

9. Fork, Knife and Spoon – DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Here is a piece of wall decor that will fit right into any dining room or even kitchen! If you are good at cutting out shapes, this wall decor will prove to be easy to create. You will need three wooden panels, each one thin. Then draw shapes onto them, we recommend trying out a fork, a knife and a spoon. All you will need to do now is cut them out and place the art panels on your walls! This will look truly amazing and will become great dining room wall decor!

10. A Collection of Memories – DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Here is another excellent wall decor you are guaranteed to love! Everyone adores looking back at photos and reminiscing about moments from the past. Have a few photos of you and your family and friends printed out. Attach the photos to strings, which you can connect to two tree branches, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can attach a few pine leaves to the strings as well as extra decoration, it’s completely up to you!

11. A Flock of Birds – Flying Together

A Flock of Birds - Flying Together

Have you ever found yourself silently marvelling a flock of birds flying over above you? If so, why not use birds as an inspiration for your wall decor? First of all, you will need to create the shape of birds out of paper or any sorts of material you can work well with. Then you will have to attach the birds to the wall of your choice. The birds will create a 3D image, casting shadows on the wall. This will help give your room a lovely bohemian or natural vibe.

12. Terrific Frame Tree – DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Add a few memories to any one of your rooms, by placing a few photos in frames and hanging them on your wall. But make sure you put your own twist on these framed photos. Paint the shape of a tree around them, incorporating the photos as leaves or fruit growing on the tree. You can use wall stickers to accomplish this as well, you don’t necessarily need to paint. Add a few leaves and flowers blossoming out of the branches of the tree. Anyone who steps into your home will be completely amazed by this unique collection of memories.

13. A Photo Holder – Try Using a Metal Wheel

Here is another fantastic DIY wall hanging decor idea that is relatively easy. You will need a spare bicycle wheel for this or any simple metal wheel. Place it on a wall and using wooden pegs attach photos to it. This is a great alternative to using a simple frame or a pinboard, so make sure to try it out!

14. A Floral Roomscape – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

Do you absolutely love flowers and floral decor? Then make sure to try out this DIY mason jar decor! Attach empty jars or vases to a tree branch using yarn. Fill the jars with water and place your favourite types of flowers inside. Attach strings of yarn to the ends of the tree branch so you will be able to hang it up onto any wall of your home.

15. Fabulous Family Photos – Perfect for a Home

Fabulous Family Photos - Perfect for a Home

Perhaps you are designing a space on one of your walls, where you can create a collage of your family. If so, buy a few frames, each one of the same colour and style, but in slightly different shapes. Create a collage using these frames and using wooden letters spell out a sentence that rings true to your family, for example, “this is us.”

16. Tree Branches in Frames – Creative and Beautiful

Are you in search of a piece of wall decor which portrays an element of nature? Then you will love this idea! Create three empty frames, using wooden boards to put them together. Instead of placing photos inside of them, place tree branches in each one. Try using the continuation of the same tree branch in each frame, creating a stunning effect if you place the frames in a verticle line.

17. An Essence of Farmhouse – Rustic Decor Ideas

Perhaps you are more into traditional and rustic designs when it comes to decorating your home. If so, then check out this idea! Try finding an old wooden window frame, coat it in white paint. Attach a wooden box underneath it in which you can plant some flowers! Place this on one of your walls creating a farmhouse atmosphere.

18. An Array of Golden Butterflies – DIY Wall Decor Ideas

If you love working with your hands and creating DIY projects, then you might like to try out this wall art. You will need a simple metal ring for it, on which you will attach a whole gathering of butterflies. You can draw the butterflies yourself, cutting them out afterwards, but naturally, you can print them out as well! Then all you will need to do is hang it from one of your walls.

19. An Interesting Clock – Unique and Spectacular

An Interesting Clock - Unique and Spectacular

Maybe you have been thinking of adding a clock to one of your walls. If so,  why not create a hole inside of it, which will act as a cork catcher. The hole should be in the shape of a wine bottle and should have a thin plastic sheet as a divider. You can throw corks inside of the hole!

20. Flowers in Test Tubes – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

Here is another beautiful and delicate floral wall decor for anyone who loves flowers! Attach test tubes to wooden boards before hanging them on your wall. Fill the tubes with water and place a flower in each one for a refined look!

21. Framed Fabric Art – Bohemian DIY Wall Art

Another unique way you can decorate your walls at home is by framing pieces of fabric! Depending on what sort of style is already present in your room, make sure the fabric complements it! Framing fabric is a fantastic way to create a bohemian ambience in your home.

22. Jewellery Organizers – Decoration and Storage

Create a boho space in your room by making your own jewellery organizers. Make these out of driftwood or tree branches. Attach string or yarn to both ends of the wood. Hammer small nails into the sides of the wood, from which you will be able to hang your jewellery. These pieces of floating driftwood will create a bohemian atmosphere in your room!

23. Slices of Wood – Earthy DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Slices of Wood - Earthy DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Are you in search of natural wall decor ideas which will give your room an earthy vibe? Then check out this easy idea! You will need to place thin slices of wood stuck on each other in a frame. It’s really as simple as that!

24. A Laser Cut Panel – Intricate and Sophisticated

Perhaps you are a professional at laser cutting metal. If so, this wall decor was practically invented for you! Create intricate patterns in thin metal panels. These will look great on a veranda or your living room.

25. Shells and Stones – Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

Bring a beachside ambience to your home with this easy DIY wall decoration. On a wooden board, paste an array of shells and stones which you found on the seashore. You can create any sort of shape you’d like with these, for example, a heart.


We hope you found inspiration amongst these ideas. For other ideas concerning home design, like winter door decorations or small master bedroom ideas, check out our website.