20 DINING ROOM WALL DECOR IDEAS - Dining Room Wall Ideas

20 DINING ROOM WALL DECOR IDEAS – Dining Room Wall Ideas


Are you in the middle of sprucing up your whole home to give it a lovely and homely atmosphere? Even if you aren’t renovating your home completely, sometimes you can add a few ornaments to give the space a new look. It all depends on what sort of ambience or style you’d like to channel in your home. According to that, you’ll be able to choose the right sort of decorations as well! If you want to give your dining room a glow up, then make sure to add some ornaments to it. You can try out some dining room wall decor ideas, which won’t actually take up any space from the room. So, keeping this in mind, check out our collection of 20 dining room wall ideas! 


1. Fantastic in Farmhouse – Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

If you are familiar with the world of home design and home decor, then you will probably have heard of farmhouse style! The decor of the farmhouse resembles the sort of style that you’d see in a farm environment. It’s a bit rustic, uses light colours and mainly wooden furniture. Get some farmhouse dining room wall decor, that brings the same sort of atmosphere to the room. This may include old, wooden window panes arranged carefully on the walls and dressed up with flowers. These will look amazing in a farmhouse environment!

2. A Collection of Memories – Personal and Intimate

Sometimes the best sort of decor you can add to any room is a touch of your own life. Print out photos of your family, friends and larger events of your life. This may be the day of your wedding, a birthday party or just a few moments of your daily life. Then place them in a set of similar frames and hang them on one of the walls of the dining room. When you have guests coming over, the photo collection will create a personal and intimate ambience, making them feel right at home!

3. An Amazing Arrangement – Dining Room Wall Ideas

Perhaps you don’t want to hang photos or paintings on the walls of your dining room. Instead, you’d love to organise a variety of potplants, candles and all sorts of other ornaments on the wall. Well, how can you achieve this easily? Firstly, you may have to install a set of floating shelves on the walls of your dining room. These will allow you to place a wider selection of decor on them, which you may not be able to hang from your walls in other cases. This is just another type of farmhouse dining room wall decor!

4. Brilliant and Bohemian – Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas 

Brilliant and Bohemian - Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

What sort of atmosphere would you like to bring alive in your dining room? If you have always loved bohemian and funky designs, then you will be sure to adore this wall decor idea! Place a selection of plates on the walls. They don’t necessarily have to be ceramic and painted in vibrant colours. You may find plates that have been woven out of bamboo or straw and these will also fit straight into a bohemian environment! To complement these decorations, you can arrange some potplants along the wall as well.

5. Fancy and Elegant – For a Stunning Look

As we have mentioned before, the decoration items you choose for the walls of your dining room depend entirely on how the rest of the room is designed. Maybe you have embodied an elegant and sophisticated style, hanging a glass chandelier from your ceiling and matching it with refined furniture. If this is the case, then you’ll want your wall decor to be just as elegant! One type of wall decor we definitely recommend is no other than a large mirror! The dining room wall mirror can be placed in an intricate frame, painted gold, to really bring out that fancy vibe in the room!

6. A Few Messages – Dining Room Wall Ideas

Whether you have a set of friends coming over for dinner or you are holding a family gathering at your home, you will want to make sure that they know how welcome they are! You can achieve this by hanging up a set of pictures on the walls, that have messages on them. Check out these modern dining room wall decor ideas! For example, you can place three frames next to each other, with a message continuing from one frame to another. Depending on what message you’d like to send to everyone, place that sentence in the frames. It’s an easy and effortless wall decoration option!

7. Checking the Time – Add a Clock

One element you may consider adding to your dining room walls is no other than a clock. There are a lot of types and designs of clocks, so you’ll be certain to find one that matches the environment of the dining room. This will act as a practical way of knowing what the time is. Especially if you have other things you need to do after lunch or dinner and you don’t want to sit for too long after eating.

8. Stunning Wall Accents – Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Stunning Wall Accents - Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Maybe you don’t want to add paintings or shelves onto your dining room’s walls. Instead, you have been contemplating about adding accents to your walls. This is something you might invest your own time in. Use thin poles or pieces of wood to attach them to the walls. You can either drill these into your wall or use strong glue to stick them on the walls. Create patterns on the walls using these wooden accents. After you have finished this, it’s time to paint over the walls and the wooden accents, giving them the same colour. This will completely transform a plain wall into something so much more!

9. Family Photo Display – Hanging From a Pipe

Here is another fabulous way of displaying a few family photos in your dining room! You will first have to install a metal rod or pipe on one of the walls. This is where you will be able to hang your framed family photos. Again, depending on what sort of design you have already incorporated in your dining room, make sure that you use the same style for the frames of the photos. This metal pipe idea would look great in a dining room with an industrial design.

10. A Unique Mirror – Dining Room Wall Ideas

Would you like to add space to your dining room design as well as adding a unique element to it? How about placing a mirror on one of the walls of your dining room. As an alternative to opting for a plain mirror, get one that is unique in its own way. This might mean that it is divided into smaller squares with additional mirrors, giving it a mosaic sort of look. A dining room wall mirror such as this will definitely uplift your room, while also creating an illusion that there’s more space.

11. A Wonderful Wreath – For a Festive Vibe

Is it that time of year, when some festivities are just around the corner? Whether you are getting prepared for Christmas, Easter or an entirely different event, you may add some festive decor to the walls of your dining room. This might mean placing a lovely seasonal wreath, such as a spring or a winter wreath on one of the walls. If you love making DIY crafts, then you might spend some time and energy creating a wreath for your home!

12. Floating Shelves – In a Creative Manner

Floating Shelves - In a Creative Manner

Installing a few floating shelves on the walls of your dining room is a great way of maximising the space. Some floating shelves will also create minimal storage space or an area that you can decorate. Get truly creative with the installation of your floating shelves. You don’t necessarily have to install only a few underneath each other on a wall, you can create a pattern or a shape with the shelves. This will help in giving your dining room a whole new look. Add decorative elements onto the shelves with which you can set a mood.

13. Gorgeous and Groovy – Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Gorgeous and Groovy - Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

There are a number of interesting and groovy ways with which you can create a unique ambience in your dining room. While we have mentioned that you can add a mirror to your dining room, here’s a mirror that is shaped in exciting patterns. It may not be the most useful mirror, for looking at yourself, as it’s put together of smaller parts that resemble leaves or droplets of water. But it will definitely help in perking up your dining room when it comes to modern dining room wall decor!

14. Brighten Up the Room – Installing Lighting

You don’t necessarily have to stick to decorating the walls of your dining room with paintings, accents or photos. Think out of the box and try out something new! For example, you’ll be able to spruce up and light up your dining room by installing a set of lights on one of the walls of the room. Either try spotlights or simple wall lights for a brilliant effect! Naturally, you will have to think about the placement of the lights, as well as the colour they will emanate. For a more friendly and welcoming glow, you may try lights that are tinted with a faint yellow.

15. A Variety of Plates – Dining Room Wall Ideas

Perhaps you have an array of colourful and painted plates that you don’t use for eating food from. How about decorating your dining room with them instead? Hang the ceramic plates on one of the walls of your dining room, next to each other. Don’t be afraid to use more vibrant plates that have some funky patterns on them! Plates arranged carefully on a wall of your dining room may give it a more traditional ambience, but naturally, this depends on what designs are painted on the plates.

16. A Fun Wallpaper – Easy and Effortless

A Fun Wallpaper - Easy and Effortless

You don’t have to overthink things when it comes to decorating your dining room’s walls. Sometimes the easiest choice is also the best! For example, you may just add some fun and vibrance to the room by choosing a cute wallpaper. Depending on the colour and style of your furniture, find a wallpaper that will complement it! Naturally, you can add a few paintings or art to the walls as well, as long as it fits into the atmosphere of your dining room!

17. A Gallery of Art – Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Transform your dining room into a gallery filled with beautiful pieces of art! While you may add some of your own paintings, you can also get your favourite artworks printed out and framed. Or of course, you can support local artists by purchasing their art! For a more modern look, feel free to mix and match the artworks, but for a more classic design, you’ll want to find and use artwork that is painted or drawn in a similar way.

18. A Framed Chalkboard – Leave Messages or Drawings

Another one of many fantastic dining room wall decorations would consist of placing a chalkboard on one of the walls. The great thing about a chalkboard is that you can write up a message, write up the menu or draw something on it. Whenever you get bored with this message or drawing, you can just rub it off and write up something new. Or another idea would be to collect small messages from all of your guests who come and visit you. This way, you’ll have a chalkboard filled with memories, thanks to your friends and family!

19. Emphasis on Dining – Dining Room Wall Ideas

Put some emphasis on the word “dine” in your dining room. Accomplish this easy, by hanging up wooden letters on one of the walls of the room that spell out the word “dine”. This is a simple way of decorating one of your walls!

20. Inspiration from Food – Botanist Herb Drawings

Inspiration from Food - Botanist Herb Drawings

Take some inspiration from the way your food is seasoned! Use botanist drawings of specific herbs and hang them on the wall of your dining room. Try out these drawings if you are going for a more simplistic or clean ambience!


We hope that this collection of 20 dining room wall decor ideas has helped you find something amazing! For other home design ideas, besides dining room wall ideas, like fireplace design ideas or gallery loft designs, check out our website!