25 WINTER DOOR DECORATIONS - Wonderful Winter Wreath Ideas

25 WINTER DOOR DECORATIONS – Wonderful Winter Wreath Ideas


25 WINTER DOOR DECORATIONS - Wonderful Winter Wreath Ideas


Winter has nearly arrived. A time, when the days are short and the nights are long, making it perfect to cuddle up next to the fireplace. During this snowy season, there are so many fun activities to do. Going ice-skating, skiing, having a snowball fight or getting ready for Christmas, are just a few fantastic things to do. Of course, another lovely activity to do is create some crafts or decor for your home! This might include creating some wreaths for your front door! So make sure to look through our winter ideas collection! There are numerous ways to decorate your front door for winter to give it some lovely vibes. We have gathered 25 winter wreath ideas to help you out in finding awesome winter door decorations.


1. A Winter Wonderland – Creating Fluffy Pompoms

Check out this winter door wreath which captures the ambience of winter perfectly! Use a whole lot of white, fluffy pompoms to decorate your wreath and give it a base. You can make these pompoms yourself, they are super easy and simple to make! After creating the pompom wreath, attach a small figurine of a house to the bottom of the wreath as well as a few fir trees. This wreath will look as if it were a winter wonderland, which is perfect for Christmas! Anyone who visits you this season will admire your beautiful wreath!

2. A Mug of Hot Chocolate 

What is a typical drink you will be sipping during winter months? Perhaps it will be a lovely cup of hot chocolate, which will warm you up on a chilly winter’s day. Use a cup of hot chocolate as inspiration for your front door decoration! Use red ribbon to create the mug, adding a cut-out paper hand to the wreath. Then use brown ribbon to create the hot chocolate itself. Make sure add a multitude of marshmallows. To create these you will need some wine corks which you paint white. Attach these to the top of the hot chocolate. You might also consider adding a straw to your hot chocolate!

3. Snowy Forest – Fir Leaves and Pinecones

Snowy Forest - Fir Leaves and Pinecones

Make your winter wreaths for front doors look like snowy, winter forests! This will definitely capture the essence of the season. You will need a bunch of fir leaves and pinecones to create this! First of all, you will need to spray paint the leaves and pinecones, creating a snowy effect. Then start attaching Nature’s gifts to your wreath. By the end, you should have a small snowy forest in front of you!

4. An Assortment of Pinecones – Beautiful and Natural

Use an assortment of pinecones to create a beautiful wreath that has a natural ambience to it. Use pinecones of all shapes, sizes and colours to create a gorgeous combination. Attach the pinecones to your foam ring, making a spiralling effect. This means each pinecone should be facing the same direction, creating a clockwise look. For a more wintery vibe, you might consider attaching a few holly branches to it or even a bit of mistletoe! But this wreath is guaranteed to look fabulous even with just the pinecones, not to mention it will complement your Christmas outdoor decorations very well!!

5. Pretty in Plaid – Unique Winter Door WreathPretty in Plaid - Unique Winter Door Wreath


What sort of clothes do you wear during the winter season? Perhaps you wear a lot of plaid accessories or clothes, which somehow match the ambience of Christmas. If so, make sure to use plaid material, to create the base of your winter wreath. Attach a burlap ribbon to it as well, creating a rustic ambience with this small touch. For an additional look, you might also consider adding a few fir leaf branches to the wreath. These small additions will definitely bring out the wintery vibe in your front door decoration!

6. Roses and Ferns – Simple Winter Wreath Ideas

Here is a beautiful DIY winter wreath that will take anyone’s breath away when they come to visit you. Create the base of the wreath out of twigs and small branches carefully placed together to form a ring shape. When you are finished with this, it’s time to decorate! Use an abundance of white leaves as well as white roses to create a snowy effect on your wreath! Instead of using actual roses and leaves, try finding artificial ones. This will guarantee that your natural elements don’t wilt before their time has arrived.

7. An Adorable Snowman – Happy and Cute

An Adorable Snowman - Happy and Cute

Make sure you give your wreath a truly wintery ambience! An easy way of achieving this is by adding an element of the season to it. For example, an adorable snowman! After wrapping the base of your wreath in white ribbon, add a few white pompoms to the bottom of it. You can create these pompoms yourself, as they are super easy and fun to make! Then it’s time to create your snowman, out of two pompoms. Use black beads for the eyes and mouth and include a triangle-shaped, orange nose on your snowman! You can add a hat and a scarf to it for that extra effect.

8. Monochrome Checkered Ribbons – Winter Door Decorations

Give your front door decoration for winter a truly elegant look. After putting together the base of the wreath out of fir branches and other sorts of foliage, it’s time to design and decorate it! Use black and white checkered ribbons to do the trick! Wrap them around the wreath, or attach them to the fir leaves in the form of a ribbon. You might even consider adding a small note, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

9. A Snowman Wreath – Festive and Fun

As we mentioned before, using a snowman as inspiration for your DIY winter wreath is a lovely idea! After all. putting together snowmen is a typical winter and Christmas activity! So it will only make sense to use it as an idea for your wreath! Create your snowman wreath out of two rings, one smaller for the head and a bigger one for the body. Decorate your snowman with holly and a few pinecones here and there. Also, make sure to add a hat to your snowman and a scarf, which can consist of a few ribbons.

10. Balls of Yarn – Winter Wreath Ideas

Here is another fabulous idea on how to create a wintery effect for your front door wreath. First of all, you will need a simple foam ring, which you can attach your elements to. Try using a variety of balls of yarn for this idea. Consisting of white, grey, silver and beige colours, you will be able to create a winter atmosphere on your front door. Attach a few snowflake ornaments to this wreath as well. These will act as an additional touch to bringing winter to your door.

11. Simple and Natural – A Homely Look

Simple and Natural - A Homely Look

You don’t have to create something grand and go totally overboard for your winter front door decor! If you prefer to keep things simple, then check out this idea. Wrap a foam ring in a plaid patterned material. You can even use a simple scarf for this idea, to wrap around the ring. Attach some fir leaves to it, creating a wintery vibe. Place a few branches of mistletoe or holly in between the fir leaves. Also, attach a few pinecones to the wreath. This is not only a simple solution, but it is also inexpensive to create and not too time-consuming!

12. Recycled Scarf – Winter Door Decorations

Here is another easy solution for anyone who wouldn’t like to spend much money or time on creating a wreath! If you have an old or torn scarf lying around your house somewhere, which you don’t wear anymore it’s time to use it for creating your wreath! Wrap it around a foam ring, making sure to fixate it, so it stays in place. A scarf will definitely bring a wintery ambience with itself, as these are typical accessories we wear to keep ourselves warm during the chilly season!

13. A Fir Star – Brilliant and Gorgeous

A typical symbol of Christmas is no other than a star. So if you are planning to put up a wreath for Christmas, as well as the whole winter, why not create the shape of a star? Use fir tree leaves and branches to achieve this. Place pinecones and holly inside the middle of the star. You might also consider wrapping a string of fairy lights around the star for a magical effect! This will truly look beautiful for the winter season!

14. Another Snowman Idea – Perfect for the Season

We have talked about using a snowman as inspiration for your winter wreath. After all. you can’t get more wintery than using a snowman as the main idea for your wreath. Instead of using white pom-poms to symbolise the snow, use white, artificial flowers instead. This will give your wreath an elegant vibe. As the final touch, place a figurine of a snowman in the middle!

15. Nature’s Bliss – Winter Wreaths for Front Door

Nature's Bliss - Winter Wreaths for Front Door

Here is a simple and sophisticated wreath, which incorporates hints of winter’s natural environment. Create your wreath out of thin branches and twigs. Then attach fir leaves, holly and mistletoe! Naturally, add some pinecones as well for that true winter vibe! These small hints of Mother Nature will bring a blissful sense of peace to your wreath, which is perfect for the winter months!

16. Red and White – Simple and Delicate

Two colours which really bring a wintery and Christmassy vibe are red and white. Use the combination of these two shades! Wrap your wreath in red fabric and use white elements for the small details and decorative elements on your wreath! This will make a lovely piece of Christmas front door decor for winter!

17. Let it Snow 

Use the lyrics of a famous song as inspiration for your winter wreath! You can wrap some plaid fabric around the top and attach some white fabric to the bottom. Add a few figurines of fir trees to the bottom. You can also place a label saying “let it snow” to the wreath!

18. Snowy and Merry – In a Festive Mood

Here is another idea on how to attach a few words or a greeting to your wreath! Get a blackboard, and write up whatever you’d like on it with chalk. Then place it in the middle of the wreath!

19. A Flock of Birds – Awesome Winter Door Decorations

A Flock of Birds - Awesome Winter Door Decorations


Another great wintery wreath is this one! Besides attaching pinecones, holly and mistletoe to your fir leaf wreath, add some figurines of birds! You can even add a small birdhouse model to your wreath!

20. A Multitude of Snowmen – Creative With Pompoms

Create a snowman wreath for your front door for the season of winter! Create a multitude of white pompoms, sewing small black beads on them for their eyes and for their buttons. Then add a different colour scarf to each snowman and place them on the wreath, like in the picture above. This may be a fun Christmas craft to make with kids!

21. An Ice Skate – Winter Wreath Ideas

Here is another great idea for front door decoration! If you have an unused ice skate lying around the house, place all sorts of winter plants in it. Then simply place it on your front door, adding a plaid ribbon to it as well! If this doesn’t bring winter vibes with itself, we don’t know what will!

22. Frilly and Plaid – Winter Door Decorations

If you have any plaid material at home, that you don’t need for anything else. Use it to create a winter wreath for your front door! You can create frills for a specially unique and creative look!

23. A White Wonderland – Snowy and Spectacular

A White Wonderland - Snowy and Spectacular

There’s nothing like creating a snowy landscape out of your wreath! You can use white wool to wrap on the wreath itself, attaching artificial white leaves to it. In the middle of the wreath place a figurine of a white fir tree. This wreath will look as if the snow had just fallen down onto nature!

24. A Merry and Joyous Design 

Here is another wreath that will bring festive and joyous vibes with itself, making it perfect for winter or Christmas! Use an abundance of ribbons to wrap the wreath up with. You can use gold ribbons, which are decorated with snowflakes or plaid ribbons. It’s really up to you! Another item you can attach to your wreath for an even more festive vibe is a cut-out snowman!

25. Cosy and Cute – Handmade Winter Door Decorations

Now, this one of many winter wreath ideas will definitely bring a merry and festive atmosphere with itself, which is what you would like to achieve for winter! Wrap grey yarn around your foam ring. Add cotton wool to the bottom of the wreath, resembling a pile of snow. Attach some red winter berries to the sides of it and hang a bird doll from the top. It will look like a small winter forest!


We hope that this pick of 25 winter door decorations has helped you find something awesome for the season! For other DIY decor ideas, besides winter wreath ideas, such as Santa door decorations or Christmas door wreath, visit our website!