20 NEW YEARS EVE PARTY FOOD - New Years Eve Food Ideas

20 NEW YEARS EVE PARTY FOOD – New Years Eve Food Ideas


20 NEW YEARS EVE PARTY FOOD - New Years Eve Food Ideas


There is a celebration which takes place during the very end of the year. An event that also marks a new beginning! This celebration is no other than New Year’s Eve! The last day of the year has become a time for huge and fabulous parties. It’s all about getting together with friends and family, saying goodbye to last year and welcoming the next! Perhaps you will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year at your place or a venue. If so, you will be in search of delicious New Years Eve party foods which you will be able to serve to your guests. That’s exactly why we have gathered 25 New Years Eve food ideas, to help you find something tasty for your party which you can serve in a creative manner!


1. Champagne Jello Shots – Fun New Years Eve Party Food

Get ready for New Year’s Eve with a whole lot of drinks, which are served in a slightly different way. Champagne is the sort of drink that will be served at every New Year’s Eve party. So, make sure it will be distributed at your party, except in the form of jello! Create a whole bunch of jello shots, you can add food colouring to the shots for a more exciting look, but we recommend leaving it in a natural, champagne colour. Sprinkle edible gold on the top of the jello shots as an extra, dazzling effect.

2. Pigs in Blankets – Tasty New Years Eve Food Ideas

There are so many incredible treats you can bake for your New Year’s Eve party. A portion of easy and cheap food to make for your party is none other, than pigs in blankets. This consists of hot dog sausages wrapped up in dough and baked in the oven. You can pierce through the sausages with sticks, making it easier for your guests to eat. Another great idea is to add a few dipping sauces to the table. This way your guests will be able to dip their pigs in blankets in whatever sauce they’d like!

3. Scrumptious Sugar Cookies – Decorate Them Creatively

Scrumptious Sugar Cookies - Decorate Them Creatively

If you love baking, then why not bake a batch of sugar cookies? The dough of these cookies is super simple to put together and takes no time at all! Before baking them, use cookie cutters to create all sorts of shapes and forms of cookies. After baking them and allowing them to cool it’s finally time to decorate them! Use icing to create all sorts of New Years Eve party food. For example, you can create a clock that has both hands pointing towards midnight. Naturally, you can create a few cookies which read “Happy New Year’s!” on them.

4. Black and Gold – Chic Cake Pops

When creating New Year’s appetizers, you will want to make sure that they are easily eatable. The worst thing to possibly do at a party is when you can’t eat your food properly! Something easy to eat are cake pops! You will have to bake a cake first and create small balls out of it. Attach the balls to sticks and then dip them in chocolate. While the chocolate is still warm, you can also dip your cake pops into sprinkles. For a truly New Year’s Eve look, you can go for black and gold sprinkles for your cake pops!

5. Fortune Cookies – New Years Eve Party Food

Wish everyone a Happy New Year as well as giving them a bit of good fortune at your party! Create your own fortune cookies at home which you will be able to serve to your party guests. Place small messages in each cookie. When your guests break the cookies to eat them, they will find small slips of good fortune inside. Get creative with this! To make your fortune cookies tastier, you can dip the ends in chocolate.

6. A Fancy Look – Glasses of Champagne

As we mentioned before, champagne is a necessity at every New Year’s party! To give your party a better vibe and ambience, you can give the champagne glasses a cute look that matches the theme. For example, you can add small bowties to each champagne glass, giving them a cute and elegant look. Create the bowties out of black cardboard! You can also add a few small, black rhinestones underneath them, acting as the buttons of a suit.

7. A Cupcake Clock – Countdown to Midnight

A Cupcake Clock - Countdown to Midnight

When the new year is just a minute or a few seconds away, everyone will start to count down. This is a fun New Year’s Eve activity that everyone seems to do at parties. If you like the idea of counting down until both the hands on the clock reach the number twelve, why not make a countdown clock of your own, which incorporates food? Bake a batch of your favourite flavoured cupcakes for your New Year’s Eve event. Then it’s time to decorate them. Grab twelve cupcakes and with the help of frosting, draw numbers on each cupcake from one to twelve. Line them up on a plate, making the numbers resemble the image of a clock. You can put a cake in the middle on which you draw the hands of the clock. These are guaranteed to make delicious New Years Eve snacks!

8. Awesome Champagne Cookies – New Years Eve Food Ideas

We have mentioned incorporating champagne into your New Year’s Eve party food. Here is another fantastic way of doing so! Create a cookie dough, to which you add a splash of champagne for a special effect. When cutting your cookies out and getting them ready for baking, make sure to cut them in the shapes of champagne glasses. After baking them and allowing them to cool, it’s time to decorate them to make them resemble actual champagne glasses! Use icing and glittery sprinkles to achieve this!

9. Delicious Doughnuts – A Favourite Amongst Everyone

There are so many types of food you can serve at your New Year’s Eve party and this is just another fabulous idea. Why not serve your guests doughnuts? They are a perfect treat for anyone who loves sugary and fluffy goodness! If you are planning to invite kids to your New Year’s Eve party as well, then doughnuts as New Years Eve food ideas will definitely be appreciated!

10. Cute Little Pigs – Lucky New Years Eve Snacks

Pigs have become the symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck over the ages. So if you are going to be wishing everyone good luck and all the best, then it would only make sense to use pigs as inspiration for your cookies! Create the shapes of pig heads out of cookies. You can use a big cookie for the whole head and a smaller one for the snout. Then coat it all in pink icing. You can add marzipan ears to it, as well as sprinkles for their eyes!

11. An Elegant Idea – Fancy New Year’s Appetizers

An Elegant Idea - Fancy New Year's Appetizers

Are you going to be hosting a huge New Year’s Eve party for all your friends and family? If so, you will definitely have a party theme as well. This theme might involve something like black and gold. If so, make sure that your food incorporates the same colours which you use for the decorations of your party. This will help give your party a great vibe and atmosphere! A great idea is to buy a batch of Oreos and put your own twist on them. For example, you can blow edible gold spray over them for a fancy look.

12. Cheese and Crackers – Simple and Easy

There are a few types of foods, which are typically served at parties. An example of this is cheese with crackers. Not is it only super simple to put together, but it’s also inexpensive. So if you are expecting a lot of guests, then this is a cheap solution to your food problems! After placing a slice of cheese on each cracker, you can add a few extra touches to each one. You can add a small bowtie and buttons to each slice of cheese as if they were wearing a suit and tie. You can use black olives to create this out of! These are easy New Years food ideas!

13. Warm Up Your Heart – New Years Eve Food Ideas

A popular food trend you might have heard of are s’mores. If you haven’t given them a try yet, then why not create a batch of them for your New Year’s Eve party? They are super easy to put together and everyone is guaranteed to love them! These tasty treats consist of only three ingredients. All you need is a digestive cookie for the base, a piece of chocolate for the middle and a marshmallow on top. Place these in the oven or microwave for a bit, making the marshmallow a bit gooey!

14. Adorable Penguins – New Year’s Eve Food Ideas

We must not forget that New Year’s Eve is a winter festival! This means you can freely incorporate winter elements into your New Years food ideas. A great example of this is to make penguins! Dip a marshmallow into the chocolate to create the body of the penguin. Then it’s time to add the eyes, beak, flippers and belly of the penguin as well. You can create this out of marzipan. Place your penguins onto biscuits!

15. Another Take on Pigs in Blankets – Delicious and Easy

Another Take on Pigs in Blankets - Delicious and Easy

We have mentioned baking pigs in blankets before. They are super easy to create, all you need are hot dog sausages and dough which you can wrap around them, before popping them in the oven. You can sprinkle sesame seeds over them as well for an additional textural element as well as a burst of flavour. You don’t have to make big pigs in blankets, you can create smaller ones that your guests will be able to eat in one bite. Remember to serve these with a few dips or sauces, like ketchup!

16. Confetti Clock Cookies – Fun and Festive

If you really want to wow your guests at your New Year’s Eve party, then these cookies will definitely help you achieve your goal! First of all, you will need to bake a batch of circle-shaped cookies. After allowing your cookies to cool, it’s time to decorate them with icing. You can create a clock on every second cookie, with both hands pointing towards the number twelve. Stick the cookies together with jam, but fill their middles with rainbow sprinkles. This way, when your guests will bite into the cookies the sprinkles will fly out like confetti!

17. Gorgeous Sugar Cookies – New Years Eve Food Ideas

If you won’t have much time for cooking or baking before New Year’s Eve, then why not simply bake a batch of cookies? Decorate this New Years Eve party food with icing, to give each one a New Year’s Eve vibe. Create a clock on the circle-shaped cookies, with both hands pointing to midnight. You can write up a message on other cookies wishing your guests a “Happy New Year!”

18. Drinks for Everyone – Champagne Shooters

It will be a great idea to serve some sorts of drinks at your New Year’s Eve party. For example, incorporate champagne into a tasty cocktail. You will have to add some heavy cream to the champagne to create these shooters. The combination of champagne and cream will work perfectly together, creating rich and luxurious cocktails. Naturally, feel free to create a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail for anyone who doesn’t drink!

19. Beautiful Champagne Cupcakes – New Years Eve Party Food

Beautiful Champagne Cupcakes - New Years Eve Party Food

Incorporating champagne into any sorts of New Year’s food is a fantastic idea. For example, you can bake a batch of champagne cupcakes. Pour some champagne into the cupcake dough. You can also add a splash of it to the buttercream for the tops of the cupcakes.

20. The Countdown Cake – It’s Nearly Midnight

While we have talked about countdown cupcakes, another great option to bake is a countdown cake. After baking and adding frosting to your cake, it’s time to design and decorate the top of it! Using a different coloured frosting, draw the numbers of a clock on the top of a cake. Then create the two hands of the clock as well, pointing towards midnight, in other words, the new year. This New Years Eve party food will look fantastic at your event! And you can add a sparkler to the middle of the clock!


We hope you found some inspiration amongst this pick of 20 New Years Eve food ideas. For other New Years ideas, besides New Years Eve party food, such as New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas or New Years Nail Ideas, visit our website.