25 NEW YEAR DECORATION IDEAS - New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

25 NEW YEAR DECORATION IDEAS – New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas


25 NEW YEAR DECORATION IDEAS - New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas


A huge celebration which takes place at the very end of the year also marks a new beginning! This event is no other than New Year’s Eve! The last day of the year has become a time for huge and fabulous parties. It’s all about getting together with friends and family, saying goodbye to last year and welcoming the next! Perhaps you will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year at your place or a venue. If so, you will be in search of amazing New Year decoration ideas to glam up the event. That’s exactly why we have gathered 25 New Years Eve party decoration ideas, to help you find some perfect New Years Eve ideas for your party!


1. Create Your Own Disco Ball – Unique and Funky

Do you ever sit down to listen to your parents talk about their younger years when they were living their life to the fullest? Think about all those retro parties they went to back in their day. Awesome New Years Eve party decorations were none other than disco balls. If you are considering hosting a New Year’s Eve party, that has a retro vibe to it, make sure to make a disco ball. You can easily create one at home by yourself. You will need a foam ball and CDs and DVDs cut into small pieces. Using a glue gun, stick these pieces onto the foam sphere, covering it fully. Then attach a string to it and the disco ball is all ready!

2. A Cupcake Countdown – New Year Decoration Ideas

You will also want to make sure you have plenty of food served at your party! Fantastic food which can be served at any party is cupcakes! Bake a batch of your favourite flavoured cupcakes for your New Year’s Eve event. Then it’s time to decorate them. Grab twelve cupcakes and with the help of frosting, draw numbers on each cupcake from one to twelve. Line them up on a plate, making the numbers resemble the image of a clock. You can put a cake in the middle on which you draw the hands of the clock.

3. Handmade Party Poppers – Fun and Glittery

Handmade Party Poppers - Fun and Glittery

An absolute necessity at any New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas are the party poppers! You don’t need to buy the ones in the stores though, you can easily put these together at home. You will need toilet paper rolls, balloons and fillers, which can consist of glitter or confetti. Naturally, you can decorate the poppers to give them a festive and fun look! Coat them in an abundance of sparkles for the perfect New Year’s Eve appearance.

4. Photo Booth Party Props – For A Fabulous Picture

New Year’s Eve is a time for taking photos! This way you will be able to look back at the pictures after a few years and remember what a blast you had that night! Set up a small photo booth area for all your guests! To give the photo booth a more fun feeling, you can create small props for everyone to hold in the pictures! Cut out small designs from cardboard and attach them to thin wooden sticks. Great examples are a moustache, a top hat, lips or a bottle of champagne. So get ready with these New Year decoration ideas!

5. A Balloon Clock – New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Create a huge clock for your guests, this way you will be able to count down the hours left of the last day of the year! Blow up balloons, filling them with helium. Draw numbers from one to twelve on each balloon. Then stick them to the walls of the place you will be holding the party at in the shape of a clock. With each hour that passes of the day, you can pop a balloon, counting back the hours of the day.

6. DIY Glittery Globes – Perfect for a Party

Here is yet another great way of decorating the venue of your New Year’s Eve party! You will need simple paper lanterns for this, which are sphere-shaped. All you will need to do is coat them in layers of glitter. You can hang these from the ceiling as a fun gorgeous effect. Using glitter is a great idea for this, after all, New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating! And we all know that glitter is a staple of all sorts of celebrations.

7. Popping the Champagne – New Year Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Popping the Champagne - New Year Eve Party Decoration Ideas

When you think of New Year’s Eve, what image pops into your mind almost immediately? Perhaps it is the image of a bottle of champagne being popped with bubbles overflowing everywhere. If so, use this as inspiration for your New Year’s Eve decoration at your party! Recreate the look of champagne pouring out from the bottle, except in the form of balloons! Create a cardboard champagne bottle, tilted to one side and hang it up on one of the walls. Spilling out from the bottle should be an array of see-through, silver, gold and white balloons, resembling the champagne. This will look perfect for the event!

8. A Photo Booth Frame – For Taking Funny Pictures

If you are certain that you would like to include a photo booth at your New Year’s Eve party, there are a lot of cheap and easy solutions on how to create this. Firstly, you will need a large piece of cardboard. Cut out a square or rectangle in the middle of it. Coat the cardboard in paint and draw up the message “Happy New Year!” You can add a few decorative elements to the cardboard, like gold speckles and stars. This cardboard will become a great frame for your photos, you and your friends will be able to pose behind it.

9. An Exciting Drinking Game – Activities for the Night

Make sure that everyone has a great time at your New Year’s Eve party! You might consider creating a small drinking game for everyone at the party. Create the cards yourself, on which you write up the rules. Whoever picks a card, will have to drink if they have done what is written on the card. These New Years Eve party decoration ideas are super easy to create not to mention cheap as well! So if you have run out of time and ideas, this will make a great activity to play at your party!

10. Remembering the Past Year – A Bit of Nostalgia

If you are going to be celebrating the new year with your close group of friends or family, why not think about the past year and all of its happy moments? Reminiscence about them together. Write up questions on small cards, which everyone will have to answer! For example, “best moment of the year” or “best movie you watched this year” are great questions to ask everyone! It will be awesome listening to everyone’s answers!

11. Paper Fortune Cookies – New Year Decoration Ideas

Paper Fortune Cookies - New Year Decoration Ideas

Make sure you send everyone your best wishes for the New Year. Create paper fortune cookies in which you place small messages for each one of your guests. These messages can range from anything which read “you will have a great year, filled with successes” or “you have a romantic year ahead of you filled with love.” This is super easy and cheap to create. And this is something your guests are guaranteed to love, reading their fortune! 

12. Bake a Batch of Cookies – New Year Decoration Ideas

When it comes to serving your guests’ food at your New Years party, make sure you come up with something creative and tasty! The food should fit the theme of the party as well! Something easy to decorate in any way you’d like is cookies! So if you have a delicious cookie recipe lying around at home try finding it. Then decorate the cookies with frosting and icing. You can write “Happy New Year!” on a few of the cookies. For others, you can paint them with icing to make them look like clocks with both hands pointing to twelve!

13. Drinks for the New Year – New Years Eve Decorations

Drinks for the New Year - New Years Eve Decorations

Food isn’t the only thing you will have to think about serving at your party! You can’t forget about the drinks either! Besides serving champagne at your New Year’s Eve event, you might also be considering mixing a few drinks, creating a few fancy cocktails for the event. Depending on what sorts of flavours you like, you can create either a huge amount of shots or cocktails. This is completely up to you! Make sure to serve a few non-alcoholic drinks as well for the people who don’t drink!

14. Moustaches on Straws – A Cute Addition

If you are thinking about a way to decorate small accessories at your New Year’s party, here is a cute addition to any party! After adding straws to glass, add small moustaches to each straw as well. You can cut these out yourself, just make sure to use black or dark brown paper for these. It will look funny as you watch your guests sip on drinks and have moustaches! You can use paper straws to keep your party environmental friendly!

15. A Glittery Table – A Sequined Tablecloth

A Glittery Table - A Sequined Tablecloth


Make sure you bring a bit of fun and excitement to your New Year’s Eve party, by using a sequined tablecloth for all your tables. Wrap a ribbon around the legs of the table, to create a unique look for each and every one of your tables!

16. For the Perfect Photo – New Year’s Eve Decorations

For the Perfect Photo - New Year's Eve Decorations

When New Year’s Eve finally arrives, you will want to make sure to take a few photos during the night. This way, you will be able to look back at the pictures and remember what a fabulous night you had! Create a backdrop for photos, using all sorts of gold and silver streamers. You can cut out the words “Happy New Year’s Eve” and place them somewhere on the backdrop as well! All your guests, as well as you, will be able to take photos here!

17. Brilliant Bubbles – Cute and Funky

Here is another great idea you can try to make for your New Year’s Eve party! Blow up see-through balloons with helium, attaching them to strings. You can use smaller balloons at the bottom and bigger ones at the top. Create a lot of balloon-filled strings, and place them around the venue of your New Year’s eve party. It will look as if a trail of bubbles had been scattered everywhere. These would also make awesome Christmas party decor ideas as well.

18. Gorgeous Pinatas – New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Make certain you will have a few fun activities to play with your guests at your New Year’s Eve party! Creating a pinata is a fabulous idea!  You can create the pinatas yourself, using cutout cardboard pieces. Stick these pieces of cardboard together, forming a globe. Before sealing this pinata, make sure to fill it up with all sorts of candy or random gifts.

19. The Countdown – Using Balloons

The Countdown - Using Balloons


Create a countdown for your New Year’s Eve party. Here’s a super easy and cheap way of making one! Blow up balloons, writing the time on each balloon. When that time passes you will have to pop the balloons! With each balloon popped, you will get closer to midnight, as well as the New Year.

20. Glamorous Straws – New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

You will want to make your table look gorgeous for your New Year’s Eve party as well! This means using thematic decoration. For example, if you are thinking about how to store your straws, why not place them in mason jars? You can decorate the mason jars beforehand to make them look fantastic.

21. A Bit of Trivia – Time for Games

Have you ever wondered about what people around the world do during New Year’s Eve? Create a trivia for you and all your guests, put together a whole set of questions about New Year’s Eve. Whoever gets most of the questions right will win a prize!

22. A Festive Wreath – New Years Eve Party Decorations

If you are hosting your party at home, make sure you decorate your front door with a festive vibe as well! You can create a wreath for the New Year, using elements of black and gold. The combination of these two colours will give your front door a chic and glamorous look!

23. Bow Ties – On Champagne Glasses

Bow Ties - On Champagne Glasses

Are you thinking about adding something small to your champagne glasses in order to give them a New Year’s Eve ambience as well? We recommend adding bowties to each one of them. You can also glue two black stickers underneath each bowtie, acting as buttons. These New Years Eve party decorations will look festive and cute!

24. Big Balloons – New Year Decoration Ideas

Here is another backdrop that will look great on any photos! Place a heap of helium-filled balloons in front of a wall. Use golden streamers for their strings. Your guests will be able to stand next to the balloons in order to create the perfect picture!

25. Name Tags – New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Are you planning on hosting a huge New Year’s Eve party? Then make sure your guests know who’s glass is who’s. Attach small name tags to the champagne glasses, this way no one will confuse their glass with someone else’s. Cut out golden stars and place them on the stems of the champagne glasses. These New Years Eve decorations will make the perfect name tags!

We hope that you found some inspiration amongst these New Years Eve party decoration ideas! For other party decor ideas besides New Year decoration ideas, such as bachelorette party ideas or cheap Halloween decoration, go to our website.