25 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR BEST FRIEND - Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas
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25 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR BEST FRIEND – Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas

25 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR BEST FRIEND - Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas


With the arrival of winter, Christmas is just around the corner! And we do have to admit that it’s never too early to prepare for this special holiday! Christmas is one of the best times to spend time with your loved ones, with your family and friends. It’s also a great time to express how much you treasure your loved ones, by presenting them with fabulous Christmas gifts! Maybe you can try making a handmade present! If you have run out of time, or have no ideas what to get for your best friend, take a look through our best friend Christmas gift ideas. We have collected 30 Christmas presents for best friends, so you will be sure to find some inspiration!


1. A Customised Pillow – Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas

Express how much you love your best friend this Christmas! There are so many incredible ways of doing this. Just one of these is by designing and creating a pillowcase which says this exactly! You can have a message printed on your pillowcase for your best friend which says something personal, yet funny! For example, “we will always be best friends. Because you know too much!” This will definitely give your friend a good laugh. This is a great sort of Christmas present!

2. A Beautiful Christmas Tree Ornament – Inspired by Friends

Did you and your best friend ever binge-watch the hit TV series Friends? If both of you absolutely love this TV show, then make sure to use it as inspiration for their present! Since we are talking about giving Christmas presents, why not present your bestie with a gift which has complete Christmas vibes? A great example of this is giving someone a Christmas tree ornament which you design and decorate yourself! Use the Friends quote “I’ll be there for you” and write it up on the ornament.

3. A Personalised Candle – Christmas Presents for Best Friends

Here is an awesome DIY present you can surprise your bestie with for Christmas! This is no other than a candle that has a photo of the two of you printed on it. It’s personal and cute! As we have mentioned before, candles are great gifts to give, as they bring a sense of relaxation with themselves when they are lit. Everyone loves them and they create a beautiful ambience in any room in where they are lit! So why not give this handmade gift a try this year and present your bestie with it?

4. A Wooden Block – With a Few Photos of You

Create a personal gift for your bestie for Christmas! After all, Christmas is all about sending everyone around you love and happiness! A great present idea is to create a wooden block for them. It’s just a decor block which your best friend can use as an ornament in their room, reminding them of you! Place pictures and memories of the two of you on the sides of the block and write a quote on one of the sides. This is a personal present, making it perfect for Christmas!

5. A Few Memories – Christmas Gifts for Best Friends

Make your best friend’s day truly special with this idea! Stick a photo in the middle of a sheet of paper. Write a long and heartfelt message around the photo, you can write down your favourite messages or the reasons you love your best friend so much, this one’s up to you! Then place this sheet of paper and photo in a frame. While this is a simple and easy gift to put together, it has a lot of sentimental and personal value.

6. A Heartfelt Quote – Create a Painting

If you are a creative and artistic person, why not create some sort of art for your best friend? Paint something small for them on a canvas. This can be a heart, a flower or anything that links the two of you together. Then write a quote next to this painting. The quote can be about friendship, a memory of fun and exciting times or anything personal! These sorts of handmade presents make the perfect gifts for Christmas, as they show you put actual time and effort into making something special for them!

7. Easy DIY Socks – Things to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas

Create some cute socks which have funny messages on their soles for your best friend for Christmas! Get a load of colourful and vibrant socks, in your best friend’s favourite colours. Then use fabric paint to write messages on each sock. These can be inside jokes or even funny commands for anyone who bothers the read the messages on the socks. This can be something like “if you can read this, bring me tacos!” Of course, the messages on the socks are completely up to you and your creativity! Make sure to get your friend warm socks for the winter season!

8. Where it all Began – A Special Location

When you and your best friend talk about memories and go down nostalgia lane, you will probably have a lot of funny and exciting memories! After all, they are your best friend for a reason! If you go way back into the past, you will remember where your friendship all began! This will mark a special location which you will hold dear to your heart! Cut out the location from a map and place it in a frame. Write above it “this is where it all began,” expressing how your friendship!

9. A Punch Box – An Exciting Idea

If you love giving letters to each other with your best friend, then this idea will make the perfect present for Christmas! A punch box! Create a box, with one side made out of thin paper. Your friend will have to punch through the paper side to receive their Christmas gift! You can place a bundle of letters in each small box, but naturally, the present is up to you on what you decide to give your best friend. You can place anything you’d like in the punch box!

10. A Jar of Happy Pills – Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone has days when they are feeling under the weather and feeling sad. That’s completely natural! The point is to always cheer up the other person when are having a bad day. Put together one or two jars for your best friend, filling both with their favourite candy or chocolate. Attach labels to the jars, which read “happy pills.” Whenever your friend is feeling a bit down, they will just have to take out one or two chocolates and eat away! This will make a lovely present, which lasts longer than just Christmas!

11. It Makes Sense – Great Christmas Presents for Best Friends

Does being around your best friend make perfect sense? Use this idiom as inspiration and wordplay for your Christmas presents! Create a gift for each of the senses, smell, sound, taste, touch and sight. Wrap each one up individually. This cute wordplay on making sense and the five senses will definitely put a smile on your best friend’s face. You can try getting them presents which are connected to the senses as well. For example, a perfume for smell and a bar of chocolate for taste.

12. A Definition of Friendship – Personal and Unique

If you and your best friend love playing Scrabble, use that as some sort of inspiration for their Christmas present! Create art in a frame which also bears the meaning of friendship. Use Scrabble letters to spell out “friends” or “friendship vertically. Then simply write a word beginning with each letter horizontally, next to them. For example, “f” can be for “fight for each other” and “r” can be “respect each other.” Make sure you add personal characteristics of your friendship to this design. Your bestie will be able to use this as decor!