25 CHRISTMAS TABLE CENTREPIECES - Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

25 CHRISTMAS TABLE CENTREPIECES – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations


25 CHRISTMAS TABLE CENTREPIECES – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations


Winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner as well, it means it is time to get into the festive spirit! You can get into a Christmassy mood by making all sorts of crafts and decor, as well as baking. If you have been contemplating creating some sort of Christmas decor for your home, why not create table centrepieces for various parts of your home? There are so many gorgeous Christmas table centrepieces you can create to invite winter and Christmas into your home and heart! This way, whenever a guest arrives at your house, they will be uplifted by a sense of Christmas. We have collected 25 homemade Christmas table decorations for you to choose from and find inspiration amongst these ideas for Christmas!


1. A Tray of Christmas – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

When creating a table centrepiece for winter in your home, you don’t have to go over the top with it. Going for something simplistic will be able to create a tablescape just as beautiful. To create these Christmas table centrepieces, you will need a wooden tray and a selection of natural elements. By natural elements, we mean pinecones, sprigs of berries and a few branches of mistletoe. Place these all on the wooden tray, creating a wintery tablescape, you can include a few Christmas tree ornaments as well if you’d like. Then all you will need to do is put a lantern in the middle of it all, which will radiate a warm light on those long winter nights!

2. Branches of Fir – Christmas Table Centrepieces

Here is another spectacular Christmas dining table decor for the winter holidays. It’s easy to make yourself, all you will need is a rectangular, wooden box and a few of nature’s gifts. Pick a few branches of fir, a few sprigs of berries or mistletoe and put them in the wooden box. Naturally, don’t leave the pinecones out, scatter a few around the box here and there! Place a few flameless candles in between the fir leaves and other natural elements of the box. This would also look great as a fall table centrepiece!

3. Recycle Some Jars – Floating Candles and Cranberries

Recycle Some Jars - Floating Candles and Cranberries

If you have some glass jars lying around at home which are unused, then it’s time to recycle them! Fill them with water, placing fir tree branches inside as well as cranberries! The final touch is to place candles on the surface of the water, allowing them to float. All you will need to do is light the candles and in no time at all, you will have whimsical and romantic lighting on your table! These homemade Christmas table decorations will be perfect for the winter festivities!

4. A Three-Tiered Tray – Elegant and Refined

Bring a sense of festivity and Christmas spirit into your home with this simple table centrepiece! You will need a three or two-tiered tray to create this beautiful and refined decor. Fill each tier with fir branches, pinecones and a variety of winter berries. Then all you will need to do is simply wrap strings of fairy lights around each tier of the tray. The small lights will create a wintery ambience. If you wish, you can add a few candles to the top tray for the true Christmas effect.

5. Jars Filled With Pinecones – Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Another gorgeous way Christmas dining table decor is this idea! Find a few glass vases or glass jars for this simple idea. Fill them with wintery natural elements, such as pinecones, straw and branches of fir. It’s really up to you on what you place inside! Then all you will need to do is run strings of fairy lights through the whole jars and vases. You will be able to turn on the lights every night for a beautiful ambience!

6. A Miniature Christmas Tree – Cute and Charming

When you think about Christmas centrepieces, which image pops immediately into your mind? Perhaps it is a Christmas tree. If so, why not create a miniature Christmas tree for your table? You can use a glass vase as the trunk of your Christmas tree and add branches of fir to the top, creating a tree-like look. Now all you will need to do is decorate your Christmas tree! Add all sorts of ornaments to it, allowing them to hang down gracefully for the branches. The colour combination is up to you on what you’d like to pick! 

7. A Modern Look – Simplistic and Sophisticated

A Modern Look - Simplistic and Sophisticated

Here is yet another gorgeous Christmas table centrepiece which is all about simplicity! If you have a glass bowl, vase or jar at home lying around, it will be perfect for this tablescape! Fill the bottom part of it with small pebbles or stones, placing a candle in the very middle of it. Then all you will have to do is scatter pinecones around the candle itself. When you light it up on a winter night, the candle will fill the whole house with a warm ambience.

8. Adorable Snowman – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

There are so many fun winter activities to do during the season! Making snow angels, having a snowball fight and of course, making snowmen! Use these winter activities as inspiration for your Christmas table decor and make a snowman your centrepiece! You can use a big foam sphere as the head of the snowman, adding beads to it to create the eyes and mouth. Also, make sure to add a triangular piece of fabric to it, resembling the carrot nose of a snowman. Place the snowman’s head in an array of fir tree branches. You will be done in no time and you will receive a fantastic idea which is perfect as Christmas centrepieces!

9. Small Tree Stumps – Creative Candle Holders

If you prefer a rustic style over modern and simplistic decor, you might love this idea! Create small tree stumps out of tree branches. Use these small stumps as candle holders, carving out the insides of them. Then place candles in the carved out areas. Surround these small tree stumps with fir branches and mistletoe, giving the whole setting a wintery atmosphere. If you decide on creating four candle holders, you can use them as Advent candles!

10. Red Candles – Christmas Table Ideas

If you have run out of time and ideas, then check out this simple dining table decor! All you need to do to create this beautiful tablescape is to gather an array of natural elements! Place fir branches, sprigs of berries and pinecones on a large slice of wood. Then the last items to place on top are a few candles. This way when you light them up on a long winter night, the candles will bring a gorgeous brightness into the room.

11. Reusing Wine Glasses – Candles and Ornaments

Reusing Wine Glasses - Candles and Ornaments

Here is a perfect look for your table which you can create in no time at all! You will need wine glasses, Christmas tree ornaments and candles. Fill the wine glasses with the ornaments, then turn them upside down and place them on a plate. It will look as if the Christmas tree ornaments were encased in glass. The last step is to simply place the candles on the feet of the wine glasses. This Christmas table centrepiece is easy to make and also looks incredible!

12. Silver and White – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

When creating home decor or table centrepieces, something you should look out for is the colour combination! If you think of winter and Christmas, what colours would you like to use? You might like your table centrepieces to resemble the freshly fallen snow. If so, make sure to use white and silver as the dominant colours of your table decor. You can paint pinecones into silvery shades, placing them around a white candle. You might also consider placing white or silver Christmas tree ornaments around the candle as well to bring a true wintery effect.

13. Create a Wreath – In a Festive Spirit

Creating the perfect Christmas table centrepiece is all about using natural elements taken out of winter scenery. So make sure you use a few elements of nature. You can create a wreath out of sprigs of berries or branches of fir. After finishing making the wreath, place it on a plate and add four candles into the middle of it.

14. Wonderful Winter Wonderlands – Mason Jar Ideas

If you are in search of cheap and simple Christmas table ideas, then check out this mason jar craft idea! Wrap lace around the tops of the mason jars and attach a few pinecones to them as well! Fill the mason jars with gravel and place candles inside of them. When you light the candles at night, you will be able to create a gorgeous winter ambience.

15. A Beautiful Christmas Tree – Decorate It

A Beautiful Christmas Tree - Decorate It

There is no other decor which is as perfect for Christmas as a small Christmas tree! You can plant a smaller fir tree in a pot. Then all you will need to do is decorate it in any way you’d like and place it in the middle of your table! Make sure to wrap strings of fairy lights around the trees.

16. Santa Has Arrived – Funny and Cute

Another image which may pop into your mind immediately when you think of Christmas is Santa Claus! Use him as inspiration for your Christmas table centrepiece. Create the body of Santa plunging into a pile of gifts, candy canes, fir tree branches and pinecones. This table decor will definitely be a huge success if any guests arrive at your home, as it is funny and adorable!

17. A Few Jingling Bells – Christmas Table Decorations

A classic table centrepiece is no other than a bouquet of flowers. Try finding an array of flowers which bloom during winter and tie them together, placing a few fir branches in between them. Add ribbons to it as well as small jingling bells. All you will need to do now is to place these in a vase, which is already filled with bells. The bells will give everyone a “jingle bells” vibe.

18. A Birch Angel – Beautiful Christmas Table Centrepieces

Christmas is also a holy time of renewal and birth. An important part of the Christmas nativity play is no other than the angels which appear in front of several people before the birth of Christ. So make sure to use angels as some sort of decoration during the winter festivities! For example, an angel made out of birch bark will show fabulously on your table!

19. Pinecone in a Pot – Fun Crafts for Christmas

Pinecone in a Pot - Fun Crafts for Christmas

If you don’t have much time this year to create a spectacular table centrepiece for Christmas, then just make something simple! For example, simply place a pinecone in a pot. Put a star on top of it, to make it resemble a Christmas tree. Tie a ribbon around the pot itself for that extra festive ambience.

20. Gold Mason Jars – Winter Vibes

Paint a few mason jars in a beautiful shade of gold! Place them in a wooden box or tray on which you can write a Christmassy message. Then all you have to do is add winter flora into each mason jar.

21. An Array of Candles – A Cosy Atmosphere

Make sure you create a cosy atmosphere in your home for Christmas! You can easily achieve this with a simple but inviting table centrepiece. Fill a small ceramic tray with an assortment of berries and add a few fir tree branches as a special touch. Then place candles inside the tray for that Christmas vibe.

22. Wintery Goodness – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

Create a sense of winter on your table for Christmas! All you need to do is paint pinecones, berries and artificial flowers into silvery shades. Place them all on a grey or silver tray, accompanied by candles. With these simple steps, you will receive a whole winter wonderland.

23. A Touch of Nature – Brilliant and Simple

A Touch of Nature - Brilliant and Simple

Here is another great Christmas table centrepiece you can easily make at home! Fill a wooden box with wintery foliage, pinecones, mistletoe and fir tree branches are all great choices for this. In the middle of the box, place a candle which is already inside a mason jar. This way, if you light the candle, it will ensure that nothing catches fire!

24. A Christmas Elf – Cute Ornaments

Naturally, you can create a Christmas ambience by adding a cute ornament to your table decor. This might just be a figurine of a small Christmas elf or one of Santa’s helpers.

25. Add a Reindeer – Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

Reindeers are also a huge part of Christmas, so feel free to add a figurine or statue of a reindeer to your Christmas table decor! You can place it upon a pile of fir leaves, creating a magical table centrepiece for the festivities.


We hope that this collection of Christmas table centrepieces has helped you find something for the winter festivities! For other Christmas crafts, such as Christmas gift wrap ideas or Christmas card ideas, visit our website!