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Winter has finally arrived and with it a whole lot of festivities and holidays. This means getting ready for Christmas as well! Christmas is a time of love, peace and harmony. It’s a time to get together with your loved ones, friends and family, and enjoy a delicious dinner together and lament upon the past year. Perhaps you will be hosting a Christmas party this year. If so, make sure that you decorate your home or venue up in a beautiful and festive way and look through a collection of ideas for Christmas. This will give your Christmas party a lovely atmosphere, making all your guests feel welcome. That’s exactly why we have gathered 20 beautiful Christmas party decoration ideas, for you to find something great. So, look through our pick of DIY Christmas party decorations ideas and hopefully, you will find some inspiration!


1. Photo Booth Props – Having a Merry Time

Christmas is all about having a joyful and merry time! You will probably be thinking about taking some fun photos with your friends and family at your party. If so, make sure to create a small photo booth at your venue, where all of you can pose for a Christmas photo. Besides making a small space for your Christmas photos, you should also make sure to include Christmas props. This means cutting out shapes from paper and glueing them onto sticks which you can hold up in the pictures. For example, create a Santa Claus hat, reindeer antlers, a moustache and a carrot for a snowman nose! Use these in your photos to create the ultimate Christmas picture!

2. A Christmas Frame – Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

As we mentioned just before, taking Christmas photos at a Christmas party is a must! This is a perfect activity in our modern times. It’s also a great way of producing a memory which you will able to look back in the following years. Whenever you look back at your Christmas photos you will remember what a fun and festive night you had! To make sure that the photos look amazing, why not create a frame for them which you can pose with? Create the frame out of cardboard, coating it in Christmas wrapping paper and adding Christmas tree ornaments to it. This is guaranteed to look fabulous in your photos!

3. Giant Christmas Lights – Made Out of Balloons

Giant Christmas Lights – Made Out of Balloons

Adding a few lights to your Christmas decoration will definitely give your party a merry and festive ambience. You can create the lights yourself, using a string of small lights and placing blown up coloured balloons over them. This way you will have an array of giant Christmas lights decorating your party, giving the venue a mix of soft, warm Christmas illumination.

5. Create Candleholders – Perfect for the Holidays

When you think about what sort of Christmas party decoration ideas to use, maybe you will consider using candles. They give everything a warm glow, which is a lovely effect for a holiday such as Christmas, which is all about sharing the love. In order to create a gorgeous set of candleholders, you will need some wine glasses! Blow some spray paint over them, to create a shiny glow on them. Then decorate them with red ribbons, buttons, you might even consider placing small bells on them. Turn your wine glasses upside down and place the candles on the bases of the glasses. This is a super easy craft to do and will be able to use as a Christmas table centrepiece.

5. Drying the Elf Clothes – On a Clothesline

Here is a super cute idea, which will suggest you had a few helpers around to get you set up for Christmas! Create an abundance of elf clothes out of paper or fabric. Make sure you have an elf hat, stockings, a shirt, pants and boots! Hang these all up on a simple string of yarn and place it between two walls. It will look as if Santa’s little helpers’ clothes are drying!

6. Throw the Dice – DIY Christmas Party Decorations

Are you considering playing a few games at your Christmas party? If you asked everyone to bring a present to the party, here’s a fun game you can play with your guests! Create a board filled with instructions. You and your guests will have to roll dice to see who gets which present. Everyone should start off with one present, then depending on the number of dice you throw you can steal someone else’s gift, keep your own gift or make everyone pass their gift to the left.

7. A Branch of Holly – Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

A Branch of Holly – Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

When you think of Christmas or winter, what image comes to your mind? Perhaps it is an element of nature, for example, a fir tree or mistletoe. Another typical gift of nature during the winter season is no other than the holly. If you like the look of this plant, why not use it as inspiration for your Christmas party decoration? Create the red berries out of blown-up balloons. For the leaves, you can use green cardboard or paper, which you cut out to make them resemble holly leaves. Place these branches of holly around your Christmas party venue for a truly merry look!

8. Reindeer Water Bottles – Cute and Cheerful

Another great idea on how to decorate your Christmas party and give it a real festive vibe is by decorating small objects as well. For example, if you are planning to serve bottles of water or bottles of alcohol at your party give them a cute Christmas vibe. You can achieve this in a simple manner, by attaching fuzzy wires to the caps of the bottles, acting as reindeer antlers. Attach googly eyes and red pompoms, acting as the face of the reindeer. These will make awesome Christmas party table decoration ideas!

9. A String of Colourful Lights – DIY Christmas Party Decorations

Something you will probably spot in a lot of homes around the Christmas period are strings of coloured lights. You use these lights to decorate your Christmas tree up beautifully, but you might think about placing them in your windows. Either way, these strings of multi-coloured lights definitely bring a Christmas vibe to any house! Create your own set of lights, creating them out of paper! You can use any colours you’d like for the lights. Glue them into small grey pieces of paper, then attach them to a string of yarn and place them anywhere you’d like!

10. A Huge Wreath – Great for Photos

Something we place on our front doors during the winter season is winter wreaths! They look fantastic and bring a truly festive ambience to your home. Create a huge wreath for your Christmas party as well! Not only will you be able to use it as decoration but in photos as well! Get all your friends and family to gather around, popping your heads inside the wreath for a perfect Christmas photo! You will be able to put this photo in an album and remember this moment in a few years’ time.

11. Decorating a Few Bottles – Christmas Party Decorations

Decorating a Few Bottles – Christmas Party Decorations

If you are in search of easy and cheap Christmas party table decoration ideas, then check this out! You will need a few empty wine bottles or any sort of glass bottles. Wrap these around with yarn or wool, covering them completely. Depending on what sort of image you would like to create, use the sort of colours that are right for it. For example, if you want to create a decorative Christmas tree bottle, you will need green wool. You can place small ornaments and wrap tinsel around it for the full effect.

12. Brilliant Balloons – Creating Christmas Trees

An easy way of creating cool Christmas trees is by using an array of balloons! Blow up green balloons and paste them together to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Blow up other coloured balloons, but to a smaller size, and attach them to your balloon tree. You can also try finding a star-shaped balloon to attach to the top of your tree. Add some streamers and tinsel to your tree, for that true Christmas vibe.

13. Decorating Your Window – Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Make sure you give your windows at home a Christmassy atmosphere as well! Add some curtains to your windows, but make sure that these are the see-through type. Pin Christmas tree ornaments onto the curtain, covering it in a merry and festive vibe. You can add strings of fairy lights running down behind the curtain, for a special glow. You can cover the windowsills or the edges of the windows in tinsel and add a bow to the top as well! Your windows will be sure to look beautiful for the winter holidays!

14. Santa Claus Hats – For Your Tables

Simple DIY Christmas party decorations, that scream Christmas is no other than placing a few Santa Claus hats around your table. Using a few Santa hats are the perfect way of perking up your overall home or venue. For example, if you are going to be placing a few bowls of candy canes on your table, why not place a stick in the middle and place the Santa hat on it? These are extremely simple and cheap Christmas party supplies, not to mention it will take no time at all!

15. Cute Snowman – Christmas Party Decorations on a Budget

Cute Snowman – Christmas Party Decorations on a Budget

Do you have any unused, empty boxes lying around the house somewhere? If so, make sure to recycle and reimagine them! Instead of throwing them out in the trash create some Christmas party decoration ideas out of them! For example, an adorable snowman! Stack boxes on top of each other, two boxes for the body, one box for the head and two for a hat. Coat the boxes in a layer of paint, drawing a face on the snowman and adding buttons to its body. You can also accessorize the hat with a ribbon for a more Christmassy vibe.

16. Wrap Up Your Front Door – A Big Gift

Give your front door a festive ambience as well, not only the insides of your house! Make it look like a huge gift box! Wrap two large ribbons around the front door, one vertically and one horizontally. Place a big ribbon onto the part where the two ribbons meet. This will make your front door look like a present, which will be perfect as Christmas front door decor!

17. Two Cute Snowmen – DIY Christmas Party Decorations

Perhaps you have always wanted to pose in a stand-in picture. If so, here’s the perfect opportunity. Create a photo stand-in consisting of two snowmen wearing scarves. You can create this out of cardboard and using paint to draw the figures. Add scarves and hats to both snowmen for the perfect wintery look. Naturally, cut holes at where the faces of the snowmen are. This is where you will have to place yours in for a cute Christmas photo!

18. Candy for Christmas – Christmas Party Supplies

Here is another simple and easy piece of DIY Christmas party decorations on a budget that you can make at home by yourself! All you will need is paper plates, a red pen or marker and cellophane. Create red swirls, twisting out from the centre of the paper plate, like in the example above. Then you are ready to wrap it in a piece of cellophane. Tie two ribbons, fixating the paper plate in the cellophane, while also creating the image of a candy. The combination of red and white is perfect for the winter holidays!

19. Jingle Bells – Jingling All the Way

Jingle Bells – Jingling All the Way

For a super cute decoration, why not use a set of bells? Tie them together, creating a big bouquet of them and attach them to various parts of your party’s venue. After all, there are so many Christmas songs about bells, so it would make sense to use them!

20. A Stack of Presents – DIY Christmas Party Decorations

Create a stack of presents that will act as an ornament for your Christmas party decoration ideas. All you need are empty cardboard boxes, which you decorate with wrapping paper. Then stack these on each other, glueing them together. This will ensure that they don’t fall over. You can also pierce a rod through them, to make sure they stay in place.


We hope that this collection of 20 Christmas party decoration ideas has inspired you! For other Christmas ideas, besides DIY Christmas party decorations, such as Christmas door wreaths or Christmas crafts for kids, visit our website.