25 CHRISTMAS CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS - Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

25 CHRISTMAS CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids


25 CHRISTMAS CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS - Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s never too early to prepare for this special holiday! Christmas is the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones, with your family and friends. There are so many amazing activities you can get up to during the holidays, buying presents for everyone is not the only thing! If you have kids in the family, make sure to get them involved in a collection of Christmas preparations as well! For example, why not try making a few easy Christmas crafts for kids with their help? This will help the kids get into the Christmas spirit as well as lend a helping hand! We have collected 25 Christmas craft ideas for kids for you to choose from!


1. Wooden Peg Idea – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here is a simple and easy craft you can make with your kids at home for Christmas! All you will need to do is find a few wooden pegs. Then coat these in green paint and after allowing them to dry, paste them together. This will create the shape of the Christmas tree. Now it’s time to add the ornaments to the tree! You can use small pompoms for the ornaments of the tree, as well as a cutout, sparkly star for the top of it.

2. An Adorable Reindeer – A Simple Finger Puppet

When you think of Christmas, what image pops into your mind almost immediately? Perhaps it is a reindeer! If so, why not create a small reindeer finger puppet? Firstly, cut out the shape of a reindeer out of paper, you can create the body to be a simple round shape. Cut out two holes in the body of the reindeer in which you will be able to place your fingers in. Use two wooden pegs for the antlers of the reindeer. Don’t forget to add two googly eyes as well as a red button or sequin for the nose.

3. Crazy About Peanuts – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Crazy About Peanuts – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you are looking for a cheap idea for crafts, then check this out! All you need for this Christmas craft is a bit of paint and some peanuts! You will need to paint the peanuts in Christmassy colours. For example, coat one peanut in simple white. Then paint two small black dots for its eyes and a few black dots down its body. This one will resemble a snowman! You can even add an orange triangle underneath the eyes for the carrot nose. A few other peanut paintings include penguins, Santa Claus and reindeer. These will make amazing homemade Christmas tree decorations!

4. Tea Light Snowmen – Cute for Christmas

Christmas crafts for children that you can create with a cheap item is to make tea light snowmen! All you will need to use for this are some tea lights, which you can decorate with a sharpie. Draw a face as well as a mouth for the snowmen using small dots. Further decorate them by giving them small orange noses, which will resemble the carrots on actual snowmen. You can add a few other ornaments, such as a felt tophat or small earmuffs made out of fuzzy wires.

5. Reindeer Antlers – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Create a cool accessory for every member of the family for Christmas! This will definitely get everyone into the Christmas spirit! Using a template, cut reindeer antlers, ears and a headband out of brown coloured paper. Then stick these together to create reindeer antlers for everyone in the family! This way, the whole family will be able to dress up as Santa’s animal helpers. You might consider using red pompoms for the noses of the reindeers, it’s really up to you!

6. A Santa Card – Creating Christmas Cards

There’s nothing like creating a few Christmas cards for your family and friends for the festivities! Since it’s Christmas, make sure the cards are designed in a similar theme. Something you can’t really go wrong with is a card of Santa. Cut out his face and attach a pointy, red hat to his head. You can use googly eyes and a red pompom for his nose. Then all you will need is a lot of cotton wool, to create his beard out of! Write on the back of the card and send your loved ones’ your best for Christmas!

7. Beautiful and Simple – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Beautiful and Simple - Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you like 3D crafts, then why not give this one a go? Make a 3D Christmas tree out of paper! You will need to cut out strips of green paper and one strip of brown paper. The brown will become the trunk of the tree, paste this vertically on a sheet of paper. Then stick the green papers across the tree trunk, creating ring shapes out of them. Add a cutout star to the top of the tree. And add beads and sequins to the green strips of paper, reenacting the ornaments.

8. The Kids as Reindeers – Cute and Fun

Get into the Christmas vibe by creating cute decor for home using the kids as inspiration. Create red-nosed reindeers out of the children, attaching antlers and red noses to photos of them. By the end, they should look like a herd of red-nosed reindeers, ready to help pull Santa’s sleigh! Your whole family will love seeing these adorable photos of the kids, but with a small twist on them. Make sure to use these photos as Christmas decor during the winter season!

9. Decorate the Candy – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you are hosting a Christmas party, you will want to make sure that all your food is Christmas themed! This includes any sort of candy you might be serving! If you have a bunch of lollipops you want your guests to try out, then make sure to add a wintery wrap on these. A great idea is to cut out shapes out of paper, this might mean the faces of reindeers. Then simply stick them onto the lollipops, cutting out a hole where their nose is. The lollipop should fit right in the hole, giving each reindeer a colourful nose!

10. Recycle and Reimagine – Pretty Paintbrushes

If you have any paintbrushes that you have been planning to throw out as garbage, think again! Decorate them with the kids for Christmas instead! Coat the handles of the paintbrushes in red paint, adding small white dots to it. Then glue a layer of cotton wool around the metal part of the paintbrush. This will help create the image of Santa’s hat on a paintbrush! Then simply add some eyes and a pompom for a nose for the face. You already have Santa’s beard as the brush itself!

11. Egg Carton Reindeers – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Egg Carton Reindeers - Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you are in search of a cheap and easy craft to make at home with the kids for Christmas, check this out! First of all, cut the egg cartons out. Coat these in dark brown paint. After allowing them to dry, it’s time to decorate! Cut out the shapes of antlers and ears, and stick them onto the cartons. You will also want to add googly eyes to give the reindeer a cuter look. Naturally, don’t forget to add a red pompom for the nose of the reindeer!

12. Rudolf Gift Tags – Fun Christmas Craft Ideas

When giving people presents for Christmas, it’s great to attach tags to them. This will ensure your presents from getting mixed up! Create your own tags for presents with the help of the kids. Cut out circles out of cardboard or thick paper. Attach googly eyes, a red pompom for a nose and twigs for antlers. You will have a whole set of Rudolf gift tags!

13. Toilet Paper Roll Idea – Winter Wonderland

Here is another cheap craft for Christmas! Decorate some used toilet paper rolls and give them a Christmas vibe! You can coat them in glitter, paste on buttons, attach cotton wool, googly eyes or pompoms to them! It’s really up to you and your creativity! There are so many ideas about what to create out of a toilet paper roll. Santa Claus, Rudolf, a snowman or an elf are just a few of these!

14. Popsicle Stick Crafts – Easy and Exciting

Perhaps you and the family eat loads of ice cream throughout the year! If so, make sure you don’t throw out the popsicle sticks. Instead, create something new out of them! First of all, you will need to paint them in the colours of your choice, adding any sort of decorations or designs to them. After allowing them to dry, it’s time to stick the popsicles together to form shapes! For example, you can create a candy cane, a wrapped up present or a reindeer using these popsicle sticks!

15. Cinnamon Sticks – Christmas Crafts for Children

Cinnamon Sticks - Christmas Crafts for Children

Find some amazing easy Christmas crafts for kids! Make a few tiny Christmas trees with the kids! Use cinnamon sticks for the trunks of the trees. Then simply paste artificial fir tree branches on them. You can add small buttons to the branches like Christmas tree ornaments. This craft is easy to create and is also fun!

16. Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen – Holiday Decor

Another cute craft which is perfect to make for Christmas is a few terra cot pot snowmen. These will make cute Christmas table centrepieces as well! You will need to coat your terra cotta pots in colours of paint of your choice. But the overall part should be white! Then decorate your snowmen with some accessories! You can add black buttons to their faces and bodies, reenacting the coal pieces you put into the snow. Then also give a few snowmen hats and scarves! Naturally, don’t forget to paint orange carrot noses onto the snowmen!

17. Wooden Spoon Crafts – Christmas Delights

Wooden spoons are another great way of showcasing a few Christmas ideas! You can design and decorate them to your wishes, creating a Christmassy look! Use the heads of spoons to create faces. For example, you can create a Santa Claus or a snowman. You might need to add a few extra accessories to your wooden spoons, such as cotton wool or pompoms for a special effect.

18. Santa Ornaments – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Create Santa ornaments out of slices of wood with your kids! All you will need to do is paint on them! Use red paint to create Santa’s hat on top. Two dots of black paint for the eyes and one red dot for the nose. Then paint a part of the wood slice white to create the beard-like look.

19. Painting With Feet – Penguin Idea

Painting With Feet - Penguin Idea

Try out this easy idea with your kids! They are guaranteed to love it! Dip their feet in black paint then have them press them on a canvas. After the paint has dried, it’s time to decorate. Add a small orange triangle, resembling a beak, to the footprints as well as googly eyes. You can also cut out decorative paper and add earmuffs or hats to your footprint penguins!

20. Using Paper Strips – In the Christmas Spirit

If you have any strips of colourful paper lying around, after wrapping all your Christmas gifts, it’s time to use them to create different sorts of shapes for cards or decor! For example, create a Christmas tree or a reindeer out of them, like in the picture above.

21. No-Sew Sock Craft – Snowman Decor

Here is a simple craft for Christmas! It’s a no-sew sock snowman! You will have to fill up a sock with sand and attach a hairband to the middle of it, to create a body and head for it. You can add eyes and a mouth by using the dots of a fabric pen.

22. Falling Down the Chimney – Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

As we have discussed before, toilet paper crafts are not only cheap but easy to make! Decorate your toilet paper rolls to make them look like chimneys, adding a pattern of bricks to them. Then cut out parts of Santa out of paper and stick them in the chimney. It will look as if Santa were climbing down the chimney!

23. Wooden Peg Reindeer – Cute and Simple

Wooden Peg Reindeer - Cute and Simple

Create a cute reindeer out of wooden pegs! All you will need to do is stick the wooden pegs together. You can colour the ends of the pegs to create the look of hooves. Also, add googly eyes to the front of the reindeer! This is one of many great Christmas craft ideas!

24. Santa’s Truck – Popsicle Stick Crafts

Are you bored of seeing Santa in a sleigh? Create a truck for him instead, out of popsicles! Paint the popsicles in any colour you’d like, add wheels to the truck as well. which are cut out of black paper. And also don’t forget to place Santa’s figure in the window of the truck! When finished, you can place a few of these in the windows of your home, turning them into Christmas window decorations!

25. Button Ornaments – Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Buttons are a great way of creating any sorts of crafts! Create Christmas tree ornaments for your tree! Make these out of attaching buttons to each other. Use smaller brown ones for the tree trunk. Then use larger, colourful buttons for the tree branches, getting smaller as you go upwards to the top of the tree. You can add star-shaped buttons to the tops as a special touch!


We hope that this pick of 25 Christmas craft ideas for kids has helped you in finding something fantastic for the festivities! For more DIY ideas concerning Christmas, besides easy Christmas crafts for kids, such as Christmas window decorations or Christmas cards, check our website!