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The Most Beautiful DIY Christmas Cards Ideas


We have got one week until Christmas so if you haven’t made your Christmas cards yet, don’t worry, you are in time! Check out the list of the most beautiful DIY Christmas cards ideas and choose your favorite one!

1. The 3-D Poinsettia Card

You can make amazing things from construction paper and rhinestones.

2. Fabric scrap design

 These little presents look really cute.


3. Colorful Buttons everywhere

These colourful button ornaments are stunning!

4. A Simple Wreath Holiday Card

Don’t forget the string so it can be reused as a gift tag or an ornament.
diy christmas cards


5. The Ribbon Christmas Tree Card

Have you ever recognized you can create one of the most loveliest DIY Christmas cards from a ribbon?

 6. The 3-D Geometric Idea

 You can use free pintable to make this 3-D geometric idea real.

7. The Ruffled One

 Collect the colours of Christmas and design your DIY Christmas cards.

8. Craft Paper Cards and Envelopes

 You can even use environment-friendly paper.
diy christmas cards


9. The Hole-Punch Wreath Card

You can easily make this graphic wreath card if you have a couple sizes of hole punchers at home.

10. The Metallic Snowflake Stamp Card

 You don’t need to many ingredients here, just rubber snowflake stamps and a metallic stamp pad or metallic paint.

11. A Gingerbread House–Decorating Party Invitation

 Here’s a more difficult idea, you can find the instructions here:

12. One more cute button-card idea

Reuse your unnecessary buttons  and surprise your loved ones with this DIY card.
diy christmas cards


13. The Glittery Reindeer Card

 Print a lovely design and fill it with some glitter. Despite the fact that it’s a simple idea, it looks great.

14.Super-Simple Stitched Cards

If you would like to create unique gift tags, this idea is for you!

 15. The Stamped Handkerchief Card

Lastly, here is an elegant idea.

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