How to Cut And Create Beautiful Paper Snowflakes


Would you like to create some beautiful winter decorations with your children? Or are you looking for really simple DIY craft ideas? These amazing paper snowflakes are definitely for you! You only need 4 ingredients and they are ready! Check out the easy steps and let’s get started!


  • coffee filters or some white paper
  • hole punch
  • decorative edge scissors
  • regular scissors
  • some glue (if it’s necessary)

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First of all, fold your coffee filters and cut small figures, you can use your hole punch, too.

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Open the coffee filters and your snowflakes are ready!

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Making these super-easy snowflakes with your children is a perfect winter afternoon activity.

paper snowflakes


Decorate your windows with them!

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If you feel yourself more creative, try out a little bit more difficult techniques and make 6-pointed paper snowflakes!

The ingredients are the same except one thing: you need white or colourful copy papers.

  1. Begin with a square piece of paper and  fold it diagonally to make a triangle.
  2. Repeat this step, fold it half again, now you have a smaller triangle.
  3. Fold the right “third” over, it helps if you imagine this triangle in thirds.
  4. Repeat this step again.
  1. Cut the “top” off at an angle.
  2. Now this is the part where your imagination comes in. Cut away the sides of the paper. The easiest shape is cutting small triangles from the sides.
  3. Unfold to reveal your work!


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