20 BESTCHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR WIFE - Christmas Ideas for Wife
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20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR WIFE – Christmas Ideas for Wife


20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR WIFE - Christmas Ideas for Wife


The season of winter is just around the corner, which means Christmas will be here soon as well! And that means it’s never too early to start thinking about presents. Instead of buying presents for your family and friends this year, why not make a few yourself? Handmade gifts will show your loved ones that you put time, thought and energy into creating something truly amazing for them! Perhaps you are in search of Christmas ideas for wife, something which you know she will adore! We have collected the 20 best Christmas gifts for wife to help you out! This way you will definitely be able to find great DIY Christmas present ideas for wife!


1. A Tablet Holder – Creative and Useful

Find the best Christmas gifts for wifes! Perhaps your wife loves to watch tv series on her tablet while cooking and baking in the kitchen. Or maybe she likes to read the steps of a recipe on her tablet while making it? Create a tablet holder for her out of a wooden chopping board! You will need to attach a small wooden stand to the chopping board, which will help the tablet stand. This will look great in the kitchen while she is at work, and it will keep her tablet from getting messy! And she will also be able to enjoy her favourite music or movies! This would also make a great Christmas gift for mothers!

2. Missing Her a Lot – Christmas Ideas for Wife

Maybe there are days or weeks when you and your wife have to be apart from each other. It might be because of work or family matters. Make sure that your wife has some sort of replacement for you when you’re gone! For example, a handmade pillowcase. Create a message on a pillowcase, with the help of fabric paint. It can say something like “if you miss me, hug this pillow.” This way, if you are ever gone from home, she will be able to hug the pillow, reminding herself of you!

3. A Collection of Love Notes – Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

A Collection of Love Notes - Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

There’s nothing more romantic or heartfelt for Christmas than a few loving words. Give your wife a notebook for Christmas, so she can jot her thoughts down on paper whenever she needs to. But make sure to put your own twist on the notebook. For example, create the front cover of the notebook yourself, writing a small message for her on it. And instead of leaving the first-page blank, make sure to write a message for her on it.

4. A Christmas Tree Gift Box – Funky and Fun

Make sure you give your Christmas presents a Christmas theme! This might include wrapping gifts in a unique and special way with some Christmas gift wrap ideas. For example, why not make your gift box look like a Christmas tree? Decorate it to make it look like a tree, cutting out the sides to give them a zig-zag look. Place your presents inside the box, before closing it up. Not only will the presents inside act as a surprise to your wife, but the box as well! It will definitely bring a festive and Christmas vibe with itself!

5. The Best Wife Ever – An Awesome Mug

A great gift you can’t go wrong with during Christmas is a mug! So if you have run out of ideas on what to get for your wife or time, then opt for a mug! You can put a personal message on it with the help of a sharpie! Write a cute message on it, for example, “this lady is the best wife ever.” Also, make sure to include an arrow pointing upwards towards your wife who will be drinking from this mug. This is a simple but sweet gift for Christmas!

6. Home Is Where the Heart Is – Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

Home Is Where the Heart Is - Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

Giving great gifts is all about expressing your feelings and sending love to whoever you are giving your gift to! A pillowcase is a perfect way to channel your message. So why not give your wife a pillowcase with a personalised message on the front of it. A beautiful way of sending her love is by writing a message that comes from the heart! For example, “home is wherever I’m with you.” This expresses perfectly that home is not a place, it’s a person in your life. Your wife is guaranteed to treasure this pillowcase!

7. A Sweet Message – Christmas Ideas for Wife

A Sweet Message - Christmas Ideas for Wife

As we mentioned before, a great idea for gifts is letting the recipient know how much they mean to you! So tell your wife how much she means to you, how much you love her and how grateful you are for her! You can write this all down on a sheet of paper, decorating it a bit. The message can go something like “behind every great man is a truly amazing wife.” Place this in a frame so your wife can hang it up in your home! She will treasure these words!

8. A Gorgeous Candleholder – Romantic and Handmade

Another fabulous idea that will make the perfect Christmas gift is a handmade candleholder! If your wife is the sort of person who loves to relax next to a lit candle, then she will appreciate a DIY candleholder! Create one which looks like a box. You might consider cutting out patterns on the sides of the candle holder or even a message. When your wife places a candle inside, the whole room will light up beautifully, and your messages will become readable in the forms of light and shadows.

9. A Wine Glass – Christmas Presents for Wife

If you and your wife like to drink a glass of wine on the weekends, why not get her a special wine glass for Christmas? Put a special twist on it, using her personality as inspiration! Write a few words on the glass which all describe her. Create these with glass paint, but a sharpie might word just as well! It’s completely up to you on which words you decide on choosing to describe her. It might be something like “wife, mom, boss.” But you might also use personality words to describe her, for example, “loving, kind, gorgeous.”

10. Growing Stronger Each Day – True Love

If you really love someone, you might feel your sense of affection growing stronger each day. You get to know them better and better, and they become more dear to your heart gradually! As we have talked about it before, expressing your feelings to a loved one is the best possible gift you can give! You might give your wife a tile, on which you have a loving message engraved for her. This can act as an alternative to an actual Christmas card. A truly heartfelt message might go something along the lines of “I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.”

11. A Funny T-Shirt – Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

A Funny T-Shirt - Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

Here is one of many fantastic Christmas gift ideas for wife, if you would like to give your wife something funny for Christmas! Create a message on a t-shirt which says “I love it when my wife lets me ride my motorcycle.” Make sure that the words “I love” and “my wife” are in big bold letters, and the rest of the text is tiny compared to these words. Of course, you can replace the “ride my motorcycle” with anything which resembles the two of you and your relationship!

12. Starting a Piggy Bank – For Adventures Together

Have you and your wife been planning to travel and go on adventures together? If you have, but can’t seem to put enough money aside for going on a trip, why not give her a piggy bank for Christmas? Even if you only put a few dollars in each week into the piggy bank, you are still on the right road to saving up for a trip! You can create this piggy bank yourself, using a frame for it and cutting a small slit on the top of it. Also, consider placing a map inside the frame, showing where you want to go with your wife!

13. Photo Ornaments – Handmade Christmas Ideas for Wife

Something else which will make fabulous gifts for Christmas is none other than Christmas tree ornaments! Use memories of you and your wife by printing out photos of the two of you! Then paste them on thin slices of wood. Attach a ribbon or some yarn to the slices of the wood, enabling the ornaments to be hung up on your Christmas tree. These will make perfect Christmas gifts as well as incorporating the festive vibe into themselves!

14. One Hundred Reasons – Why You Love Her

Sweep your wife off her feet with these romantic Christmas present ideas for wifes! Write her over one hundred notes and messages, placing them in small envelopes, before placing them in a box. It’s completely up to you what you decide to write for your wife. It may be a collection of memories when the two of you were having a blast. It might also just be reasons why you love her. Whatever you decide on, we’re sure your wife will be overcome with joy!

15. Bottle Cap Magnets – Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Bottle Cap Magnets - Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Try out a small and thoughtful gift for your wife for Christmas! Use memories and photos of the two of you for this idea. You will also need beer bottle caps for this craft and magnets. Attach the magnets to the outsides of the bottle caps, while you can paste the photos inside of the caps. You will be able to create a collection of small and unique magnets for your fridge. Whenever you open your fridge, you will have a sense of nostalgia looking at all the memories.

16. A Unique Bookmark – Creative Christmas Ideas for Wife

Does your wife love to read books, but does she constantly fall asleep during reading? That’s okay, use this trait of her’s as inspiration for her Christmas gift! Create a unique bookmark for her, with which she can keep track of where she dozed off during the read. Make it out of a teaspoon, bending the handle of it, creating a curve. You can also have a message engraved in the bowl of the spoon. The message can say “fell asleep here” referring to which page she stopped at.

17. Create a Piece of Art – Best Christmas Gifts for Wife

Another fabulous idea for your wife is to create a piece of art for her. Get a canvas and paint over it with a sky blue. Also, paint a small house, with a tonne of balloons attached to it, being carried away by gusts. You can create the heap of balloons by glueing colourful buttons to the canvas. Paste a picture of you and your wife in the house. Then add the final touch to your piece of art, which is writing “you are my greatest adventure.” Your wife will be able to hang this up anywhere in your house!

18. The Whole Family – Another Pillowcase

We’ve talked about creating a pillowcase for your wife for Christmas! It’s simple and inexpensive, but it comes from the heart! Using fabric paint, paint stick figures of your whole family on the pillowcase, ranging from oldest to youngest. Then you can write your family’s name underneath it. If you have any pets, make sure to include them in the pillowcase portrait.

19. Let It Be – Christmas Presents for Wife

Let It Be - Christmas Presents for Wife

What sorts of music do you listen to during Christmas? Perhaps you might listen to The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” If so, creating a board for your wife, with a few of the lyrics on it. You can put this together using Scrabble letters or just cut out letters. Naturally, you can use any Christmassy song for this sign. You might place this in a frame after it’s finished!

20. Create a Treasure Box – Christmas Ideas for Wife

Create a treasure box for your wife for Christmas in which she can store all her most important belongings! First of all, find a box for this craft. Then gather CDs and DVDs which you don’t use anymore. Break them into small pieces and glue them on the box, creating a mosaic-like effect. This box will look fabulous!


We trust that we have given you some inspiration concerning the best Christmas gifts for wife. For other ideas involving Christmas gifts, besides Christmas ideas for wife, like Christmas gifts for dad or Christmas presents for brothers, just visit our website.