20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HUSBAND - Christmas Ideas for Husband
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20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HUSBAND – Christmas Ideas for Husband


20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HUSBAND - Christmas Ideas for Husband


Winter is quickly approaching and will be here in no time, which means Christmas will be here soon as well! And that means it’s never too early to start thinking about presents. Instead of buying presents for your family and friends this year, why not make a few yourself? Handmade gifts will show your loved ones that you put time, thought and energy into creating something truly amazing for them! You can take a look through a collection of Christmas gifts for inspiration! Perhaps you are in search of a gift for your husband, something which you know he will love! We have collected the 20 best Christmas gifts for husbands to help you out! This way you will definitely be able to find great Christmas ideas for husbands!


1. A Special Letter – Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

A Special Letter - Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

Use your marriage and your marriage certificate as inspiration for Christmas gift ideas for husbands. An easy and unique idea to make for Christmas is no other than a bit of home decor. For example, create his initial out of cardboard or out of wood. Then simply paste a copy of your marriage certificate over the initial. Your husband will be able to use this as decor around the house anywhere! And whenever he looks at it, he will be reminded of you immediately! You can add a few ribbons to this initial block as an extra touch.

2. Adorable Matching Pyjamas – Hubby and Wifey

It’s always fun to get matching clothes with someone who is special to you! Why not get you and your husband matching pyjamas as Christmas ideas for husbands? You can paint words on the front of the t-shirts yourself using some fabric paint! For example, you can paint the words “wifey” and “hubby” on the t-shirts of the pyjamas! These will make awesome gifts since pyjamas are so comfortable. So if the two of you decide on having a lazy day at home, these will be the perfect clothes to wear!

3. Your First Christmas – Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

Your First Christmas - Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

Since it’s Christmas, it would only make sense to get your husband a Christmas-themed gift for the holidays! If you have run out of time or don’t have the energy to make him something grand, then check this gift idea out! You will need a homemade Christmas tree ornament which you fill up with sparkles or cotton wool. Then use a sharpie to write a message on the ornament. If it’s your first Christmas together, as husband and wife, then write up a similar message. For example, “Our first Christmas together, as Mr and Mrs.”

4. Something Fun for Each Month – Thoughtful and Cute

Make sure that each upcoming month of the new year will bring fun and excitement with itself! Create small letters or cards for your husband, altogether twelve of them. On each card, write an activity that you will have to do during that month. By activity, we mean going on dates, going camping or taking a trip. This is up to you and your creativity! These are simple Christmas gift ideas for husbands, but they will help your husband understand what to expect next year! These dates will also ensure that the two of you get some rest during your everydays! 

5. Funny Pillowcases – Christmas Ideas for Husband

Does your husband, whom you are getting a Christmas present for, have a favourite spot at home? Then make sure everyone else knows that it’s his spot as well! Create a pillowcase for him, which has the words “husband’s chair” or “dad’s chair” written on it. Write this on the pillowcase with fabric paint! You can even create pockets for the remote control or for the snacks on the pillowcase, all you need to do is sew them on! He will definitely appreciate this as a Christmas gift!

6. Rocking Your World – Simple and Easy

Express towards your husband, exactly how you feel about him! Create something small and easy for Christmas for him, but it will be all the more special for him! Get a frame and place a sheet of paper inside which reads “you rock.” Now all you will have to do is attach small stones and pebbles around the frame with the help of a glue gun. It’s really as simple as that! And the small message combined with the decorative rocks will bring an amazing vibe and meaning with itself!

7. Love Should Be True – A Sentimental Keychain

Love Should Be True - A Sentimental Keychain

Create a keychain for your husband, which will remind him of you in his everydays! You can have a sentimental message engraved on a small piece of metal. It’s completely up to you, on what message you would like to send him, but we’ll give you a great example as well! “To my Husband. Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.” This message will definitely warm his heart as well as draw a smile on his face. These may be small but they are perfect Christmas present ideas for husbands!

8. Building a Life Together – Best Christmas Gifts for Husband

Maybe you are trying to find the best Christmas gifts for husbands, who has helped you in building up your life or has built memories with you! If so, make sure to check out this Christmas gift idea. Get your husband a hammer! But put your own message on the handle of the hammer for him to read! For example, “thank you for helping me build my life.” This will make a heartfelt present for your spouse and is the perfect sort of gift for the sort of husband who likes tinkering and fixing things!

9. Watching Christmas Movies – A Pair of Funny Socks

Get your man a pair of socks as the best Christmas present for husbands! Customise them yourself with a funny or unique message! For example, write messages on the soles of the socks. One sock can say “If you can read this”, while the other sock can read “I’m watching Hallmark Christmas movies.” You can do this yourself by using fabric paint to write up the messages. Your husband will definitely appreciate these socks if he wants to be left alone during the holidays to watch movies!

10. Bookmarks for a Bookworm – Christmas Ideas for Husband

Create bookmarks for your husband, using pictures of yourself! All you need to do is print out photos of your full body. Cut the shape of your body out and attach ribbon or yarn to your hands. It will look as if you were holding onto something or hanging from somewhere. You might decide on laminating these bookmarks of yourself, so they won’t get torn! These cute bookmarks will make the perfect Christmas gift for a husband who loves to read.

11. May the Force Be With You – Star Wars Inspired

May the Force Be With You - Star Wars Inspired

Perhaps your husband is a huge fan of Star Wars. If so, why not use the franchise as inspiration for Christmas present ideas for husbands? You can create a t-shirt for him, which has the message “may the force be with you” written on it. But since it’s Christmas put a special twist on this, and spell out these words to form the shape of a Christmas tree! You might consider adding a few gift boxes underneath the tree itself. This t-shirt will bring the perfect Christmas vibe with itself, combined with Star Wars!

12. His Favourite Sports Team – Christmas Ideas for Husband

Here is an idea for a husband who is a huge sports fan! Perhaps he has a favourite sports team, who he always cheers for. If so, why not use this sports team as inspiration for his Christmas gift? Use the logo of his favourite team as decoration on a pillow. Or use the number of his favourite sportsman’s jersey as another source of decoration on this pillow. You can sew the pillowcase yourself if you are a fan of getting creative with fabric! We’re sure he will adore this best Christmas present for husbands!

13. A Collage of His Family – Personal and Lovely

There’s no better gift for Christmas, than something personal and from the entire family! So why not create a collage for your husband? Take all sorts of photos of yourself and the kids, if you have any! You can take the photos in the same place, only change up the poses. Then create a collage out of your favourite ones, and place them in a frame for your husband! He will be able to use this family collage as decoration around your home. These will make the best Christmas gifts for husbands if you are in search of something inexpensive!

14. A Gift for Each Sense – Creative and Amazing

Get your husband a gift for each of his senses. This means getting him one for each of the following: sound, taste, sight, touch and smell! For example, for the sound, you can get him a CD of his favourite music. Or for the sight, you can paint him something or give him a photo of the two of you! This present is really up to you and your creativity when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping! But we guarantee that this will be a lovely way of showering your husband in gifts.

15. A Selection of First Times – Christmas Gifts for Husbands

A Selection of First Times - Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Bring a sense of nostalgia to your Christmas gift for your husband. For example, create a selection of your first times with him! Such as the first time you met, your first date, your first kiss and even your first adventure! Cut out the locations of these first times from a map in the shapes of hearts. Then place these next to each other, with the special occasions listed underneath. All you will need to do after all this is to place your first times in a frame!

16. A Minibar in a Jar – Christmas Ideas for Husband

Another perfect idea on what to get your husband is a selection of his favourite drinks. This is a great idea if you have run out of ideas or time and need to put something together for him quickly. All you need for this gift is an empty jar. Fill it with mini versions of his favourite drinks! Then simply attach a label to this jar which reads “minibar in a jar” or “open bar.” While this isn’t the most Christmassy gift you can possibly get, it will still brighten up his day!

17. A Wreath of Photos – Personal and Festive

Create something truly personal and special for your husband for Christmas! When you think of Christmas, what sort of images pop into your mind? Perhaps a Christmas tree, maybe it’s mistletoe, but it might be a wreath. Wreaths have become a symbol of Christmas. An awesome way of creating a wreath is to use photos of your family, place these in frames and attach them to the wreath. Using photos of all the members of your family will definitely bring a sense of joy to your husband! Add a few ribbons to it as special touches.

18. Wooden Board – With a Heartfelt Message

Here is another personalised gift which will be perfect for your husband for Christmas! You can create one of these by yourself at home easily! All you will need is a wooden board. Write a message on one side of your wooden board for your husband. On the other side paste a picture of your husband on it. It’s up to you on what you decide to write, but above are a few ideas to help you out!

19. A Small Reminder – Simple Christmas Gifts for Husband

A Small Reminder - Simple Christmas Gifts for Husband

There’s nothing lovelier and sweeter than a message that comes from your heart! Write a message for your husband on a small card, which he will be able to slip into his wallet. Write anything you’d like to your husband, it can be a small message reminding him how much you love him and how much he means to you! This will make the most romantic Christmas gift!

20. A Definition of Him – Christmas Ideas for Husband

As we mentioned before, pillowcases with pillows will make great gifts for Christmas! Create a truly special one for your husband! Using fabric paint, write up a definition of your husband on the pillow. Write “husband” on the top of the pillowcase and underneath it “noun.” Then write down a list of things he means to you! He will treasure this one of many great Christmas or even birthday gift ideas for husbands!


We trust that this collection of Christmas ideas for husbands has inspired you! For other Christmas ideas, besides the best Christmas gifts for husbands, like Christmas presents for grandparents or Christmas gifts for dad, check out our website!